Angelina Jolie hits back at critics for “uneducated moral snobbery”


On Wednesday, Parade released excerpts from Angelina Jolie’s cover interview. Now they’re just released the full interview, and it’s pretty awesome. This is the interview she should have given to Vanity Fair – which begs the question, why does Parade have a better interviewer than Vanity Fair? Oh, well. My favorite part is when Angelina hits at her critics who ask why she’s not adopting American kids, and only helping other Americans. Jolie says: “Everybody likes to criticize people. It’s an uneducated moral snobbery. It shouldn’t matter where children are born. When I first started working with refugees, people would say, ‘Why aren’t you helping these people and not other people?” I simply looked to help. I make the choices I make because they’re the choices I feel are right.” The full Parade piece is here, but I’m including everything:

Keeping audiences guessing in her new movie, Salt.
“It’s a thriller and it has lots of different twists and turns. The biggest challenge of the film was to try to create a character that people would follow and be interested in even though they weren’t sure she was a good or bad person. So she was nicely complex to play. Salt has great action sequences in it. I worked with people I’ve worked with for ten years on action movies, so we had fun.”

A modern take on the female action star.
“Women in action movies, as I’ve done in the past, tend to either be fantasy or something very sexy-cool. They aren’t based in any kind of reality. This is the first one that I’ve tried to do that is not a cartoon. It’s not a fantasy. She is a good, solid character. It’s about the CIA. It’s today.”

Today’s action star, yesterday’s high school misfit.
“I was actually quite a cool kid. I was not tough. I was certainly independent and bold. I was never teased. I never had any trouble from anybody. But I was never satisfied. I had trouble sleeping. I didn’t really fit. I always feel that I’m searching for something deeper, something more, more…You want to meet other people that challenge you with ideas or with power or with passion. I wanted to live very fully. I wanted to live many lives and explore many things.”

Wandering the streets of New York City.
“I went through my time in New York where you think it’s really romantic with the saxophones and the subway and, for a few months, it’s really fun. I had this weird period of quiet where I was completely on my own. I knew nobody in New York. I love my freedom. I used to fall asleep on the train and wake up at the wrong place. I’d walk all over town. I’d get dropped off at the tip of New York and walk all the way back to my apartment on West 74th Street. I learned a lot. But, suddenly, it was very hard and very dark for a period. I didn’t like it. And then Gia came out and I couldn’t ride on the subway anymore and life changed.”

Avoiding the dangers of the movie business.
“There are many people we’ve seen lost in this business because other people haven’t stopped to make sure they’re OK, you know? People are aware when others are breaking, but in this town they don’t tend to stop and help them. In the end, it costs a life. Part of the sadness in this business is that there are a lot of people in it looking for approval and love. I’m lucky because I was raised with so much love that I can take a lot of knocks and not take anything personally.”

Her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, was all she needed.
“She was a proper mother, constant. We never had a nanny or housekeeper. Mother worked every day of her life. I’ve always wanted to be useful, like her. She was our everything. I’ve never needed to be loved because I’ve had my mother. So I’ve never felt the need to be understood.”

Faith has always played a crucial role in her life.
“My mother had a beautiful faith. She loved Jesus. She was Catholic and had a warm memory of growing up in her faith. She loved to go to church. She also knew that there were certain things in the Church that were too extreme for modern life. She didn’t approve of everything the Church was preaching but, instead of going against the Church, she just went with Jesus. I saw her spirituality as beautiful. If we didn’t go to church on Sunday, she’d say, ‘God would want me to spend time with my children, and laugh with my children. That’s what I believe God would want.’ Mother was right and we’d have a wonderful, fun day.”

Her opinion of religion.
“I respect all religions. What I don’t respect is when people use religion to attack others. I’ve met people across the world, in the middle of nowhere, who are just trying to survive and all they have is religion. In some way it helps them, and I wouldn’t take it away from them. There are also people who use it to hate and kill. I don’t consider them religious people.”

What her children are being taught to believe.
“Brad and I are raising our children to respect everyone. We have a bookshelf in the house that has the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, everything. We will take our children to church, temple, Buddhist ceremonies, Mosques, teaching them about all faiths. Whatever religion they choose, the choice will be theirs.”

Raising children with an open mind.
“First of all, as parents, we try not to spoil our children. Because we travel a lot, what it took me until my twenties to learn about life, our children know already. They spend time in Cambodia in a teeny hut and hang out with local children. They help me visit distressed areas. They have friends with no money. They see and live in different worlds. They also appreciate having nice things. They like this house [in Los Angeles] because it has this pool. But they also love Cambodia because it’s got the fun places to throw rocks and cut coconuts and ride on elephants. They love Africa because the kids are really fun to play with and the nature is so beautiful.”

Setting a good example for the kids.
“We’re just trying to show them different sides of life so they don’t just think one way. We’re hoping that, organically, it will be in them to feel for people who do not have as much. We want them to appreciate what they have and be grateful for it. They’ll be inspired to give and help people out because they’ll have close friends who don’t have as much. They won’t whine about things they want. And they won’t want more. We try to raise them with those values in mind.”

Her answer to critics who say she and Brad should adopt American kids.
“Everybody likes to criticize people. It’s an uneducated moral snobbery. It shouldn’t matter where children are born. When I first started working with refugees, people would say, ‘Why aren’t you helping these people and not other people?” I simply looked to help. I make the choices I make because they’re the choices I feel are right. Becoming a mother was the most wonderful thing.”

How she safeguards her children from the media frenzy.
“We don’t pay attention to it now, other than when we know we have to. If we have to [avoid the paparazzi], we go in a van, or we go underground, or have somebody block a car. Neither one of us has a publicist. We don’t go to those gossip sites online. We are really pretty oblivious to it. So that helps keep the kids away from it. We move them a lot. They seem, right now anyway, quite savvy. They are six of the most interesting, toughest people I’ve ever met.”

What she sees as her family’s strength.
“We’re a very close, very connected, very big family. We talk a lot about things. The children talk to each other, and they look out for each other, and they have each other. Yes, they have friends, but they also are very, very closely connected to each other.

Loving Brad and their relationship.
“Brad is a wonderful man. He’s extraordinary, because he really, really stepped out on his own away from what he knew growing up. It’s just such a natural transition. When you really love someone, you evolve. Love trumps everything. It’s like when you have a child. It’s not that you consciously put them before yourself — it’s that doing it is what you instinctively want because you have to come from a place of love. When I think about Brad, there is a lot of love.”

Being true to herself.
“I’m going to be who I am. People can hate me, and that’s fine, because if somebody loves me, he loves me for being me. I am who I am at home and everywhere else in all my life.”

[From Parade]

This is much better than Wednesday’s excerpts. This Angelina seems to have some fight left in her, and there’s a haughtiness to some of her answers that I think is new. Oh, and how much would you love to hear Angelina talk more about Jesus? I knew Marcheline was a Catholic and all that, but it does make me chuckle when Angelina starts making her appeal to the religious celebutainment consumers.



Parade photos courtesy of Parade. Additional photo of Jolie on June 30, 2010. Credit: Geraldo Garcia/REUTERS.

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  1. cd says:

    Vanity Fair’s interview was so boring! The person that interviewed her had a great opportunity to ask new questions and he blew it. Angelina’s Parade interview is one of her best in a long time.

  2. d says:

    that photo with the hat/make-up job/whatever is the best argument against tanning. ‘cos that’s gorgeous!

  3. Brown Sugar says:

    That was a good interview

  4. mimi says:

    Exposing children to all different religions will just confuse them. My father had this growing up and he’s an Atheist. And constantly uprooting them..? Children need structure and routine. Living all over the world and studying every religion under the sun is for an *adult* if they so choose. And Mom and Dad are not married because??? What did Brad say..”only when everyone can get married.” Yeah, that’s what you can tell your classmates daddy said. Angelina needs to stop subjecting her kids to her unorthodox adult life choices and think of them first.

  5. cake says:

    Gosh an actress that has a head and you can tell she actually uses it. She is a very positive person you can just tell by her answers. She could go off on the tabloids but she just chooses to not dwelve into it. Keep doing your thing Angelina, it’s served her well this long.

