Jerry Seinfeld on Lady Gaga: “This woman is a jerk. I hate her.”


For two weekends in a row, Lady Gaga went to a baseball game in New York and made an ass out of herself. The first time, she allegedly showed up drunk at Shea Stadium, then proceeded to get even more bombed as people started coming up to her and talking to her. Security was concerned, so they moved her to a private box – which happened to be owned by Jerry Seinfeld. Then last weekend, Gaga arrived again, in her bra and panties and got bombed again in a private box, then broke into the locker room and began feeling up her Gaga tittays. She was very nearly banned – but I don’t think she was in the end. Anyway, somebody decided to get Jerry Seinfeld’s take on the situation – and let’s just say he’s not a fan.

Twelve days after Lady Gaga wound up in his box at Shea Stadium during a Mets game, Jerry Seinfeld has called her “a jerk” and then some. Joking or no? Read and decide.

“This woman is a jerk. I hate her,” Seinfeld said during a WFAN radio interview on Monday, perhaps . “I can’t believe they put her in my box, which I paid for.”

Gaga, dressed in bra and swilling beer, was moved from her front row seat to Seinfeld’s empty box (without his knowledge) after flipping off photographers.

“You give people the finger and you get upgraded? Is that the world we’re living in now?” he said.

Seinfeld first said when asked about the June 10th incident, reports the NY Post, “I wish her the best.. you take one ‘A’ off of that and you’ve got gag.”

“I don’t know what these young people think or how they promote their careers,” Seinfeld said. “I’m older, I’m 56. I look at Lady Gaga the way Keith Hernandez watches these kids when they pull the pocket out, they wear the inside-out pocket. … Do you think he understands that? He can’t understand that. That’s a new game, that’s kids.”

He added, “I’m not one of these all-publicity-is-good people. People talk about you need exposure — you could die of exposure.”

The Mets game in question was eight days before the Yankees episode that landed her on the cover of Sunday’s New York Post.

[From HuffPo]

On one side, I get Seinfeld’s point – after all, it was his box, he paid for it, and even though he wasn’t using it doesn’t mean he wants Gaga’s germs in there. And Gaga was acting like an a–hole, which Jerry and everyone else has the right to call her out on. On the other side, when Jerry Seinfeld talks like this, he sounds like a f-cking has-been. And he’s not really – he’s just so f-cking rich, he doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to do. He’s disconnected, he’s crotchety, and there’s also a dash of hypocrisy in the mix. He’s giving a lecture on the art of publicity and how the game has changed, when all he had to do to help out his plagiarist wife was buy Oprah a hundred pair of shoes and suddenly Jessica Seinfeld is the most unique writer in the world to middle America. So, Jessica Seinfeld gets to f-ck and buy her way to literary stardom, while Gaga is dismissed for working her way up from the bottom on talent, ingenuity and an other-worldly gift for PR stunts? Bullsh-t.

Lady Gaga puts up her middle finger while the New York Mets play San Diego Padres at Citi Field in New York City on June 10, 2010.  UPI/John Angelillo Photo via Newscom


Lady Gaga on June 18, 2010. Credit: Fame. Header: Seinfeld on April 20, 2010. Credit: Fame.

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  1. Zelda says:

    Sorry Kaiser, but talent does not make it okay for you to act like an *sshole. Even if some people do think it is “other-worldly.” (Really? I like her, but… really?!)

  2. not a fan says:

    GAGA is an idiot with NOOO talent whatsoever, just a gimmick

  3. hatsumomo says:

    I have no problem with Jerry- I used to watch the show back in the day, but I have a problem with his wife. She literally plagiarized her entire book and fucked her way into the position she’s in. And so he’s guilty by association and they both suck as people.

  4. e says:

    Yeah he needs to STFU. I don’t think much of Gaga but I feel the same way about him.

  5. mary jane says:

    Oh yuck Jerry…

    ITA with every word written here….

    I friggin hate his smug wife. It IS BS and he DOES sound like an old fart.

  6. Mouse says:

    You make some good points, Kaiser. I agree w/ everything you said, except I think Jerry IS a has been. And a pretentious whiny jerk-off to boot, but then I’ve never liked him or his show.

    But I’m not a fan of Gaga either. Looks like all the hype and having to constantly provide shock value to keep people interested has pushed her into the deep end, and I don’t think she knows how to swim.

  7. Lia says:

    Sharing is Caring!!! As a matter of fact didnt his wife rip off some recipes from a chef to write her own cook book and call it her idea?? HHmmmm

  8. Dorothy says:

    I hate to say this but I agree with Jerry. She is talented and has a nice voice. cant’ we just hear her sing? Do I HAVE to see her in her bra and undies? I mean come on. I am SOOOO over her. Buh bye.

  9. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Poor Jerry isn’t the only old fart (my mom) who doesn’t understand her. LOL Gaga was flipping off photographers who were taking her picture while she was watching the game, and I doubt she was drunk, but its easy to get a tad liquored up at sporting events. Hopefully Gaga doesn’t ever get to wild and I am sure she won’t.

  10. Holly says:

    Ooh..I don’t know if he’s serious or not. He seems to be, though. And I can’t say I blame him. I never heard of the “plagiarist” thing with his wife. Sounds interesting, but he does have a point in terms of Gaga. IMO, she’s ridiculous and overrated. It’s not like she’s come up with any great ideas or done any of her song-writing herself. People keep her maintained. And then she gets the credit. And for what? Pushing the envelope? It would be awesome to see someone make it big based on talent, and not on shock-value. But that really is RARE today. I see his point.

