Is Fergie quitting the Black Eyed Peas because of Will.i.Am’s ego drama?

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 31: Rapper (L) and singer Fergie of musical group Black Eyed Peas arrives at the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards held at Staples Center on January 31, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

I had no idea there was drama within the Black Eyed Peas! Did anyone else know that? According to Radar, Fergie and Will.I.Am have some kind of historic beef with each other. Alright, maybe not “historic” but it sounds like they’ve been fighting for a while, and the sources seem to hint that Will is some kind of egomaniac. Him? Okay. Radar claims that it’s gotten so bad, Fergie is “on the verge” of leaving the Peas. Partially because of Will, and partially because she wants to have a baby.

Fergie is on the verge of leaving the Black Eyed Peas permanently as tension in the band has become intolerable for her, has learned exclusively. The band has a full tour schedule for the summer and is planning a tour for early 2011. But Fergie won’t commit for that part of the tour, we learned, and the reason is she’s talking about leaving the band for good.

Fergie can’t stand Will.I.Am and that is one of the main reasons she wants to leave the band, a source close to them told exclusively. The other reason is she’s decided she wants to have a baby!

“Fergie is saying she wants out of the band and the second half of the tour isn’t confirmed for early next year,” the source said. “Things have gotten really bad with Will.i.Am. And it’s not just Fergie who is clashing with him. So is the rest of the band. His ego is out of control. Fergie just wants to get away from the whole thing.”

Fergie has kept the news so secret that very few people know and she is not ready to make the announcement right now, the source told

“I don’t know if she’ll admit or deny it when it leaks out, but I do know that it’s 100 percent true, she’s got everything planned out and she says she can’t be convinced to change her mind,” the source told

“And she really wants a baby with Josh,” the source said, referring to Fergie’s husband Josh Duhamel. “Between that and the bad blood with Will, it looks like the 2011 tour is in big trouble and she’s saying she’s going to split for good.”

The Black Eyed Peas are currently in the midst of a world-wide tour that includes stops in France, Greece, Ireland, Canada, and the United States this summer. The group formed in Los Angeles in 1995. It’s composed of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Will.I.Am and vocalists Apl.De.Ap, Taboo, and Fergie.

The group scored their first worldwide hit with Where Is the Love? in 2003. Another single was the European hit Shut Up. Their album Monkey Business was another worldwide hit, certified 3x Platinum in the U.S., spawning two hit singles My Humps and Don’t Phunk With My Heart.

In 2009, the group became one of only eleven artists to have ever held the number one and two spots on the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time with their singles Boom Boom Pow and I Gotta Feeling, from the album The E.N.D., and the singles also topped the chart for an unprecedented 26 consecutive weeks combined in 2009.

The album later produced a third Hot 100 number one with Imma Be, making them one of the few groups to ever place three number ones on the chart from the same album. The album also includes singles such as Meet Me Halfway and Rock That Body. The group has sold an estimated 35 million albums worldwide and 41 million singles, and 76 million copies with both sales combined.

[From Radar]

I also didn’t know the Peas were that successful. Is it just me, or are they not that great? I watched the Peas perform on the opening ceremony of the World Cup, and I was blown away by how bad they sounded, how… I don’t even know the word. Like they weren’t in sync, musically. Sh-t just didn’t sound cohesive, I guess that what I’m trying to say. Maybe part of it is that the band is having some internal struggles. Who knows? If Fergie leaves, I think she’ll have a great solo career, though.

NEW YORK - MARCH 10: (L-R), Fergie, Taboo and of the Black Eyed Peas attends the Samsung 3D LED TV launch party with THE BLACK EYED PEAS at Time Warner Center on March 10, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Samsung)

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 09:  William James Adams Jr aka (L) and Stacy Ann Ferguson aka Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas pose in front of an aeroplane before the 'Mile High Club' In-Flight Karaoke gig on a flight from Melbourne to Perth as part of the V Australia Mile High Club on October 9, 2009 in Melbourne, Australia.  (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

American singers Will.I.Am and Fergie perform with The Black Eyed Peas at the 02 Arena in London on May 5, 2010. UPI/Rune Hellestad Photo via Newscom

American singers Will.I.Am and Fergie perform with The Black Eyed Peas at the 02 Arena in London on May 5, 2010. UPI/Rune Hellestad Photo via Newscom

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - MAY 16:  (L-R) Singers, Fergie and Taboo of The Black Eyed Peas poses backstage in the press room during Z100's Zootopia 2009 at the Izod Center on May 16, 2009 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images)

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  1. ien says:

    well she’s already proven that she’d be a successful solo artist…i don’t really think she needs the peas.

