Does Joy Behar want to quit The View?

Mar. 13, 2010 - New York, New York, United States - JOY BEHAR arriving at the 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards at the Marriott Marquis in New York City on 03-13-2010. 2010..K64463Hmc. © Red Carpet Pictures

We’ve heard a lot of rumors that loudmouth Elisabeth Hasselbeck is on the way out on The View, (which sadly seem to have amounted to nothing) but we haven’t heard much about longterm staple Joy Behar. Behar is the only remaining member from the original panel apart from ailing head Barbara Walters. The other day Joy made a quip about being on the show 13 years like she was over it and found it tedious. (I wish I could remember what she said exactly and when I saw it, but I’m not re-watching a bunch of episodes to find out. She definitely made a reference to it.)

According to Mike Walker in the National Enquirer, Joy is ready to leave The View in favor of focusing on her relatively new Headline News show. She’s also reportedly disappointed that the View is not moving to primetime when Oprah’s show leaves that spot next year.

Sources report that Joy Behar’s thisclose to ankling “The View” because 1. despite low expectations for her HLN talk show when it debuted last fall, it’s now a runaway hit after she boosted ratings by a whopping 34 percent; 2. Behar desperately wanted the huge career and pay boost she’d have scored if “The View” had moved to Oprah’s afternoon spot – not to mention the extra shuteye; and 3. after 13 years, the show’s sheer drudgery. “Joy feels like she’s treading water there,” says a close friend. “She believes there’s more to life than arguing with a mental midget like Elisabeth Hasselbeck.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, June 28, 2010]

I like Joy and find her pretty funny and level headed most of the time. This week they’re having male co-hosts for the first time and Stephen A. Smith and Joe Scarborough were on the panel yesterday. They were talking about the big hoopla over the new female Viagra pill and the three women (Whoopi and Barbara weren’t there) all agreed that they didn’t need it. Joy said the issue is that “you guys can’t turn us on… I say get a vibrator and put a mustache on it.” She later added “I’ll tell you what works for me. Thirty minutes of foreplay. Can you handle that?” Smith said that “30 minutes of foreplay… the more excited a man gets….” Joy quipped “That’s your problem, not mine.”

You can imagine Joy wanting to leave after 13 years sitting there talking “hot topics” every day. She’s a solid member of the panel though and I like her perspective. She’s outspoken but I don’t see her as particularly pushy or stubborn, like Elisabeth or long-departed members Rosie and Star Jones. If she leaves people will miss her, but they’ll probably still watch. I don’t enjoy it when Barbara is on though that’s for sure. It’s partially Barbara and partially the way that Elisabeth gets even more self righteous to impress the boss. I hope that Walters has a full and speedy recovery from heart surgery and then moves on to focus on other projects.

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 05:  Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd and Meghan McCain attend the Launch Party for new sitcom 'Sherri' at the Empire Hotel on October 5, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images Lifetime Television)

NEW YORK - MARCH 13: Joy Behar speaks onstage at the 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards at The New York Marriott Marquis on March 13, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

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  1. lucy2 says:

    I’d want to leave too, I think they’re all annoying.

  2. d says:

    Yep. It’s generally unwatchable when they’re beaking at the same time. I’m not republican-minded, but I’d like to see Megan McCain and some other younger people. Real thinkers and doers, not opinionated do-goodys like Hasselblab.

  3. Snarf says:

    If I had to work with Hasselbeck I’d have to quit, or go on really strong meds.

  4. Alex says:

    Joy is the only one who is funny and has any insight. Whoopi is disgusting and brimming with redundant personal agenda and ignorance. Rosie was great on he show and seems to have stepped up Joy’s game. She’ll do great on her own.

  5. Belle Epoch says:

    Joy is my favorite! She is smart and funny and has already shown that she can carry a show by herself. I don’t know how she can sit there day after day having to give equal time to a talking llama. An evil talking llama with mush for brains.

  6. Rex says:

    Don’t care becuz I don’t watch – but I find Joy really annoying. She better keep that job, because her other show is going no where.

  7. El Predicto says:

    RE: Belle Epoch

    Llama’s everywhere are insulted by your innuendo.

  8. mln says:

    Sherry is the biggest idiot of all time. EB is a b***tch and Whoopis’ intelligence level has dropped considerably over the last few years. Joy is obnoxious but puts in a few zingers. And BW tries so hard to be a ‘dignified journalist’ that she doesn’t speak in complete sentences.

  9. Dorothy says:

    i love Joy and I watch her show in HLN too! I hope she doesn’t leave, I don’t know if I would watch any more. Whoopi is so annoying – no one’s opinion but hers matters, sherri is OK and Elisabeth is an ASS.

