Kate Hudson says she hates it when magazines airbrush her eyes blue

Neither Kate Hudson or Matthew McConaughey was looking their best at the London premiere of their adventure caper Fool’s Gold last night. Hudson was swimming in a sea green silk John Galliano kimono-like dress while McConaughey’s hair looked more suited for a sock hop than a 2008 film premiere. He must be in that awkward stage between clean cut and scruffy, desperately trying to grow his hair out but unable to style it other than to poof it up.

Hudson gave an interview at the premiere last night and explained that she has green eyes and really hates it when she sees them airbrushed blue on the covers of magazines. From the way she phrased her answer, it sounds like someone specifically asked her about airbrushing:

“I just tend to let those things go. I can’t tell you how many covers of magazines I’ve been on when my eyes were blue.

“I don’t have blue eyes. I have green eyes. So, you just kind of go with it, you know, it’s like it is what it is and that’s what people do, you know.”

[From InTheNews.co.uk]

Hudson also said that she drives McConaughey crazy when she’s late for interviews they’re doing together, and McConaughey said that they’re good friends that drive each other crazy:

“He can’t stand it when I’m late,” she explained. “It drives him crazy when I’m late. And every time I come to an appointment he just looks at me and he tells me I’m tardy.

“Every time I’m, like, ten minutes late, he pulls this little face.”

But Hudson’s lack of punctuality will not prevent McConaughey from making a third film with her, the Texan actor said at the premiere at London’s Vue West End cinema.

“We are super close and we just, for some reason, really connected from the first movie we did,” he revealed.

“It continues and, like any good relationship you have with your friends, it can drive you a little crazy… We drive each other crazy, but in a good way – in a sort of loving way.”

[From InTheNews.co.uk]

I wouldn’t mind it if I was a starlet who had my fat and fine lines smoothed out for magazine covers as long as it wasn’t too obvious, but you can see how Hudson gets annoyed that they make her eyes blue. Why would they do that? Aren’t green eyes pretty too? I zoomed in on Hudson’s face and her eyes are lovely but the color isn’t that deep. Maybe editors think that the eyes should “pop” more to sell copies. It looks like no body feature is immune on the covers of magazines. The results are just an ideal version of an already gorgeous person. The emotional part of me sees those magazine covers and thinks I need to get my teeth bleached, get botox and lose 15 pounds while my logical mind fights to tell me that it’s all the magic of Photoshop. It’s hard to escape those fake images of women staring back at you perfectly, accusingly.

Also doesn’t McConaughey seem like the person most likely to be late among these two? I’m kind of surprised that mr. laid back natural smell is punctual enough to care if someone else is ten minutes late.

Thanks to WENN for these photos.

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  1. Arwen says:

    Gorgeous dress. WANT.

  2. Mairead says:

    It’s a lovely dress although a little Blanche Devereuxeque – but BD rocked, so it’s ok 🙂 .
    It IS a glorious colour. I covet that colour.

  3. FF says:

    “The results are just an ideal version of an already gorgeous person.”

    CB, it actually becomes what magazine editors consider “ideal”, rather than an ideal version – or what magazine editors consider to be the “ideal” that will rock the boat least with their shareholders – and therein lies the problem.

    It seems harmless on the surface but conducted en masse it’s a distortion of image on a massive scale which always seems to dovetail in the same “ideal” repeated over and over – until some people respond to little else but that and it’s replication.

  4. Megan says:

    I love the dress, apart from the top half, which looks like a sweater. It’s too baggy and doesn’t fit her very well. Matthew McConaughey looks like a stupid Ken doll, as he usually does.

    Airbrushing eyes seems like a daft thing to do, I guess the editors just get carried away in Photoshop.

  5. Maria says:


    Meh…I like her natural eye color because it’s, well, natural. 😉

  6. geronimo says:

    Dress gorgeous, colour fab on her, Matthew McC not so much. Since I read that post about him refusing to use deoderant, he’s not working for me at all.

  7. KLO says:

    They both look like they had to do their own hair for the event 😀

    But yea, don’t be hard on the man for the hairdo, because i have the same curly hair as he does and it can be real hell to style them when they’re so short. 😀

    Airbrushing eye color? No comment…

  8. daisy says:

    airbrush her eyes and photoshopped her boobs girl is as flat as an ironing board

  9. Cindy Kennedy says:

    Most magazines won’t feature any model that doesn’t have blue eyes, so this is no surprise. When will they wake up and realize that beauty comes in all different colors.

  10. iheartlasagne says:

    I really want to love the dress, but I just…can’t. Lovely color, though.

  11. TT says:

    I once got a magazine (I think it was Glamour) with Kate Beckinsale, who has brown eyes, on the cover, and they’d airbrushed her eyes blue! It looked bizarre, but what was weirdest was that the interviewer actually mentioned how pretty Kate’s (normal, brown) eyes were.

  12. Lana says:

    Poor lil’ thing – doesn’t like her eyes airbrushed…..

    Meanwhile, people are dying over in Iraq and the economy’s flushed down the loo…..

    I ask you, who cares about Kate’s eyes??!! Who cares about Kate?