Oksana has secret DVDs of Mel Gibson, Mel’s lawyer calls her “deceitful”

Edge of Darkness Premiere held at The Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California on January 26th. Mel Gibson, Oksana Grigorieva Fame Pictures, Inc

A lot of drama went down between Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva over the weekend – I’m too tired to summarize completely, but this post has almost everything, including Oksana’s claims that Mel isn’t giving her any money, and that Mel punched her, and Mel’s accusations that Oksana was shaking their baby “like a rag doll.” Anyway, there are some developments! Radar is reporting that Oksana has “secret evidence” against Mel, in the form of DVDs. No one is saying what’s on the DVDs, but I’m just going to guess: Mel, dressed up as Hitler, punching kittens.

Oksana Grigorieva has secret evidence against Mel Gibson in their explosive legal battle and she has stored it on a DVD, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

Gibson immediately asked the court to seal Grigorieva’s DVD evidence and got an order prohibiting her from making it public, a source with knowledge of the situation told us.

The emergence of the apparent evidence comes days after the pair filed dueling restraining orders against each other. RadarOnline.com first broke the story that the Oscar winner had filed for a restraining order against Grigorieva.

Although the case is sealed, which means that documents cannot be released to the public, RadarOnline.com learned Gibson filed a temporary restraining order against Grigorieva, a notice about a forthcoming court hearing and a notice of visitation rights and child custody.

Gibson, 54, and Grigorieva, 40, have an eight-month-old daughter Lucia. The couple split in April after a relationship that lasted about a year. The Russian musician filed a restraining order against her ex-lover first, prohibiting him from coming within 100 yards of her.

Gibson is alleged to have punched his baby mama in the face two times during a fit of rage, giving her a concussion. The incident took place at the Australian-born actor’s Malibu mansion on January 6.

The published reports of brutal physical violence have been denied, although no one in the Oscar winner’s camp will make those denials on the record.

[From Radar]

So Mel’s lawyer Stephen Kolodny fired the next round in the saga, giving an interview to TMZ where he claimed: “Oksana’s deceitful conduct in trying to terminate Mel’s access to his daughter continues. Having entered into an agreement that allows for overnight, unrestricted visitation, and would soon result in Mel having 50/50 custody of their daughter — an agreement reached after a two-day mediation with two retired Superior Court judges, Mel was hopeful that their break-up was behind them and Lucia would be the beneficiary of cooperative parenting. Apparently Lucia will be denied that good fortune. Making sensational allegations is not the way to resolve this.” So Mel’s position is that Oksana is saying all of this just because she wants full custody of Lucia? That’s weird. Because I think it’s about custody, and about money. But we’ll see.

34909, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Wednesday October 14, 2009. Mel Gibson and his pregnant 39 year old girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva leave Balthazar restaurant in SoHo Photograph: Hector Vallenilla, PacificCoastNews.com


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  1. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    They are both low lives.


  2. denise says:

    Wow. If it is true that Mel was beating on Oksana, than she was smart to record the evidence. Smart gold digger.
    I don’t think it’s too far fetched to believe that Mel is abusive. He seems really off.

  3. Teig says:

    I am soooo tired of this mel gibson-oksana diarrhea dramalamama. I wanted to write about this on my blog, but I guess Kaiser already wrote volumes sooo. haha! :) )

  4. tiki says:

    radar needs to get its facts straight. gibson wasn’t born in australia. he was born in ny. the family moved to australia when gibson was 12.

  5. 1 qt of 1 % says:

    Karma Mel. Karma

  6. Blaster says:

    Hahaha, oh Mel. Mel, Mel, Mel, Mel, Mel.

    I hope it was worth it.

    Robyn is probably sipping mai tais now :)

  7. Disco says:

    It wouldn’t be hard to get me to believe that Mel is violent, but I think it also says something about her that she was supposedly so terrified…and yet took the time to compile evidence. It just seems trashy…like saving the dress with the stain on it, you know? I mean, who does that stuff???

