LeAnn Rimes temporarily quits Twitter “to focus on her healing”


It’s no secret that LeAnn Rimes is full of sh-t. Spectacularly so, in fact. I’m not one of those women who is always on Homewrecker Patrol, but I do think that if LeAnn had behaved in a different manner, people wouldn’t still be so angry with her. I could go on and on about the dumb little sh-t LeAnn has done, but the basic gist of is that I think in LeAnn’s mind, she’s the ultimate victim in all of the drama between her and Eddie and Brandi Glanville and even Dean Sheremet, LeAnn’s ex-husband. In LeAnn’s mind, everyone is out to get her because she just happened to fall in love. And everyone is mad at her especially because she’s SO famous and popular.

Anyway, LeAnn’s Twitter has become a problem. Last week, she was tweet-whining about being abandoned by Eddie for a few days so he could spend some time with his kids. When they were reunited, LeAnn then put on her tiny black bikini and pranced around for the paparazzi and Eddie and Eddie‘s children, even straddling Eddie in front of his sons (photos here). Lots of LeAnn’s Twitter followers decided to yell at her for that, and LeAnn went on a Twitter rant defending herself: “Since when is kissing your boyfriend a crime?! Who’s right was it to take pics of us in a private moment and display them for judgement?! I love my fans, the people who know my heart and stick beside me.


[From LeAnn’s Twitter]

Then she decided to shut down her account, because she’s such a martyr.


[From LeAnn’s Twitter]

Of course, just days before, LeAnn wrote this on her Twitter:


Ugh. Dumb, inappropriate bitch.


LeAnn performing on the Fourth of July. Credit: WENN.

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53 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes temporarily quits Twitter “to focus on her healing””

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  1. irishserra says:


  2. denise says:

    What’s she healing from, her stupidity?

  3. DetRiotgirl says:

    The three year old quote really disturbs me. Maybe the kid really said “why are you so petty?” and she misheard him?

  4. Sigh. says:

    Ha! Maybe he said “Why are you still here?”

  5. Lesley says:

    I….hate….her. She’s a fugly D list home wrecker. My 3 year old recently told me that he wants to be a firetruck when he grows up. I didn’t twitter about it.

  6. Rita says:

    LeAnn is always cooing about how happy she is as she takes another woman’s husband on expensive and exotic vacations once a month but now she needs to “heal”…from what? She ripped out her husbands heart and joyously threw him in the gutter while her PR people spread lies about him being gay. She made her adultery public and kept it public to hurt, humiliate, and destroy Brandi Glanville. I don’t give a rats ass if LeAnn needs to heal. She needs to talk to Brandi and Deane, two people who know all to well about healing. She needs to take the advice of her own PR people who screamed at Brandi to STFU, move on, get over it, and stop your whining. I got one thing to say to my-shit-don’t-stink-smirk-girl…that two timing no good dirt bag she’s sleeping with will soon show her what hurting is all about.

  7. jen says:


  8. Green Is Good says:

    What an insufferable b*tch. It’s all about HER, as usual.

    And what “family” is she talking about? She’s not married to Eddie C.,and his kids already have a mother. Too bad their daddy is an epic scumbag.

  9. audrey says:

    i think he prolly said, “why aren’t you so pretty?”

  10. lucy2 says:

    She just can’t take people calling her on her crap.
    I do think it’s kind of funny when celebs get so upset that not everyone fawns all over them all the time and they quit twitter in a huff.

  11. Leticia says:

    Detriotgirl, HILARIOUS!!

  12. TG says:

    It isn’t unusual for a 3 year old to compliment a woman and it is very sweet but I wouldn’t get all flattered by the complement of a 3 year-old. She is so disgusting and ugly. Can’t wait till he dumps her.

    I despise Leanne and Jon Meyer so much that if their song comes on the radio I change the channel. Both are douches of epic proportions and I will not contribute one penny or my ears to either of them.

  13. flutters says:

    @DetRiotgirl: LOL! Love it.

    I think what Leann Rimes is trying to say is she’s sanctimonious enough for all of us so we don’t need to bother.

  14. meme says:

    heal this, insufferable twat.

