Bobby Brown’s new tell-all book claims Whitney was the bad one

Bobby Brown, fresh from a stint on the painful reality show “Gone Country,” has written a tell-all book about his marriage to diva Whitney Houston. I guess he needed the money to cover all his bail, back child support, and drug habit. Brown’s book attempts to paint his ex-wife as the one who introduced cocaine into the household, and claims that she only married him to kill rumors that she was gay.

With an ex-husband like Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston doesn’t need enemies.

In his upcoming autobiography, Brown blows the lid on his wildly dysfunctional marriage to the troubled, Grammy-winning diva, suggesting that she drove him into a nightmare of drug addiction.

“I never used cocaine until after I met Whitney. Before then, I had experimented with other drugs, but marijuana was my drug of choice,” Brown writes in “Bobby Brown: The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But,” out next month. “At one point in my life, I used drugs uncontrollably. I was using everything I could get my hands on, from cocaine to heroin, weed and cooked cocaine.”

As far as his 15-year marriage to Houston is concerned, it “was doomed from the very beginning. Within the first year we separated, with several more to follow,” Brown writes. “I think we got married for all the wrong reasons. Now, I realize Whitney had a different agenda than I did when we got married . . . I believe her agenda was to clean up her image, while mine was to be loved and have children.”

Whitney, he alleges, had been under “a lot of pressure. The media was accusing her of having a bisexual relationship with her assistant, Robin Crawford. Since she was the American Sweetheart and all, that didn’t go too well with her image . . . In Whitney’s situation, the only solution was to get married and have kids. That would kill all speculation, whether it was true or not. In the short, I think I got caught up in the politics and ended up marrying one of the biggest stars in the world.”

But Brown notes that he was no saint in their relationship, confessing in his book, “I am guilty of sleeping with other women . . . Women are always throwing themselves at you. I’m only human, so I would make the mistake and bite the hook sometimes . . . I let the testosterone take over.”

One of his most public indiscretions was an affair with former exotic dancer Karrine “Superhead” Steffans. “Yes, I’ve slept with her,” he confesses. “Yes, I’ve spent several nights at her house. But she was only good for what her nickname stood for.”

[From Page Six]

“At one point in my life, I used drugs uncontrollably.” Uh, yeah- I think that was last Tuesday. Sorry, I can’t stop laughing at this giant pile of BS. We are actually supposed to believe that Whitney Houston needed to clean up her image, and the best she could do was marry Bobby Brown? Bitch, please. That fool already had a criminal record and a nasty reputation as a misogynist long before Whitney came along. I think all that crack has addled Bobby’s memory. It’s also hilarious that he explains away his cheating in a few sentences, but rips into his wife for her supposed behavior. Whitney has more talent, fans, charisma and character- even in her current state- than Bobby Brown could ever hope to have.

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  1. KatyAlia says:

    Uh, yeah- I think that was last Tuesday. Sorry, I can’t stop laughing at this giant pile of BS.

    And I can’t stop laughing at your writing!

  2. Orangejulius says:

    This is not the way I remember things. I’m dying to hear her rebuttal.

  3. Carrie says:

    This will be a nice thing for their daughter to read about one day.

    Yeah, of ALL the men she could have chosen in the world to marry, she chose this shitbag? If anything, I’d say he almost dragged her down to his level.

  4. CJ says:

    I didn’t think ‘Gone Country’ was that bad of a show. I mean it’s no American Idol, but it wasn’t trash!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Unfortunately, Whitney is history. Her voice is gone, her image tarnished.

    So my friends, think before you leap !

  6. Herman B says:

    ain’t love grand . . . and you fought so hard to get her.

    Judges 4:21 Then Jael Heber’s wife took a nail of the tent, and took a hammer in her hand, and went softly unto him, and smote the nail into his temples, and fastened it into the ground: for he was fast asleep and weary. So he died.

  7. mamalama says:

    When Talented, Successful Women Make Stupid, Dumb Ass Choices. Wow – that NEVER happens.

  8. Breederina says:

    Whitney and Robin were regulars at the LA girl clubs in the mid/later 80′s. They were not shy and did not hold back. It was pretty obvious to everyone what was going on when she married Bobby Brown.