  6. TaylorB says:

    “Everybody likes to criticize people. It’s an uneducated moral snobbery…”

    Not to tilt at windmills, but isn’t that very comment a critical moral snobbery made by a relatively uneducated person?

    Sorry, but seriously AJ, dial it down a notch, you are very pretty, with lovely children, and a good actress, and a formerly handsome fella (sorry but the billy goat beard is too much for me)… but not only are you no Steven Hawkings but I suspect that your moral compass doesn’t exactly point due north, so ease up on the finger pointing and the proselytizing.

  7. RedDelicious says:

    Wow, she really likes to change her own history. According to her past interviews: “She was teased by other students who also targeted her for her distinctive features, for being extremely thin, and for wearing glasses and braces.” (wikipedia) And it goes on about her being teased for her shabby clothes too. She was NOT considered “cool.”

    And her poor kids may be seeing the world, but since they are not growing up in one place, they can’t possibly have stable friendships with kids and are not learning social skills with people that are not immeadeate family. That’s going to make it hard to relate to others later, especially when they start dating.

    She really likes to lie. I wonder what else she lies about? Maybe next, she’ll tell everyone she’s a virgin.

  8. annaloo says:

    This may be stupid, butI have to admit, after reading Gwyneth’s interview in Vogue yesterday, I started feeling bad and inferior about my life– My kids won’t have the life Gwyneth provides, the best and most organic and most whatever of everything, i won’t have that perfect white kitchen, an apple orchard, or fire ovens for pizzas in the backyard… but after reading this, there’s a perspective about Angelina of difference of people in this world, of haves and have nots, of love and what seem to be solid values. What is best is whatever I think is the best I give to my children, from the heart and with perspective. And that includes the railroad ties they’ll find in the backyard to the unconditional love we give them.

    Wow, Angelina. Loved this interview.

  9. Lulu says:

    Moral snobbery perhaps. But uneducated – why or how?

  10. original kate says:

    she could open sealed envelopes with those sharp elbows.

  11. sassenach says:

    Very good interview. The VF writer should hide his face in shame.

  12. Missfit says:

    I respect her thoughts in what she believes in. I think she just wants her children to meet different people from different places, from the world or what not. They can still make friends and don’t have to be in just one location. In the end, what matters most is that they have each other, their family and her kids aren’t alone, they have their brothers and sisters for company and fun. I get it. (I’m not even wealthy myself) and my kids have each other, we all have each other. I don’t let them play with neighborhood kids and just go outside whenever alone. If they are outside, I’m outside. If I’m inside, they are inside, that’s that. I will only let them play with kids of people I know. I might be too overprotective, but my kids are safe. I see too many little kids out in the street, alone, unsupervised and I wonder who’s even watching them? I try to get my kids new things, nice things, maybe even name brand things, but also second hand stuff and dollar store things. I want them to know it’s okay to have both and not to be so selfish or stuck up. To be nice and love each other. It may sound lame to some, but it’s true. Wow and I also get everything else she’s saying about keeping an open mind with her kids and religion. And I’m not just saying that cause I’m a fan of hers, but I’ve always felt that way about the same subject and same values.

  13. yoinks says:

    Calling people uneducated snobs? Oh no, not pretentious at all, Angelina.

  14. Whatever... says:

    I think 95% of what comes out of her mouth is complete and utter bullshit — it’s all about shaping her public image.

  15. d says:

    That kids won’t develop friendship skills because they move around alot isn’t necessarily true for all kids. My sister in law moved around a lot as a kid because of her parents’ work and turned out fine. Master’s degree, wonderful parent, lots friends, including close friends, she’s got great interpersonal and communication skills actually, and is really talented at what she does. So I really think it depends. Depends on their support structure growing up in those conditions and the environments they’re in. Time will tell how the kids handle it. They will likely all handle it differently, but not necessarily all badly.

  16. Nadia says:

    I love what she said about her mother. I just love it.

  17. Leticia says:

    @Reddelicious, i remember what you are talking about. I distinctly remember her saying that the kids at Beverly Hills High called her weird, etc.

    I like her, I just think she is one of those people who is so in the present that she forgets what she said in the past.

  18. Alex says:

    love love this interview and yes way better than VF

    Being true to herself.
    “I’m going to be who I am. People can hate me, and that’s fine, because if somebody loves me, he loves me for being me. I am who I am at home and everywhere else in all my life.”

    I really like this part. I lol when people say that they hate her, because it is obviously she don’t care if some people hate her or not and that is how I live my own life. I could care less about some people who hate me, cause they don’t matter

  19. irena NL says:

    Wiser than most wise men!

  20. Solveig says:

    Finally a decent interview, although she seems to say opposite things to what she stated years ago. How do you say this? Lies?
    One way or the other: lies.

  21. Crash2GO2 says:

    “I like her, I just think she is one of those people who is so in the present that she forgets what she said in the past.”

    How convenient an explanation for being inconsistent (lying)!

    I found this statement odd: ‘I’ve never needed to be loved because I’ve had my mother. So I’ve never felt the need to be understood.’ O…..K……

  22. Nuharoo says:

    At what point do these celebrities ever stop complaining about being teased in high school?

  23. snowball says:

    She certainly lives in some sort of fairy kingdom. I’ve never seen anyone who has a stick so far up their ass that when their on their moral high horse they can’t even see us peons who are unlucky enough not to have known love.

    My god, she really thinks she’s the shit, doesn’t she? She wants to come off as so zen and supremely one with the world and instead, she just sounds so.. fucking snobby. Wise? Please. You can sound wise without actually being it. I’ll grant that she’s done some amazing things and she’s grown up a lot, but some of you are acting like she’s suddenly Deepak Chopra or something. It’s hilarious.

    I don’t think it’s lies, I think she really believes what she’s saying, that she’s being very earnest. She just is barfing out a lot of slop. Falling asleep on the NY subway and waking up somewhere she doesn’t know is cool? On what planet?

    And I even sort of like her. This is just way over the top.

  24. Kim says:

    I applaud her for adopting children but there is an essence of how can she go save other children when so many children in her country need homes. Its like my own country is really messed up but ill go save other countries. Its not a matter of American children deserving to be adopted more its more of a how can Angelina claim to be helping foreign children simply by bringing them to America and living in privelege. Is that the formula for successful adoption/happy childhood?

    She has said to many times she wants a football team of multi cultural children so she is purposely adopting from other countries versus America to get her “rainbow” of children. That is self serving not Im adopting from country with most need/doing right thing.

  25. Trillion says:

    I would’ve loved a childhood like the one she’s providing for her kids. Mine was OK and all that, but I always wanted to travel and be a gypsy. I got to do that in my late teens and twenties, but would’ve loved to have been able to as a kid. Children can have a routine within a life of great diversity. Those two things are not mutually exclusive. She sounds like an awesome parent. I could see her being a Jesus fan in the sense that she likes to help poor people, but she’s not about to give up materialism anytime soon and that was one of Jesus’ biggest issues. So she prob. won’t be bringing that point up with the kiddies.

  26. OC lady says:

    This interview is much better than the dopey sacharine quotes I read yesterday. She actually sounds much more fired up here.

    Her comment about “uneducated moral snobbery” refers to the constant criticism that she’s not helping the US, and that she should have adopted US children. These views place the US over the world and it is a bit snobbish. A child is a child and helping out is still helping. She has more of a “we are the world” mentality rather than the US over all others.

    Certainly, the US isn’t in the greatest of shape right now, but if you travel a lot, we are doing swimmingly compared to those in refugee camps and living in tent cities. She certainly didn’t put it very well, but I do agree w/the point made.

  27. M says:

    Very deep. Tired of reading celeb interviews about fashion and beauty secrets.

  28. Lucky Charm says:

    @ RedDelicious
    “And her poor kids may be seeing the world, but since they are not growing up in one place, they can’t possibly have stable friendships with kids and are not learning social skills with people that are not immeadeate family. That’s going to make it hard to relate to others later, especially when they start dating.”