    & i could def see William having an ego problem. every interview i’ve seen the band in, he’s always rolling his eyes or making a face when someone else speaks. funny how big his ego is considering how many times he’s been accused of (quite obvious) plagiarism.

  2. Mrs K 2 be says:

    I hope they don’t split up!! I wasn’t the biggest fan of the BEP at first, but that last album is awesome. Nobody else was making music like that and now everybody is at it.
    They have shaken things up a bit and making good party music that you can shake your a$$ to.
    I’m sure Will.I.Am has an ego, but why not??? I bet Fergie has one too, good for her.
    I just don’t like that people assuming the girl has to leave because the boys are too hard to handle. If she wants to leave to have a baby fair play to her, why not? Does there have to be a rift?

  3. truthSF says:

    Well considering Will is the leader of the group and who also writes and produces most of the Peas music, and wrote and produced Fergie’s solo album under his record label, she better not leave unless she can get another producer who is a better hit maker for her than Will.

    P.s. He doesn’t write and produce every song, just most of them, and yes she’s under his record label. Bottomline, she was a nobody before she joined the BEP, and she wouldn’t be sh*t without him.

  4. lucy2 says:

    I bet she’s established enough on her own that she doesn’t need them. And if he’s writing and producing all the songs, they probably don’t really need her.
    Can’t say I’m a big fan of theirs (I haven’t really listened to their latest stuff) but they are very successful. Her solo songs? HATED them.

  5. denise says:

    That band is nothing without Fergie. The black-eyed peas did’nt make it till Fergie became part of the group.
    Will-I-AM-NOT, seems to be so egotistical.

  6. notsoanonymous says:

    BEP really weren’t commercially successful until they decided to add a female voice to the group and go mainstream. I own two of their older albums (pre Fergie) and the new ones as well. They used to have a more unique, rap-ish sound but used a lot of technical tools on their records. The difference for me is that they added her and went more ‘pop’ – I honestly liked them either way. The END though is a fantastic album in my opinion.

    I have The Dutchess also and do really like her solo (although most of it sounds like BEP with a heavier feature of Fergie) I think at least SOME of the songs on her solo album credit him as a producer.

    I don’t know how well she would do without him, ego or not.

  7. a says:

    yikes! her face is FULL of fillers!

  8. gabs says:

    FERGIE is what put BEP on the map. When they added her is when they made it with hits. Honestly the female voice makes their songs better. Live concerts shes the only one who can actually sing. Will I Am is a good producer but he needs to give fergie credit. She should just go solo

  9. Sumodo1 says:

    Just like she doesn’t need Josh, Fergie doesn’t need the Peas.

  10. Gymo says:

    BEP can get another female voice, maybe even someone famous looking to re-establish, but can Fergie find a good producer/songwriter/career guide and Band mates like The BEP.
    Solo careers is where the not-so-super-talented go to die.
    But wait – already has a replacement in mind Cheryl Cole :)

  11. Bigfan says: is the talent in the Black Eyed Peas. ALL the talent and the only talent.

  12. original kate says:

    fergie’s face is fugtastic.

  13. Morgs says:

    Joints and Jam.

  14. Ha! says:

    most of y’all are trippin. ask yourself this question regardless of whether you like their music, who writes and produces most of their songs? wil does. fergie was just another former child actress before she joined the group. she became popular because of a combination of pop records and a fake b-girl style. that worked real well for both her and the group. now take that away from her and she will be average. she is already wack actually but she needs the peas. but the peas need her too because before she joined the group they were relatively unknown. either way despite their success their songwriting is horrible and she has the grisled post operative face of a woman much older. good luck to them!

  15. Stephy2185 says:

    I hooooope they split!
    I like their music but it’s usually cause of the parts with Fergie, lol

    Has anyone seen/heard her in Nine? She has a fantastic voice but the BEP’s never let her shine like that it seems.