  11. Kaboom says:

    I’m compelled to hate both Jerry and Gaga.

  12. Kim says:

    Seinfeld made his money off true talent. Gaga makes her money off being “shocking” because she has no great real talent. Her 15 mins are up & she knows this so she pulls immature stuff like this to stay in the tabloids. She is no different than Paris, Kardashian sisters, Nicole Richie, etc etc

  13. Steeze says:

    i know i keep repeating myself but i feel like if i get through to one person, ive made a difference:


    its exhausting just looking at her. it makes me sad that she exsits and even more sad that people idolize her.

    as for jerry, i LOVE his show and still watch repeats. however, being a crazy ridiculously wealthy man with a questionable wife kinda kills any opinion he might have on the matter.

    i wish someone like, i dont know, elton john, or another incredible music talent would call her out on her bs.

  14. Danielle says:

    I agree with him though…this is society today? Act like an obnoxious jerk and you’ll be moved to a private box? (Only if you’re famous of course, if I tried that they’d toss me on my ass)
    And it’s HIS box….I’d be pissed too.

  15. Stephie says:

    Jerry’s a jerk too. Richer than God no doubt but an ass and a jerk too. Love the totally unflattering photo of him and his thieving/plagiarizing wife. Let’s emphasize their ugly side. (like there’s any other)

  16. Miranda Ann says:

    I really don’t see what Jessica Seinfeld’s book has to do with any of this. (And, by the way, the plagarism case was THROWN OUT of court because the judge did not agree with the other woman).

    Jerry Seinfeld is a LEGEND, whether you like his brand of comedy or not, and he didn’t get that way by appearing at ballparks in his underwear or on magazine covers half naked. He did it with talent and hard work. That’s what he’s talking about. If this Gaga person had real talent she wouldn’t have to do all the silly things she does to get her name in the paper. Her act is getting real old and real tired. Besides, she’s just copying Madonna!!

  17. GatsbyGal says:

    I agree with Jerry. What if Gaga was just a normal person who had done that same stuff? Would they have put her in Jerry’s box? Hell no! But because she’s a celebrity she gets treated special when she should’ve been kicked out of the stadium. And if I were Jerry and had paid for a private box that only I could use, I’d be pretty pissed that they stuck some drunk half-naked chick in there.

    I mean, I love me some Gaga, but c’mon. Sometimes enough is enough.

    Also yeah, Jerry’s wife is a plagarist, a liar, and a bitch. I will never, ever forget that. What could be possibly see in her? And how could he defend her? She’s obviously in the wrong.

  18. bite me says:

    finally someone is saying the truth about gaga

  19. mary jane says:

    lol@steeze that’s funny

    NY magazine did a nice little piece a couple of months ago about how she got to be Lady Gaga… and now I admire her!

    She really does have her heart in music.

  20. Kaiser, Shea Stadium is no longer. The Mets play at City Field and the Yankees are still at Yankee Stadium, but it’s a different Yankee Stadium.

  21. ering says:

    I may not like Jerry Seinfeld, but I agree with every word he said. Gaga is so overexposed. I used to think her songs were catchy and harmless, and now I just can’t even stand it.

  22. Melanie says:

    People probably kept asking him if he was friends with gagag and he got tired of it. 56 years old is not over the hill people! It will happen to you sooner than you think.

  23. Rachel says:

    I totally agree with Jerry on this one. If I paid for a private box and some crazy biotch wearing underwear and flipping of photographers was put there, I would be super pissed! If I did the same thing, they wouldn’t have even let me in the gates, let alone put me in a private box.

  24. Roslyn says:

    Don’t think its so easy to ‘push the envelope.’ Courtney Love has shock value, Lady Gaga has talent. But, I mean, it’s nothing compared to telling jokes about losing socks in the dryer.

  25. Kaiser says:

    Recovering Actor – That’s what I thought, but I was going by HuffPo’s article, which identifies it as Shea Stadium. Whatever.

  26. Katiexo says:

    I don’t know anything about Jerry’s wife besides the recent plagiarist case….is there more that makes her a “lying bitch”? Please tell!

  27. Vanessa says:

    I hate that dumb bitch! Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite. Love you Kaiser!!!

  28. grazi says:

    totally agree with Miranda!
    Seinfield is an artist, he created something. Gaga is only repeating a ‘shocking’ behavior, that is is so shocking that i am tired of it….
    i think it is sad that there are great musicians out there who really write, play, produce, sing and are not appreciated as much as they should. then someone comes and do something as stupid as being half naked and doing bizarre things and everybody is like, wow she is so talented. talent means something different in my dictionary.
    and just because she is on radio all the time it doesnt mean her music is good. that means the industry is forcing her down everybody’s throat.

  29. Leek says:

    I agree with Jerry on this one. I am only 34 and I don’t really get what the “kids” are doing these days either.

  30. bosc says:

    Hate Gaga. Hate Jerry. There, that’s fair.

  31. jane16 says:

    I like what he said. “you give people the finger and you get upgraded. Is that the world we’re living in now?” Unfortunately, it is. I have seen people tossed out of Dodger Stadium for much less than flipping off everyone and being drunk in a bra & panties. Even if I liked her music and/or vids, I would find her behavior disgusting.

