Elle Macpherson is 47 years old, flawless & wearing rubber pants


I’ve been saying this a lot, but in my defense, whenever I see a woman in really super-tight leather or rubber or pleather, my immediate reaction is “yeast infection”. Wear fabric that breathes, ladies. So once I got past my gut “yeasty” reaction, I started to wonder how Elle Macpherson can even breath in these pants. This is how Elle showed up for the launch party of Britain’s Next Top Model in London yesterday. The pants are pretty kick-ass, I have to admit. And they are rubber – or “PVC” if you want. No animal was skinned, unless there is some shiny, rubbery animal out there missing his skin. And you know Elle squeaked when she walked.

Here’s a question though – I’ll grant her that she looks great in these pants head on, but is the profile good? I don’t think it is, at all. Sure, she’s still a supermodel with a bangin’ body, but these pants give her an artificial gut, I think.


Holy crap, I just read that Elle is 47 years old! What the hell? When did that happen? Damn, she looks like she’s in her early 30s, if not younger. Oh, and she was braless too. There are photos of her nips everywhere (but those motherf-ckers still don’t have Angelina!).


Elle on June 30, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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50 Responses to “Elle Macpherson is 47 years old, flawless & wearing rubber pants”

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  1. city says:

    hahaha kaiser!! that was my first thought too!!

  2. LoLa says:

    i don’t understand the angelina part. can somebody explain it to me. :D

  3. Oi says:

    You thought ‘yeast infection’, I thought Steven Tyler. This is bad.

  4. Henriette says:

    Wow. She’s amazing but I wish she’d stay out of the sun – her skin looks like leather. I think the sheen on these pants make them difficult, even on a still-bangin’ body. The Body.

  5. Janeth says:

    Gorgeous! She looks good in those pleather/leather? pants.

  6. padiddle says:

    I see no gut.
    They don’t call her “The Body” for nothing, people.

  7. original kate says:

    ok…i’m officially depressed. thanks, elle.

  8. Lenore says:

    Gut?!! You’ve GOT to be kidding!

  9. Leek says:

    I didn’t get the Angelina reference either but Elle is pretty much flawless.

  10. snowball says:

    If that’s her post-baby gut, I wish I had it, the bitch. She looks freaking incredible, she’s older than me and she looks at least ten years younger.

    Too bad it looks like she’s been tanning the crap out of her body though, THAT skin doesn’t look so hot (I’ve got to come up with something to whine about).

  11. bite me says:

    the angelina part: the photo agency that cb use doesn’t have angelina photo call pictures from cancun yet

  12. kim says:

    She looks good but has had alot of facial work done. Botox, fillers etc. Look at her hands and her face used to look like that/to much sun. Face is a litttle to tight & the outfit is way to juvenile for her age.

  13. danielle says:

    She’s 47?!?! Wow! There’s hope! If I was rich and a supermodel nicknamed the body, lol. And there is no gut there.

  14. Nancy says:

    Interesting she seems to have supposed claw like hands like Madonna.

  15. adnovitam says:

    A friend did her makeup recently – no no not perfection. REALLY BAD SKIN.

  16. Ron says:

    She looks great :-)

  17. Cue says:

    …and those are extenstions. I saw them clearly on that awful skinnywebsite, (for ED’s)

  18. danielle says:

    Claw like hands, bad skin, too much tanning, extensions – whatever! She’s almost 50!! I’d cut off a finger or a toe or something to look like that at her age.

  19. Ruby Red Lips says:

    She’s stunning & you know she is still going to be looking that fantastic when she’s 60!

  20. Cinderella says:

    She looks good, no matter what her tricks are.

  21. RHONYC says:

    ugh! but damn it to hell the ELBOWS never lie!!!


    dr. 90210 do something, please!!!!!

    i don’t wanna deal with the elbow thing in 10 yrs.

    wahhhhh! :-(

  22. skibunny says:

    She looks amazing!

  23. A.K.A. says:

    hmmm….so it’s ok for a 47 year old to walk around without a bra flashing her boobs, but it’s of bad taste for a 40 year old woman to wear a short skirt.

    It all depends on who we’re talking about, right?

    Go figure :D

  24. Paula says:

    Kudos to Elle for staying lean and fit. Too bad her skin doesn’t look at hot as her body. She REALLY needs to quit tanning; real or fake bake, her two-toned pale tightened face looks like it was photoshopped onto her brown freckled body. She looks her best when she covers up her leathered skin and plays up her great figure with fitted clothes.

  25. jamman says:

    For gawd’s sake, dress age appropriatly you freakin’ million year ole kiwi

  26. Maritza says:

    By her face and body you can’t tell her age but once you look at her hands and elbows gives it away.

  27. Amneh says:

    WTF jamman? Elle Macpherson is from Australia not New Zealand.

  28. Kiska says:

    HOly moly, She looks 28!

