Britney Spears & her sons get a visit from social workers after “belt beating” story


Yesterday, The Sun had an article/interview with someone closely connected with Britney Spears’ former bodyguard, Fernando. Fernando was alleging that Britney Spears was a crazy bad mother who fed her kids food she knew they were allergic to, and who beat her sons with borrowed belts. Needless to say, someone was paying attention at the LA Department of Children and Family Services, and they’re opened up a formal investigation. According to Radar, DCFS social workers went to Britney’s house and met with her and the boys, and investigated the conditions. A Spears insider then ran to Radar to explain that DCFS has to investigate every claim, and that all they found was a good mom and two happy little boys:

Social workers made a visit to Britney Spears’ home as part of an investigation by the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services that the singer abused her two sons, has learned exclusively.

The blockbuster development comes after Spears’ former bodyguard, Fernando Flores, allegedly claimed that the pop star abused her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James last March or April. Flores told a British tabloid that Britney asked Flores for his belt, and then he says he witnessed her abusing the boys. Flores didn’t get into specifics about any alleged injuries, or if one or both children were targeted.

Now has learned that a complaint was lodged against Spears, forcing DCFS to investigate. A Spears family insider tells, “Social workers visited Britney’s house recently about the alleged abuse allegations. Under California law, anytime anyone makes a report to child protective services, a welfare check is required to be made under law to further investigate.

“It doesn’t matter who has made the claim, or how outlandish it may seem. During the visit by officials, there was absolutely no signs of abuse. The boys are happy well adjusted toddlers that love their mama and Britney is fiercely protective of them. The investigation is 95 percent complete and no further action will be required. All that is essentially going to be done at this point is for the paperwork to be finished and then the case will be closed.”

Flores is described to as “an opportunist seeking his 15 minutes of fame. Flores is a former disgruntled employee that is trying to take advantage of Britney.”

Britney and K-Fed were spotted at the boys’ pre-school graduation together last week. The family insider says, “Britney and Kevin parent the children together, and they have developed a very healthy relationship that truly enables the boys to thrive. They are united in parenting the boys and trying to raise them in as normal environment as possible.

“If Kevin thought for one moment that the boys were in harms way while they are with Britney, he would immediately go to family law court to have the situation addressed and dealt with. Britney is rarely alone with her sons, usually her boyfriend, Jason Tarwick, is with her during their visits, or her dad is there.”

There has been absolutely no action by K-Fed or Britney regarding any custody issues with the boys, has confirmed with public records with the Los Angeles Superior Court system. The last time there was any movement was in September 2009, and that dealt with one of the parents getting one more day of visitation per week.

This isn’t the first time DCFS has investigated Spears. Back in 2007, her former bodyguard, Tony Barretto, had a two-hour meeting with officials from the office and his attorney, Gloria Allred. Barretto claimed to witness Spears using drugs, and was concerned about her then erratic behavior. Barretto requested that a formal investigation be opened into the matter. Spears eventually lost custody of her sons in early 2008 after she was placed under a psychiatric hold.

Spears has flourished since being placed under conservatorship, and she essentially has joint custody of her sons.

In 2006, when Spears was still married to Federline, a nanny accidentally dropped then 7-month-old Sean Preston, and he subsequently hit his head. DCFS visited the Spears household after Brit and Kevin took their son to the hospital and concluded there was no evidence of abuse, and no further action was taken at that time either.

[From Radar]

I actually think the argument that Kevin would be the first to voice concerns is a good one. I don’t think much of Kevin in general, but I think his conduct in regards to his sons’ well-being has been totally solid, and I think if Kevin had concerns, he would voice them. And I’m reminded once again of this – when Kevin and Britney first got together, who would have thought that Kevin would be the solid, responsible parent who the state would rely on?



Britney with her daddy on June 30, 2010. Credit: Fame.

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  1. Dorothy says:

    Will someone please tell me why she always looks so freaking awful??

    Spend the five minutes before you leave the house to comb your hair for Pete’s sake!!!!