  32. mln says:

    I love me some GAGA but Jerry has every right to be Pissed just saying

  33. guesty says:

    don’t care for either one of them.

  34. Zelda says:

    Gotta add that I agree with Miranda.
    If we want to talk about devotion to your career and working your way to the top, Seinfeld comes out far above Gaga.

  35. irl says:

    if it’s not all some PR stunt for one of her upcoming video’s, like the whole chick with a dick thing was, then yeah she’s acting like a jerk. She’d be thrown out of a Mariners game acting like that – not upgraded. anyway. . .I think Seinfeld could be in on it with her. He’s not known to bad mouth others is he? He’s friends with Madonna and Gaga is too – she probably set them up to pull some stunt.

  36. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I know alot of you dislike Lady Gaga and all, fine be that way, but to say she has no talent is totally BullSh*t with a capital B. Gaga does have talent. She may have acted to your disliking but saying she is not talented is not at all true. Her new album comes out next year and dare I see it will be just as big hit as her current album.

  37. mary jane says:

    Oh for Pete’s sake…

    I don’t care what Seinfeld has accomplished in HIS career…HERE he sounds like my idiot neighbor Bob.

    He feeling the need to comment about a young artist puts him in the same category as Bob’s interfering with the young construction crew working outside my house!

    You’re a bore, Jerry.

  38. meme says:

    people will be watching reruns of Seinfeld long after Lady Caca’s 15 minutes are up. it’s called a one trick pony, people.

  39. danielle says:

    Love your last paragraph Kaiser – completely agree.

  40. mr. stinky fishface says:

    Not “City Field” its “Citi Field” as in Citi Bank.

  41. JJ says:

    No comment on Seinfeld but . . .

    couldn’t Gaga just put on some fricking clothes?

    You don’t go to a baseball stadium in black undies and then get mad when people are noticing you. Stupid.

  42. Seri says:

    NO! You are wrong, sir. Gaga HAS written all that sh*tty music herself. she even wrote for Brit Spears back in the day. there’s no one to blame but her for those songs, so don’t accuse HER of the plagiarism that Jerry’s heifer-wife blatantly and cruelly did to a little innocent old woman!

  43. RHONYC says:

    “You give people the finger and you get upgraded? Is that the world we’re living in now?”



    it’s gaga’s world & you just live in it you self-righteous formerly BARELY funny grandpa.


  44. Leticia says:

    Just this once, I agree with him.

  45. HotPockets says:

    “I want your love and your lovers’ revenge….” -lady gaga *bad romance*

    Is she really talking about a “bad romance..” or is she wanting the love and acceptance from the music/ fame industry and all the haters that come with it?

    She wants and craves all this publicity, nothing but a FAME MONSTER.

    Jerry is just catering to the machine. I agree with him, and his opinion is merited, but that’s exactly what she wants! Why give this novelty act what she wants?

  46. a says:

    his wife is worse… so much worse.

  47. Liana says:

    don’t accuse HER of the plagiarism that Jerry’s heifer-wife blatantly and cruelly did to a little innocent old woman!

    I don’t think Missy Chase Lapine, the author Jessica Seinfeld was accused of plagiarism, would appreciate being called a little old woman.

  48. sunnyjyl says:

    RHONYC, you crack me up. Are you Jerry’s ex wife, or Gaga’s Mom? LOL

  49. Trillion says:

    To all the Gaga haters: Hate her all ya want but the “no talent” complaint won’t stick. You simply don’t like her music and that’s ok, but the woman has talent. Just youtube search her SNL performance. She has talent and range. And yes, she’s weird too.

  50. Allie says:

    Team Jerry, all the way. His wife’s dress is so fugly! Maybe she was so blinded by that God awful dress, she forgot to blend in her self tanner on her thigh.

  51. RHONYC says:

    hey, i’m getting older too…but i’ve ordered my kid to put me down and out of my misery if i start shakin’ my finger at the younger gen, all with that…”back in my day…” crap.

    *eyeroll, gag*

    i embrace youth, vision and the spectacular. try it jerry, maybe you’d be funny again. :-)

    my MOM reminded me the other day that i WORSHIPPED cyndi lauper when i was a lass.

    aaand i worship gaga now.

    so, all hail b%tchez!!!


  52. Twez says:

    While I would normally consider a condemnation from Jerry Seinfeld to be an endorsement, I can see his point in being angry that the box seats he owned were being used by the park’s management to corral out of control attendees.

  53. scotchy says:

    @grazia,( oops sorry grazi) you are right, there are so many talented musicians, that are not getting the press they deserve because unoriginal copy cat artists with large marketing budgets behind them have saturated our ear drums.
    @steeze grace jones did call her out for copying her style.
    she did not write all of her songs alone,
    she has been and is a part of a team, that creates the songs. she has absolutely nothing to say and the music her team has created is bulls$%t.
    she didn’t work her way up from the bottom on her god given talent, and if you think she didn’t sleep her way into where she is you obviously don’t work in the pop music world.
    they are both idiots and in all reality, gaggles will be finished by next year, i give her max, two more records, and i do believe jerry has pretty much faded into obscurity.

