Megan Fox’s new tattoo revealed to be “in honor of” Mickey Rourke


A few weeks ago, Megan went on a fun-looking beach vacation with her boyfriend Brian Austin Green (coughDavidSilver). Other sites showed the photos (like Dlisted) – we didn’t have access to them. Honestly, they weren’t titillating – just Megan in a bikini, looking like a drowned rat. Anyway, some agencies noticed that it seemed like Megan had a new tattoo on her right side, some kind of cursive-scroll. No one could really identify it, and now Megan has given a new interview to MTV, telling us what her new tattoo says. According to Contact Music and Michael K, it’s a Nietzsche quote: “Those who danced were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” But I studied philosophy, and that doesn’t sound like Nietzsche. Let me Google…it’s really from a poet named Angela Monet? Eh. Anyway, the tattoo is “in honor of” Mickey Rourke. Because she thinks he’s crazy, probably.

Megan Fox has enjoyed her fair share of high-concept movie roles in the past several years, with characters ranging from a demonic succubus in “Jennifer’s Body” to a gun-slinging prostitute in “Jonah Hex.” But her upcoming turn as a winged circus freak in director Mitch Glazer’s “Passion Play” might be her most surreal yet — thanks largely to the assistance of co-star Mickey Rourke.

“Mickey is such a beautiful, wonderful human being,” Fox told MTV News. “He’s so genuine and so sweet and so talented. I just love him to death. I kept telling him that he needs to have kids, because I think he’s going to be an amazing dad. I hope he does that soon.”

The words “genuine and sweet” might not be the first to come to mind for moviegoers who know Rourke best for his menacing turns in “Iron Man 2,” “The Wrestler” and “Sin City.” But Fox confessed that she feels a bond with Rourke because they are both celebrities who march to the beat of their own drummers and say what they feel. In fact, Fox’s admiration for Rourke goes so far that she got inked up in his honor.

“I actually got a tattoo that is sort of in honor of him,” she revealed. “It’s on my ribs. I don’t know if it’s been photographed yet, but it’ll come out eventually, I’m sure. I just love him very much and think he’s very special.”

[From MTV]

If I was Mickey, I would offended. But Mickey probably boned her, and she probably hadn’t felt that good since she and Michael Bay hate-f-cked. She “heard music” – you get it? That’s where the tattoo comes in. Anyway, yes, Mickey and Megan got along really well, and Mickey even called her an amazing actress, which just goes to show that he has early-onset senility.

By the way, MTV also threw up video of the Megan Fox interview, and it reminds me of something CB sent me a few days ago – another Fox interview, in fact. In both, Megan’s face barely moves. It’s really crazy how much surgery this girl has had already. I was wincing:



Photos courtesy of Megan’s 2008 GQ photo shoot.

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  1. denise says:

    Pretty, dumb, confused girl.

  2. This chick thinks she is so clever and so edgy. She is wretch. Ewww.

  3. Danielle says:

    Well, it’s about time someone got a picture of her putting objects in her mouth and sticking out her tongue…

    Oh wait a minute….

  4. caroline says:

    that sounds a lot more like emerson than nietzsche. “trust thyself, every heart vibrates to the inner string,” something like that i believe. nietzsche was all “god’s dead!” then again, i’m deliberately not googling any of this because i figure either way, it’ll hear about it from the celeblogs.

  5. Nessie says:

    She’s kind of boring…..or maybe she’s just bored herself, I can’t tell.

  6. juliana says:

    Why doesn’t she cut to the chase and tattoo “Pretentious” on her forehead?

  7. popcorny says:

    What a dope-ass dingbat.
    … and “honoring” Mickey Rourke? -what the hell is that?
    The only reason Mickey’s got any re-newed attention at all is because when they poked his pile of broke-down gutter trash, it moved. That the one-dimensional leather-chunk even manages to zip his fly or ties his shoelaces is incredulous (probably velcro anyway).
    This Megan is about as deep as laminate.

  8. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I don’t think Megan Fox is a tramp. She is dating Brain Austin Green a sweet man, she has been dating him for years, but he isn’t really much career wise, she could easily be boning a much more successful person, but she isn’t. So I think to say she had sex with Mickey Rouke is kinda mean because I don’t see her cheating on BAG. Megan doesn’t bother me at all. I was irritated when people wanted to compare her to Angie but luckily the world wised up and no such comparisons are made now. So she got a tat, Megan is gonna get several its no big deal. Mickey is a nice guy and he wouldn’t be mean to a pretty girl by being honest with her. Megan’s personality is dull, we all saw the previews for Jonah Hex (Razzie award winning performances in that one) so she isn’t very talented, but I like her low keyness and I don’t believe she is a tramp.

  9. Sarah says:

    She pisses me off. She was pretty before she went under the knife and nows she’s starting to look plastic-y. Then everyone seems to swoon over her. It’s like swooning over Frankenstein. Just a doctor made monster! lol.

