Pamela Anderson: “I think I should just age, I don’t feel the need to chase youth”


The last time we checked in with Pamela Anderson’s broke ass, she looked like hot death at some event in England. Less than a month later, she’s back in Las Vegas, and she’s looking okay. Perhaps the sunglasses are fooling my eyes? With her sunglasses on, you can’t really make out how jacked her face is, although there’s a hint of it in her drawn-on eyebrows. Oh, and she just celebrated her 43rd birthday too. Does she look good for her age? Eh.

Whoops, did I say that Pam’s face is jacked? I meant, “all natural”. That’s what Pam is claiming in a new interview in Fabulous Magazine, the Sunday magazine for The News of the World. She claims that she hasn’t done Botox because it “scares” her. All of the sketchy men she’s been with, and Botox is what scares her? The full article is here, here are some of the highlights:

On Botox and aging: “I haven’t done Botox. I don’t like all that facial stuff. It scares me. You see these people who have had it, and they all look the same. I just don’t think I should go that way, especially at 43. I think I should just age. I’ve never been the prettiest person, and I don’t feel I need to chase youth.”

On being shocking: “There are two things about me that always shocks people: I’m always on time and I can take 40 outfits in one bag,” she says. A feat of packing mastery? Or judging by today’s outfit, perhaps it’s because all her skirts are the size of a handkerchief.

On finally ending it with Tommy Lee: “I have tortured myself over it for years and was devastated and depressed for much of the last 15 years about that relationship. It’s mostly about the kids. I think I’ve just tried to attach myself to anybody who’d create a family, but the people I attracted weren’t really the fairy tale I planned. I think I’d just rather be alone and take care of my kids and wait it out. Something will happen one day. If not, my kids will look after me.”

On being single: “It’s a lot less annoying. It’s nice. I have interesting, intelligent men to flirt with and then I come home. And I enjoy it.”

Maybe she’ll get back together with Tommy? “Tommy? Life’s not over yet,” she says. She looks sad for a moment, but then rallies. “Of course we love each other. But we don’t have to live together. Romance is tragic, so let’s leave it. My parents are still together and madly in love.”

On her quickie marriage & annulment to Rick Soloman: “Well, it was annulled. So that tells you right there. He was a friend for a really long time. I think Las Vegas took its toll – too many bottles of champagne. We did something really silly and immediately rectified it.”

On the sex tape: “I still have to talk to my kids about it all the time. There was a tape and we were very much in love and obviously you regret it, but you can’t take it back and that’s what you have to deal with.” But she says she and Tommy were both happy to tape their infamous romp. “I don’t think it’s bizarre. I think a lot of people do it. I’ve never seen it. Tommy told me not to watch it. He said: ‘You’ll go crazy.’ So I would never watch it.” So, would she ever tape sex again? “No! I might never have sex again!” But she’s laughing as she says it.

On her older son Brandon being protective and sensitive: “I like that wild spirit, and that’s important. It’s the toughest thing in the world to be a parent and I haven’t given them the easiest thing in the world to deal with. They hear things in school – ‘I saw your mum in Playboy’ – and all that. Brandon is very protective. Things will get to him. He’s very emotional. He says: ‘Dad? I don’t care what they say about him. But if they say anything about my mum’ He’s very sensitive.”

On Tommy Lee as a father: Do they spend a lot of time with their dad? “No, they don’t. I think they will spend more time with him when they are older, but Tommy is eternally 16.” She says this with sadness, not frustration. Does she not like them being with him? “No, it’s not that. He spends as much time with them as he can. I just came to the realization that our relationship,” she falters, then shrugs. “It just is what it is.”

On being sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars because of her neverending Malibu home construction: “They [the contractors] were spending all this money on the house that I wasn’t intending. Then I had to pay my taxes and people who owed me money couldn’t pay me. It was my fault because I didn’t manage it properly and I think I was an easy target. But everything’s OK now.”

Does she worry about sun damage? “No.” She looks amazed. “The sun feels great. I don’t put a lot of effort into myself with beauty products and haircare,” she says. “I haven’t had a facial for a while. I like to be natural.”

[From Fabulous Magazine]

Eh. I think she’s full of sh-t, talking about how she’s not Botoxed or nip-tucked on her face, but I don’t think she’s, like, a Nicole Kidman or someone like that. I think Pam gets her lips done and she has something temporary done to her eyes, because lately, her eyes go back and forth from looking very strange to quite normal. I also think that she doesn’t really care how leathery her skin looks after years of sun damage, so if she doesn’t care, why should I? I found all of the Tommy stuff interesting too – I really think they’re still totally in love with each other, even after all of these years. Crazy.

