John Cusack has a creepy female stalker

Move over, rehab. There’s a new fad among celebs- these days, you’re not anyone in Hollywood unless you’ve got your own personal, creepy stalker. Not one to be outdone by the likes of Tyra Banks, Pamela Anderson and Catherine Zeta Jones, “Say Anything” cutiepants John Cusack has a female stalker who likes to show up unannounced at his home. And no, she doesn’t stand outside holding a boom box over her head, playing Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes,” just in case you were wondering.

A woman who showed up Sunday outside John Cusack’s Malibu home — despite a restraining order barring her from approaching the actor — was arrested on suspicion of stalking, Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials said Monday.

Deputies were called to the 24000 block of Malibu Road about 7 p.m. Sunday after a cab driver reported that a passenger was refusing to pay a fare for a ride to that area.

As deputies approached the scene, they were flagged down by Cusack, who told them that he recognized the woman in the cab and that she had been stalking him.

Emily Leatherman, 33, was booked on suspicion of felony stalking, violating a restraining order and petty theft. Leatherman, who was booked at the Malibu-Lost Hills station, was being held in lieu of $150,000 bail, said sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore.

“She was arrested and had violated a previous restraining order taken out against her by Mr. Cusack,” Whitmore said.

[From the LA Times]

She didn’t have a car, so she took a cab to John’s home- even though she didn’t have cab fare! That’s dedication right there. The mug shot of this chick is really creepy; her eyes look totally dead. John, if you need someone to keep you company and make sure the scary lady doesn’t come back, I’d be happy to help. I’m an excellent markswoman, and I make a mean meat loaf. Call me!


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  1. Carrie says:

    Wow. Creepy is right! She looks like she has mental issues in that pic.

  2. anonyvent says:

    this chick is really creepy; her eyes look totally dead.

    Umm, yeah, but what about the horrible cherry red blotches all over her face? WTF IS that?

  3. Mairead says:

    Sunburn? She is very fairskinned

    LOL – and such a kind offer MSat, you just make sure you cling on tight so no nasty pasty people can get a hold of him ;-)

  4. Syko says:

    *Wondering where I can apply for the now-open position of John Cusack’s stalker*

  5. Rianna says:

    anonyvent… she looks like she has a pigmentation problem in her skin. its like a birth mark but huge. my friend has a similar problem on her upper thigh. not as pronounced and thank goodness it can be hidden under shorts, slacks or a skirt but its a very damaging thing to self esteem.

  6. anni says:

    i have that on my neck, but you can only see it a little. sheesh, i shaved my head once (undercut) and saw that it is in fact huge, almost covering the back of my head. my mom has one on the small of her back. i am glad i did not end up having on in my face.

  7. zaaz says:

    she looks really creepy because they took her image and pulled out all the red colours before they printed it. If you took his photo and made it a negative he would look like an space alien. MANIPULATED IDIOTS. You are all looking stupid.

  8. zaaz says:

    that is what they always do to create a victim in the news media. Killers and babysitters can be one of the same and the way the media creates a visual distinction is by altering the photograph before it is printed.

  9. Kate says:

    This stalker looks awfully creepy, but it’s hardly a new phenomenon. I can’t imagine it was new when Rebecca Schaeffer was killed–that’s just when we became aware of the severity of the problem. And that was almost 20 years ago

  10. mollination says:

    zaaz- I don’t think that picture has been altered. I think it’s rosacia. A skin disorder.

  11. ,,, says:

    Yes, I also believe that’s a classic case of rosacea, albeit a very severe and probably untreated case. I have a mild case of it in all of the same places — the apples of the cheeks, tip of the chin, nose, temples. OTC crap like Proactive DOES NOT work, at least it didn’t for me.

    She REALLY needs to see a dermatologist, but apparently she’s been a little busy stalking John Cusack…

  12. Lili says:

    Hmmm…If I were to stalk Mr. Cusak (the same Mr. Cusak who after all these years still makes me moist), I’d definitely wear make-up, wax, do my hair, nails, toes, put on the Wonder Chest and make damm sure I looked good enough to interest him…isn’t that what most stalkers want? ;)

  13. Ur A Loser says:

    i know the stalker is distracting but dear lord john cusak looks delicious in this photo!

  14. Dee says:

    Totally agree with the above statement!

  15. I am a winner! says:

    I agree! He is way too cute!

  16. C.F. Jackson says:

    It’s not just celebrities who are being
    stalked. There are people out there like
    you and me being stalked every day.

    Stalking has been labeled a male crime.
    With over 40% of women over the age of
    25 not being married, this crime is a growing
    statistic amongst women.

    This isn’t a joke, this a real deal that’s evening
    taking place with teenage girls. So if this is
    a re-hash, it’s something that needs to be

    Female stalkers are doing it to establish intimacy
    and with over 40% of women over 25 years of age
    being unmarried, can’t you imagine how many other
    stalking cases that go unheard of?

    You have to be John Cusack, Michael Douglas,
    George Michael to list few of the men who have
    been stalked by women, to capture the attention
    of the media.

    How about a Chris, Terry, Eric or a Brian? The
    guy just around the corner.

    Won’t Be Denied,
    CF Jackson

  17. nate says:

    2 Dollars!!

  18. Marina says:

    Talk about impulse problems this lady. It’s a fun read but I feel bad for her being given a hefty fine and all.

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