  2. Kayleigh says:

    Reminds me of that South Park episode. Poor Brit. In the south most parents chase their kids with belts, most of the time just to scare them, and I bet if she DID pull out a belt that’s what she did.

  3. YT says:

    I hope that article ran in Britain. Major lawsuit money!

    “Fernando” is making money with these stories, and I suspect he first tried to get money from the Spears camp not to take his stories to the tabloids. So far he and the tabloids are looking full of BS, though the he makes money and the tabloids sell and make money.

  4. IceKitty says:

    What I want to know is that if he witnessed her feeding shellfish to the child who is allergic, then isn’t he libel? Shouldn’t HE have stepped in and stopped it? That child could’ve (potentially died) if this really happened. I’m call BS on this story.
    And, furthermore, who hasn’t been threatened with a belt? My dad used to do it all of the time, and I’m not from the south…

  5. Chelly says:

    Big deal..I hit my nieces w a belt before. Its been a few years but I would do it again if I have to.

  6. Dorothy says:

    UMMMM, Holy Crap! YES it is a big deal to hit with a belt! What the f*ck?? Do you feel more powerful if it hurts worse?

    I have a 4 year old and a 5 year old and the thought of hitting them with a belt (or at all) is repulsive.

  7. lem says:

    you have no duty to act/intervene, so *legally* the body guard is not “liable” for anything she does to the children.

    and seriously, i can’t believe there are still people out there who feel that corporal punishment is acceptable. for all those that do still partake, i ask why you don’t tell the police officer to tase you the next time you get pulled over for speeding or get a parking ticket.

  8. Jazz says:

    I call BS! She’s probably not even allowed much time alone with her boys with Papa Spears in charge.

    “Can you hear the drums Fernando??”

  9. bellaluna says:

    Let me say this before the debate on “corporal punishment” fully engulfs the comments:

    There is an age when young toddlers (NOT redundant – my little one was walking at 9 months) simply do not understand the word “No”. Now, as parents, it is OUR responsibility to teach our children how to communicate; how to articulate their emotions. Sometimes a swat on the hand or bum is the only way to get through to stubborn little people with a very limited understanding of the spoken word. Example: my husband got exasperated and said “I keep telling him not to do that and he keeps getting into the same thing!” I asked him “If I said something to you in Mandarin, what would you do?” “Look at you like you were crazy.” I said “Well to him, what you’re saying may as well be Mandarin.” Kinda puts it in perspective, no?

    If, as parents, we fail to teach our children the words and ways to properly express their emotions, as well as how to effectively deal with them, our children are at risk of being grown adults who still throw temper tantrums (and whatever else they feel like) when they get angry. Dangerous business, that.

  10. Scarlet Vixen says:

    Ok…comparing a spanking for a kid throwing a massive temper tantrum or beating up his/her sibling to tasing someone for a speeding ticket is just damn ridiculous. *eye roll* Personally, I do not spank my son. Not just because I think 2 1/2 is too young, but because I don’t have the heart to (he’s just too damn cute). But, I was spanked as a kid (as were my 5 other siblings) and I didn’t see anything wrong with that when it’s done appropriately. It needs to be done without a ‘weapon’ (ie no belt, switch, etc), when you’re in a controlled emotional state–not just whipping your backhand around when you’re pissed off. My mother spanked me plenty as a kid and at 30 I still think I deserved it–I was a pretty naughty kid sometimes and ‘timeouts’ did NOT work.

    I do not, however, condone hitting–or even running around threatening–your kid with a belt. That goes way beyond controlled punishment and moves into fear tactics and abuse territory.

  11. Mrs K 2 be says:

    It was proven the boys are fine and stable. He just wants money. He tried to sue her for sexual harrassment a few weeks ago, that didn’t work, now he’s saying she’s a bad mother. He’s disgusting. How dare he!!!
    I love Britney. I think she’s awesome. I think she had a hard time after those boys were born and suffered Post-Natal Depression. That is not a crime. I suffered from it myself and know how lonely and isolating it can be.
    Shame on him for saying such things when she is clearly trying her best.
    To call a woman a bad mother is possibly the worst insult ever, and especially to a woman who has had such a hard time adjusting.