  15. Rita says:

    Sorry for being sooo unhip but what is Detriotgirl?

  16. Debra says:

    And now LR is in an article on CMT talking about how she is helping EC ‘raise’ his kids….what is BG now? the babysitter for when they want to take a trip?

  17. jaisymaisy says:

    You can’t fix ugly.

  18. guesty says:

    just despise her!

  19. Maddie says:

    just saying http://jeremyberg.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/falcor.jpg

    Maybe he just got finished watching The NeverEnding Story, anf thought he could get a ride from her.

  20. DetRiotgirl says:

    @Rita it’s just a play on Detroit Girl. I was born in Detroit, and I have a habit of getting into fights and arguments. But, DetFight Girl doesn’t really work. Lol, so it’s DetRiot Girl because it comes close to having the same conatation. It’s a nickname I’ve been using since high school. Don’t worry, I’m not really sure that there’s anything particularly hip about it for you to miss.

  21. Persistent Cat says:

    I hate when people find ways to let you know they got complimented on something. My sister-in-law does that.

  22. Belle Epoch says:

    Team Denise! ha ha!

  23. OXA says:

    I saw the photo of her kissing her man and I think maybe she needs to let her hemorroids heal.

  24. Lady LaLa says:

    This Twit stopped Twattering and this is NEWS!? Ringo STARR turned SEVENTY,
    what, no mention?! Scandalous……

  25. petalfrog says:

    When I first read this heading I thought “oh did Eddie dump her? Did her dog die? Maybe a family member?” Apparently not. God knows what she’s “healing” from, but her Twitter makes her sound quite vapid. Also way to rub it in Brandi’s face the reality of the situation (i.e. she’s sleeping in Eddie’s bed and their children are all over it too). Ew Leann.

  26. Eileen Yover says:

    Denise: my green tea just flew up my nose! LOL

  27. jj says:

    Let us not forget her tweet about helping in “potty training”! All of her tweets about the children are shameless. I would bet that Brandi’s attorneys had something to do with the tweets stopping. She is not their mother, stepmother or her family. The public backlash over her kissing the hound dog boyfriend is intense. Why cry about the paps when or her staff alert them? Eddie will will stay as long as she pays…whatta pair of losers. Look at the 3 year old’s face in that black bikini photo, how sad.

  28. Kate says:

    Rita: It wasn’t LeeAnn’s PR people spreading rumors that Dean is gay — he is gay. You could go to any gay bar in Nashville and see that dude dancing up a storm.

    That said, LeeAnn is insufferable. Typical story of a “child” star who hasn’t been able to capitalize once she became a little older and now uses any desperate means available to increase her C-level fame. Banging a D-list married celeb who co-starred with you on Lifetime is right out of that playbook.

  29. ElizabethM says:

    Clearly the kid said “why are you so icky?” and LeMann misheard it….deliberately.

    Also, what the fug is she wearing in those photos??? Did the three year old pick out that outfit?

  30. eggy weggs says:

    I said it before and I’ll say it again: She got beat with the Frankie Muniz stick. She is not a good-looking adult.

  31. Eileen Yover says:

    Oh yes and a big round of applause to CB for not posting the LeMann bikini photos! I gag even typing this.

  32. Jake says:

    #28 Kate: You’re a flat out liar with your statement about Dean being gay! Prove it or stop your libel made up story against a victim of an adulterous affair. LeAnn is the person with all the male gay friends that SHE frequents with at the gay dance bars – usually w/o Dean! Get the facts – stop the hurtful lies!

  33. Kate says:


    It is not libelous to call someone gay.

  34. deb says:

    Beside common decency LR and EC forgot one other major factor. Women….they are the major shoppers of music, magazine’s and other items celebs try and sell.. like movies and TV SHOWS etc.
    Seems like most aren’t interested in buying what they have been trying to shove down the public’s throat for months.
    Yep you know….women:
    wives and mothers, working mom’s, stay @ home mom’s, single mom’s and let’s not forget the 100′s of thousands of women who have been cheated on by a BF or a spouse. I think Brandi has LOT of public support, more than we realize . The biggest clue to that is LR alleged PR. If things were rosy they wouldn’t be swarming the boards like locusts now would they?