  9. snappyfish says:

    She married Bobby because she was pregnant. I agree with Elizabeth that her time has come and gone. She wasted such a beautiful talent.

  10. SailorAlphaCentauri says:

    Whitney married Bobby for the mistaken belief that he would help her image. All it did was make everyone scratch their heads and wonder why she picked the notorious bad boy. Jump forward to 2008 and you are left with her career in tatters and Bobby wallowing in low-level celebritydom thinking that he can get anyone to believe that she got him into drugs. It would be a tiny bit credible if her career had tanked the minute she married him, but it took years before she would go into her tailspin, leading me to believe that he got her into drugs and now he’s trying to lie his way into our bookshelves. No thanks; you’re too dirty for my classics and comics.

  11. headache says:

    Uhm, there were plenty of good, clean cut, clean living men around Whitney could have married if all she was looking to do was clean up her image. It’s been more than obvious over the years that Whitney flat out loved Bobby to hell and back. Dude is just mad because she finally got fed up.

  12. JFB says:

    I believe there is only some truth to this story….I agree w/headache though that she really loved him through it all….They were both coke-heads…
    Whitney looks great and she will probably have a successful comeback but Bobby knows he is wrong for treating her that way!!!!!!!

  13. tana says:

    yeah the gay rumors were pretty hush….i used to work in la and recall someone telling me whitney had a fling with jodie foster, used to visit her on-set.

  14. TNF says:


  15. Impression08 says:

    What Bobby is saying is probably half truth.however,it is low to talk about someone you supposely have loved!I think she loved him and had good times with him.Whitney could have married any man to clean up her image.She was attracted to Bobby.He use to be a sharp guy in his early years.I liked the way he dress and dance because he wasn’t much of a singer to me.He is revengeful because he couldn’t get a dime from her…so he figure he will make his money on a book and off of her name.If anybody buy it,it’s only because whitney name is in it.So I am really surprise that he would take this root to make money.If she wanted him back he would fly to her.I think he loved her but it hurt him when she dropped him.And his stupid ass was married to her all them years and thought she would be there forever but didn’t get a dime.Now he have to make tv appearance….gone country…and now the book.If he didn’t start doing crack until he married Whitney,it is only because she had millions to spend on it! She didn’t put a gun to his head and make him smoke crack,he was weak.He is suppose to be the leader as a man,NOT THE TAIL!
    I would be pissy if my child father talk this shit of me…and hurt!He do not realize Whitney is a DIVA! no matter what she does….she is the voice and people will always love her anyway…this gossip bullshit too shall pass.the girl is bad!she will always have a way of making money without talking shit about people.She is WHITNEY HOUSTON!

  16. koum says:

    hey what went on in your marriage aint nobody business. i love both of your guys music i’m waiting on your next new cd to come out because your the king of the stage

  17. FEE FEE says:

    I believe bobby, He admitted what he had done I remember when she was linked with
    robin. Bobby doesn’t deny his fooling around and his drug use. Whitney approached Bobby. Bobby was probably flattered that someone like Whitney approached him. He probably did start using more expensive drugs when he married her because he could afford them but he wasn’t doing it by himself. Bobby is a street person so I know he was smoking weed. Bobby got to making a living just like everybody else I don’t blame him. If it was bobby why Whitney can’t seem to get in the studio to make a new CD and her last com back she had I heard her voice was gone

  18. Jennifer says:

    It is about time the truth came out about Whitney Houston. She is arrogant, rude and not thankful for the gifts God gave her. We all know in the music industry that she had a drug problem before Clive Davis signed her and cleaned up her ghetto image. I applaud Bobby Brown for telling the truth. Wake up and smell the coffee because Whitney is still a dope fiend and bisexual

  19. Tyrell says:

    Umm..Elizabeth and the FEW others are very wrong–her voice is DEFINITELY, IRREFUTABLY still there. Sure, she doesn’t sound she did in 1998; however, she didn’t sound like she sounded in 1988 in comparison to how she sang in 1998. So…your opinions stand on nothing but B.S…seriously. I mean, if she were “finished”, there wouldn’t be SOOOOOO much anxiety and hype over her forthcoming new album in seven years. Do you know who showed at her listening parties in New York and L.A.??? The most esteemed of music…and television. Exactly…I know I’m right.