  10. Jeri says:

    I think with Joy gone viewership would not fall off suddenly but I do think it would start trickling off faster – no familiar draw anymore.

  11. Taya says:

    The View is crap.

  12. tiki says:

    why is it hasselbeck is a loudmouth for expressing her opinions and the others aren’t? isn’t it called ‘the VIEW’ for a reason, as in everyone is entitled to his/her point of view? or does that apply only to those who share our opinions? selective freedom of speech/opinion isn’t freedom at all.

  13. BReedy says:

    Joy is like screeching fingernails on a blackboard….she totally annoys me. Never was a big VIEW fan but do enjoy Whoopie so very much!

  14. xxodettexx says:

    @tiki: people find her a loudmouth, bc the sounds that escape her mouth are often loud, obnoxious and shrill… and to clarify, i find most of the ladies on the view to be loudmouths and ignorant to boot… there are plenty of classy conservative and liberal women, and we are stuck with this hen-house

    i do like joy behar on her show

  15. Leni says:

    What I find interesting is the number of people who do not watch the View but have an opinion. I do not mind for this is an entertainment site and not a research paper, but where does the opinion come from if you have no real basis for it? Just curious. By the way I really enjoy Joy on both the shows she is on.

  16. Ade says:

    Oh PLEASE…Joy is EXACTLY everything you accuse Elizabeth Hassleback of being. The only reason you ignore it, most likely, is because you agree with the vitriol vomit that spews out of her bitter, angry and old mouth. I hope she leaves TV permanently.

  17. tiki says:

    ‘loud’ is an objective descriptive. ‘obnoxious’ and ‘shrill’ are subjective descriptives (i.e. opinions). my question remains then, why is one of the women declared to be a loudmouth while the others aren’t? the answer lies in the biases of the one making the declaration. we all hold biases. problems arise when we refuse to acknowledge them.

  18. Mia says:

    Hasselbeck isn’t a loudmouth compared to the harpee that is the red wig Bozo up there.

    Truth is only a liberal would think four or five women ganging up every day on one young conservative is an offering of balanced “views.” Would you stand for the opposite case? Four or five conservatives with no political credibility aside from the main host shouting down one young liberal every single morning? Sound appropriate?

    The show is correctly named. They push One View only and like too many liberals, cannot handle dissent or doing more than arguing the particulars among themselves. And the one conservative is the loudmouth? Nuts.

    They call that bias.

  19. Ariana says:

    Hasselbeck makes The View unwatchable with her blind devotion to the Republican Party, no matter what the issue. Seeing her hackles rise if anything positive is said about Obama is just too annoying to watch, especially as the retaliation comments coming out of her motor-mouth are nonsensical. I have noticed for weeks that Joy is sick to death of being part of this Ship of Fools. She is great on her new show which I watch almost nightly.

  20. simplicity says:

    I’m a past occasional viewer. The appeal at one time was humor and hot topics, combined. The View passed relevancy long ago.

    I catch an occasional clip, (The View) through y/t and Joy’s comments toward her fellow panelists are spot on. Not long ago she interrupted Barbara to tell her the, “topic was not about her.”

    I’ll hope she moves on, she has more power as a single interviewer and comedian than what the exceptionally dull View has to offer.

  21. Melanie says:

    I hope Joy doesn’t leave. I love to watch her and Elizabeth go at it. Good times.

  22. Vagine DuPree says:

    No big whup.

  23. Laurie says:

    It’s a shame that diverse views are no longer welcome on the show. It’s all ONE view and hating on Elisabeth. Not worth the energy to watch anymore.

  24. buellblaster says:

    Tried to watch it on many occasions but just could not take Joy’s smug-overbearing-holier-than-thou attitude. Quit already… you won’t be missed!

  25. Red Rooster says:

    Besides her shrillness, what makes Elizabeth annoying is that she has Republican talking points that she insists on making whether they are in context or not. I’m all for hearing opposing viewpoints but they should consider hiring a young Republican who is thoughtful, intelligent and can express an opinion of her own. I’m not interested in hearing repeated rhetoric from Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

  26. sonola trip says:

    Do you know who is also a “mental midget” on The View? — Whoopi. I am shocked by her level of misguided logic. I’m a liberal and a fan of her work as an actress, and I always assumed that she was intelligent. Unfortunately her “views” on this show have proven otherwise. I am genuinely stunned at how intellectually bankrupt that woman is. Given my political sympathies and love of her films I thought I would be the first person defending her, but I can’t. Don’t even get me started on the “rape-rape” embarrassment.

  27. Edan says:

    Hate that loud mouthed uninformed biatch, Joy. The world’s most annoying human being. PLEASE take her off the air permanently!!!