  35. Kevin says:

    Her, Laura Dern and Skankelina are cut from the same cloth.

  36. CB Rawks says:

    Her nappy’s full.

  37. original kate says:

    wait – what is she healing from? did i miss something?

  38. Rita says:

    I like your passion and Kate I hope your accusations are based on more than just rumor or perhaps the influence of LeAnn PR. Deane seems a good man to me and I don’t care if he’s gay. If he is, he has stories about LeAnn cheating that go back for years. If he isn’t, he’s been done real wrong.

  39. Crash2GO2 says:

    What a self absorbed little twat!

    Twitter proves over and over again one of my favorite sayings: “It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought an idiot than to open it and remove all doubt.”

  40. I Choose Me says:

    Is it wrong that I love that last picture Kaiser chose? I’m guessing that’s the face she makes when she’s giving Eddie mouth hugs *shudder* (thanks to whomever acquainted me with that euphemism btw) I don’t think she’s ugly but I just don’t like her face and man is she f-cking classless and annoying.

  41. DrM says:

    LeAnn seems to be someone who wants everyone to agree with all her ‘choices’ and doesn’t want to have to take responsibility for any of the sh** she causes by those ‘choices’. Shutting down your Twitter because people call you on your behaviour and attitudes is just classic…classically immature and entitled that is. Guess what LeAnn if you’re going to put it all out there you’d better expect some feedback.

    I’d also argue that her ego and need for attention is too big to keep her away for long!

  42. Cinderella says:

    Her record label probably told her to stop the tweeting, get busy, or get the hell out.

  43. deb says:

    The way this whole thing was played out by these 2 idiots was one of the most cruel and disrespectful acts I have ever seen.

  44. Rosanna says:

    All right chicks. Next time somebody criticize your parenting skills, your look, your sexual or romantic life, your partner… PUT UP WITH IT rather than whining. Then, you’ll have some grounds to bitch at LeAnn.

  45. Tina says:

    Can she really be this dumb? Really?

    Good thing you don’t care about what people think of you, because I think you are stupid ugly talentless alien from planet Squint.

    Thas jus me, tho…

  46. Canucklehead says:

    She’s pretty self absorbed. I’m sure little kids say other things besides “you’re so pretty”.

    What a stupid cow. But I guess when you sing faux country for a living coming up with 140 characters once in a while must be very taxing.

  47. jay says:

    She really doesn’t have a clue. She pushes herself on the public then doesn’t like the publics response. Her fans are dwindling. I was a huge fan as well as my closest girl friends…no more. She has torn a family apart and then says and acts in ways that are so hurtful and she only thinks of herself. She is so selfish by nature. Shame on you!

  48. Anti-icon says:

    If to “focus on my healing” means to go away from the public spotlight forever, then I do believe it is healing that we all need. Go away you brain-dead twit.

  49. Peter says:

    Cheaters/home wreckers like LeAnn have dumb logic.

    She was showing her rear end to her married boyfriends kid’s….and she wonders why people thought it was a bit inappropriate.

    She talks about healing, what about the life long healing of the two boys whose family broke up?

  50. anon says:

    I do believe the most hated man in Hollywood right now is Mel Gibson and the most hated couple is Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian,all three washed up and totally out of touch with reality.And, if Dean is gay, it’s probably because he couldn’t stand to touch Leann. Smart man, Dean. When Eddie has sex with Leann, he probably has to close his eyes and pretend it’s Brandi. LRs body looks like a pre-adolesent boy. If you just keep her turned backwards, EC can probably manage it. Her rear end is the best-looking thing about her and that’s not saying much

  51. jj says:

    TweetelDumb is baaaaack. Knew she could not stay away to long from bragging about her fairytale life.

  52. Debra says:

    I knew it was just another stupid publicity stunt, what? it only takes a week to heal? Please…. but Im glad shes back on, cant wait to see what dumb move she makes next

  53. anon says:

    Well, her lastest tweet has her saying that she has picked out her new album cover ,so she asked for this–”-Did you pick it out from your right or left nostril” go to “Leann rimes nose picking” to see what I mean