  54. JuiceinLA says:

    Totally see Jerry’s point, and extend it here: People who feel the need to promote their careers through such antics, as Caca continually deploys, are doing so because they lack the talent and staying power, the originality and artistic integrity to actually make it without gimmick and shock value.

    Derivative, demeaning, delusional, desperate.

  55. Annie says:

    Wait a second. Are we assuming that because his wife wrote a cookbook which contained recipes that some other person also used that she ripped her off?

    Last time I checeked there are about 10,000,000 cookbooks on Italian cooking and everyone knows the way to make pasta is water and flour.

    Maybe Im not up to speed on what constitutes plagerism.

  56. popcorny says:

    Jerry is my favorite pompous-ass.
    To pffft the gaga-goofball gimmick means he’s pretty much “still connected” and he doesn’t at all sound like a “has been” -but more like a “has been there”, and finds it (gaga) boring and retreaded (and how!).
    And WTF kind of hypocrite is ga-goofball? -to go to a sports stadium in just an exposed bra with a shirt at her waist … -then cries about folks taking her picture.
    Total d-bag.
    Makes me almost respect “ke$ha”.

  57. nuBeauty says:

    Kaiser, you have got yourself a new fan…I am so impressed that you wrote it off as you see and (hopefully) most of us..JS is way out of line and using the same technique by commenting on this situation ‘to stay relevant’..I cant stand him never liked hid idiotic show “Sein%^&*”…I am a NYer and God forbid you say it in public and its like major confrontations…Anyway, just wanted to say-Great Job.

  58. yae says:


    So, Jerry’s cultural connections had absolutely NOTHING with him becoming a filthy rich star?

    He supported his own wife stealing another person’s work. So that puts anything he says at about nada, zilch, zero value forever and ever.

    He has no honor or integrity, in my book.

    He and his wife are a cliche.

  59. Moops says:

    Ha! Thanks, Kaiser, for noticing the hypocrisy! I loved the Seinfeld show, but Jerry was dead to me after the whole Jessica-Oprah-plagiarism thing. He had the nepotistic (is that a word?) nerve to call the plagiarized author a “wacko” on Letterman’s show. And he’s calling GAGA a jerk??

    Hey Jerry… “The Jerk Store called, and they’re running out of YOU.”

  60. Maritza says:

    Lady Gaga is already famous I don’t understand why does she need to be so controversial? She tries to hard to be noticed, I like her music but I don’t care for her gimmicks and disrespectful ways. She needs to stop the bs, people get tired of that nonsense! If she wants to be relevant she should do charity work like Angelina or Sean Penn.

  61. DD says:

    I’d be pissed too if I knew lady gaga was rubbing her coochie germs all over my seat. Wear some pants for a change. Noone wants to see her walking around in her underwear all day long.

  62. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Well, at least no one was using the box when Gaga got there. We all know that one can’t say the same thing about Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld’s.


  63. RastaPasta says:

    Literary stardom? Well, that’s an overstatement. It’s a sweet little cookbook. I bought two copies for my fiance and my sister-in-law.

  64. Ruffian9 says:

    I might agree with him, except that he’s such a gigantic asshole himself. F**k you, Jerry. Oh, and your gold digging plagerising wife too.

    I feel better.

  65. ChuckInSF says:

    @DD: “No one wants to see her walking around in her underwear all day long.”

    Really?? I do. Those pix look great. She could cootchie up my box any day.

    And as much as I loved watching Seinfeld 20 years ago, he’s 32 years older than GaGa. I don’t think he can relate.

    Maybe he should call the security guards jerks for putting her in his box. She was there, obviously, to have a good time.

  66. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Upgrading isn’t something that just happens to other people. For instance, you can cheat on your husband during your honeymoon and get rewarded by landing a rich beyond belief husband. You can have a legal dispute and have one of the most famous people alive drag the name of the opponent through the mud for millions of people to see. You can have an argument in which you force your unfortunate third party to sit through the resolution and get rewarded for it with an abysmal television program. Is that what he means?

    Also, ‘over-exposure’? Bee Movie? What, nothing? Okay, whatever you say, Jerry. Or, whatever Larry David gives you to say if you want it to come out, y’know, funny.

    Anyway, if it seems like I’m riffing on a theme, it’s just because I’m so sick of this dude claiming moral authority while defaming whatever peon should have the temerity to cross his hallowed path at every opportunity. I can’t remember the last time he said something that wasn’t wildly insulting about a woman in public. Justified or not in his exasperations, I’m just not sympathetic towards a person who only descends from Mount Olympus to rage at the rabble, put some dame in her place, or stand up for one of his loser friends.

  67. GatsbyGal says:

    @Annie – You obviously don’t know anything about the case. From the evidence that I saw, it was clearly plagarism. Not only Missy’s ideas were stolen, but personal anecdotes were chopped up and reworded to fit Jessica’s book. It should’ve been cut and dry. But the judge was in Seinfeld’s pocket.

  68. Confuzzle says:

    Why doesn’t he start complaining about kids on his lawn?

    Jerry, hon, you pay for access to a room during games. That doesn’t mean you own said room, it’s still at the discretion of the management what they do with their property when you’re not there. Go polish your 500 car collection and whine to your wife some more. Or maybe bust up someone else’s marriage for the shits n giggles. You sound like Grampa Simpson.

