Michael Jackson and Paris Hilton screw charities

Michael Jackson and Paris Hilton should start their own phony foundation, because they’ve both been caught pledging money to charity and not paying up.

Jackson recorded a song called “What more can I give?” which was supposed to benefit the families of 9/11 victims. The answer to the song title is “not much,” because he never released that song or another “charity” tune he claimed would aid Katrina victims. He planned to give CD sales profits to charity, but wanted to retain full copyright and legal rights to the songs, which would have made him a fortune in residuals.

These details came out in a lawsuit against Jackson by a business associate who claims Jackson owes him more than $3 million for loans and fees related to producing television shows on his behalf. Jackson says the guy who is suing him has a quarter million dollars worth of his sculptures and art, but if his claims are true would you blame him for snagging some of Jackson’s paintings in exchange for not getting paid?

Two years ago Paris Hilton pledged to organize a concert to benefit an Australian charity for sick children. She never followed through or gave a donation. She ignored the charity’s attempts to contact her, and managed to screw them out of even more money by falsely stating that she was helping them, causing people to think they had a donation windfall, and significantly decreasing their contributions:

Efforts by Paradise Kids to reach Hilton have been ignored. It was hoped the money raised from Hilton’s concert would help complete an on-site hospice, but instead the charity has actually lost money because of Hiltons self serving claims. Three months after Hiltons promise, she told an Aussie magazine that the publicity she gave the charity boosted public awareness, which resulted in $500,000 in new donations. Paradise Kids co-founder Reverend Dr. Ian Mavor says that claim is not only false but has greatly damaged the group’s fundraising activities. “The impact is people think we don’t need their help and we do.”

Sounds like Michael Jackson and Paris Hilton only want to get rich and hoard it by buying loads of worthless shit for themselves. Who would have guessed that about them?

There are always a shitload of pictures of Paris, which is why I snuck her worthless ass into this story about Michael Jackson. I threw most of the new pictures of her into a post yesterday about her fight with Lindsay Lohan, but here’s her near nipple-slip outside the Regis and Kelly show again in case you missed it.

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  1. Sam says:

    What do you expect from those two freaks.Especially (Ho-lton)this is the same woman who people saw in the vote or die campaign but never did vote herself.She’s an insensitive bitch who should just go awaaaayyyy….