    She needs to quit and do a solo career that doesn’t feature songs about her london going down, how she’s not gonna cry (you’re in your thirties fergie–we know you’re a big girl) and the cover of which doesn’t look like the title should read “Legally Boned”

    She’s way too talented to rely on sex to sell

  16. Sincerity says:

    This sort of thing happens so often. When musical groups are at their peak, everything falls apart. In show business, it’s never a very good idea “to burn your bridges”. Perhaps Fergie should just take a year or two off to have her baby and make a decision about her future with the BEPs after she’s had some time away from the group. In about a year or so, everyone in the group may feel differently. Both Will.I.AM and Fergie are very talented performers and they’ll land on their feet. I wish them only the best!

  17. Ycnan says:

    Not that successful? Ummmm they have a million hits on the radio every time then release a CD.

    Plus Fergie is already a successful solo artist.

  18. hmm says:

    I like BEP and I like Fergie but the only reason anyone knows Fergie is because of BEP. Not many groups would have given a recovering meth addict the chance for fame and success and stuck with her through her problems. How much success did she have before BEP? He is the force behind the group and behind her solo success as well. They were fairly well known before (just not to a pop audience) and they can easily replace her with some other female singer.

  19. mike says:

    Fergie is nobody but a talentless bimbo paid to be the “hawt” white face of a black group. BEP’s success is not due to her. Coincidence does not make the cause.

    BEP became famous and successful with her because Will had decided he cared more for the dough than artistic integrity and got himself a white face to front for the group and produced very top 40 friendly songs. Listen to BEP’s songs pre-Fergie, and you’ll immediately notice they aren’t so top 40 friendly.

    If this story is true, this reminds me very much of Megan Fox and Michael Bay spat. Michael Bay is creepy predator, but he undoubtly is successful. Megan Fox? Not only did Bay replace her with even hotter mannequin, but this time next year, Fox will probably be taking any role she’s offered, and Playboy down the line sooner than later.

    In the same vein, BEP can replace that fugly Fergie with any half decent white girl with half decent vocal talent, and still be as successful. Fergie? Unless she lucks out like she did with Will and her debut album, and gets herself a new sugardaddy producer to produce her next album, goodbye fame, hello malls and Indian casinos…

  20. Dhavy says:

    what’s wrong with her face in the last picture?

    I had read that he was mad at her when she was making Nine because she wasn’t giving her time for the last album while they were in the studio

    I think they’re ok but imo she’s a Gwen Stefani wanna be

  21. Eden says:

    Every time I see them on TV singing live he sounds HORRIBLE.
    I am always shocked by how off key and seemingly off rhythm he is.
    I think she totally commands & dominates the stage and is the coolest presence on it when they perform.
    I like her voice as well.
    I’m not a huge fan of the band but they have something going on that’s cool so if he’s the one doing all the behind the scenes work on the songs than credit to him but his voice never sounds right to me.

  22. Gymo says:

    I have to agree that her face seems older than her actual age, so it really wouldn’t be a bad idea if she left and they get a new younger hotter Fergie, a change like that would spark fan interest.
    Fergie’s face might be showing the ravages of time but she still has a banging body, I wish her luck, she’ll need it, there are lots of wanna-be soloist out there.

  23. Sigh. says:

    BEP didn’t get noticed (read crossover appeal) until after Fergie was added, but Fergie was in a nobody group before BEP called “Wild Orchid.”

    Citing who needed or made who is the chicken v egg argument. Their eventual success TOGETHER could be a matter of timing just as much as talent.

  24. GatsbyGal says:

    The Black Eyed Peas is just a group made of four people who think they’re more important than the other three. Which, yeah, makes for shitty music that’s all over the place. I can’t stand them, personally. They think they make smart music but it’s very simple and dumb.

  25. The Truth Fairy says:

    The most ironic part is that her solo album was a huge smash hit, and his tanked hard.

  26. Bopa says:

    I knew there was drama but I’d believe Fergie was trying to get away from the other two members before Will. I don’t think they like Will or Fergie. The group had an even footing when they first started (they didn’t have a female member). Fergie blew up then Will blew up but the other two members couldn’t sell tickets to a free show in the subway. I think they wanted another album and Fergie didn’t.

  27. tripmom says:

    I think people have a shorter memory when it comes to Fergie’s solo music, though. I own a wedding DJ business, and I can definitely say that we get asked for old and new Black Eyed Peas songs at every single wedding, but we NEVER get asked for Fergie’s solo stuff. I think people were indulgent of her solo album because she was still part of BEPs. If she leaves permanently she risks looking too big for her britches, like Chevy Chase leaving SNL. And as for being arrogant, isn’t Fergie the one who deliberately misspelled the name of her album becaue she didn’t think her fans would know what a duchess is? Telling fans you’re smarter than them and need to condescend to them is not a great way to bolster a fan base as a solo artist.

