Is Chris Noth cheating on his baby-mama/fiancé? (update: probably not)


Update – we received this e-mail from HBO: “We represent Chris Noth and please know the woman in these photo is Diane Lang. Diane is Chris Noth’s agent in Canada. Chris was in Spain accepting an award from GQ and Zegna. Chris Noth attended ‘GQ and Ermenegildo Zegna Elegant Men of The Year’ awards ceremony at the Italian Embassy on July 1, 2010 in Madrid, Spain. Diane Lang was his guest.”

When I first saw these photos of Chris Noth and some mystery woman, out and about in Madrid yesterday, I thought that the girl is probably his assistant, or someone working for him. But Bauer-Griffin notes that Chris was “unhappy” that photographers were snapping photos of him and this girl, and that was “trying to avoid” them. Which could just mean that he didn’t want to be bothered, not that he’s having an affair.

Chris has been with his 28-year-old baby mama Tara Wilson for several years. Tara gave birth to their son Orion Noth in 2008, and they got engaged last year. Is there trouble in paradise? Could be. There’s this good blind item that many, many people think is about Chris and his situation.

This one becomes juicy because of who it involves. This soclose to A list television actor who has been in movies, but is only really known for ones that involved a television character he plays cheated on his D list actress girlfriend. While she was pregnant. More than once.

[From Blind Gossip]

But is Tara pregnant right now? And is she an actress? Yes, she is an actress, and I don’t think she’s pregnant right now. And I could buy that Chris is cheating on Tara, but with the chick in these photos from Spain? Not so much. He’s probably cheating on her with someone even younger.



Chris and the mystery woman in Spain on July 1, 2010. Credit: Bauer-Griffin. Chris and Tara on May 24, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Bee says:


  2. Dont Hate on Mr Big says:

    There was never any basis for those claims and she dropped the the charges. It was later speculated that she made the whole thing up-something about money she didnt want to have to pay back.

  3. jc126 says:

    Regarding Beverly Johnson – I think she not only retracted the charges, she acknowledged later that she made them up because she was angry with Chris.

  4. a says:

    detective logan!

  5. lena says:

    hmmmm, doubt it… it’s been said that he’s only into women of color so unless we have pics of him with some young WOC I wouldn’t believe it.

  6. Persistent Cat says:

    I’ve never been able to get past the Beverly Johnson story so I’ve always hated him. I might have been the only one not wanting Carrie to forgive his ass.

    And not to be annoying, but if it’s in regards to a woman, it’s “fiancée.”

  7. a says:

    matching clothes even. hopefully he’s not that stupid and is just there on business or something.

  8. Iggles says:

    @ Persistent Cat:
    I’ve never been able to get past the Beverly Johnson story so I’ve always hated him. I might have been the only one not wanting Carrie to forgive his ass.

    No, you’re not the only. Always hated Big.

    Anyway, I can’t stand this woman beater. Didn’t know about Beverly Johnson but I heard he hit his current fiancee before. I didn’t see SATC 2 and I won’t. Not going to support him.

  9. irena NL says:

    Never, at least not with her.

  10. Leek says:

    I think he’s a douche. I waited on him at the time of the Bush/Gore race and he asked who I was voting for. When I didn’t get into it with him he started lecturing me on why I should vote for Gore. I was really insulted at his thinking I was some ignorant waitress who couldn’t form my own opinions. I also didn’t tell him that stupid show of his was more inspiring for trannies than confident, adult women.

  11. Melissa says:

    No way he’s having an affair with the woman in the top photo – she looks to be about his age, whereas he clearly goes for women much younger! But gosh, his fiancee is awful looking – she looks like a man. Poor thing.

  12. Cheyenne says:

    I kind of hope he and his wife have another child. They make some beautiful babies. Their little boy Orion is absolutely gorgeous. Here he is:

  13. Mistral says:

    It isn’t nice to cheat, tsk tsk.

    He is, however, a very nice and friendly guy. A friend of mine met him out at a bar in New York, and he let her and her group hang in VIP with him—-without being smarmy about it or hitting on any of them. He was just being friendly and normal.

  14. CYANN says:

    I don’t know about the story but he sure has lost some weight. He was looking really bloated and fat for awhile. The huge bags he had under his eyes are almost gone.

  15. ol cranky says:

    This one becomes juicy because of who it involves. This soclose to A list television actor who has been in movies, but is only really known for ones that involved a television character he plays cheated on his D list actress girlfriend. While she was pregnant. More than once.

    the emphasized language says while she was pregnant, not that he’s having an affair now so I don’t think the lady in the picture is his rachel uchitel

  16. Hautie says:

    Now he did have a little on his eyes. And got rid of those serious bags. Then he slimmed down and dyed his hair.