  28. scotty dog says:

    Lurve Joy… she annoys all the right people (you know who you are!)

  29. For Sooth? says:

    It’s been a couple of decades since Barbara was a real journalist. She often sounds a twit as much as any of her other panelists. And how many of you get up each day and slog into work knowing that the workplace is skewed against you? And Elizabeth is not the only one spouting bullet points. Whoopi’s wearing that jersey in solidarity against the state of Arizona fighting to protect it’s citizens and it’s border from hoards of criminals crossing the border every Fu**king day and night, bringing in drugs, diseases, and a top heavy distribution of non English speaking poeple that is overloading our legal system, our schools, our hospitals and creating a slave labor work force, all the while creating a huge voting block that has no abatement in site, was a case in point. Do you think Barbara would have allowed Elizabeth to do the same? Ah, that’s a big F*ck, no!

    There are reasons we should all want legal immigration. There is less chance of diseases running amok, more time for educators to educate beyond the rudiments, less chance of voter fraud, and more people assimilating into the society without having a hand out or getting the ACLU to provide them with benefits that many of our legal citizens can’t get. How can we create budgets or have enough police protection or have most of our children excel in school again if we don’t know how many people will flood the system? Would your boss at work put up with an unknown number of people that will constantly be streaming into the company to inflate his payroll, that will need a huge amount of basic training and ESL, and also have to provide child care, medical care and perhaps pay for the education of their children??. No Way! The business would be bankrupt PDQ, and everyone would be out of a job, including the legals. And that is what our nation is up against. And I didn’t even address the drug and violence issues that run parallel with mass illegal immigration.
    This is about having a known number of people (not felons, disease carriers and drug runners, and others that have a mission to destroy us)preparing and studying to become U.S. citizens and assimilating into our society and our workforce by using the learned English language for work and voting but using their familiar language at home and recreating and worshiping. What is so very, very wrong about controlling these things for the betterment of all??? Our security alone should be the reason with the current situation of helicopters, hummers with AK wielding military, and “coyotes” infiltrating our border states, AND the recent uptake of the kidnapping of our citizens for ransom. All other nations do this for the reasons mentioned above. So quit whining about Arizona and start holding congress and La Raza accountable for the overload on our resources. Arizona is just the first tipping point. It’s like the headache before the fever. Our nation can not continue to have a porous border and still be viable across the board.

  30. poopie says:

    be gone with your awful self joy ! what a self important no talent annoying waste of space !

    @BReedy: fingernails on a blackboard!!
    SOOOO true..

  31. ylg says:

    It would be a great loss to The View if Joy left. She seems to be the panel member with the most intelligence. Whoopi is very opinionated but I too was astonished at how unintelligent her babblings are. Barbara’s opinions are so antiquated they are useless and Sherri and Elizabeth are just two irritating bubbleheads. Fantastic idea to have men cohosts and guest moderators though.

  32. NORMA says:

    get rid of her, she’s a big mouth, and very annoying…

  33. westward ho says:

    @ mia

    “Truth is only a liberal would think four or five women ganging up every day on one young conservative is an offering of balanced ‘views.’ Would you stand for the opposite case? Four or five conservatives with no political credibility aside from the main host shouting down one young liberal every single morning? Sound appropriate?”

    actually, it sounds like every “fair and balanced” interview with a liberal ever shown on fox news.

  34. valeskas says:

    Love Joy, she is funny and I love her biting wit

  35. DrewKent says:

    The only reason I watch The View is because of Joy. I’m still waiting for the day she gives Hasselbeck a royal smakdown. Once Joy is gone from The View so am I. I enjoy her HLN show vastly better than The View.

  36. Dan says:

    Behar and Goldberg are the two biggest morons on television. How the two of them can even be called funny is simply beyond common sense. These two are why the vast majority of the world hate liberals, because they’re rude, crude, obnoxious, hateful, just plain ignorant of any real facts. I think shows like The View are also why alot of people think most celebrities are just nothing more than airheads and blowhards, which is about right, given the amount of air between Goldberg’s ears, and the amount of hot hateful air that comes from Behar’s ugly mug.

  37. angie says:

    Throw in the towel. You are the worse interviewer on television. You think your all that and a bag a chips. Your a complete moron and the view could do so much better. When is HLN going to ftre you??????

  38. becky says:

    Joy was my favorite. I won’t be watching The View anymore. Why couldn’t they get rid of the highly offensive Elisabeth? It is sickening to watch Elisabeth suck-up to Barbara, and Barbara does not even realize it. It’s a shame that Joy let that empty-headed loudmouth run her off.