  10. I Choose Me says:

    Ok I don’t care one way or another about Megan. Some of her comments make me scratch my head, others I think she makes sense. I feel the same way about her looks, sometimes I think she can look really pretty other times I think eh. All that to say that for a girl who has been in a relationship with BAG, for years, I just don’t get the slut appellation that gets tossed around when it comes to her. She’s like Mariah for me in that she tries too hard to be sexay but Mariah too has been linked to only two other men (one she dated long term) other than her first and second husbands. I usually like your posts Kaiser but I’m miffed about you insinuating that she may have boned Mickey and for contributing to the unfounded rumor that she had sex with Michael Bay. What are you basing this on other than her admission that she auditioned for Transformers by washing his car? And that she really enjoys sex? You don’t have to like her but I just wish that as a woman you’d be more circumspect in casting aspersions against another woman, even if it is against a pseudo, untalented celebrity like Megan Fox.

  11. Electric says:

    I like the word play here…”MTV also threw up video of the Megan Fox interview…”

    It is like a video they puked out.

  12. The Truth Fairy says:

    She looks like Evangeline Lilly in the video.

    I think she got cheek impants. Big mistake.

  13. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    So bored with her pretentions and the publicity around her.

    Sure, she’s pretty, but she is a terrible actress and has, imo, a very grating voice.

  14. Shi-gatsu says:

    LOVE ANGELINA – please don’t use the word – boning – it is vulgar

  15. Lindsay says:

    @caroline Nietzsche was a good writer and wrote more than “God is dead.” So I don’t get how from two paraphrased quotes you assume it was someone else. And why just those two? Also, you got the someone else wrong the poet Monet said it as well. But I do believe the saying is taken from a paraphrased line attributed Nietzsche but not a direct quote. So it could be either I guess.

    Who knows? Thats probably more thought than she put into it. She also seems to want to give the impression she is deep through her tatoos so she probably would have been more likely to go with a famous philosopher that even she has heard of.

  16. Majosha says:

    Wow, you weren’t kidding about her frozen face! Isn’t she only 23? I wonder how all of that work is going to hold up as the years pass. I’m thinking she might end up looking like Pamela Anderson — with her skin sort of melting around the plastic. I’ll take my wrinkles, thanks.

  17. Lisa S. says:

    Watched a few minutes of “Transformers” the other day for the first time and Wow Megan Fox has had some work done hasn’t she? Her nose and mouth look especially different now.

  18. Praise St. Angie! says:

    yeah, Majosha, I just watched the vid and her face hardly moves…eeeeeek! That’s creepy!

    and Lisa S, if you want a real shock, check this out.

    scroll down and enlarge some of the thumbnails…you’ll be amazed at how much she’s altered her face.

  19. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I’ve always thought that her dating BAG was the least offensive thing about her. Oh, she irritates me, she irritates me hard, but without any kind of corroborating evidence I’m just taking the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ stance when it comes to biblical exploits. Ostensibly (on the days when she’s not as waxy-skinned), she could have anyone she chooses, so why impugn her for not ‘trading up’ as it were, when she became well-known (but not for her acting)?

    Really could use some vocal coaching though. If they could make Mrs. Thatcher sound less like a clipped robot (sound like, not act like), surely something can be done about the pink noise burr with which she speaks.

    A new Victoria’s Secret shop opened around here. You know VS, that the one that can’t make bras properly, Anyway… I wondered if I had seen the face of the girl playfully frolicking with the long, pink curtain before. Then I remembered and thought that it would be a great shame if they don’t the CGI right on the next Transformers film. If it doesn’t look like the Decepticons and the new talent are unfurling their vulvas in a believable way, it could strain the credibility of this franchise

  20. RastaPasta says:

    The plastic surgery has made her look like Vivid’s Girl of the Month.

  21. Bam Bam says:

    Beauty and the Beast – I kind of like it that they’re good friends

  22. Emily says:

    I really don’t like the placement of the tattoo. In the pic with the pink bikini, from far away it looks like her skin’s all wrinkly, especially with her making that pose. She’s already going to look like hell in a few years, why make herself look old and leathery now?!

  23. Oi says:

    oh the irony that she’s the one who says they can’t ‘suffer fools’. There’s an interesting dilemma.

  24. Mingo says:

    What percentage of Hollywood starlets DON’T get plastic surgery? 10%? Maybe 15%? Not many.

  25. Aussie Mama says:

    Love the Rourke!

  26. GatsbyGal says:

    “But Mickey probably boned her, and she probably hadn’t felt that good since she and Michael Bay hate-f-cked.”

    Aaaahahahaha! Oh my god, Kaiser, I fucking love you!

    Also is it just me, or are her boobs totally lopsided? Looks like the one on her left is lower than the other. If her boobs were natural, that’d be one thing…but she paid for those things!

  27. Kiska says:

    She is gorgeous. I’ve seen the before and after pics of her plastic surgery. She was a very beautiful girl before and no amount of surgery could turn an average or unattractive person into what she is.