  12. sweetdee says:

    oh please, you’re acting like a belt is the end of the world! there’s nothing wrong with spanking your kid with one, it was done to almost everyone i know at some point or another and we are all well adjusted adults today who are thankful that our parents had the sense to discipline us when we needed it. funnily enough, the kids whose parents did not spank them grew up to be bratty, entitled a$$holes. not to mention, the belt is only used after the child has been in trouble time and time again. the belt gets their attention and is a reminder of the consequences their actions/attitudes have.

  13. lucy2 says:

    After all the stories about her not being left alone with the kids, this is pretty hard to believe. I bet this guy did try to extort money from the family, and is now making this up to get back at them.

    I’m glad CPS investigates every claim, but false claims like this waste time that could be spent helping those really in trouble.

  14. LindaR says:

    I have to go and cry after reading this. The thought of tiny children being hit with anything absolutely kills me. My father used a belt on my brothers and I and when I look at my grandchildren (ages 4 and 6) and see how small and defenseless they are I can’t even imagine how my father could have done it. I never hit my children and they are wonderful, caring compassionate adults raising their children without using weapons for discipline. Good for you if it didn’t f**k you up when you were attacked by your parents. Although somehow I think anyone that says that is in denial.

  15. Green Is Good says:

    @bellaluna: July 1st, 2010 at 10:15 am


    You are a well-spoken, intelligent person. I liked your comment very much.

    (Are you on Facebook?)

  16. lem says:

    I’m sorry but I feel it is the parent’s responsibility to teach the child the word “no” without using physical threats. I was disciplined as a child (very well I might add) and never once did my parents lay a hand on me. And my point of the taser was the whole “physical punishment” to stop someone from doing something; I was not saying that they inflicted the same amount of physical pain.

    Bottom line, I think laying your hands on your children is unacceptable. If that means that my children grow up as “bratty, entitled assholes,” at least I will know they got that way because I wasn’t willing to inflict pain upon them.

  17. mimi says:

    this poor girl…my instincts say that she is a good mom – just immature and struggling with “whatever”. I get the vibe that she really loves her kids.

  18. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Clash of the Cultures. Have fun with the parenting war–those always go well. I’m going to watch the fireworks–the coldl, cold fireworks.

  19. CB Rawks says:

    Spanking is one thing, but using a WEAPON to hit with is entirely wrong.
    Why would anyone NEED to employ an extra object to hit with? Because it hurts YOU to spank the child with your hand? Shouldn’t that tell you something?!

    My husband’s Dad used a belt, and none of the children have ever gotten over it. It’s just sick, and a huge failure on the parent’s part.
    My Dad would slap my leg with his hand, and it hurt and I knew I was being punished, but it wasn’t brutal.

  20. Chelly says:

    Blah…if ur husband and his siblings never ‘got over it” its bc it went far beyond that. or anyone for that matter. I got spanked w a belt and i never had any psychological issues over it. Spare me the bs. send ur kid to time out if u want to, u handle ur kids the way u c fit and i’ll handle mine the way i c fit. At the end of the day my girls r happy and healthy and WELL behaved. Simple. Done.

  21. Katija says:

    These boys have a long hard road ahead of them. I don’t think Britney beats them. I do think, however, that she probably gives them piles of junk food and lets them run around the house watching crap TV and fighting with each other. Kids certainly don’t need beatings – they do, however, need reinforced education at home and boundaries.

  22. bellaluna says:

    @ Green is Good -

    Thank you very much. I’m not, as of yet, but when I am I’ll let you know. Deal?

  23. CB Rawks says:

    Chelly, answer my question then, why do you need to use a WEAPON?
    Spare you the bs? Your cold brusque manner clearly shows you have no damage.