  20. BrillowPad says:

    I heard a sample of Whitney Houston’s new single at youtube and it sounded excellent, I can’t wait to buy it. I’m surprised Whitney wasn’t forced to pay Bobby Brown alimony since she was the bread winner throughout their marriage. At one time Bobby wanted full custody of the daughter when him and whitney first broke up, But there hasn’t been any mention of it since.

  21. jinxy says:

    There are always three sides to every story; Bobby’s side, Whitney’s side and the truth. I nor any one else are in any position to blame or judge either Whitney or Bobby. I will however continue to pray for them and their daughter. I was one of their few fans wishing they could/would have proved all the skeptics wrong and made their marriage work; however, that was not the case. I do however; believe they are both wrong for airing their dirty laundry in front of the world. Forget about how they feel towards each other, they are forgetting about their daughter, Bobby Kristina. It is bad enough she has to deal with her parents (whom I am pretty sure she loves equally the same) separation then ultimately divorce . She now has to deal with the paparazzi and media broadcasting her parent’s life style on the WEB, television, blogs etc. What ever took place behind their closed doors is their business. Whitney should not be condoned for telling Oprah her business or Bobby for writing a tell-all-book. I am truly happy for Whitney and glad she is back on the scene with a new album and she looks GOOD. However, Bobby would look good also if he has Clive Owens in his back pocket etc. So don’t believe everything you hear and half of what you read. Sweep around your own back door before you try to sweep around someone else’s.

  22. pharaoho says:

    Whitney was a dedicated wife. She always came to Bobby’s defense when people spoke low of him or tried to put him down, she was very protective of him. Even still is, on the Oprah interview one could tell it was hard for her to speak about their failed marriage. Never once did she blame him for using she said that they did everything together. Furthermore, she spoke of their love and he as her drug. She as we know was never unfaithful to him and tolerated his infidelities, run in’s with the law, and abuse with the strength and dignity of a true woman and wife. Yes “wife” many people don’t know what a true one is one who will be by your side no matter what. It was very hard for her to part with him I imagine. Consequently, I think Bobby’s book is a shameful literary work. He should never speak or write negatively about Whitney for she endured more than any other woman would take from him. He is also hurting his daughter with this money making scheme. He had an excellent wife that’s the only thing he should say about Whitney. I will pray for both!

  23. Lyric says:

    Bobby Brown makes me sick! He already drug Whitney Houston down in their marriage. How dare he try to say anything bad about her now after everything he put her through.

    Everybody knows Bobby is a joke. I’m sure his book sales will be just as laughable.

  24. Whitney Houston says:

    That’s right. I am bisexual and drug user sometimes. Good luck with your book Bobby!

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  26. whatblackfolkknow says:

    We can divide these comments amongst those with an ear to the street and those with their head in the suburbs. The suburban crowd adamantly believes that Bobby is lying and took Whitney down. As they say in the country, the black country- “Child Please”.

    Whitney being gay is an old rumor that has been around since 1990. When Whitney and Bobby married, the rumors reached a zenith and Hollywood insiders will tell you that Clive Davis put this marriage together to help her image.

    This is where a lil street knowledge will earn you some points…

    Why him? Remember back in the early 90s, Whitney was losing all street cred in the black community. You remember the show “In Living Color”? They made fun of Whitney not being able to dance in a skit called Rhythmless Nation (a spin on Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation) She was also booed at the Soul Train awards in 89. How many black entertainers do you know that can’t dance? Accusing a black person of not having dancing skills is like calling a white person white trash. It stings.

    A little history. In the early 90s, the music industry and the tide was turning to G&G: Gangsta and Grunge. It seemed like any new black artist had to have a street edge and white artists had to be angry, lost, or rebellious. Why do you think Janet did a movie with Tupac of all people? (she has rumors as well, but this aint about her). In the early 90s, Whitney was losing her R&B crown to Mary J Blige, an artist that keeps it real, is loved in the street and is mad at the man (or men in general). Google Queen of R&B. It ain’t Whitney. Its MJB.

