Jeremy London’s kidnap story doesn’t add up, he had a pending arrest warrant


Yesterday, we heard parts of Jeremy London’s absolutely bizarre story – allegedly, he was forced by two kidnappers to ride around in his own car, “smoking dope” and buying liquor. Jeremy managed to “escape” several hours later, and he went to the police, who seem to believe his story. Unfortunately, no one else believes it. I said yesterday that I felt like a bitch for doubting him, but his story seems non-sensical and like it was all some big excuse for Jeremy – an “recovering” drug addict – to go out and get high with no repercussions. Also – he’s going through a divorce and probably a custody battle for his son. Just sayin’. Anyway, Radar talked to friends of Jeremy’s “kidnapper” – a guy named Brandon Adams. According to these friends, “I don’t believe it… Brandon probably was doing drugs WITH that actor, and the guy just said he was forced to smoke because he knew drugs were in his system.” However, this Brandon guy is also been in and out of jail for years, and sounds shady as hell. But so does Jeremy – who had an outstanding warrant for his arrest when he was “kidnapped”.

Mallrats star Jeremy London had a warrant for his arrest when he was kidnapped and forced to smoke drugs, has exclusively learned.

Troubles for the Party of Five and 7th Heaven actor started in January 2004 when he was convicted of a DUI. He was ordered to pay a $1,402 fine and attend a 3-month first-offender drug and alcohol counseling program.

In January of this year — while on probation — Jeremy was charged with driving without a license. Two months later, a bench warrant was issued for him after he failed to appear at a hearing in connection with the traffic violation. Bail was set at $2,500.

A county clerk confirmed to that the warrant has not been revoked.

Although Jeremy was dealing with police all day Thursday, he still hasn’t been arrested on the warrant. Meanwhile, the suspect in his bizarre kidnapping is behind bars and has a rap sheet of his own.

26-year-old Brandon Ray Adams was convicted in 2006 of public intoxication. Two years later, July 25, 2008, he was charged with molesting a child under the age of 18, but those charges were later dismissed. On the second count of battery, he was found guilty. And just last year, Adams was arrested for shoplifting. He pled not guilty. The case is still open.

Now you can add the following charges to his criminal record: Kidnap for Ransom, Carjacking, Robbery, Taking A Vehicle Without Owner Consent and Receiving Stolen Property.

He is now being held on half a million dollars bail. His next court hearing will be June 24, 2010.

[From Radar]

This whole f-cking thing is shady as hell. Were Brandon and Jeremy drug buddies, getting high together regularly or semi-regularly? And did Jeremy throw Brandon under the bus because Jeremy wanted an explanation for why his future drug tests were coming back positive? Or is Jeremy just a guy struggling with his recovery who happened to be kidnapped and truly “forced” to do drugs? Eh. By the way, I totally agree with the commenters yesterday who theorized that this incident would be Lindsay Lohan’s next move – she’s probably thinking or a way to be “kidnapped” any day now.


Jeremy on December 3, 2009. Credit: WENN.

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19 Responses to “Jeremy London’s kidnap story doesn’t add up, he had a pending arrest warrant”

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  1. JaisyMaisy says:

    Was it Jeremy or Jason London in The Man in the Moon?

  2. malachais says:

    What happened to this guy?! I remember he was in one of Aerosmith’s videos, and was freakin’ hot!! This is the reason why stupid people shouldn’t move to Hollywood and become actors..they get so caught up in the Hollywood drug world, and end up like this. UGH

  3. Ruby Red Lips says:

    @ JaiseyMaisey – It was Jason in the Man in the Moon

    Whole thing is very wierd…maybe he actually believes it because of all the drugs he has taken

  4. lucy2 says:

    The guy was probably dealing to him, he freaked out at getting caught, and things got weird. The whole thing was just way too odd and suspicious.
    Whatever happened, hope he gets help. I think yesterday’s post mentioned he has a little kid.

  5. Snarf says:

    Even the guy’s family dosen’t believe him. His twin told him to “grow up” through E!

  6. sheda says:

    wow this guy looks like shyt. where did the beauty go?
    right up his nose

  7. long_locks says:

    I am so torn on this. On one hand this is so fishy . . . but on the other hand this is so fishy. There is a BIG difference between being a “pill” addict and a “dope” addict and as far as I can tell from all reports so far he didn’t have any upcoming drug tests to worry about (why would they be giving them to him for driving without a licence?). Also I want to doubt he would leave his car at this guys house unless he really was trying to escape if he is having money problems and a cop saw them changing the flat tire so at least that part of this story is true. But even with all of this my bull#@*& reader is going off and I don’t know why :) .

  8. Majosha says:

    long_locks: A junkie is a junkie, regardless of their drug of choice. So no, there isn’t any difference between a pill addict and a dope addict — they’ll both say or do anything to get high, and attempt (however lamely) to cover their tracks afterwards.

  9. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I took the smoking “dope” to mean weed & not heroin. Weed stays in your system for 30 days which might explain this premature cover-up. If the “kidnappers” wanted to get high, why not just rob him? Who takes their carjackee with them?

  10. Twez says:

    It clarified in the original article that he was referring to smoking meth or crack when he said ‘smoke dope.’ Meth only shows up on pee tests for about a week, not sure about crack, but it’s probably similar.

  11. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Thx for the clarification, Twez! I don’t currently know any meth freaks, but I’m guessing they wouldn’t be all “puff-puff-pass” like a pothead would.

  12. bellaluna says:

    I was afraid this would be the case. I really wanted to believe he’d be able to stay clean this time. Note I said I wanted to believe he’d stay clean, not that I believed his story.

  13. Caitlin says:

    Looks like someone has been watching one too many reruns of Six Feet Under. This exact scenario happened to David (Michael C Hall) on the show. Weird.

  14. Shay says:

    Probably an elaborate story to cover up the drugs that will be found in his system if he was arrested.

  15. Meg says:

    His story is total bs. No one kidnaps a stranger and forces them to do drugs. For money or sex maybe – but no user wants to share their drugs

  16. Mistral says:

    When I first skimmed the story, I figured he was kidnapped by junkies who wanted to take make him withdraw money for them at different ATMs and drive around getting high while buying more and more drugs after every spot. Then, they just insisted he join in, as plenty of people doing drugs will share with others—even insist that others share. If this turns out to be a fake, he is even more messed up than I would have guessed. Sad.

  17. Kitten says:

    Ugh. I just thought it was too weird to be made up. Creative fella. Anyway, similar scenarios have been depicted on “I Survived” so I didn’t think it was THAT far-fetched. Oh Griffin, how far you have fallen…

  18. Tia C says:

    Go to rehab, Jeremy.

  19. Lantana says:

    Maybe LiLo and Jeremy should hook up and they could alibi each other.