  69. bellaluna says:

    I agree w/ Jerry. I don’t reward my children when they misbehave; why should “celebs” be rewarded for theirs? And I can’t stand her. When one of her songs comes on the radio, I change the station. It’s not like she’s doing anything that hasn’t been done before.

  70. Lisa S. says:

    Whether Jerry Seinfeld is right or wrong, he needs to stop being such a name caller. Pretty immature for a man of 56. He can say that he doesn’t agree with her antics and move on. He, his wife and their entire “inner circle” come across as emphatically self righteous.

  71. Melanie says:

    He has a good point. When he was starting his career he couldn’t act like a total kn-b job and be rewarded. At least not to the extent you can now. I think it is unfortunate that the young celebrities today get positive reinforcement if they are willing to exploit their bad behavior. It’s not fair to people that have actual talent and class.

  72. K McFarlane says:

    I reminds me of when Madonna came out with that Sex book. When your career is built on being provactive and shocking, you have to keep taking it up to the next level and all your supporters keep egging you on until it gets to a point where it’s out of control and ridiculous. The air is very thin in Lady Gaga’s world and she’s lost all sense of what behaviour is appropriate.

    Seinfeld comes across as a crochety old man but he also has a valid point about manners.

    As far as his wife and the book, I don’t particularly like her but I think she’s clean on this one. Books don’t get published overnight. The leadtimes associated with development would have made it impossible for her to have copied the other one. And yes, she benefited from being married to him, but she’s hardly a publicity junkie – it’s not like she followed up with another book and a TV series.

    I truly believe that Seinfeld supported his wife so publicly over that time because he knew that she had developed the book from scratch and he felt protective about her over the allegations. We’re all a bit at our worst when we’re playing Mommy Bear.

  73. BlahBlah says:

    Incorrect. When you pay for a luxury suite for the season it’s yours for the season, to do with as you wish. You could go to one game or 81 games, up to you. Just because you aren’t there it doesn’t mean anyone else can just have use of it, even if they are famous. Those suites are very expensive and he has every right to be upset about her using it without his consent, especially when she was basically being upgraded for causing a scene that would have gotten any non-famous person ejected immediately.

  74. Majosha says:

    Jo ‘Mama’: Agreed. Jerry and his wife are both repulsive on every possible level.

  75. snowball says:

    @Jo “Mama” Besser – total word. Total.

  76. gen says:

    I believe his wife was also married at the time they started schtuping.
    And his wife definetly plagerized. It was way more than a couple of receipes. Look it up!

  77. Kelaa Khaa says:

    Now I see the latest power famewhore couple – Lady Gaga and Jesse James.

  78. mslewis says:

    Maybe Im not up to speed on what constitutes plagerism.
    Apparently the Seinfeld book was put side by side with the other woman’s book and the books were found to be different enough for the case to be thrown out of court. So, I’m a little confused as to why people continue to blame Jessica Seinfeld for plagerism when clearly her book was different enough for the Judge. And to say the Judge was “in his pocket” in regards to Jerry Seinfeld is just stupid. No Judge in his right mind would jeopardize his entire career and get disbarred just so a man’s wife can win a lawsuit!! Doesn’t make sense. Also, that woman was just angry because Jessica’s book sold millions and her book was barely noticed.

    Anyway, I totally agree with Seinfeld on Gaga. She is an untalented hack and she knows it. If she had confidence in her music and in herself, she wouldn’t have to do the things she does. She is also quite ugly. I guess that’s why she hides her face behind those masks she wears. Whatever, that will be the last time I write that name, EVER!! What a waste of oxygen that one is.

  79. lucy2 says:

    I do think she has some talent, but all this “I’m so crazy” stuff is getting old.

    In a way I agree with Jerry – if I paid for a private box, I wouldn’t want other people being let in there. And her behavior and outfit were not appropriate, she should have been tossed out.
    However, after watching Jerry slander (on national TV) the woman who sued his wife (who IMO clearly plagiarized the book), I have ZERO respect for him. He’s a rich snob and spoiled bully, and his wife is just as bad.

    And the more I see Curb Your Enthusiasm, the more I credit Larry David with Seinfeld’s success. :D

  80. archiepelago says:

    Wait – Jerry’s wife “f*cked her way to the position she’s in’ – what does that mean?

    The way they came together is a weird story that I never knew before now. So she met Jerry 3 weeks after her honeymoon, then divorced Eric Nederlander (who I’m going to guess is as rich as Jerry) only to then marry Jerry months later. However, they have 3 kids and have been together over 10 years now so maybe it was a case of Mr Wrong then Mr Right.

    The cookbook thing is wacky though. I guess money and entitlement trumps talent and originality.

  81. ERM says:

    I’m surprised at all of the Jerry-bashing comments. I’m not a fan but 100% agree with his comments even if that makes me sound like I’m 100. Between Gaga, Cyrus, Lohan, etc he’s got a point (several in fact)!

    Gaga was just an *sshole – plain & simple. If this had been your average Jane she would have been sitting in baseball jail instead of in a private box. Hope a few other “celebreties” comment on this too.

  82. WTF?!? says:

    How the culturally irrelevant resent the current darlings. Go home and stare at the plagiaristic adultress you married and bemoan your sad, sorry life, Jerry.

    What a loser.