    So what about all the children of military parents and all the others who move around a lot? My dad moved just about every year, sometimes twice in the same year, when he was growing up, and he not only makes friends quickly, but he has friends literally all over the world, friends, not just acquaintances. And he has very developed social skills. Probably much better than most people I’ve met. I’d have to say it was BECAUSE OF, NOT IN SPITE OF, all the moving he did as a child.

  29. Morgs says:

    God this b#tch is in love with herself. Bow down.

    And she sounds like she’s related to Norman Bates in the question about her mom.

    Thanks for the chuckles and eyerolls Angie.

  30. lisa says:

    I agree with that comment about “snobbery:

    I agree because time and time again we hear people go on and on about the fact that they have not adopted a child in the US. and her answer was directed towards the people that go on and on about being Pro America.. I have read those comments on this site a great deal. AND on other sites as well. YES that is Snobbery. Just as Sandra Bullock was praise as if she had done this amazing thing because she adopted a child born in the USA. And the same people that make that complaint are the ones that say she and Brad are not doing enough to help people in this country. As she said she made the decisions that she felt were right for her. NOT telling other people what they should support or where. So NO she is not putting anyone down, just defending her right to adopt where she choices and building her family the way they choose. Nothing wrong with that. And it is uneducated when you think that a person living on 3.00 dollars a month is in the same position as poor people on the US that can get help. That help is available.

    so I guess this is the part of her interview that the naysayers were looking for. I guess you have your talking point for the week. Have at it.

  31. Crash2GO2 says:


  32. toto says:

    i can relate to her very much what u say is lies its relative to your experiance..i also was looking weird n ppl comment on the way i look or ware but honestly i had great love at home which made me confident no matter what others tries to put me down therfore i had no problems in school or work bcaz simply im much grounded with love i got home and thats what matters to me.

    so i hope people could see what she is saying is not a lies one side she was called weird n the other side she did not give a sht about what they say ..

  33. bellebeesting says:

    lol…What Taylor B, orginal Kate and Morgs said.

  34. Janeth says:

    This bi*ch has gone mad! She looks beautiful though, obviously photoshop but beautiful none the less.

  35. grumbles says:

    methinks she protest too much…..

  36. toto says:

    problems are what effect us inside and outside but when it does not no matter what others do ,trust me its not a problem at all@ crash2go2 .

  37. lola lola says:

    Oh god, why doesn’t she just go away.

  38. cool beans says:

    I don’t care how much education you have or don’t- it IS morally wrong to say only American kids deserve help- go Angie. Both she & Brad help people from all over the world- Inc the USA. She never said she was bullied in high school- she just wanted out early. The only two FACTS that we know about angie’s high school years is that she graduated 2 years early and was voted best legs her sophmore year.

  39. bellebeesting says:

    BTW, you all do know that this is not really an interview, right? It’s no different than those pre-written responses given by Brit to Cosmo. And frankly, I’d put more money on
    Brit having written her own answers.

  40. Ashley says:

    its Stephen Hawking. So when insulting someone’s intelligence, spell check please.

  41. toto says:

    ashly lol , and tylor b if u think education is school degree then u r missing the real education through a person life of what he see and expeiance she does not need to be stephen hawking nor a degree to make a comment aren’t we all here doing that aren’t we all reponding to you correcting your prespective to our point of view ? why she can say so? so shall we give our graduation certificates and whole life sheet of experiance beforee commenting ?even in news paper or whats so ever? lol

  42. toto says:

    sometimes i feel people who crtique her are having ego issue more than angelina herself .

  43. Lisa S. says:

    @ annaloo: Do not let these celeb woman make you feel that way. They can fake/make up, say whatever they want to the public to try and make their lives seem perfect. I would bet almost anything they their lives are anything but (perfect).

  44. Kelly says:

    Copyright 2009 ParadeNet, Inc. All rights reserved. The material on this site may not be reproduced, except for personal, non-commercial use, and may not be distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used except with the prior written permission of ParadeNet.

  45. Schozzle says:

    “So what about all the children of military parents and all the others who move around a lot?”

    There are plenty of studies that show the children of military parents have trouble being well-adjusted later in life. The military has actually being trying to find ways to keep the families from moving around so much.

  46. Wayne Coxcsmith says:

    I love me some Angelina, what a great lady, she’s like Diana with an edge.

  47. Shawna says:

    I read an article recently about how class distinctions influence shopping — the rich go to Whole Foods, the poor to Super Walmart — so that the rich don’t really ever see obese people and the poor never see skinny people. I know that’s an overgeneralized hypothesis, but I think the kernel is that it’s hard to know what “America” is really like when you live in the upper-upper class. We wouldn’t think about “touring” the US so you can understand where the poor people are…whereas we are constantly told that poor people in need are in other countries. Missionary trips, for example, pound into kids’ heads that the poor are somewhere else. Brad’s work in New Orleans is probably opening her up to more US poverty, though.

  48. tuts says:

    Ha! she made a interview about her ego!
    Adopt kids, charity… Of course the criticism is about other stuff that she pretends never happend. She is begging for attention.

  49. toto says:

    military men are tough as family men , second living in militry camps not like living the place you want willingly specially when u r rich like them and i suppose u may more compare them to ambassador’s life which many would kill for to get such jobs 🙂 i think so

    nice people in here excuse my english ..and weak language . my englsih is not my first language

  50. Beth says:

    This is so much better than Vanity Fair. That reporter seemed much more interested in the scenery than interviewing Angelina. The Parade interviewer actually asked interesting and new questions.

  51. mln says:

    @ lisa I agree with you 100%

    She has the right to raise her children however she wants and also the right to decide where her children are from. And yes it is obnoxious to be judgemental of her because she isn’t doing “enough” because most people whether they are famous or aren’t famous do nothing

  52. DD says:

    I find it amazing that in so many internet biographies about her, just do a google search. They all talk about how she was teased. Well whatever.
    Publicist or no publicist she is obviously very involved in shaping her image, it’s funny that she always wants to immediately let us know she doesn’t have a publicist. I think she says this so we will think she’s not concerned about her image. But nothing is farther from the truth as the Times article revealed and these odd contradicting interviews she’s given over the years.
    The interview is pretty good overall, with only small pockets of stupid.
    And that first photo her head looks way too big for that skeletal body. I hope it’s airbrushed.

  53. Catherine says:

    She’s right. It doesn’t matter where needy children come from. As long as they find a loving home, it shouldn’t matter to those who have an open heart, so I totally agree with her comment. I applaud her for doing something worthwhile for her adopted kids while most sit on their ass on a computer and criticize.

  54. Leek says:

    Everything is better in hindsight and maybe she is just trying to be positive. I can’t let go of my shitty high school experience, so good for her. She is much more evolved than some of us. She had a wild ride and maybe part of her penance is just trying to look back on things in a positive light.

    Sometimes I want to be mad at her for being boring and dating Brad Pitt and not being wild and crazy and not adopting American kids, but in the end she is just trying to be a good person doing the best for her family. Maybe her image, too, but it’s benefiting others so who are we to judge?

  55. Isabella says:

    I like Angelina Jolie, but even I though that this interview was quite pretentious in some areas when she tended to talk about herself and her family. And she does have a habit of contradicting herself and trying to come off as better/smarter/cooler then she really is. I feel that with all the money, fame and admiration she has, she still has an insecurity about her that comes off every time.

  56. bellaluna says:

    Speaking as a child who lived on military bases until I was 19, it is VERY detrimental to military families who are forced to move around so much. I can’t even tell you how many of our neighbours and/or their spouses cheated on or were cheated on while the “active duty” Marine was away. These were people with children.

    And there are no words for how disruptive it is to children’s friendships (and parents’ friendships, for that matter!) to be moving every 18 months or so. It takes awhile to acclimate to a new school, make new friends, etc…Just when you get comfortable, BAM! it’s time to move again. There is no choice, and no one ever asks what you (the child) thinks or how you feel. Behavioural issues, differences in school curriculum, local “customs” (for lack of a better word), and the tension of being teased mercilessly are just a few of the problems military children face. (Mind you, this was pre-cellphone, internet, IM, Skype, and all the other wonderful stuff we have now.)

    @ toto – don’t sweat it, you’re doing just fine! 😀

  57. Conando says:

    Anyone else really like her as a person and humanitarian but think she’s a sucky actress?