    Whitney marrying Bobby was her bad attempt at keeping it real, people. Unfortunately, it was really, really bad.

  27. amaka says:

    whitney made her greatest mistake in loving d uselesss boy from the begin….. And so ppl frm usa & other developed country dont understand the meaning of finding a life partner, love, dating..etc but i thank god that major africans understands it thats why we hardly break homes or marriages.. Ppl like brown are not worth to be married by great people. Now the dumb fool is feeling like the hotesst boy on earth… Lesson here now is dont love any persome that cant love back, know why u r being proposed, and find the right man(he can be body) that u see every 99% of spending the rest of ur life with him.. And dont make an odd human being, make sure u always look attractive dont try anything that can make u ugly in life… But as for brown he is a poor coward… And for whitney love she should dust her self and hit life.. whitney made her greatest mistake in loving d uselesss boy from the begin….. And so ppl frm usa & other developed country dont understand the meaning of finding a life partner, love, dating..etc but i thank god that major africans understands it thats why we hardly break homes or marriages.. Ppl like brown are not worth to be married by great people. Now the dumb fool is feeling like the hotesst boy on earth… Lesson here now is dont love any persome that cant love back, know why u r being proposed, and find the right man(he can be body) that u see every 99% of spending the rest of ur life with him.. And dont make an odd human being, make sure u always look attractive dont try anything that can make u ugly in life… But as for brown he is a poor coward… And for whitney love she should dust her self and hit life..

  28. neenee says:

    BOBBY GOT HER ON CRACK.. POINT ______________ PERIOD .

  29. Willie says:

    God bless Whitney soul, but I must say this, Bobby did not make Whitney do drugs, this was something she chose to do. Don’t get me wrong I was a fan of Whitney also, but I never believed Bobby made her do drugs. I noticed Whitney years ago before she and Bobby married I could tell she had a raunchy side. I’m sorry if I offended anyone, but this is what I observed.

  30. Ebony says:

    ok people lets think rationally here. First off all, nobody knows the truth of what happened between Whitney and Bobby but Whitney, Bobby, and GOD. Do we know for sure that Whitney did drugs before she met Bobby?NO! But, lets say Whitney did drugs before she met Bobby Brown, its no doubt that it got worse after she met him. Lets look at the obvious here for a minute. Bobby was known as a bad boy and was in trouble with the law and drugs way before he met Whitney. Whereas, Whitney on the other hand was known as america’s princss, who was selling millions of records and grossing millions in films. Never missed interviews, cancelled shows, and having weird behavior. All these things started occuring after she met and got married to Bobby. Now some say Whitney and Bobby got married for all the wrong reasons. Some say it was to give Whitney street credit because of the boos and being called “too white” or because of gay rumors. But come on, if this is this case, Bobby Brown was the best she could do?? But lets look at videos when Whitney is around Bobby or when she is talking about him, her facial expressions says something different. You can see the passion and love there. And for her to stick with him for so long, partly because people said they wouldn’t last but also because she LOVED him, dealing with the abuse and the cheating…come on I seriously think she loved him and I do think that he loved her as well. Somewhere down the line, they both lost themselves. Bobby lost himself because, he was living in Whitney’s shadow and Whitney lost herself because she was TRYING to live in his shadow, because notice Bobby wasn’t doing pretty much of anything during his marriage with Whitney while Whitney was touring, and doing movies and selling records. Honestly, they weren’t good for each in my opinion.

  31. maria says:

    I wonder if Whitney wasnt bi polar and her drug and alcohol addiction made everthing so much irrational and worse.Its very rare that a mother would behave like she did in front of her daughter before and after bobby.Of course the realization that her voice was gone because of the smoking of crack,weed,cigarettes must of pained her to no end.She had no common sense left to take care of herself-she chained smoke much to her vocal teachers dismay.Who does that if your trying to get your vocals back?Its a very very sad story and reminds one of Judy Garland and Edith Piaf,all three struggeling with fame,God given voices and harrowing addictions.