  83. OC lady says:

    Sorry, Jerry I can’t side with you because you’re a HOMEWRECKER. I’m a little sick and tired of only women like Julia Roberts getting tagged with that label. It’s about time men get stuck with it forever, too. Jessica was married and he took her away from another guy. Yes, that’s right–I’m saying it. :-)

  84. Anastasia says:

    LOVE Lady Gaga.

    Never cared much for whiny Jerry Seinfeld.

    So the fact that he’s bitching about her feels perfectly natural!

    Team Gaga.

  85. Anastasia says:

    Jo Mama Besser is right on.

  86. mia says:

    I agree with Jerry Seinfield. Lady Gaga is gross and a perv. When you have talent you don’t have to act like a mental case to get attention. Anyone without her money WOULD have been banned so whateva!

  87. Feebee says:

    I agree with Jerry. Being rewarded for bad behaviour sucks at any age no matter who or what you are. Like being fawned all over by the mighty Opes when you’re basically a plagurist. He’s still right but he’s got one at home too.

    I do think she has musical talent however this ‘bad girl’ schtick she’s got going is boring. A lot of us went to Catholic school and got treated badly, she needs to get over it – nobody’s interesting in watching her continually acting out. Such a shame music labels don’t have a code of conduct like the NFL, could you imagine it? Ha.

  88. khaveman says:

    Jerry’s a bore but has a right to comment – it was his box. Did you notice he never spoke about how inappropriate it is for a woman to flash her breasts in a stadium with children in it? Isn’t that indecent exposure? Gaga is acting very PR-desperate, very Kanye West. She lost her ‘spark’ when she stooped to this kind of display. “Lady?” No way. No class.

  89. Shane says:

    Seriously??? People, Jerry Seinfeld is already in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and Gaga is Two years or so into her Stardom and let me tell you where she’ll be in 5-10 Years,,,,, NOWHERE!!! it is as simple as that, she will not be a “legend” Jerry Seinfeld is.
    She is A SHOCK JOCK POP STAR. A billion people oon this planet can sing and have talent, doesn’t give you the right to act like a Jerk in Public.

    She should grow the F#@ up!

  90. k says:

    She may have talent, but her antics and personality make her less than desirable.

  91. Kate says:

    Yes, Jerry’s wife sucks… but this isn’t about his wife.

    Lady Gaga acts like a self-important, entitled, and vulgar asshole.

    Everything she does was already done 20/30-some-odd years ago by Grace Jones, Madonna, David Bowie, etc… and they did it better.

    Whether or not one feels Lady Gaga is talented (in case you couldn’t tell, I feel she is over-rated to an obscene extent), that does not justify her disgusting behavior.

    I am not a prude by any means, but God damn, she is a vile creature. I would not want her in my VIP box either.

  92. nycmom10024 says:

    I love Jerry. I enjoy Lady Gaga’s music but in the last few weeks she has just been odd not eccentric, not artistic, just oddly off. Showing up at her sister graduation barely dressed. I mean Gaga gets her moments all the time, why did that graduation have to be about her as well. Odd. The crazy appearances at the baseball games. I just don’t get it. She appears to be having some kind of mini breakdown.

  93. Persistent Cat says:

    I skipped past the comments but I just wanted to say, I’ve been to a Yankees vs Mets game at Shea Stadium. We sat up in the nosebleeds and I don’t remember any classy behaviour going on up there. Some really hot girl made a spectacle of herself on the stairs and got the reaction she wanted, hooting and catcalls, etc.

    I also remember we were sitting in the diehard Mets fan section and we didn’t dare cheer when the Yankees did anything good. But I did take 5,000 pics of Jeter. My husband wasn’t so amused.

  94. Keilo_Jr says:

    Im 26 and I absolutely hate the shit these kids call music these days. Adultery, amorality and disregard for authority is met with reality shows and magazine covers, which just shows the world we live in. Lady Gaga sucks…take me back to the 80s and 90s for sweet sweet “REAL” music.

  95. mollination says:

    I don’t get the “not agreeing with Gaga’s disrespect of a Yankee game = “disconnected” part of the equation.

    And I think it’s a bit much to make it sound like Jessica Seinfeld didn’t get her ass handed to her once everyone found out she was a Fraudy Mc Frauderson.

  96. mai tai says:

    Jerry is over-the-hill and his wife looks like she eats out of a feedbag.

  97. Orbit says:

    She’s rude. You wouldn’t see Jerry giving the finger in her box.

  98. hmm says:

    Why should celebs ever do the decent thing if people will defend them no matter how much of an a-hole they are? Isn’t it possible to like her and admit that her antics at the ball games and at her little sister’s graduation are out of line? Or does stan-dom mean that you support any and everything an artist you like does? If Kanye pulled these stunts every blogger from Lainey to Kaiser to Perez would be calling him out but with Gaga let the excuses begin and then throw shade at the person making the negative comment. Like her music, like her persona but don’t pretend that she’s above criticism.

  99. Wiley says:

    The problem is that most people are just completely ignorant nowadays. Jerry paid for a private box and they had no business putting her in there, period. She obviously had no interest in the game, she was looking for publicity, and she is a PIG. Last time I checked, a lot of children go to those games. Why should she be allowed to do those things, things that all of us would get thrown out for, in front of us and our children? Why did everyone around her have to put up with her when they paid to watch a game? Despite what they teach you in school, the whole world doesn’t revolve around you young people. Gaga is a rude and crude PIG. If she can’t control herself she needs to be put away somewhere.