  58. daisy424 says:

    Pot callin’ the kettle there.
    Angie is stunning.

  59. mslewis says:

    I love this interview. I have no clue what Parade is but their interviewer is far superior to the writers at Vanity Fair. (Is Parade the magazine found in the Sunday papers? I haven’t purchased a newspaper in four years so I don’t know.)

    I am really sick of people and their faux concern for the Jolie-Pitt children. It’s so ridiculous. These children are lucky to have the parents they have and the opportunity to travel and meet every kind of human being. And for those who say the children have no stability . . . Stability to a child is when they wake up every morning and see the faces of their parents and their siblings. To me it would be poor parenting for a parent to leave their children behind while they go off for months at a time to work on a movie.

    My sister’s husband worked for the state department and she and her children have lived everywhere from Germany to Zaire (now Congo) and her kids (adults now) still have friends from those years. They also speak German, French and Spanish and they are the most outgoing, independent, smart people I know. To them nobody is “strange” which I find amazing. Traveling the world has never been a bad thing.

    As for Angelina’s time in high school . . . there was an hour-long biography done in 2005 on the Biography Channel where one of her teachers and several of her school mates were interviewed and they all seem to have liked her and they followed her when she formed a group to protest the firing of a teacher. I doubt she was ever called strange or weird.

  60. jayjay says:

    Angie has always just made up stories as she goes along. What ever story fits her for the moment is the one she goes with. Folks it is easy to Google her old interviews and read them for yourselves, no need to take my word. Women should have more self respect then to wish their life was like hers or that their children’s were like her children’s. Be proud of yourself, go out every day and be the best you can be. Don’t compare yourself to some celeb that does not even live in the real world.

  61. JJ says:

    1. I like her in most roles.

    2. 10 years ago, I could recall every little insult from high school. Now, as an adult I could care less; it’s called growing up. Couldn’t it be that AJ’s grown up, and not just a liar?

    3. Kids don’t just gravitate to whatever religion they like. Nice in theory but, w/o more exposure than a shelf of books, there’s no way.

  62. Cheyenne says:

    @Leek: let it go, hon. I had a lousy high school experience also but I put it behind me as soon as I graduated. In fact, I didn’t even go to my graduation. The day of my last final exam, I walked out of that place and never looked back. College and the world awaited.

  63. annie says:

    I like Angie, always have, always will

  64. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    Who is she calling “uneducated”? Did she finish high school? She certainly doesn’t have a college education, right? Let me guess, she’s one of those “university of life” people (eye roll). My husband had an “eclectic” “artist” mother who moved her young son across the country and from state to state when it suited her. He had no friends growing up and has issues as an adult. Children need stability and routine. They certainly CAN adapt, but it isn’t ideal. The Jolie-Pitt children are lucky they have each other. They can process their parents’ crazy together and support each other through being raised by narcissists.

  65. Katherine Mac says:

    July 9th, 2010 at 6:42 pm
    I found this statement odd: ‘I’ve never needed to be loved because I’ve had my mother. So I’ve never felt the need to be understood.’

    It’s not odd at all. I, too, felt greatly loved by my mother when I was growing up and because of that I never felt some desperate need to be loved by others. My mother’s love gave me great confidence to be independent and not be swayed by my peers or worry that my way of doing things would be misunderstood. Angelina makes perfect sense. She’s not saying she doesn’t want to be loved.

    Great interview. As an Army brat I find it offensive and rather narrow minded that people make false and negative assumptions about such children. Some of the most productive and social people I know grew up in military and foreign service families. I am always suspicious of “studies” about military families and moving frequently – it has more to do with the spouses not wanting to move and the inability to invest in real estate than it does with any effects on children. So don’t cite some anonymous study without telling us exactly which it is and who did it.

    Those Pitt kids seem very well behaved, healthy and full of fun. They don’t seem to be lacking one darn thing.

  66. Sheisatool says:

    Everything she says is total bullshit!! Does anyone remeber the quote Brad Pitt gave Bild magazine:

    “I’m probably 20 percent atheist and 80 percent agnostic. I don’t think anyone really knows. You’ll either find out or not when you get there, until then there’s no point thinking about it.”

    Her comment:

    We have a bookshelf in the house that has the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, everything. We will take our children to church, temple, Buddhist ceremonies, Mosques, teaching them about all faiths. Whatever religion they choose, the choice will be theirs.”

    Why is he parading his kids to all these religous places if there’s no point ‘thinking about it’. And where are the pictures of them going to all of these places. I call bullshit on every word that dribbles out her mouth.

    She is a total manipulator and her poor kids are going to suffer the most. 30 years from now they are going to be selling their stories to media outlets talking about how their mom screwed them up. Sad.

  67. meadowmuffin says:

    @kelly: did you forget to take your chill pill?

  68. San says:

    I love it when my fav entertainers talk crazy, as in express their thought. Best interview in a while. She knows the truth, people are biggots and that’s why they want them to adopt white American children. It’s the breakdown of the ideal, of the white American photograph. I think it’s great the kids move around. They have four different houses in differ cities ,so four differ sets of friends ,so what.
    Being exposed to different things will keep them from being biggots. An old white lady said she was surprised the Muslim lady that was in front of her was so nice usually they are not . I said is anyone nice these days. Just cause the lady was Muslim and she only new it cause of the scarf on her head. Bigotry!

  69. Rose says:

    Sheisatool, Brad Pitt reached his conclusion about gods or god upon reflection and after he reached maturity- I would imagine. It is perfectly understandable that they would teach their children about all religions while being atheist themselves. I am an atheist, my 19 year old is one, but she can understand and respect people’s faith because she was brought up to do so.
    I hate the negative drivel that appears on this site everytime Angelina gives an interview. The fact that most of it is so poorly thought out is even worse. That is truly ‘sad’.

  70. FreddieH says:

    ”There are plenty of studies that show the children of military parents have trouble being well-adjusted later in life.”

    Eric Harris was one of these(Columbine killer).

  71. pooky says:

    Bitch, please! Why do the interview if you don’t care what people think about you? It’s about promoting HER not the film.

    And I couldn’t care less which country she adopted a child from, it’s that she takes a film crew and magazine team along with her. Children are not PR tools!

  72. Mia says:

    More gimme attention tats, again? Yawn.

    I’m sure she was Miss Popularity in high school. Explains the fact that she wanted to kill herself b/c everyone found her so dark and weird. But I’m just quoting one of her former lives from her Ann Curry interview, not her current version of her former life for this interview.

  73. Kelly says:

    To me she sounds increasingly… whats the word? Externalized.

    Shifting aspects of her life and past around like pieces of furniture, trying to get the optimum setting according to however she feels when questioned.

    As someone with a lot of presumably diverse experience, I’ve yet to be struck by a single original notion that she’s espoused. Which is a bit of a feat when you think about it. It’s always hard to say this about another woman in the public eye, but I just don’t think she’s any great shakes intellectually. I think she controls every public consumption scenario very tightly and is sounding increasingly removed and sanctimonious because of that cheek-clenched stranglehold.
    Will be interesting to hear from her in ten years when the looks have really started to go etc, eh?

  74. lisa says:


    But of course the none fans will watch too.. Just can’t stay away.. LOL

    MTV Rough Cut interviews. This guy has interviewed her before. There are four clips:

  75. Dani says:

    Snobbery, says the woman who was too good to be a bond girl when other actresses much better than her were bond girls, like Halle Berry.

    Can’t stand this woman, such a hypocrite and a liar. Ugh.

    And to everyone trying to make excuses for her lies: they’re lies, plain and simple. You can’t excuse them away just because you like her. She’s not forgetting the past because shes so in the present, that’s just an excuse. And if she told the truth about her past she wouldn’t have to constantly struggle to remember what “story” she told in the first place about things. If she remembers a story from her childhood, 10 years ago, I’m sure she’d remember it now as it obviously has some significance to it, enough for her to remember. But when you LIE about it, and your story changes later, its not that you forgot what happened, it’s that you forgot what lie you told in the first place about said “memory.” And she does this all the time and is constantly changing her stories up. That’s a LIAR, not someone who lives in the present or someone who just forgets things. She’s LYING. Accept it or find another celebrity to make excuses for.