  8. lilred says:

    Seriously who didn’t see this crap/drama coming?

  9. Persistent Cat says:

    Oooh, this is going to get so good and so very unclassy. I’m sure his wife is amused to no end. And I hope she gets her cash before O gets anything.

    The poor daughter doesn’t stand a chance at a normal upbringing and this isn’t going to help.

  10. bellaluna says:

    Did she go to the Michael Lohan School of Underhandedness? What is it with these people recording everything? Is it just me, or does this strike anyone else as weird and desperate?

    As an abuse survivor, I was absolutely MORTIFIED to have to tell the police what was done to me and face a judge. There’s still things I’ve never told ANYONE, and they’ll go to my grave with me. I can’t imagine recording something like that. Awful enough to live it, let alone document it for ANY purpose.

  11. CathyT says:

    No custody, no $. Shared custody, more $$. Shakedown for full custody, lots and lots of $$$$$.

  12. denise says:

    I think Mel was abusive to Oksana. But I also believe it was very sneaky and underhanded of Oxy to stick around longer than she had to. It seems that she wanted to gather as much incriminating evidence as possible. The worse the evidence, the better the pay off.

  13. Stephie says:

    “Gibson, 54, and Grigorieva, 40″

    40!? She can’t be 40.

    Can’t say we didn’t all see this coming in some form or another.

  14. mln says:

    If Mel was abusive to Oksana I am willing to bet he was abusive to other women who were too afraid to speak up. Sure Oksana is a gold digging beotch but if Mel is a wife beater he deserves to have his rep destroyed.

  15. Tia C says:

    This is not surprising at all considering all the gossip surrounding Oksana from minute one. Everyone said she was a gold-digging opportunist. I don’t know about all that, but I will say it’s not like Mel doesn’t deserve a shitstorm of bad karma heading his way.

  16. dread pirate cuervo says:

    She looks like a babyshaker. I could see him cracking her upside the head if she shook the baby. I would. But her evidence? Didn’t Mel buy her a house? I doubt this gold digger is spending her own cash installing a security system. I read an article that says she’s living on credit cards. What about her music carrer? & how old is her kid with Tim Dalton? He isn’t paying either?

  17. Clarify says:

    Is anyone else getting sick of all the garbage from this woman? I am.

  18. Whatever says:

    I’m imagining Dalton and Robin sitting on a beach somewhere sipping drinks and laughing their asses off. I’ve read that she is an opportunist from her bf before Dalton and it would be interesting to hear what her other baby daddy thinks of her.

  19. xxodettexx says:

    “As an abuse survivor, I was absolutely MORTIFIED to have to tell the police what was done to me and face a judge. There’s still things I’ve never told ANYONE, and they’ll go to my grave with me.”

    thanks bellaluna! you said exactly what i was thinking! i, too, cannot imagine the conniving it takes to claim abuse but also take the time to tape it and give “hints” to media about said abuse… it just seems too sick and coldhearted and as someone who will also be taking some things to the grave, i just do not get this at all

    AND it really pisses me off bc i am positive there are men [and especially women] that will look at oksans conduct and be like, oh see, most women arent really abused, its just a way to get an upperhand


  20. jc126 says:

    I think Mel is still legally married to Robin, not that it may matter anymore.
    I always think Oksana is Octomom. The resemblance is distracting.

  21. Solveig says:

    I don’t find it hard to believe that he is an abusive man, but this his a serious accusation, therefore I’m willing to see how this story goes on.
    Poor kid…

  22. bellaluna says:

    @ xxodettexx – YES! It’s hard enough to make people in authority believe claims of abuse without a Gold-Digging Sluts Union handing out tips on how to stage it to get more money from and/or revenge on the gold-diggee.

  23. Linda says:

    Someone should tell that girl it’s a really hard way to make a living.