  100. Catherine says:

    Hasn’t Madonna already done all the idiot things Lady Gaga is now doing?

    People who make public nuisances out of themselves better be ready for the criticism so Seinfeld can say what he wants when the nuisance was shoved into his box.

  101. Lia says:

    Perhaps GaGa and Lohan can go off into the light together, and spare us having to read about them flaming out in separate stories. However, I guess they serve some purpose. We need to have assholes like them in order to know what class is…..

  102. sj says:

    While I consider Gaga’s behavior disgusting and alarming (really, who acts that way unless they’re so toasted that they’re about to pull a Winehouse?) Seinfeld lost all right to the high ground when he and his now-wife cuckholded her first husband because she didn’t at LEAST have the integrity to admit she met Seinfeld at the gym and couldn’t resist the chance to trade up for a richer guy before the wedding?
    Come ON Jerry! Just cause you’re a rich OLD SCHOOL sleazoid doesn’t mean you have the right to sit in judgment on the new sleazoids!

  103. isabeau says:

    @sj, pretty much. i get he’s doing his grum0pster slice of wacky life schtick, but that wife of his DID lasso him at a gym while dumping her erstwhile finacee’ -

    i like gaga but the Bra at the ball game DOES swing a little too Winehouse.

  104. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    So 56 is now considered over the hill? *eyeroll*.

    Gaga is a low class, attention whoring, self entitled witch! Who prances around at a game in their underwear? You don’t have to be 56, 106 to feel that is tacky and low class. Flipping camers off, yet she dresses like that? Hypocrite much, Gaga? You want the attention or you don’t? Can’t have fame and attention when you want it, and then when you don’t, everything goes your way!

  105. popcorny says:

    Team Jerry also has cool chant … check it out …
    -”Jerry Jerry Jerry!”.
    Team Gaga? -nottasomuch …
    -”Gaga Gaga Gaga” (pass the aspirin, oy)
    Yep, Team Jerry for the win

  106. Liana says:

    She’s rude. You wouldn’t see Jerry giving the finger in her box.


    I don’t think Jerry gives anyone the finger in their box. Ooops. At 4 am, my mind goes right in the gutter.

  107. Bobby the K says:

    She’s creating a distraction from the fact that she’s not all that attractive.
    Even her fans don’t say she’s good looking.

  108. M says:

    ‘talent, ingenuity..’ Please! Let’s not go too far..

  109. ViktoryGin says:

    Still don’t hate her, but she does need to pull back because public sentiment is beginning to turn. And that is for those that actually like her. If she has any decent judgment, she’ll put her ego aside and tone it down before she completely saturates the market. Let me suggest that she start by putting on some pants.

  110. crash2GO2 says:

    I have to admit, I’ve now heard ‘Alejandro’ and I loved it. However, the new nasty video I have no interest in watching.

    I think she is a talented mentally disturbed young person. I’m thinking ‘Amy Winehouse’ syndrome.

  111. Rach says:

    I’m glad there’s someone who isn’t kissing her ass for once. I don’t know anything about Jerry’s wife, but career wise, Jerry is far above her.

  112. gabs says:

    Haha Jerry above her? Has anyone seen the marraige ref? It sucks. Jerrys angry that no one cares about him anymore. GAGA > Jerry. She is incredibly talented. The display at the game was part of her image and act. I wouldnt want gaga any other way

  113. GrnMtGirl says:

    She was being rude…

  114. denise says:

    hahahaa jerry, he sounds like such a baby. Dont’ like either one of them.

  115. MSat says:

    Team Jerry- and more importantly, Team Baseball. You think Lady GAG gives a shit about the game? She went there to get more attention. Because no one goes to a baseball game in their underwear unless they want to be gawked at. HATE.

  116. jellydoughnut says:

    I find Lady Gaga annoying, but I don’t have an intense hatred for the woman.

    Madonna, well into her late 40s and early 50s, continues to do things like “flip the bird” (give the finger) in public, while on stage, etc.

    Madonna continues to pepper her interviews and stage appearances with the “F” word (e.g., as recently as at her Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction in 2008; in a 2007 press release describing a new song; there are other examples).

    From a 2008 Sun article: “The singer [Madonna] used the f-word twice during the Radio 1 Big Weekend gig live on BBC3, BBC HD and Radio 1.”

    From “Viewers Complain After Madonna Swears During UK Live Show.”

    I’m not quite getting all the outrage over Gaga’s ‘bird flipping’ and diva behaviour when I don’t see as much directed at Madonna for doing the same things.

    @#16, Miranda. Gaga doesn’t seem to be copying Madonna per se.

    Gaga has more in common with performers who used to dress very wacky, such as Dale Bozzio, Grace Jones, 1970s era Elton John, 1980s era Cyndi Lauper, or 1970s/1980s Cher.

    Don’t forget Madonna has based her entire career not only on manufactured sexual and religious controversy, but also by ripping off numerous performers (including but not limited to Debbie Harry, Marlene Dietrich, Jean Harlow, and above all, Marilyn Monroe).

    For anyone to fault Lady Gaga for allegedly ripping off, or copying, Madonna, therefore, seems a little ‘off.’

  117. James says:

    First, Gag Gag has no talent so she has to pulls stunts like this to keep people from noticing how pedestrian her music really is. Secondly, to everyone saying JS wife was guilty of plagiarism are idiots. The women made that claim sued and lost.