  76. Tazina says:

    Her children may lead unconventional lives from the usual run of the mill US upbringing but why is that of importance to anyone? They seem to be happy, well adjusted rounded children with what looks to be pretty exciting lives. I’d take it! She never parades them around either which some people seem to think she does. I love the comments about her mother – unconditional love that she can draw on for strength….I totally understand what she is saying.

  77. di butler says:

    Eh. All celebs and their kids are pretty weird when it comes down to it. My cousin went to BHH with some famous kids and he said they were all snotty, most not even meaning to be or realizing it due to the entitlement mentality they were raised in. Angie has always been a nutter, but she seems like she is at least interesting, putting her ahead of 99% of all the rest of H’wood. And of course her kids will be confused humans. Duuuh, their parents are some of the most famous ppl on the planet. Maybe they will have acting abilities.

  78. PD says:

    Personally, I like AJ, but I’m more bothered by the comments by people who’re saying that moving around hurts kids and then saying that the Columbine killer was a miltary brat. I’m an ex military wife US Navy submarines and my husband fought for freedom and instead all that’s being said is this. It’s sad and irritating.

  79. toto says:

    hey 57 cool down lol god helps the people who lives with u.u r full of it don’t u hehehe

    very easy to judge people but very hard to understand others too..try once to open yr heart lil and chill , she is no god or religon to follow but she did not lie in here and i read what she said before and i explain it too. and for your information yes people forget the past n live today no body should die of sorrow or of past mistakes we all must go on and find better days to keep in memory she got that chance and she is living it what bothers you ?

  80. toto says:

    pd bless u dear don’t bother yourself sheis talking researches not your life she should not generlise it . bless u sis and all parents who do their best for their own children.

  81. Johnthing says:

    I like her. I bthink she a beautiful talented actress. How she raises her children is her business.

  82. korie says:

    a phony snob — that’s a good description of Angelina Jolie.

  83. azerty says:

    lies.lies.lies. 🙁

  84. DJ says:

    I would like to know what makes this woman think she has a right to talk about morals?

  85. lisa says:

    I guess she is lying because her life if not the one painted on the tabloids

    Whatever.. she is living and enjoying her life while fans and none are sitting on a site discussing every word she says..

    Laughable.. really. If you don’t like her stop reading her interviews.. Stop reading about her.. stop clicking on sites discussing her..

    But you won’t. you can’t..

  86. ! says:


    Fuck you. Seriously. I’m a military kid too and while I don’t necessarily agree that moving a kid around will stunt them emotionally to the point that it merits all this finger pointing, it does have its drawbacks. How dare you suggest that anyone stifle their personal experience or withhold free speech (which your dear, dear husband so valiantly fought for). How dare you.

    As for Angelina not adopting an American kid, I think that’s just people finding excuses to hate on her. If she’d adopted an American child, I’m sure the complaints would have gone the other way. Finding an excuse to hate on others is simply what people do to make themselves feel better: taking others down a peg or two. That’s why we have droves of people acting with faux-concern over the obese.

    BTW glad to see I’m not the only one who seemed to remember Angelina talking about having been teased in school. What someone else said was very spot on; it’s like she’s retroactively rearranging the pieces of her life like furniture, adjusting them as she feels comfortable.

  87. Crash2GO2 says:

    She used to cut herself as a teenager. Does this sound like someone who had a good high school experience? And when she tried going to therapy for ‘extra credit’ she sniffs that it useless and manipulating.

    She’s not had a past filled with butterflies and a mother who was ‘everything’ to her so she needed nothing else. No one can possibly be everything to another person. And if she was all Angie needed, than why was Angie cutting herself?

    No one needs to look up to this person as a role model or feel inferior. She is all mirrors and glamour with a center that doesn’t hold.

  88. cee says:

    Haters are so foolish and narrow minded. They don’t even listen towhat she says. They only look for things to critcize. Well it is their loss. I love beingan Angie fan. And as far as her family goes. It is she and Brad’s business. The VF interviewer seemed more interested in his own opinions than what Angie had to say.

  89. mln says:

    Wow this woman inspires alot of extreme reactions from people. I think she is great personally but Is she perfect OF COURSE NOT. I think her attempts at reaching out through her humanitarian work are genuine. And absolutely she has the right to fight back against the attacks on her family, for the past couple of years the Tabloids have been relentless in their unproven smear campaign and I think many people are just angry because her family hasn’t broken up.

  90. canadianchick says:

    Entertaining interview-people without publicists are more fun to read about. Hope her kids will be okay with the moving, they seem happy in many photos. It’s cool they’ve been exposed to her humanitarian work. And for the military families who’ve served, thanks for trying to keep the world safe.

  91. Yasmine says:

    I actually liked this interview. Who are WE to say that everything she says is lies lies lies? Whatever you may think of her opinions on adoption, I’ll give her one thing: the love she describes for her partner and children is really sincere. I think that she’s a really passionate person and often aggrandizes or gets carried away with things (like calling herself weird before and so on…) But if she aggrandizes her love, both for what she had for her mother and her kids today, then keep aggrandizing some more! We don’t have enough love in the world.

    Also, I may not like everything that comes out of her mouth, but her respect for all religions is commendable. I now respect her for that alone.

  92. Raven says:

    Great article from the part that we’ve seen. Certainly seems to be a Rorschach test for the posters on here, though.

    People grow up and change through experience. The filming showed her a side of the world she’d never seen before and she was able to explore that through UNHCR. She has a high school education, but if she wasn’t bright and savvy she never would have been asked to join the Council on Foreign Relations.

    All this exposure has made her a better mother to her kids. I love the fact that they have each other while traveling all over, because that exposure to the world will make them very well-adjusted adults. I get the impression that her kids have coalesced into this tight family unit that she may not want to disturb with adoptions or other births at this time. I know she has said that she has not ruled out future adoptions, but I think these kids make a great unit now that she may not want to upset. I also think that the home schooling may be a good choice for them as well. I think Maddox was experiencing adjustment problems from all the changes of schools, but he seems to have gotten over that from what we can see.

  93. anon says:

    “Everybody likes to criticize people. It’s an uneducated moral snobbery.”

    Does this mean that I can no longer comment on Lohan?

  94. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    god, people are so ugly.

    Considering the atrocities she’s seen visited upon children, yeah, my perspective on a little teasing would change too. Your perspective changes, you grow up, you simply don’t define things the same way anymore. Compared to what she’s seen, I never had ‘any trouble from anybody’ either. But by all means use this small detail to bash the hell of her as it seems to make you feel better about yourselves.

    People judge her based on their own selfish, shallow outlook.
    ‘She just wants MORE ATTENTION, that’s why she adopts from other countries!!’

    No, that’s just why YOU would do it.

    Compared to other countries, even as bad as some kids have it here, it’s Disneyland compared to other places.

    I don’t know what it is about her but people seem to project every ounce of self-hatred onto her. Her motives must be f*cked because YOUR motives are f*cked. She must be fake because you fear that you are fake.

    I don’t buy every little thing about her life, and I’m very discerning about people, but the more bitter and paranoid people are about her, the more it makes me want to defend her and I don’t even consider myself a ‘fan.’

  95. kaligula says:

    all the writers at VF are inexcusably resting on their laurels. clearly the Parade writer is working harder to get a good story because they haven’t reached the self-satisfied state of being a high-falutin VF staff member. ugh, that magazine is like a high-production value Enquirer lately….

    she’s so lucky to have had a mother like that. what an icon this woman is!!!

  96. constance says:

    It’s hard to find reality when you are inundated with so many perceptions.

  97. Cheyenne says:

    @She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named: Angie has committed the unforgiveable sin — she is happy with Brad and the kids.

    She is not supposed to be happy. Karma isn’t supposed to work like that. She is supposed to be abandoned, miserable, and wearing sackcloth and ashes for the rest of her life after Brad repented, saw the error of his ways, ran back to his ex-wife and they dutifully created and raised a family of blonde-haired-blue-eyed children.

    If she says she’s happy, she must be lying. At least that’s how the haters see it.