Here’s a photo of Pam from a month ago…



Pam on July 10, 2010 in Las Vegas, and on June 10, in LA. Credit: WENN.

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  1. bizzy says:

    she just celebrated her 43rd birthday too. Does she look good for her age?

    jeezloiuz i’m two years older than her and she looks like my mother. if my mother was a slap-faced crack!ho.

    also, never mind the eyebrows, stop drawing on mouth where there clearly isn’t mouth.

  2. mslewis says:

    I think the botox has made her delusional!! That stuff is poison you know and it has probably messed with her brain.

  3. Shay says:

    Maybe one day she’ll grow up and get over exposing her nipples. She looks like an aged porno actress. Not a sophisticated look.

  4. Tess says:

    She was a very pretty girl up in Canada.

  5. snowball says:

    She’s a walking/staggering contradiction. She says she’s given up on Tommy, yet she clearly hasn’t. She says she’s okay with being alone, but she seems desperate to not be alone. She says she wants to be natural, but she’s got those monster implants, an inch of makeup on, dyes her hair, wears impossibly high heels and seems to get incredibly drunk, to what end?

    Nothing about her is natural. Maybe her tan, because I can see her lounging around naked, bombed out of her mind, crying for Tommy, while he bangs four skanky bimbos.

    She’s going to be trying to look like one of his groupies for the rest of her life, trying to get him back.

  6. malachais says:

    She’s interesting, and has remained in the limelight due of America’s fascination with Blonde hair and big boobs.

    I like her though, and I respect the fact that she owns up to all of her past “mistakes and talks to her kids about it.

  7. Jackson says:

    I think she’s had things done to her face too. But….I like her attitude – I only hope for her that she means it and it’s not just posturing because it sounds like the right thing to say. That being said, she could look *infinitely* better with a little different makeup. That frosty, pale nonsense looks good on no one. No one. Softer, warmer tones would help to soften her look, and she should go gradually a bit warmer/darker in hair color also. Bleached out hair, leather skin and frosty pale makeup is not a good look and it ages her tremendously.

  8. Canucklehead says:

    “I think I should just age….”

    Too late, it’s already happened. She looks completely dessicated.

    Was she ever sexy? I know she was trampy, but actually sexy? Maybe to NASCAR fans. Sexy like “Paint on the side of my van” sexy.

  9. Ogechi says:

    I love the interview. She is so sweet and humble especially “I’ve never been the prettiest person, and I don’t feel I need to chase youth.”
    I am 26years old and I’ve never thought of when and how I wld age.. My mummy looks super in her 40s after eight living children and also a grand mum. Maybe because she is just a black woman who appreciates the things of nature. Palm-oil is good for the face. Anything chemical is bad- call it botox or whatever.

  10. Marjalane says:

    I think she’s a pretty classsic example of what hard livin’ will do to you! It’s the perpetual partying that seems to take the life out of your face- and those sharpie drawn lips and eyebrows aren’t helping. She is funny though- she seemed to have some pretty good quips when she was on DWTS.

  11. jen says:

    “I don’t put a lot of effort into myself with beauty products and haircare.”

    LOL-Ya Think??

  12. blaugaro says:

    I would say she’s right, her face is natural, she has lines and thin lips. I also think she is quite an intelligent woman, just obsessed with being a playboy bunny. At least she is true to herself and and realistic: she knows who she is, she has invented this public person, the woman that she’s now, and doesn’t want to change. Good for her for accepting that even playmates get old, not everyone in this business can assume that.
    And by the way, why should she sptop trying to be sexy just because she’s 40? For you, her look is trashy, for her it’s sexy.

  13. Samigirl says:

    Nobody is gonna comment on the rip in the white dress…in the bosom area? That is TRASHY, sister.

  14. Lisa S. says:

    Ok those pics of her make me grateful that I have stopped bleaching my hair and that I try to stay out of the sun for the most part. But I will say, she sounds very down to earth.

  15. Crash2GO2 says:

    That is not the forehead of a botoxed woman.

  16. sally says:

    Oh, Pam. Tone down the hair, get some bangs, stop drawing outside of your lips. Stop painting those silly eyebrows on.