  28. jen says:

    They were way better before Fergie joined – a lot more socially conscious and not all party party party all the time like they are now. And when Macy Gray sang the hooks it worked. Fergie is too all over the place.

  29. gg says:

    They are great in the studio and good writers, but the live stuff I’ve seen on tv sucks. She doesn’t need them and they don’t need her now. I think the four of them look extremely silly together anyway. The three guys need to play instruments and make a proper band, instead of just a bunch of posers standing around yelling at the same time like fools.

  30. Twez says:

    She’s approaching Jocelyn Wildenstein territory in that last photo.

  31. I Design Blogs says:

    I am sorry guys, but Fergie is beyond scary looking in the face..hopefully that ugly wont rub off on the baby

  32. Jover says:

    I agree gatsby gal and 27 and I’ll be disagreeable and go further – the BEP are to music what freon is to ozone – totally destructive. Their early stuff was okay but have you actually listened to songs like Boom Boom Pow. They are totally commercial famewhores with Fergie being the biggest offender. How many corporations have they shilled for – and they have the audacity and hypocrisy to act like progressives bashing corporations when they’ve fattened their wallets being corporate shills. Please, and they are terrible live I saw them at the NFL kickoff last year and any high school rock band could have done better; their SNL “performance” was just as bad. Please, even for pop dance music I’ll take 80s Madonna over their autotuned, synthetic crap. You want great music played live try Band of Horses or THe Black Keys, not these four media hungry imposters. End of rant.

  33. Morgs says:

    Tripmom you own a wedding music business? That is awesome!!! I am seriously jealous!

  34. remote says:

    She should never wear her hair parted in the middle with her short forehead and very low hairline. Don’t her “professional hairstylists know any better?

  35. Anonymous says:

    All of you Fergie haters out there, you can go home!!! She is an amazing vocalist and performer who always leaves her all on stage. She has worked so hard to be where she is now and it saddens me to see all these people talking negative things about such a beautiful woman. Perez Hilton, what have you ever done that has made you so good that you can talk so badly about someone?!?!? And if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t type it!!!!!!!  We can always count on the Black Eyed Peas to drop some sick beats!! Their album, The E.N.D. is amazing!!!! I love you Fergie and never let any of these haters bother you!!!! Keep being Fergalicious!

  36. nana says:

    goodness guys, Black eyed Peas is a widely-successful hitmaking machine! i never liked rap or somekind of hip hop music but when i first heard of Dont Lie, i was kind of… wow! amazing! try to listen to the song written by about his real life in song APl Song and the Filipino song Bebot in ytube. Its everywhere in Asia! Never gets old esp in Australia or Shanghai.
    They even campaigned for Pepsi and performed song solely for Pepsi. Because of their Music,Fergie got famous. its was Nicole of pussycat dolls who should be on her place but nicole cant that time because of contract whatsoever. it was Fergie who approached WILL that she want to work with him forever.
    Anyway Will already tweeted that thres no split up and dont blieve the media.

  37. Kelaa Khaa says:

    I like the song tonights gonna be a good night, but that is the only song of BEP’s that I have ever heard.

  38. Preraph says:

    Will I Am, I can say with conviction, is a hard person to understand. I have met him many times. He has trouble with interpersonal relationships. He is not naturally comfortable with people. I think it is due to the fact he never knew his Father and is still very angry. He is addicted to his phone and blackberry-more like a security blanket. I do believe he has let fame go to his head. This has changed a lot of relationships that he used to trust and bank on. I think he is still wanting to be “the man who changed the world” as many people gave him the moniker during the election. That of coarse was not the case. He wrote a song-he isn’t the President. I think he is having trouble with that. He also never goes ANYWHERE without his so called “manager”-who supposedly was his good friend since they were teenagers. I think there is something more to that relationship then meets the eye. I mean, why would you take a dude everywhere and not a fine lady if you are a rich, straight pop star. There has been a lot of press about him having a mad crush on a English pop star, but I think it has all been strategically planted. I think Fergie will do fine on her own. Your priorities change when you get married. Not surprising she is over touring if she wants to have a baby. I wish her good luck. She will land on her feet. The BEP, who knows. I think they are all moving in other directions.