  98. Kim says:

    Crash2Go2 I cut myself as a teen because I was being sexually abused . At the same time I had an excellent high school experience. School was my sanctuary , my lifeline. If you think AJ is a fake and a liar stop reading her interviews. Its not complicated.

  99. CB Rawks says:

    That was damn well said! Totally agree.

    “Her motives must be f*cked because YOUR motives are f*cked. She must be fake because you fear that you are fake.”
    I have that as a personal experience. My own mother was incredibly abusive towards me my whole life, accusing me of things that actually described her. Makes you want to hold a mirror up in front of her face while she rants.

  100. Anti-icon says:

    She did the “religion” speil for Parade because she has the image of an agnostic, which is not good for sales of a movie. Vanity Fair is progressive and hip, so the religion stuff isn’t right for it. She’s an astute molder of her own image.

  101. N.D. says:

    This interview turned out to be good after all. The excerpts in the previous post were really misleading. She’s passionate (and opinionated sometimes) about lots of other things besides Brad and kids.

    P.S. jelly haters are a riot. Kind of weird why there are suddenly so many of them here. I was under impression that there were mostly smart and capable of irony ones left on this site.

  102. Morgs says:


    glad I could make you giggle

    keep on keepin’ on lady.

  103. PD says:


    Well said, it takes a lot to get on a blog and tell someone off. I made a generalized statement and you feel the need to have a pissing match. Take it easy princess, you have your opinion and I have mine.

  104. Liana says:

    Considering the atrocities she’s seen visited upon children

    I misread this at first as “Considering the atrocities she’s visited upon children”

    that said, I don’t see anything wrong with this interview. The point of an interview is to get yourself out there, shil your movie, shill yourself, or both. That is the whole purpose, after all.

  105. Liar says:

    Moral snobbery has nothing to do with her being unable to adopt in the US. Jolie used drugs most of her life, she was institutionalised, a homewrecker and Pitt has been arrested before so there is no way in hell either one of them will ever be allowed to adopt in the US. And speaking of morals, this uneducated remedial school educated biatch has less morals than anyone in the entire United States of America.

  106. San says:

    Passionflower, they’d be asking why didn’t she adopt a white baby like they did Sandra.

  107. Reality says:

    All sounds like a fairytale to me. Unfortunately she contradicts herself from previous interviews. Oooops, she can’t seem to keep her lies straight. I would love for her to be genuine and the person she pretends to be in this interview. But opposed to some people who view her through rose colored glasses for whatever reason, I’d respect her if she was truthful albeit flawed. Based on this interview, no one is that perfect. Even Angelina Jolie.

  108. Crash2GO2 says:

    Easy there kim. No need to personalize this. AJ puts herself out there, make inconsistent statements, and you get angry with me because I notice?

    I am sorry about what happened to you as a teenager. That sucks to high heaven. AJ has never said anything about sexual abuse, no there is really no reason to think that was the reason she was cutting herself.

    And Cheyenne: She’s not happy. People who are happy do not have to constantly talk about how happy they are and list for us all the (weird and suspect) reasons why this is so.

  109. Yep says:

    Liar: You’re right, of course, but be prepared for an attack by the crazies who worship this woman and go ballistic at the mere suggestion that Angie is anything but a saint.

    Ps: I’ve also heard that she doesn’t give birth in the US because the kids are born addicted to heroin and, by US law, would be immediately removed from her care. Not claiming this is the absolute truth, but her pre-photoshopped appearance is pretty telling: pale, frail, and downright emaciated. Not a healthy looking woman.

  110. big apple says:

    Yeah! Of course… If she’s doing a interview for sell herself and her poor movie, wonderful for her! But don’t come to me to talk about this ‘moral snobbery bullsh*t’ like she were the last sh*t of the universe, because she’ll listen a resounding ‘sit down and shut up’ from me. Her past condemns herself. She’s creative enough to believe in her own fantasies, but to me, no. I hate cheap philosophy from people who just want to self promote! Oh, and what a shame of those kids! they’ll be so confused, I suspect that Maddox even doesn’t know how to read. And she’s talking about Bible, Torah, Koran… poor creature! Of course those children don’t have any sense about that! She’s a liar… and should learn how to sell her movies with minimal moral without being an obvious snob.

  111. Rose says:

    Poor old Yep, FF is one blog over.

  112. lisa says:

    Some of you are really reaching way up your asses to pull the shit out.. So Brad has been arrested and their children were born drug dependent.. Hmm.. I guess the FFer got tired at home and came here to spread their brand if insane.. and people have the nerve to call their fan base crazy. Lets see..Maddox is almost 9 years old. And in that time please provide proof of something Angelina has done to warrant your attacks. Please provide proof of drug addiction, arrest, police records, proof of lost work.. OH and I heard and the crazy talk you all do at FF does not count. Remember you freaks have claimed she never gave birth. But I guess the story changes from moment to moment. Regarding her education.. she graduated from high school at 16.. 2 years early. again please for us uneducated Angie fan provide solid proof of what you speak. OH and please lets not talk about what she did or did not do when she was 22.. Lets focus on the time of her life after BBT.. She was what 26 or so.. Let us start there..

    because if Angelina is a drug addict she needs to teach a freaking workshop.. She has managed to accomplish a great deal.. but of course the Angie experts will have an answer. NOW please be aware that even though she adopts overseas.. US agencies do home visit and such. Questioning family, friends work associates.

    I will be eagerly awaiting all the proof you experts will provide.. OH and tabloid rumors don’t count. If they did she would have had at least 10+ pregnancies and Brad would be back with Aniston. so see none of that has happened..

    Bring the proof.. We all want to see it.

  113. Lindsay says:

    @Kelly- Ok if you are so concerned stop visiting the site. To put your mind at easy the intellectual copyrights on material published on the internet which can be accessed for free are not nearly as strict as something you would have to pay to read on-line or in print. Laws relating to the internet are still evolving but cited work released freely has never been a highly contested issue. Some sites even appreciate it and benefit from it. The pictures on the site are all from a photo service they pay for or publicly released stills (which they always give proper citation for).

    Other websites will scan in entire articles from magazines, “borrow” photos, or take credit for other people’s work. Those are the real copyright violations you should be protesting if you have this need.

    !- Why did that set you off? She never told anyone to stop speaking. Plus, like too many Americans, you misunderstand the freedom you are standing up for. (Despite the wildly popular belief the First Amendment doesn’t give you the right to say anything, anywhere; It protects you from the government censoring or punishing you for speaking out, with a few specific exceptions.) Angelina has a tattoo saying “know your rights” which is one of a few things she has expressed that I agree with. We should have classes that ensure the average American can at least pass our citizenship test! (Off my soap box – its a pet peeve)

    To me citing one example of a mass murderer as proof of the “damage” done to military families was much more offensive. In both cases he is statistically insignificant, there have be far too many killers and even more children who grew up moving frequently to allow one disturbed (the moving around was far from his only problem and probably not the root of it) young man to represent all military children.

    I’m not a huge fan by any means and know this is futile but – she may have not adopted from the US because the process is long, single mothers are not considered ideal candidates (especially ones with widely known drug histories), and despite the poor state of our foster care system it is still head and shoulders above poorer nations orphanages.

    She did save them from a much worse life than they would have had as an orphan here. So many kids come out of those place with severe psychological disorders at a young age. Like the little boy with attachment disorder the mother ‘returned’ to the orphanage in Russia.

  114. Camille says:

    July 10th, 2010 at 12:21 pm: Well said, I couldn’t agree with you more.

    July 10th, 2010 at 2:31 pm: I also agree with this comment. Spot on!

    People really love to just project their BS onto her don’t they.
    I guess if she talked about shallow subjects as what she eats (or doesn’t), her hair cut, tanning, shopping and beauty secrets then people would like her more 😆 .
    I liked this interview, she came across great in my opinion. Nothing to hate on here, unless you are crazy and just want to read far more into it all.

  115. Lindsay says:

    Liar: When was Brad Pitt arrested? I couldn’t find anything on Google except a lame joke about the FBI arresting him for designing a Trojan Horse to attack a company called Troy.