  24. Violette-Blue says:

    Still hoping there was no domestic violence and that somehow she is lying. PS: Where is her other child? Is he living with Timothy Dalton in England? I still think there is something fishy in OctoSana world.

  25. irl says:

    As an abuse survivor, I was absolutely MORTIFIED to have to tell the police what was done to me and face a judge. There’s still things I’ve never told ANYONE, and they’ll go to my grave with me.

    OMG! Really, thanks for saying that. I just had kind of a little break thru reading that. I’ve not been able to put it into words. How crazy. I’ve thought this way and felt kind of ashamed about keeping some secrets.
    I guess I never really thought to realize I wasn’t the only one planning to take things to the grave.
    And that it’s okay – I don’t have to tell anyone – I can take it to the grave.
    See gossip is good!

  26. Trevor says:

    Secret DVDs. Perhaps with nude pictures of Mel. He gets a restraining order against Botoxana. Mel is afraid of the publication because his Lethal Weapon is so little.

  27. linda k says:

    he was nuts to have confided in her any personal things about himeself…he must have really thought he was in love or something like it…he certainly is no judge of character…he has been with many women, not one got pregnant or so we know, and i have read only a couple of reports from women who talked…but nothing really bad..of course he could have paid them off or had them sign something….somewhere there is the truth…she messed up in not letting him have the baby for father’s day…god knows what else will come out…if she did have dvds, i’m sure they contain an earful….whether set up or not…knowing her, she is not a dummy in setting something up, and trying to cover every base, it will be interesting to see what she has up her sleeve…

  28. Aussie Mama says:

    McCartney and Mills!
    This Russian woman is a gold-digger, she wove her magic, made sure as hell she got pregnant and now she wants the cash, so she can bail. She has dated many famous stars, with Gibson being the richest one. These women do not give a damn about the kids, they are just the means to a better life. If you’d been done over like that, i would like to see you stay calm. Karma Mel? What the hells that about? He was split with Robin, waaay before he got together with Oksana. He was with Robin since they were kids, they had 7 kids together, grew apart. That as far as I am concerned was pretty successful. Your taste, wants change as you get older, no crime there at all. It was Robin who called the shots and filed for divorce, her and Mel are still buddies, nothing will ever change that.

  29. Debbie says:

    She is nothing but a gold digger. I have heard that Dalton will soon be stopping payments in support of her son.

    Mel never broke her teeth or punched her,
    No proof, were are the records of this at the Hospital, Dental bills

    If he did why did she walk down the carpet of the awards ceremony only 6 days later, No signs of bruising or any thing, If her teeth were broken she would be swollen and bruised.

    This is part of her plan? Believe me, Why travel with him, remember it was on her insistence, not his.

    She up untill last month spoke highly of him thanking him for helping her non existent music CD, Spoke of him being a doting Dad, If she has secretly taped him that means another motive to extort money.

    She tells people she is living of borrowed Money and credit cards bur Raider on line took pic’s of her a few days ago out on a shopping spree.

    Every time this bitch opens her foul mouth more lies and lies, UK interview magazine She said they broke up as good friends, simply drifted apart. Now she claims it was her decision and she fled with her kids because she was scared.

    Somebody correct me but Mel and her were never living together, She has always lived with her mother in a house owned by Icon and Mel. He does pay support to the baby monthly,

    She is just bitter and twisted,

    Just because a person has been battling alcoholism and depression IT dose NOT MAKE YOU A WOMAN BEATER.