  24. Chelly says:

    the belt was the last alternative @Rawks. btw, as i mentioned earlier its been quite a few years since i hit them at all let alone used the belt. anyway, i used it when i was tired of repeating myself a million times, giving constant warnings, sending them to the corner, taking away their privileges, spanking their legs or butt and still acting out. thats when i used it…1 swipe was all it took. did i feel bad doing it? of course! im not a monster believe it or not, but its what i had to do and i dont regret it. now they’re well behaved and well adjusted and i dont have to hit them (right now) but if i ever feel like they need a spanking either w my hand or a belt, they’ll get it. Spanking isn’t abuse people, seriously.

  25. TQB says:

    Chelly, honestly, the fact that you’re probably raising your children to write like you is abuse enough.

  26. Chelly says:

    @ #26…lol good 1!

    It must be, my oldest graduated with honors, again. I really am horrible aren’t I?!

    So so sad.

  27. original kate says:

    i have two large dogs and i wouldn’t think of whipping them with a belt – even when one of them ate half my sofa when she was a 70 lb. puppy! trust me, i wanted to kill her that evening; if the shelter had been open she would have found herself back there. i am curious when a belt is deemed necessary – when your child runs into the road? when he smacks a sibling? when she spills grape juice on the carpet? what exactly are they supposed to learn?

  28. d says:

    I wish the best for Britney. People are always sh*****g on her. She’s a human being, grew up with less than perfect circumstances, had huge amounts of pressure put on her, it was probably enough to make anyone crazy, esp. if you don’t have the right kind of support system around you. So.

    I remember my dad threatening us with the belt. He might have hit me ONCE, but I don’t remember it. All I know, all he needed to do was threaten us with the old “smarten up or else” approach… We were scared of him, it worked, I guess. I don’t know that he was the best father or that his disciplinary methods were the right ones, but now that I’m older, I know how hard and frustrating it can be sometimes as a parent, and how there may be other things going on (in my family, money problems were stressing my folks out for a while and my dad was under a lot of pressure). I think corporal punishment is all right, as long as it’s used in the right way at the right time and right age (just not every parent knows how to distinguish that though). Toddlers though? NEVER. I think we were around 7 or 9 when my dad would get mad at my brothers and I and I remember being pretty mouthy and clueless about how to behave. Ah, memories. WE all grew up all right anyway.

  29. TQB says:

    Interesting @Chelly – your original post wasn’t about beating your own children, but beating your nieces. Now you’ve got an honors student, also apparently beaten. Any other kids you’d like to throw into the mix?

  30. Chelly says:

    Yes they are my nieces, I raise them. And let’s be clear, spanking is NOT beating. Jesus, I discipline them YES but I don’t beat them. Parents now-a-days are just way too soft. They consider any kind of physical punishment a “beating”. That isn’t always the case.
    Anyway, this thread isn’t about me, I don’t have to justify myself any further. I provide them with a loving home and they’re happy children DESPITE what anyone here thinks/says.

  31. SolitaryAngel says:

    If “every claim according to CA law must be investigated no matter what” then HOW the HELL does Nadya Suleman still have her kids?

  32. Nuharoo says:

    “I wish the best for Britney. People are always sh*****g on her. She’s a human being, grew up with less than perfect circumstances, had huge amounts of pressure put on her, it was probably enough to make anyone crazy, esp. if you don’t have the right kind of support system around you. So”

    I’m sick of it too. All the time, during her career, people bashed her for the smallest things. Jeesh, she has a breakdown and still people bash her. No wonder she’s gone nuts.

  33. Angel says:

    “If Kevin thought for one moment that the boys were in harms way while they are with Britney, he would immediately go to family law court to have the situation addressed and dealt with. Britney is rarely alone with her sons, usually her boyfriend, Jason Tarwick, is with her during their visits, or her dad is there.”