  39. SOYOU says:

    guys i mean before fergie came bep was not that famous and before fergie joined bep no one knows her! so basically they need each other!when they their solo stuff like’s i got it from my mama and fergie’s fergalicous they’re great! but when they’re doing it together as a team as bep they make the best and the greatest music ever!! all im gonna say is bep needs fergie and fergie needs bep and i need them

  40. Ingrid says:

    I’m a huge fans of Fergie. I know her because of the BEP’s songs, and then love her; and because of her, i also like the BEP.

    Although Will is the leader, ev1 agrees that Fergie is the hottest and most much popular one among the peas. And, the FACT is , Fergie is MOST of the reasons why people like BEP. True, Will can produce so many chart-topping hit songs on his own, but Fergie is wt really makes the BEP have huge fans, go ‘pop’ and ‘become-a-STAR’. Without her, people’d love their songs but not the group themselves.

    i love both Ferg’s solo songs and the BEP songs, from london bridge to boom boom pow~ But I gotta say, only the solo songs can let fergie’s amazing touchy voice shine!(listen to the theme song of poseidon by fergie!) It’s a little bit waste for her to sing those auto-tuned electric sounds in the group (i’m so addicted to the E.N.D but i still gotta be frank), ’cause she can do much better!! Her voice is even greater than many solo artists now. Moreover, i found that big-ego Will even let Fergie sing LESS PARTs in their new album-The Beginning… wtf.

    So, whether solo or stay? If stay with the BEP—> stll being famous on behalf of the group’s name BUT not her own self as famous as Beyonce & Justin Timberlake. If Fergie wanna reach the top to the stardom, she SHOULD really consider leaving the Peas! it’s risk-taking, though, but it’s worth it, given the internationally great success of the Dutchess. She deserves more than just being one of the sound in the hip-hop group and listen to the orders of big-ego Will!(…although Fergie’s ego would not be much smaller than Will, either :D )

  41. Adam Penny says:

    Go do it girl! Then go on a world tour with Slash.

  42. Nate says:

    Fergie is terrible. I saw the Super Bowl, and they all did terrible but Fergie was BY FAR the worse of the group. Will may have a big ego, but Fergie’s is probably non-existing. Not! It’s actually probably bigger. Truth is, she is nothing without the peas, and the peas are EVERYTHING without her. Have you noticed that you’ve only heard of like two of Fergie’s solo songs (which the only good part was the lyrics in them, which were made by Will) and the peas are great, especially without Fergie, an they were famous before her, just they were more the rap genre, not pop.

  43. rebecca says:

    i really hope that fergie doesnt quit the black eyed peas because i am a really big fan of the black eyed peas and i think that the group isn’t really a group without,Taboo,Appl,and fergie because i listen to their music all the time after i get back from school and i dont really think they would sound all that good without every body i mean i know they would sound good and every thing i just think that she shouldn’t leave over something so small and then i think that if she leaves then apl or taboo will leave and then they wont be the black eyed peas any more it would just be fergie and why did she leave because nobody else will remeber them at all in a couple of years and every body will forget them and then people will start to think what ever happened to the black eyed peas nobody knows because when fergie left as the years past the band started to break up.

    P.S. I am the black eyed peas biggest fan

  44. ThatGuy says:

    Clearly 99% of these people are unaware of how they were regarded as a damn good hip-hop ground before Fergie came along who had the dance & rapping down to a tee. Maybe not the most ground-breaking hip-hop act but a damn good one.
    They also DID have a female in the group Kim Hill & Fergie was only recruited because Kim left due to ”artistic differences”….Most old BEP fans assume that she disliked where the band were trying to go ie to a more mainstream sound all along. Kim was meant to sing the part in ”shut up” all along
    To those saying its all about Will, you’d do well to check out Will & Apls first rap record (unreleased) in 1992 under Atbann Klann.

    They also have videos from them back in 1999 or so CLEARYL showing they could freestyle & perform, its once this ”hey i’m a robot” phase in their music came along that they were considered terrible.
    What it boils down to is that BEP knowingly sold themselves out from their roots, as much as it sucks i wouldn’t care if Will just addmited this. Instead he had the nerve to tell in an interview ”we haven’t sold out”