    Which were all positives. There is no need to let yourself go.

  17. lukie says:

    While the man has dug chicks on the curvy/thick side (he used to flirt with my friends and I about a good 15 years ago in Crunch gym in the village. No skinny chicks), he doesn’t do his age range and he absolutely does not do White.

  18. canadianchick says:

    Wow how did I miss the Bev Johnson story? I’d been a fan since he played Det. Logan. Oh creeap, another one joins the sleaze pile.

  19. birdgherl says:

    The answer to you headline is: Yes, most likely.

  20. denise says:

    I think Mr. Big only looks good in Sex and the City. As for the cheating, yes he may well be, who does’nt cheat in Hollyweird. His fiance is very pretty and their baby is absolutely adorable.

  21. jc126 says:

    I’m telling you guys, you don’t have to boycott Chris Noth – Beverly Johnson retracted the claim against him. I’m trying to find a link with no success so far, but I distinctly remember it, because I used to boycott him until I read that. Then after I discovered she lied, I enjoyed watching old L&O reruns with him in them, lol.

  22. Aspie says:

    If he cheated, he’s a complete douche. His fiance is gorgeous, however and can do much better.

  23. Shaishai says:

    I can’t find a decent link either, but I’ve now read loads of stories about Beverly and she seems to have serious issues. And most of the stories do mention she had to retract her false accusations against Chris.

  24. XYZ says:

    Of course BEVERLEY JOHNSON retracted her accusations, it was much money involved so NOTH shut her mouth up this way. It happens on a regular basis, no matter how much bad treatment women get. Rape, humiliation, battery, offences, as soon as money is involved, its like nothing happened. Plus that some are threatened with death, u know it very well. Definitely I give credit to BEVERLEY. As for his relationship with TARA, smth is rotten out there and it starts with the big age gap. I mean a guy in his 40’s couldnt find any better than a teenager? Hes fine as an actor, good looking definitely if he doesnt get fat but hes givin me bad vibes.

  25. XYZ says:

    And be sure he’s cheating TARA too, give me a break… Shes already too old for him.

  26. heather says:

    Beverly made similiar claims against a golfer, also stating that he threatened to slit her dog’s throat.
    She also stated on tv that she was going to sleep with Chris one last time before she dumped him.
    Just because she retracted her claims doesn’t mean she did so under pressure. Not all men are abusers.

  27. gpcattle says:

    To all,

    Please Stop with all the rumors!
    The woman in this photo is a business associate of Chris Noth’s. I know her and they are friends. Chris was in Madrid to accept an award from GQ. So let’s put this one to bed!

  28. C says:

    Beverly Johnson suffers from Bi-Polar. Chris is lucky he got out when he did.

    Noth Tangled In Ex’s Lawsuit

    26 February 2009 11:10 AM, PST

    Chris Noth has been tangled in a pair of lawsuits filed by his ex-girlfriend, supermodel/actress Beverly Johnson, and her former lover, who wants the actor to testify against her in court.

    Johnson has filed court papers accusing her ex, professional golf star Mark Burk, of beating and threatening to kill her – allegations Burk denies.

    The 56-year-old former model filed charges against her then-boyfriend Noth in 1995, accusing him of beating her, threatening to disfigure her dog and making death threats against her, reports the National Enquirer.

    Criminal charges were not brought against Noth.

    And 51-year-old Burk, who has filed his own lawsuit accusing Johnson of lying, is planning to subpoena the actor to testify on his behalf.

    Burk says, “Beverly is an unstable woman. She accused me of threatening to slit her throat and slit her dog’s throat – which was complete made up. Beverly accused Chris of all sort of abuse too, but criminal charges were never brought against him. Now he’ll be forced to testify against her in my court case, and the truth will finally come out.”

    Noth adds, “There is no basis to the claims Ms. Johnson made back in 1995. I was approached about Mr. Burk’s situation, but I haven’t been subpoenaed.” »

  29. Oakley says:

    All I will say is this Chris Noth a.k.a Big and Det Logan is a cheater and has been for years. I worked on L & O and he would swoop in and pick up extras on set (while he was with his girlfriend). I also had another friend meet him when he was out and he took her back to his place and I’ll leave it at that. Tara seems like such a sweet young woman and the mother of his child, Chris is slimy and needs to check his philandering behavior. He’s older man and not getting any younger or more handsome.

  30. anonymus says:

    And what if the girl is Spanish, if it is, is it too little for being Spanish? I do not think that cheating on his wife with anyone, unless they are together in the street does not mean anything, nor where they were holding hands …… We will have to see what happens eventually.