Lake House premiere with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock

“Lake House” is just about the weirdest premise for a romantic movie that I’ve heard of. Two lonely souls live in the same artsy house two years apart and end up communicating through letters they leave in a magic mailbox. It’s supposed to be as boring as it sounds and not at all romantic.

The not-quite fully baked idea at the centre of “Lake House” is an appealing metaphor for romantic destiny: Two lonely souls who live in the same house at different times begin communicating across a distance of two years.

Adoring shots of building facades notwithstanding, the story’s passion is subdued to the point of absence. And even within its wobbly framework of metaphysical logic, the payoff is such a cheat that viewers who aren’t punch-drunk from being pingponged between the film’s two time periods will be left only with questions — but not the kind that will bring them back for second viewings.

Even the trailer is bad:

Sandra and Keanu are cute, though, and it’s too bad they’re starring in such a crappy movie.

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