  116. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:


    I’m sorry to hear that you had to go through that. I was a cutter during my teen years (and some time beyond) as well. Luckily (seriously), I eventually had a complete collapse and was forced to put school on hold a couple of times and get extensive professional care. I have been so fortunate in that regard, and I hope you’re now carrying the peace that you deserve in your heart and wear your battle scars as badges of pride and not old wounds. I empathize entirely, and so I send you my blessings, humble though they may be.

  117. Rhiley says:

    I liked this interview up until AJ started talking about how the life Brad lives now is very different from the life he knew growing up… I do not know Brad or anyone who has ever met Brad but from what I have read about him in magazines, he is from middle America and he has a pretty close knit family. I have always believed that Brad was raised by parents who are still married, still love each other, love their children to depths that words will never adequately express, and now, love their grandchildren equally as strong. If we are to believe about Brad Pitt’s childhood/adolescence what has been written in People, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, etc. over the last 20 some odd years, he isn’t moving passed what he knew growing up but rather seems to be passing on to his children precisely what he knew growing up: respect, autonomy, and an understanding of what it truly means to be rich in love.

  118. Lindsay says:

    Rose- What is FF?

    Big Apple- Can you tell someone can’t read by looking at photos? That is a strange super power 😉 He is what 7,8,9 something and in a great private school – one of the best, I’m sure they have taught him to read by now, even if he is home schooled on and off.

    If not they should fire the private tutors and have him tested to make sure his illiteracy is not caused by a problem. For example: dyslexia, the Ambien and “special juice” I hear she gives them every night so they don’t interrupt her sleep, moving constantly, Jennifer Aniston…

    I am glad to see 100+ comments and this is the first mention. Maybe people are moving on! WARNING: The last three are totally made up, disregard if you do not have a sense of humor.

  119. lucy2 says:

    It’s an interesting interview, Parade sometimes has good stuff.

    I agree with her that it doesn’t matter where kids are born, there are kids in need all over the world, US and beyond. Anytime someone is willing and able to provide a home and family for them, it’s all good, and family planning decisions are best left to the family itself. The “uneducated moral snobbery” was a bit much though. There are far better ways to answer that question. A less insulting response might even make some of those critics think about her reasons and maybe even come to understand them.

    However, I also have to agree that the US vs foreign adoption policies probably are a factor as well, but I don’t expect to ever hear a celeb admit to that.

    Some of what she says is interesting and seems sincere, especially when talking about her mother, but a good majority of the rest of it comes off a little forced to me, just trying too hard to project a certain image. Brad’s far worse about it than she is, but maybe it’s rubbing off on her a bit. Anyway, eventually it becomes contradictory, or at the very least tiresome.

    And generally, the more celebs talk about being oblivious to their publicity and gossip, the less I believe it. Especially when it’s a celeb who is very often described, by people in the know, as PR savvy and image conscious.

  120. Cheyenne says:

    @Crash: “She’s not happy”? ‘Scuse me, but how do you know? We’re supposed to accept your word for it?

    People who are happy usually want to share that fact with others. They have no reason to hide it. You don’t want her to be happy, Crashie, so you keep insisting that she isn’t. Sorry, but you know the old saying — if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. So giddy-up.

  121. GrrrlGrace says:

    I’m not a Jolie fan, but wow, I don’t hate her like so many of you do on this thread. Yeh, she slept with a married man and that was wrong(um, newsflash, an act which has a bit of history in humanity). She has a past of using drugs as well.So, should all former drug-users and adulterers be considered false or fake in any future actions of good will? I have a father who thinks otherwise, and a few other relatives as well.
    Oh, btw, those who are ripping into her the deepest, I DOUBT that your pasts have not one speck on them.

    AJ is insanely popular, making a bazillion dollars a year working part time, and you’re all type type typing away about her every word. WHO’S IN CHARGE?

    PS don’t judge someone unless you’ve walked in their shoes. And for God sake find someone else to pick on, it’s getting old.

  122. Mia says:

    Self righteous posters really get on their high horses about other posters at times. Mmm just cuz yer mom had issues don’t project those on people on a gossip site who dare gossip. And then call it projection? Hold up your “family issues mirror” on yourself, doesn’t mean it applies to anybody but you.

    It’s called celebitchy for a reason. Bitchin about celebs is fun.
    Don’t read too deeply into it.

    You’ll notice Angie said she never reads it anyway, so it’s not exactly going to affect her. K?

    Unless it makes you feel better about your own weirdo issues about your mom. Then by all means, judge people who dare gossip and bitch about celebs on a gossip and bitchin’ site. But we probably will continue to gossip regardless of your family’s issues.

  123. CB Rawks says:

    Mia, your rant against my comment had nothing to do with me and was frankly insane and rabid. And you seem to have blended me with several other people here.
    My innocuous comment responding to someone else really struck a nerve apparently, but there’s no way to predict that, especially when you don’t realise there’s an insane person reading. (I’ll have to edit constantly now to protect the insane people. Sigh.)
    I think you should take a step back off YOUR high horse actually, focus, and then remind yourself what a total bitch you are before you press Submit.

  124. 6 says:

    I think that celebs get attacked for their interviews because we help support them by reading the interviews and seeing their movies. Publicity, good or bad, is what keeps them in their mansions. If you are going to open up your private life like that then what do you expect? Plenty of celebs seem to get through life without making their private life so public and spewing all their personal details. The reason some people read her interviews is to see what kooky shit she is saying this time. Angie, JUST SHUT UP.

  125. jazzazz says:

    I’m too lazy to look up what she may or may not have said about her high school experience… but who gives a crap really? What I did see was someone quoting wikipedia w/ regards to her HS experience. Who believes ANYTHING they read on wikipedia? Give her a break… when I think about high school, sometimes I remember being cool and sometimes I doubt it. Maybe she had a bad day and was feeling insecure one day and looked bad on high school more sadly JEEEEEZ!

  126. jazzazz says:

    And person that picked on her elbows… umm, LAAAAAAAAAAME.

  127. Ogechi says:

    This woman please, go away. I can’t stand u.

  128. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Cheyenne: LOL! How did you know I love to ride?

    Seriously though, I have no personal vested interest in Angelina, and by your history of posts, you clearly do. You are the one who desperately needs the two of them to be happy, and go on attack mode complete with ‘STFU’ etc to anyone who dares to have a different opinion.

    I’m simply stating my beliefs by what I see, read, and know about her past. Our perspectives differ. No need to personalize it and call names my dear.


  129. teri says:

    Loved the interview. Looking forward to seeing SALT.

  130. Jillian says:

    @mimi- I grew up Unitarian Universalist, a religion that teaches kids about all the religions. I’m not confused. I’m going to be a church organist and I don’t care which denomination. It’s only unorthodox if you’re going by one book.

  131. Lindsay says:

    The print interview is pretty good as well an different than what is online.

  132. gorilla says:

    i personally don’t think exposing kids to all different religions would confuse them, because when you really look into different faiths they all really come down to the same stuff, people don’t like to see or believe that but it’s very true… each tends to boil down to love, whether that’s continued to be the point of it over time or not, the basis of them are all the same, so i think it’d just show kids how alike humans are, we are all very different too, but the same at the same time.

  133. Cheyenne says:

    @crash: Nice try. But no one would make a flat-out pronouncement that “She’s not happy”, without any proof to back it up, unless they simply didn’t want her to be happy and resented that she is. (I would imagine what you “see, read and know” is pretty much garned from the tabloids, which, as you must admit, are not the most reliable sources of information.)

    If she says she is happy, why would anyone have a problem with that?

    @lindsay: FF is a website that you can reach by going here: . Find the Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt tab and click. You might want to take an anti-emetic pill before you read some of the comments. Some of the people posting on that web site need to be locked up.

  134. OC lady says:

    @gorilla. Nice post & I agree. The golden rule is also common to many religions. It roughly boils down to “Do onto others as you would want them to do onto you.” You’ll see it in the bible–“judge not lest yea be judged more harshly.” So, treat people in the way you yourself would want others to treat you. In addition, other common themes abound in many religions around the world about basic decent behavior. If you focus on these positive aspects in each religion, then it might be ok.