    If at sometime Robyn and come forward and took out a court order maybe, But No
    It also comes back to her sketchy past, NO ONE except her Mother has anything nice to say about her,
    She has never done an honest days work in her life, She has always relied on men with $$$$ to provide for her. Going back to when she first arrived inn the UK, Marrying only because she was weeks away from being deported.
    I believe Scotland yard have a file on her as well,
    I like others have said a few negative things, about Mel over the past 18 months But I’m supporting Team Mel on this occasion

    So Oksana if you happen to read this As we have been told you have been surfing the net to see what people really think about you, singer, Model whatever.
    Just a suggestion Get a real job


  30. Debbie says:

    Just read Radoron line

    Mel’s lawyer says Mel has been paying substantial child support for Lucia, as well as medical insurance a private nanny and continues to pay money of Oksana as well,

    He also stated very clearly There is NO evidence of Oksana’s teeth being broken and on concussion.

    She agreed to a 50/50 split in the courts with Mel Over Lucia and now want’s to renege, She want’s full custody.

    Well If I were Mel I boot her out of the house and stop paying any money to Oksana, Needless to say her lies are starting to be found out


  31. Sincerity says:

    @Debbie — This information makes sense! This may explain why Oksana willingly signed the mediated child support/custody agreement. Mel Gibson was obviously providing more than enough for Lucia’s welfare and Oksana knew it. She didn’t want to risk a “court ordered reduction” in support benefits. If the terms of this agreement were “so unfair”, why did she sign it and not insist that her lawyers mention the existence of this agreement to the presiding judge who issued the original restraining order? Perhaps, she did not want the judge to question whether or not, she was actually concerned about Mel having access to their daughter during the mediation negotiations? If the judge had examined this document, the restraining order may not have been granted and the court would have been forced to question her motives in much more depth. In order to receive “fair and equitable” consideration from the courts, you have to come to them with “clean hands”. I’m not implying that Mel Gibson is not without fault; however, I’m willing to bet my last dollar, he’s legally covered all his bases. Either way, as we say in Louisiana, Oksana has opened a mighty nasty “can of whoop ass” that will more than likely backfire on her. She’ll have to deal with the repercussions of her actions for years to come, if things “go left” on her.

  32. Debbie says:

    Sincerity I have also read since she has made the rumors of the so called “bashing” Mel’s lawyers said Mel has stopped paying expensive s to Oksana for breaching Lawyers instructions about talking to the Media.

    He is covering generously to Lucia as he would. But I believe Oksana payments, have either been stopped or reduced.

    Mel’s lawyers said they can prove payments made monthly for expenses from The Nanny to a new Car House and thousands of $$ a month for Lucia and Oksana.

    She will be also getting a few more payments from Dalton as well until they stop, so as for crying wolf not getting a penny, You are so right in her being caught out now. Her story changes every time she opens her mouth.

    She’ll get her dues don’t you worry about that.


  33. Dr.Britti says:

    “Mel, dressed up as Hitler, punching kittens.”

    Kaiser, you are the best! I guess people think I’m insane because I just started laughing “Haha, Hitler, haha, punching kittens, that’s so funny”. Mayby I should explain this before I go on reading… ;-)

  34. wizcrone says:

    Oksana could have a borderline personality disorder, which makes her capable of telling unimaginable lies and using any desperate means of manipulation at her disposal. Mel may have an anger management issue but I doubt he could be a woman beater without anyone finding out before now. He may have been forced to become physical, in restraining her, after the provocation of Oksana throwing herself down and shaking Lucia like a rag doll. I have known women like her, who will ruin a man, while coming off as innocent victims. Borderline personalities have no conscience or core identity and are incapable of love. Oksana’s co-dependant relationship with her own mother shows DEEP underlying pathology! Her excessive plastic surgery shows self loathing and pitiful objectification. Lucia should be removed from Oksana’s custody, or she will turn out as dysfunctional and deluded as her mother and grandmother.
    Mel should have been fighting his own demons instead of conjuring up this fembot mirror of his own inner turmoil. He needs heavy psycho/spiritual, self examination, to separate from his own parent’s erroneous brainwashing, to ever achieve realignment with authentic higher power. FORGET THE STUPID CHURCH!
    I hope Mel finds permanent sobriety, to become capable of living a healthy life in mature serenity, making amends and good movies too!

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