    I hate how they make it out like she can’t be alone with her own f-cking children, and everyone breathes a sigh of relief. What right do we have, anyone, to judge her on this? What has she done so awful that we have the right to want to keep her from her kids and not allow her a normal mother/child relationship with them? Have a nervous breakdown? Hell. My mother had one too. And she didn’t deal with half the stress this poor woman has. It’s shit like this that gave her the breakdown in the first place. And why is Kevin Federline (or whatever his name is, is that it?) such a fucking saint, again? Whatever. Makes me sick how self-righteous people get when this girl comes up. I have never felt so sorry for a person in my life. And that is because I think unlike most of them, she is almost entirely blameless. She wanted a normal life. A husband, children, a successful career that didn’t control 100% of her life. All at once, like so many have and she worked hard for those things. But instead she got this. ^^^. Poor, poor girl is all I can ever say. Seriously, people; Leave Britney aloooone.

  34. ummmmno says:

    violence teaches violence.

    why should humans have to resort to such animalistic behavior to have their point understood? we are smarter than that…well, some of us.

  35. TQB says:

    @Chelly – It’s really quite simple. Spanking is with a hand. Beating is with a belt, switch, rolling pin, wooden spoon. Yes, there is an enormous difference between these two things.

  36. l says:

    I think Kevin did that. He just want more money, because he said that he is having money problems. Leave Britney alone.

  37. Blanche says:

    Belalluna–”a swat on the hand or bum” is NOT the same thing as beating a kid with a belt.

  38. Blanche says:

    Chelly–Just because your child is an honors student does NOT mean you haven’t done emotional harm by beating him/her.

    Sweetdee–”funnily enough, the kids whose parents did not spank them grew up to be bratty, entitled a$$holes.”
    Really? Ever single last one of them? You’ve done a scientific study? Or are you just speaking out your a$$? I never laid a hand on any of my kids. They got plenty of discipline, but I never spanked them, I most certainly did not beat them with a belt. That is barbaric. They are not spoiled or bratty, nor do they feel entitled. Not using corporal punishment does not mean your kids are not disciplined.
    Sheesh, I can’t effin’believe that in this day and age people still think it’s ok to use violence get children to behave.

  39. d says:

    “She wanted a normal life. A husband, children, a successful career that didn’t control 100% of her life. All at once, like so many have and she worked hard for those things. ”

    I agree. I remember maybe when she was pregnant or not long after the first birth and some tv interview and it was so heartbreakingly clear that she wanted to be normal, she said so, she was trying to do the right thing with what she knew and you could see she was SOOOO overwhelmed and out of her depth…it was so sad. I think she really did try very hard and it was so sad that here was this person trying to do the best she could but in a really toxic unhealthy environment. Half the time I think she looks so awful in photos is because she’s just pissed off at the paps continually stalking her, and everyone criticizing her EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Honestly. People really should leave her alone.

  40. Susannah Leigh says:

    Anyone who whips a child with a belt needs to be belted across the face. With the buckle end. That is all.

  41. CB Rawks says:

    Damn well said, Susannah Leigh and TQB.

  42. Conando says:

    “I have never felt so sorry for a person in my life. And that is because I think unlike most of them, she is almost entirely blameless. She wanted a normal life. A husband, children, a successful career that didn’t control 100% of her life. All at once, like so many have and she worked hard for those things. But instead she got this.”

    How again is she entirely blameless? For her entire career she has put herself out there time and again in situations that attract paparazzi/publicity like shark chum. She’s been a puppet her entire career and for that, she’s partly to blame.

    Also, I don’t see how she worked so hard for Kevin. She knew the kind of guy he was when she married him yet she did anyways.

    This girl was just wasn’t born with the intellectual and emotional stamina to deal with such a crazy famous career at a young age so she’s dealing with the consequences now while her peers seem to be happier and more stable than ever.

  43. sweetdee says:

    Blanche my dear, i said that OF THE KIDS I GREW UP WITH, that was the key part. going from my personal experience, the kids whose parents did not spare the rod have fared better in life, have no lingering ill feelings about what was done to them and feel as though their parents were in the right. these same people are raising their children in the same manner with no problem.

    also, yes, i have seen a number of the spare the rod kids since then and to tell the truth my dog is better behaved than their children. it was just a personal observation that i decided to share, get your panties out of a bunch and chill out.