  17. DD says:

    I never looked at her closely before so I don’t know if she’s had work done before, but nothing looks botoxed or plump now. If you look at her lips they dont have that weird plump look. What they do have is badly drawn lip liner outside her lips which if you don’t look closely you can confuse with a lip job. She has lots of lines and definitely is aging worse than most actresses her age. At least she doesn’t sound holier than thou and I can appreciate that.

  18. Me1st says:

    samigirl, I was wondering about that too. she looks like a pig just with that…come on, a tear in you area with the most assets???

  19. bellaluna says:

    Maybe she’s just reached the “max-limit” on plastic surgeries, since she’s had so many of them starting young. Or maybe she’s finally realised enough of her parts are plastic, and she doesn’t want the “full Heidi”.

    I just think it’s a shame what women & girls do to themselves in pursuit of “perfection”.

  20. KsGirl says:

    I’ve never really thought that Pammy has had many/any facial procedures. Is there not some kind of inherent conflict with criticizing someone for looking wrinkled and dessicated AND also criticizing them for being botoxed and ‘done’ (facially, I mean)? I might buy that she has her lips done (but yeah, as someone else said, you can see where she outlines outside the lips with lipliner – it could be just that) but she’s not botoxed – she’s got eye and forehead wrinkles and has for awhile.

    It’s interesting the vitriol she gets. Imo she has actually had a lot less done than many in HW and is one of the very few actresses who seem to be OK with getting a few wrinkles and losing that plump glow of youth. This is what happens, people! We age, and this is what it looks like.

    Would she look better without the bleached hair, heavy makeup and teeny clothes? Imo, yes. But I don’t really think that justifies the bile directed towards her sometimes.

  21. IceKitty says:

    I don’t see any rip in her dress. All I see is a button that looks droopy. No rip.

  22. denise says:

    I like Pam, and when she cleans up she still looks good.

  23. Paula says:

    If she’s had Botox or other facial treatments done, she deserves a refund because her forehead has distinct creases.

    I’m two years older than Pam, and every time I look at a photo of her, Elle, or other tanned entertainers and former models in their 40s, I’m grateful I was never a sun worshipper.

    Photos of Pam when she was first discovered while in her 20s show a very pretty woman with a slender figure. Too bad she had to ruin her looks with enormous breast implants and years of tanning and hard living.

  24. GrnMtGirl says:

    Maybe she should chase Health…

  25. jane16 says:

    Usually run into her several times a year. She does look reeeeallly old for her age, but, she’s always nice and friendly to everyone she sees.

  26. original kate says:

    “I like to be natural.”

    is she for real? the only natural part of her is…no, there is no natural part of her.

  27. sunnyjyl says:

    Pam is a kindhearted person. She is absolutely beautiful on the inside, and that is all that counts in my book. Yeah, her life has seen some real hardship. I appreciate that she owns her life, and takes responsibility for her choices.

  28. guilty pleasures says:

    I still think she is adorable. Every time I see her in an interview situation she comes across as cute, quirky, kind…Canadian!
    A little r&r, less lip liner, a size larger clothing and an inch lower hem..voila! A serious cutie-patootie.

  29. jc126 says:

    No matter how contradictory she might be, and the bad decisions she makes, I find her very likable. I did think her prettiest look was before she was with Tommy.

  30. moo says:

    Love the fly on her boobs!!!! She must smell old too!!!! hahahahahahahaha!!!

  31. Me says:

    I can’t help it, I love her.

  32. Kimberly says:


    Someone must have showed her a picture of how ridiculous she looks.

    Even if she has a kind heart, her brain thought she was still a 14 year old girl who reads her daddy’s playboys.

  33. Liana says:

    “I think I should just age….”

    But not at the speed of sound!

  34. CB Rawks says:

    Painting your lipstick up over the actual lipline isn’t fooling anyone, honey. It just makes you look like you have poor motor skills.

  35. Anti-icon says:

    Sometimes, even morons say the most enlightened things.

  36. mak says:

    I think she’s had only breasts done permanently.Possibly tummy.Seen a few pix which lips look a bit temporarily “augmented” but I think this is all.Bet she wears retainers or invisaline too.I know a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills whom I asked if Pam had something done to her inner lower butt where it tends to sag over time and he said “no” and”if she had I’d know.”This was after that Baywatch Hawaiian wedding movie which came out around 2003.I have asked people in malibu what she looks like, how tall, what is she like and they say Pamela is prettier in person,very natural, always barefoot and fairly tall w/a nice figure. Also rather quiet and polite.

  37. mak says:

    anyone ever met her? How tall is a question I have seen alot.