Sarah Larson does charity fashion show while George Clooney is away

George Clooney is overseas promoting his football comedy Leatherheads, along with his co-star Renee Zellweger. Clooney and Renee attended the London premiere of the film on Tuesday, and posed for a photocall in Rome yesterday. When asked where his girlfriend Sarah Larson was, Clooney said that she was back in LA. Larson attended the Los Angeles premiere of the film on Clooney’s arm on March 31.

One of Larson’s obligations back in the states was a charity fashion show luncheon at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas yesterday. She modeled two striking Pucci gowns at the Clark County, Nevada Medical Society Alliance Silent Auction and Fashion Show. She may have been a recent addition to the charity event, because a press release put out a month ago makes no mention of her, and she is not listed on the event page of the organization’s website.

Clooney is said to have vigorously defended his girlfriend against an unknown prankster calling his voicemail and telling him to dump Larson. Someone called him saying “Dude, your friends asked me to give you a message: Dump the bitch before you’re sorry!” Larson told the New Yorker in an upcoming story about the call that she’s not a stripper or an escort and that her bad reputation is not deserved. Clooney tried to figure out who made the call and had the number traced. It led to a pre-paid phone cellphone that could not be linked to an owner.

As to how a cocktail waitress and former Fear Factor winner can get a charity event worldwide coverage, it’s all due to Clooney. His star power has certainly transformed the life of the woman he choses to accompany him, but it’s not quite enough to make his new film a hit.

Leatherheads opened at second place its first weekend at the box office, and many Hollywood insiders see it as a sign that Clooney’s box office draw isn’t quite what it used to be.

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  1. Ariana says:

    I agree with headache…
    Like my first post, I said you aren’t who you are by the job or profession you chose…

    If you’re sexy, work it… if you’re young and sexy work it harder. No matter what profession you choose.
    My profession I chose to walk a runway, and I’m infront of a camera for a major catalogue.
    I make great money, and I get paid for looking good, while going to a prestigious college.

    I don’t think we should be Judging Sarah Larson on her choices in life, she’s beautiful, Young and Dating George so LET IT BE.

  2. journey says:

    love how a movie opening in second place is considered by some pundits a flop. how many actors, directors and producers would love it if their movie ever reached second place? especially if it was a silly romantic comedy about the early days of football. that’s not exactly blockbuster material. but i’m sure it’ll fatten george’s wallet a good bit.

  3. kimberlee says:

    I think George’s p.r. firm is getting Sarah these jobs to keep her away from George’s job. She’s a skank! Clooney should have gotten Reese Witherspoon to play his leading lady. Then Leatherheads would have opened big.

  4. Kevin says:

    Very tough to stay on top as far as a box office draw. Tom Cruise can’t draw flies now, Tom Selleck used to draw them in,,not sure where he is at right now,,,Brad Pitt sold his integrity and lost a lot of his fans (not unlike Tom the fruitcake scientologist,,but for different reasons) If I had to pick someone that could probably get someone off their sofa to throw down the greenbacks I would put my money on Will Smith.

  5. iheartlasagne says:

    I don’t know what the big deal is, if this chickie makes the Cloonmeister happy, who cares? Of course, we can all speculate as to how long this will last, given his track record, but so what – it’s not like he’s the only guy who was ever a serial dater or whatever you want to call it. She has a somewhat feline face, but I think she’s fairly attractive. And I think it’s cool that she’s not a celebrity but know we all know her name. Good for her and George, I hope they can stick it out. By the way, those pictures were so not scandalous, in my book. I saw worse shit from my hallmates in college.

  6. iheartlasagne says:

    Also, Kevin I’m not really sure how Pitt ‘sold his integrity’. I mean, say and think what you will about his relationship(s) and family life, but I think he has more integrity now, based on the fact that he has a social conscience and wants to help people, versus just acting and making money and young girls drool. Of course, that’s all for PR, right? He doesn’t really care about those people!

  7. Ariana says:

    I think Sarah Larson is gorgeous- so what if she has some wild photos and her jobs are questionable… I do too but I’m not a whore or a skank or dating George Clooney!

    As I see it, who wants to see a movie with squinty eyed renee zellwegger fawning all over Clooney?

    Yuck. Would’t waste my time… but would rent it for George and John…

  8. headache says:

    The movie would have done better if he’d just stuck to making a football movie.

    As it stands, it has too much romance for the guys to see it and too much football for the girls to see it.

    Though I’ll rent it later.

  9. telsmkon says:


  10. Sarah says:

    Usually, I am not bashing anyone, but I do have a serious problem with that Zellweger chick!

    I think Renee Z is the ugliest actress in the whole industry. She has basically no eyes at all, a weirdo puffy face that is compared to her slender body totally unproportional and she has the acting ability of my old grandma on her worse days… I really don’t get why ppl give her leads. She is so fugly, I am really struggling for words here… And that George is taking her for a lead disappoints me most. He usually tends to have a great feeling on what works and what not. Renee surely doesn’t work…

  11. Granger says:

    I think the thing with Renee is that she’s a REALLY hard worker. She gets right into her characters and works her ass off on set, making her someone other big names want to work with. I agree that she isn’t gorgeous, but in some ways, I find that refreshing. She isn’t just another dime-a-dozen pretty face with limited abilities.

  12. snappyfish says:

    vegas cocktail waitress. Classy. she will go the way of all the others. The Charity thing is nice but it doesn’t make her legitimate in anyway.

  13. 123 says:

    renee’s hair looks like dried out straw! She is very unattractive and looks like she hasnt had a bath!