  135. Majosha says:

    @Crash: Excellent post. And you bring up an interesting point about Cheyenne and her seemingly boundless obsession with the Angelina fairytale. She’s even cast Aniston as the villain, and herself as the loyal defender of Angie’s honor, to complete the fantasy. Bizarre.

    Oh, and Cheyenne, the people behind Female First should give you an award or something for all the traffic you’ve sent their way (complete with instructions on how to find the Angelina-related threads). Unfortunately, you’re giving them the last laugh without even knowing it.

  136. Cheyenne says:

    @Maj: You just had to drag the ex into it, didn’t you? I left her in the obscurity she belongs in months ago. What’s she got to do with anything? Zero. Zilch. Nada.

  137. OC lady says:

    @Cheyenne. I went to the site, and now I feel SICK. That was bad. Really bad.

    They call her whore, cunt, bitch, heroin junkie, skeletina, mommy dearest, an abusive mother, etc. One thread called “JOLIE IS A MONSTER,” the posters talk about calling Child Protective Services to have her kids taken away b/c the poster KNOWS that she is abusing her kids. I can’t believe people are this crazy over some celeb. It’s way beyond normal when you are contemplating taking action against her.

    Honestly, I think these people are misogynists. It’s sad that these posters are women themselves and use such anti-women language. The sheer anger expressed in the posts says volumes about these people. No one lives with Jolie to be able to say what she’s really like.

    These people should get together with Mel Gibson. They have LOTS in common. Gibson can find his ideal mate there.

    And, the place is called Female First. Can any name be less appropriate? Ironically, some of the posters express love and adoration for Aniston. I guess they can’t get over that 6 yr old divorce? I don’t think Aniston would want such nasty people as fans. I certainly wouldn’t.

  138. Sofia says:

    The only part that really got me was what I perceive as the “dig” against Brad’s upbringing. Rhiley, I totally agree with your comment that from all that I have read about Brad’s family they are good, honest, God-fearing ordinary folk. So what is there for him to turn against? Makes you wonder if all the stuff we read about Angie not getting along with his family isn’t true. There have always been many stories about how his family didn’t like Angie and how she called them “the simple folk.” No matter what, I thought it was a cheap dig against a good family.

    Someone asked if there was anyone who liked her but not her acting abilities. Me right here. I think she was good in Gia and Girl, Interrupted but that she wasn’t acting and only playing herself. Absolutely crazy and a self admitted addict at the time she shot Gia. Her other roles have’t impressed me at all, and some are laughable. But I think the award shows are so much about popularity and lobbying in Hollywood, which is why she gets nominated. That being said, she is my favorite celeb that I “love to hate.” I think she is full of it, but I love reading about her, because she is so interesting! Angie is never boring. And I do respect her ability to manipulate her PR. She really is brilliant at that and she always gets our tongues wagging! There should be public relations courses built around this woman!

    And the comments about her Mom were sweet, but I believe that relationship was strained too. I remember the articles that came out about her sleeping with her Mother’s boyfriend. I totally believe that. Her past actions with men have shown that pattern over and over – needing to be desired and loved by men for fulfillment, even to the point of luring them away from other women. I think she and her Mom were close, but it wasn’t all butterflies and rainbows as she tries to make us believe nowadays.

    Can’t wait for more interviews in the coming weeks!

  139. Josephina says:

    Someone earlier posted a challenge and I second the notion:

    To all of the haters of Jolie-

    Simply provide the proof that she was a drug addict. There is a difference between a user and an addict. If I only smoke marijuana at parties on social occasions, does that make me a pothead? You see a pothead does not need a reason to smoke…

    She slept with married men… that means more than one. Give some names, please. Provide some proof.

    Hey folks, you do not have to like her, but damn, must you LIE about her too? The things you say are more than just “opinions.”

    There are too many on this site that are close-minded or ignnorant about cultures outside of the U.S. I am in disbelief that anyone here thinks that there should be a pecking order as to where she/or any woman should adopt. Were you equally upset when Katherine Heigl adopted from another country and she is married?

    She travels a lot so it should seem natural that Angie’s boundaries to search for a child extend obviously beyond the U.S. Why is this concept so difficult for some of you?

  140. Music says:

    I never been to Femele First but I heard its like the number 1 AJ bashing site. Do you think Aniston or any other celeb cares who else you like? They only are happy you pay to see THEIR movie, buy their album and purchase their products.

    Aniston haters are just as crazy, but I have NEVER EVER seen the hate towards her that is for Jolie who has done nothing, but do her own type of movies, be with her children, and her partner/hubby and dosen’t seem to be hurting anyone.

    AJ can be a lot to take in but she isnt bad.

  141. Liana says:

    let’s also keep in mind that Jennifer Aniston has never done anything other than have her husband leave her… for whatever reason. The Aniston haters are just as full of vitriol as the Jolie haters. And frankly, it’s ridiculous on ALL sides. Are there actors I don’t like? Of course. But I don’t feel the need to spew nastiness about them (most of the time – I am not a saint, after all).

    I’ve never been much of an Angelina Jolie fan, but the more nastiness I see written about her, the more I feel somewhat protective of her. Not like those scary stalker-fans, but in a woman to woman kind of way.

    (And Female First is anything BUT. It’s really a nasty little place)

  142. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Cheyenne: You don’t think that her own words in this interview are ‘accurate’? Or in the last interview that was posted here? Don’t assume my knowledge is from tabloids. I don’t even read the things. Tabloids are useless publications where you learn ‘facts’ like rickets is caused by lack of calcium. And I’ve never been to FF, but it sounds like you need to stop going there. No one needs to plunge themselves into senseless vitriol and then bring it relatively sensible sites like CB.


  143. TaylorB says:


    You are dead right, I did spell his name wrong, typos and spelling errors do happen to everyone. But as it bothered you to the point you mentioned it, Mea Culpa.

    I think my comment came across poorly and that is my fault. I just found the comment funny. To criticize people for being too critical? Just kinda struck my funny bone.

  144. Anon says:

    Female First is a vile, nasty site where they actually trace the ancestry of the Pitt and Voight families to see if they are “Monarch Slaves”, claim Angelina is into voodoo hocas pocas crap (but if you take a look at the person claiming it, you realize that is the one trying to caste evil “spells” on the Jolie-Pitts.) Any site that claims Knox and Vivienne are inflicted with illnesses because their parents don’t have them out in public more often AND DAMN IF THEY DO HAVE THEM OUT, BECAUSE THAT IS WRONG TOO ACCORDING TO “FEMALE FIRSTERS”. Everything done by Angelina is picked apart by these vile posters.
    Why, you can even see them post that Jennifer has the right to steal Angelina’s kids, JUST THE BIO ONES…she can keep the adopted, they are not wanted….and Brad can come home to Jen finally. Such is the life of the Female Firsters. Their ONLY life.

    Rock on, Brad and Angelina. Keep living your lives, helping others and grow old together with ALL your kids. Personally, I think the Pitt and Voight families have grown in many ways from the union of Angelina and Pitt. They are never stagnant or dead-ended.

  145. frank carter says:

    In my humble opinion this Angelina takes the cake, tattoos on her butt all over her. Had all kinds of lovers males and females, would not surprise me if she had a free for all sex party in her home…Pitt must been blind she has bird legs false boobs, and he selected her to be the mother of her kids? let’s faced it Brat before long you will be making child support payment. We heard that she caught you playing house with the maid…..and they criticize Mel Gibson…heavens knows what this people say in private????

  146. Jeri says:

    Angelina is very much like Lindsay Lohan. The only reality they recognize is what appeals to them. No one that does not believe as they do is allowed to be heard or considered.

    What education does Angelina (or Lindsay) have? Didn’t they both drop out before getting a high school diploma.

    Although education does not mean you are smart, a lot of educated people are stupid.

  147. Evee says:

    She of all people in the whole world to speak about morals and illiterate comments of others toward her. Angelina you are full of yourself and full of BS, to speak of others morality, while you cheated with married men, lied, did illegal drugs, and now you consider yourself a moral person, just because UN made you a Goodwill Ambassador, does not mean you are someone to be listed to. UN take anyone that has millions.