  28. viper says:

    What a moronic silly girl. Clearly she’s in desperate need of someone to look up to. Prehaps daddy issues??? GASP. That girl will never stop being predictable and absolutely dull. It’s amazing how suddenly she shares her crap just when she’s about to show another bad movie.

  29. Orbit says:

    The quote isn’t in the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations and Monet seems to be an unknown. She’s probably Megan’s hair stylist.

  30. Prof Chaos says:

    If she wants to be a serwious axtwess, why does this chick insist on the “insert d@&k here” pose every time you see her? Stop trying to be sexy and try being real. That’s what makes the difference between an actress and a Playboy model. Get a clue.

  31. Jover says:

    The fact that Mtv thinks Jennifer’s Body is high concept says it all about a junk network run by 12 yr olds. Megafarse is so over no one is interested in this vacant dipshit are the mags being paid off by her pr ppl. Surely someone must realize, as all the above posters realize, that there is nothing to her. How does a plastic cipher garner this much media attention. Truthfully, she hasn’t even acted in anything that would warrant this. The bottom trolling is mind numbing.

  32. Calathea says:

    The funniest or ironic thing is that she got famous for her role in a movie called Transformers,.because she sure as **** has been “transforming” her appearance over the years.

    And, I can understand why her and Mickey Rourke got along well,, having both had **** loads of plastic surgery . They probably bonded sharing stories about all the different procedures they’ve had.

  33. nnn says:

    She is as extremely beautiful as she is extremely vacant with a 5 years old voice besides (the type of voice that will also limit your roles as you become older)…and it doesn’t seem to get better as she ages.

    She is also turning too plastic and more and more brainless as years goes by and she is not even 25 years old yet. It’s really disturbing to notice how much she has changed in a two years span…think about what other changes she may do to herself as she reaches 26 !.

    That mix is the kiss of death and will make her irrelevant by the time she turns 30. No amount of (plastic) beauty with a brainless soul will sustain your position as the it girl that long. You can get away with it at 23, not at 26. Ask Jessica Alba

    If you are a bimbo, at least be an interesting one, have some sense of humour or a personality or something, because youthful beauty is the most common denominator in Hollywood and the one asset with a quick turnover…

    Hollywood is already hunting for the next one who is barely 18 to replace 24 years old Megan.

    Get a clue Megan because if you can’t grow up fast and add something relevant to that empty beautiful face, Hollywood of all places will crush you and dump you as a used up kleenex that has been used for a punctual job.

    A consuming good that has beauty and youth ONLY has a very short longevity and will not sustain upfront success past 25 years of age.

  34. Seesie says:

    I agree with some things you said except, she’s not extremely beautiful!

    I’ve seen what extreme beauty looks like and it doesn’t look fake and plastic like her.

  35. T. Kelly says:

    I’ve got to say this about Megan. She’s a very pretty and attractive woman….UNTIL SHE OPENS HER MOUTH!!! Why does everyone believe that being a celebrity gives their opinion some kind of validity. Tell her to do what she’s paid for. Look like a hottie and then STFU!!! The stupid twat can’t even act.

  36. well you cant just say she is a tramp if you whave gotten to talk to her witch i have you would know that she is nice and dont give me any crud about the websites that say shes a bad person so what now son

  37. ok i might have a shrine of her well so if you met herhe is hot thougth

  38. ceecee says:

    why must the world be such HATERS??! like who gives a shit what she does you don’t know her or her life and just like everyone else in the world you don’t know you have no place to talk shit it just makes you that more pathetic.

  39. Joshua says:

    Isn’t it comical how so many people love her and hate, yet nobody from either end of the spectrum can really claim to know her?

    Ah. Gilded butterflies indeed.

  40. NIT says:

    Awesome tatoo. Lots of jealous, dumb asses here.

  41. My colleagues and I were having a chat about this subject the other night. Anyway I tend to agree with what this post is attempting to say. I’m not 100% clear on all the points however it’s a good read anyway. I think the article is well thought out and quite simple to understand. Thank you.

  42. Ashley says:

    Screw all of you. I love Megan Fox. She stays true to herself and isnt all about the celebrity bullshit “I am going to say what these people want me to say so I can increase my level of fame” no fuck that. Megan does what she wants and fucks with the paparazzi because its amusing. In a way she is making fun of the fame she has gotten. People are so quick to judge and believe whatever the media feeds them like a bunch of robots. Hop off the bandwagon and claim your identities back. Thanks

  43. Ashley says:

    Its very amusing to read all the comments of insecure girls who are jealous of her looks and have to justify that she is not as great of a person because of her acting skills. dont hate ..go buy some makeup.

  44. Ashley says:

    Girls on here just hatin till they cant feel their ass cheeks. Every where I read hate hate hate hate. They should make an aerosol can of just “hate” and sell it in grocery stores.