  14. Ariana says:

    Snappy Fish, we all have to make a living one way or another. I happen to have some friends that are Vegas cocktail waitresses at night to pay for college during the day… It just happens that they live in nevada… Not much else to do there ya know?
    They are not whores, or skanks, in fact they are paid to “look good” and some are getting their MBA’s…
    I’m not saying that a vegas cocktail waitress is the way to go but I’m going to have to say that what makes a person legitimate? being a nun that teaches second grade or better yet an office worker in a Law firm?
    Awaken yourself to your purpose in life and you will realize that we should not define ourselves by our jobs…

  15. kimberlee says:

    Shut up, Ariana. I’m so sick of the stereotype that women have to be strippers or cocktail waitresses in order to get somewhere. I wanted to be a lawyer since I was really young, but my parents didn’t have a lot of money. So I majored in elementary education and taught 1st grade for two years while I lived with my parents and saved. Then I put myself through law school. It’s not that hard for women to get legitmate jobs to put themselves through school. So stop pretending that cocktail waitressing is some type of noble profession. Sarah Larson is a paid jump-off. She’s doing her charity work so that the man (George) can go off and make millions. And I bet someone’s giving her a fat check to strut and look pretty.

  16. telsmkon says:

    if somebody is paying sara to do charity work then angie gets paid when she does charity work as well.

    and stop being so jealous of sara, she was a saint in it comes to her past in compare to angie’s past.

  17. telsmkon says:

    that was to : kimberlee

  18. judy says:

    Sara did not get paid and she is a very nice person giving of her time, trying to make it just like everyone else.

  19. Callie says:

    “Just trying to make it like everyone else?” You mean like the chick Elliot Spitzer was paying? Clooney & Co. are having her do this “modeling” work to make her look somewhat legitimate. And I doubt any of you have videos of you & other girls playing around to entice the high-rolling gamblers. Have many photos floating around in your t-shirts, barely-there skirts & no panties — which really work well when you & another girl are sitting on a motorcycle w/your legs spread open. Or standing up facing a car & bent over — & remember no panties. This is not a “Pretty Woman”
    story. This is a business deal.

  20. Bystander says:

    and stop being so jealous of sara, she was a saint in it comes to her past in compare to angie’s past.
    telsmkon | 04.11.08 – 12:18 am | #

    duh are you nuts Angelina’s past is tame compared to Sarah. Sarah is a paid escort girl that’s what she is so stop comparing Angie and Sarah becoz there is nothing to compare.

  21. Ariana says:

    This is how you treat people, “Shut up”?
    People do live and work in Las Vegas, and the last time I checked it was a “high rollin” City…

    It’s different for everybody KIMBERLEE…
    so get over it.

  22. Ariana says:

    Angela made out with her brother and wore vials of Blood around her neck…

  23. bros says:

    how the hell did this become about angelina. this is apples and oranges. angie=actress, so we can debate her weirdness and usefullness when talking about other actresses. sara larson=cocktail waitress cum “model” and can be compared against others of her kind, but come on, do we have to talk about angelina every single post when a woman’s looks/sex appeal/”crazy slutty pictures” comes up? i have freaking angelina fatigue and there are people who are just obsessed with brininging her up any time we need a madonna/whore example.

  24. headache says:

    Who the hell cares? I didn’t realize women were still such uptight little prudes when it came to how other women choose to live their lives. Just because it isn’t the way you would do things doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the right to make her own decisions and life. And how does she get all the grief, if you feel she deserves it and Clooney gets next to none?

    Every relationship is a business arragement of sorts.

  25. kimberlee says:

    Sorry headache. Teaching little kids how to read and write at age 22 didn’t turn me into a prude. I was just smart enough to know that I didn’t have to show my tats to get paid. Today in 2008, 20-somethings can get salaries! for meaningful work! Go figure. If you believe that I’m in any way uptight because of the choice I made (lol), that’s just fine by me. You’ll never find pictures of me with my ass up and tongue out trying to bring in clients with my stretch marks. 🙂

  26. headache says:

    You aren’t uptight for the decisions you’ve made. You’re uptight for passing judgment on others who have gone different routes. No one has to do anything. They choose to. And it doesn’t make you more of a person for teaching children or her less of a person for not doing so.

    But maybe I’m just a bit biased. Personally, the most judgmental, uptight people I have met have been teachers.

  27. kimberlee says:

    “If you’re sexy, work it…if you’re you’re young and sexy work it harder.”

    That’s a bunch of sexist bullshit if I ever heard any. Sex is not the common denominator of life people!! Humanity is safety, integrity, ambition, honor, and freedom. Fitting any of those characteristics into one’s work can help a person escape being a mindless drone who buys, buys, buys yet takes nothing. People make choices for better or for worse everyday that they have to live with. People should have discretion about the choices they make and exercise the freedom to judge the impact one’s choices make on others. I’ll never be afraid to discern and judge as long as I am honest. That wouldn’t be living life in my opinion.

  28. kimberlee says:

    Also, I’ve found that when a person has to rely too much on sexiness to get what she needs or wants then that just means she isn’t prepared or doesn’t feel good enough about the other abilities she has.

  29. Callie says:

    Ladies, she’s a few steps above a “street-walker” — and lucky for it.
    She’s a “hit” on the gambling circuit. See for yourselves:

  30. Ariana says:

    All I’m saying is that why not if you got it, and How is that sexist? I’m a woman too… some of us have better assets than others like beauty AND brains! Whoa there’s a thought.