  118. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I don’t think anyone is saying that she acted appropriately–she didn’t. It was strange, dumb, attention-seeking and vulgar. The point is that if you’re going to take one incident in which a person acted foolishly as an indictment on a person’s entire life and career, Seinfeld’s past actions dwarf the antics of many– celebrity or not, age aside. And, it’s just kind of mean. You’d hope the ‘legendary’ status would imbue some sagacity on the nature of fame and some of its more distorting effects. I guess some get old(er) before they get wise.

    Have they met each other? Has she defamed him in some way previous to this incident? Not agreeing with Seinfeld doesn’t make a person a Gaga-cheerleader, heck, I’ve only heard two of her songs, but I keep looking at that header line and nothing is swaying me from my belief that he overreacted, big time.

    I don’t know how these giant venues run their spaces, but if they basically drunk-tanked someone there, they must’ve had legal recourse to do so. It’s a rented space, no? It’s not his home, and evidently the stadium has the right to do as it pleases with the box when he’s not there. I’m sure they cleaned up her bra juices or whatever before he set foot in the place again, so I highly doubt he was stuck with her mess.

    If it’s a philosophical anger, yes, I can see that, I can. But I can also see the place for a glass of ‘Welcome to the world, choose your battles and show some grace in the face of vulgar incidents that really don’t make a huge amounts of difference in the long run juice’.

    Look, I don’t look at pictures of Lady Gaga and wonder if I can apply to the same finishing school as the one at which she so clearly matriculated. She’s turning herself into a PR disaster and has to rein it in. She’s also a newbie and clearly is being crushed under the weight of her avant-garde artistic mandate. But dude, he could very well be older than her parents. Grow up, you hateful goat.

  119. MSat says:

    Oh, and has anyone else noticed that her “new” song, “Alejandro” is pretty much a note-for-note ripoff of Ace of Base’s entire career in the 90s? She’s a recycler of other people’s looks, ideas, antics, music and images. That’s why she has to act like an A**hole so people will continue to talk about her. I wish she would go away and take her crack head outfits with her.

  120. Liana says:

    I don’t hate her. In fact, I’m a wee bit fascinated by her.

  121. popcorny says:

    I am loving the pics making the rounds today of ga-goofball pathetically sprawled out on the airport floor -she totally earned it, such a clown-ass poser.
    There should be a post of that here, the entire thread would double for a written laugh-track.

    “bitch, you’re *lady* gaga, you get up and walk the walk today”

    bwah haaa haa haaaa

  122. WTF?!? says:

    @MSat– do you mean the two Ace of Base songs that gained any popularity? LG’s got nine times that number of songs that have charted thus far, no contest there.

  123. Hmmhmm says:

    No denying she has talent. More than Madonna, Britney and those teen poppers. It’s how she’s promoting herself that angers people. But look, in 25 years we’ll be talking about her dating grandkids, botoxed to death, and having a musculine body.

    Wait.. so she’s basically the next madonna for this generation.

    go figure.

  124. popcorny says:

    If that’s so, hmmmmm, then this generation is getting the welfare-version.
    I wouldn’t ever think Madonna anyway -Madonna was naturally gorgeous and sexy, try maybe Cyndi Lauper (but shave off 85% of Cyndi’s talent).
    But, even then Cyndi was much cuter than ga-goofball ever could be in the most jacked photo-shopping mode.
    Anyway, ugly shits, like ga-goof and Manson, over-use props and not to enhance their “performance art” but to hide and mask huge insecurities ….- than trot themselves out with the most pre-planned and canned soundbytes trying desperately to front “cool”.
    Just look at that sad dumbassed fool on the airport floor, paying poetically for trying way too hard to appear more than what she is -and as if she is the be-all end-all (I yeild to her sister’s graduation)(and the “don’t look at me” while wearing just a bra and a shirt at the waist (at a public family event).
    It’s not so much about “the way she’s promoting herself” -it’s more about people being disgusted because she fronts herself like Oz, while accidently revealing (constantly) what a fake poser she is.
    God, I like that “downed-moron” airport pic … it says it all.

  125. Joyce Kalkreuth says:

    Jerry Seinfeld has always been a “Stand Up” Guy, and I mean IN EVERY WAY. I think he did exactly what he should have. GaGa was way out of line. How many kids were at that game? Is this what the Yankees are all about???? I knew Cindy B (Gaga’s Mom) growing up and although Im not surprised that her daughter is talented and successful, I am surprised that she has to go these extremes. Everyone is very proud to claim Brad Paidley as our own, gaga –not so much.

  126. Cletus says:

    “Roma-ah-ah, Gaga Ooh-la-la”…. THAT’S TALENT. Those lyrics MOVE me.

    Okay, and just because someone manages to sell alot of albums doen’t make him or her a great arteest. Madonna didn’t used to be able to sing, but she was catchy so people bought her shit. New Kids? Pant-loads of artistic merit hangin tough all over the charts. Friggin Paula Abdul was a turrible singer but she was cute and danced with that cartoon cat so people liked her. There’s nothing wrong with capitalizing on a gimmick, but let’s don’t get it twisted. Gaga’s weird. That’s her gimmick, but it doesn’t mean she’s talented.

    Also, Jerry sucks.

  127. Melanie says:

    Cletus, I love you!

  128. haha,i agree the title