  29. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    When I was a teenager, I had it bad for this guy, Bryan. So in love. We’d sneak up to his bedroom to do it when his parents weren’t home, and he had an Elle MacPhearson calendar on his wall. It made me feel like my own body was crap. She hasn’t lost the ability to make my body look like crap!

  30. Twez says:

    Seriously, jamman… at least look up your celebrities so you can get your nationalistic reactionary insults correct.

  31. Camille says:

    Oooh, looks like somebody has been having fun at the surgeons office.
    Her face is looking much smoother and her lips are plump (she normally/naturally has fairly thinish lips).
    She also used to have very leathery, lined looking facial skin from a lot of time out in the sun, but she doesn’t look so leathery here, peels or a ton of makeup or something maybe? Her body skin looks quite leathery still, guess they can’t fix that :-/
    Her figure still looks good.

  32. melina says:

    First of all, check your eyes Kaiser, there is no gut there, artificial or real!
    Secondly, she looks fantastic, albeit botoxy but I don’t blame any of those women!If I was under the public eye and had everyone ispecting and critisizing every inch of my face and body I’d see a dermatologist/surgeon every week…and probably also a shrink!

  33. Emily says:

    She looks great except for her skin. Doesn’t she have a sunscreen range or something? Not very good advertising for it!

  34. Mingo says:

    Unfortunately, once again, scarred and marred by plastic surgery for life. Such a shame. She’d probably be beautiful without it but look more like she’s 47. And what exactly is wrong with that?

  35. Solveig says:

    At least she should’ve use some sticky tape to fix that elbow… So bad she ruined her amazing features with botox and God only knows what else, she’s sure one of those lucky women who could age gracefully (Nicole Kidman, I’m talking to you).
    “yeast infection” comes to my mind every time I see pants like that, “slug” comes in second place… probably a slug, maybe two, is claiming for getting its skin back, right now.

  36. Nibbi says:

    k it’s sick to say she’s got a gut. as if i don’t hate myself for not having her thighs already.

    her eyes look different. but damn at whatever age she really does own the title of The Body.

  37. LOLA says:

    Elbow problem? Really reaching aren’t you to come up with an imperfection! Elle was the original “The Body” – even though Victoria’s Secret has tried to re-write history and claim the name for Heidi Klum (Elle MacPherson’s body makes Heidi Klum look like a boy in comparison).

  38. Shay says:

    They cover her flesh. That’s the main thing. The tightness holds in her slightly sagging knees.
    She does look good for her age, but it’s her job and she has acknowledged that. But at the same time she is an incredibly insecure woman to go around dressed like that. To prove what? She will never be 20.

  39. Boss says:

    Never saw the appeal of the face. Not in her youth, not now.

  40. Mia says:

    A-m-a-z-i-n-g. My God she looks sensational for 47 and gives the rest of us hope, I think.

    She and Tom Cruise both look great for 47. The seemingly played out “47 is the new 30″ remarks make sense in some cases.

  41. Emma says:

    Stunning stunning stunning. She looks like a barbie doll, only in a good way. That’s what barbie would look like if she aged past 22. And I don’t see a gut at all. Her body is completely rocking not just for a woman her age, but for a woman in general :)

  42. frewt says:

    She’s 46 – born in April 1964. I’m certain because she’s just a month or so younger than me. I think the look is a little try hard actually – like she’s trying to compete with all those young things on her new show and her lip injections are obvious.

  43. Kylie says:

    Holy hell. If she has a gut I have a ?? Your sick in the head if you think she has a “gut”. Man that pee’s me off!

  44. EMV says:

    i want her plastic surgeon…

  45. Mistral says:

    She is soooooooooo hot. She was one of my favourite “supes”. “The Body” indeed!

  46. Elf says:

    Ahahha!!!! Moronda Kerr was wearing the same kind of pants a few days ago and she’s like 20 years younger than Elle. Still, Elle looks 100 times better than her!!!!! That must suck…..

  47. donnie says:

    Everyone can look good,but you must make a effect to do so. Working out alot will keep you looking good. I am 60 years old,and I feel 40 and look forty. I work at it. If you start working out in your twenties and stick to it you can and will have the body of a 40 year old when you are sixty. No pain no gain

  48. marcos says:

    a Elle continua muito gata e gostosa!

  49. trish says:

    Too much sun or fake bake. The hands show the age of the person as they are seen a lot, they do look the same as Madonna’s now. It is strange to see a women coming up to 50 like Elle or Madonna dressing the same way as the younger women, it does not gel. They dye their hair, get work done, it looks like it too when they mix with the younger ones who are all natural.

  50. renee says:

    For those that are picking on elles skin and whatnot, have a look around and see what 47 looks like in real. life.. she looks great! Id rather see a celebrity that looks like she’s lived and healthy than a pale slater that crawls out from under a rock because they’re too hung up on wrinkles to go outside. Oh and by the way, the veiny hands are a sign of good veins and hydration, shes healthy!