Third Mel Gibson audio: “You’re a f-cking mentally deprived idiot”

Photo by: JA/SevenPix/ 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2/1/10 Mel Gibson at the premiere of Edge of Darkness . (Madrid, Spain)

The third tape is here, on Radar. The third f-cking tape of Mel acting like a f-cking a-hole. All of those people who claim that Mel was just having one bad day? That he was stressed out once and to make himself feel better he just had to relax by calling his ex-girlfriend a c-nt who would be raped by a pack of n-ggers and that he would bury her in the rose garden because she deserved it? Yeah. Bullsh-t. This is who he is.

This third tape is interesting for several reasons. First, Mel uses the work “wetbacks”. So he’s an equal opportunity offender. Secondly, Oksana gives him some fight during his tirade, yelling back a little and defending herself. But even she can’t keep up with the torrent of abuse Mel throws at her.

Here are some of the highlights of the conversation:

Mel: “You’re a f*cking mentally deprived idiot. You’re a f*cking using whore…I own you… You don’t count.”

Mel: The baby should be here and she work at my house.
Oksana: The baby is with me, where I am. You’re insane.
Mel: “I will fire (name omitted) if she’s at your house. I will make it known and fire her. I’ll report her to the f *cking people that take f *cking money from the wetbacks, ok?”

Mel: “I’m paying my tax money instead of the credit card (bill). Don’t you get it?”

Oksana: “You made me moneyless.” Oksana tells Mel. “I used to have hundred thousand dollars a year when you met me. You took me, you possessed me. Everything I am you own me with my liver and my kidneys and my thoughts and my soul. Everything! My career, whatever it is. Pathetic career. Whatever it is, it’s yours. You control me like marionette. I don’t belong to myself, only to you. I can’t do anything and I walk on eggshells always with you!
Mel: “That’s because you’re a f *cking using whore! Now, I own you. F*ck you. You’re a f*cking whore.”

Oksana: “I’ve given you everything. I’ve been your woman. I’ve given you a child.”
Mel: “You would have done it for any f*cking (person),” Mel screams. “You probably f*cked (name omitted). I know you did.”
Oksana “I’ve never had a bad word said about me in entire life. And then you’re telling me you’re taking away whatever pennies you’ve given me? I don’t have anything because I’ve given you my life. Three years now!”
Mel: “I gave you everything. Don’t you dare f*cking complain to me! I don’t f*ckin’ hear you! You don’t f *cking count! You’re a f*cking using whore!”

Oksana: “I’m not the whore and I’m not the bitch and I’m not the c*nt and I’m not the user and I’m not the thief and all those words. And I’m not a liar. All this, all this lies. All this lies. I’m not a whore or c*nt or thief or prostitute or anything that you call me. I’m not a user. I’m not a gold digger. I don’t have any money and no property assigned to me. That’s a gold digger for you? Are you insane? Yes, you are of course. We can hear that because you’re screaming.”

Oksana: “You f *ckin’ ignorant bitch?! I don’t understand you! You’re saying stupid sh*t! How dare you f *cking even insult me with some of the stupid reasoning you have? Your logic sucks, because you’re a f *cking mentally deprived idiot!”

Mel: Go look after my child!
Oksana: She’s my child too.
Mel: Yeah I know, unfortunately you c*nt whore! I hope she doesn’t turn out like you!

[From Radar]

After listening to this, I feel strongly that Oksana does want money from Mel, but not if it means that Mel spends any time with Lucia. I think that Mel probably withheld money as a form of abuse, and that might have set up the current situation more than anything else.

TMZ is reporting that Oksana’s dentist is going to be called as a witness at Mel and Oksana’s custody dispute too. This is the guy who saw whether or not Oksana’s face was bruised and whether Mel really did break her teeth. TMZ’s sources say that the dentist took photos of Oksana’s injuries.

PARIS - FEBRUARY 04: U.S Actor Mel Gibson poses during a photocall for the 'Edge of Darkness' film at Hotel Bristol on February 4, 2010 in Paris, France. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

42447, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Saturday July 10, 2010. Oksana Grigorieva, Mel Gibson's ex-girlfriend, leaves a Ralphs grocery store in Los Angeles. Mel Gibson was recently caught on tape admitting he punched the mother of his love child. Photograph: James Breeden/Jordan Lockhart/Pacific Coast

Mel Gibson posing for the Photocall of ' Edge of Darkness ' at the Bristol Hotel in Paris, France February 4, 2010. Photo by Frederic Nebinger/ABACAPRESS.COM

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  1. denise says:

    Enough with Mel Gibson news. Nothing more can be shocking at this point.

  2. Reason says:

    He is a menace to women and to society at large. I hope he never has another date in his life. Wow. Now that is abuse!

  3. lena says:

    Let’s see he’s attacked jews, women, blacks, hispanics, gays, and the mentally handicapped…did i miss any group of people??? All he needs to do is attack Asians and Native Americans and I think he’ll cover insulting every group.

  4. a says:

    evil man.

  5. Obvious says:

    So I actually listened to one of the tapes….is it just me or is Oksana drugged or something? Her words seem added in and read from a script.

    not saying these aren’t horrible and unexcuseable but i just find it so weird that she’s just like “please be nice” instead of ripping him a new one or hanging up on him.

    :edit: i just read the excerpt, congrats to her for finding her back bone. I can’t help but wonder if she’s still speaking with no emotion again-guess i’ll find out tonight.

  6. K-MAC says:

    It makes me sad to think how many people still support him. This is a sick man who is dangerous. Some of the things he says remind me of a guy I once dated for about a year. He just terrible things to me, but no one believed me. I finally left because I (no one) deserves to be treated that way. From time to time I see this person and he acts calm and normal, but I know who he is and he does not fool me. This IS who Mel Gibson is and has been for the better part of his life.

  7. Ogechi says:

    Poor Mel Gibson — he got sucked in by the gold digger – a good for nothing- she was before she met Mel Gibson -She hit the Jackpot meeting him – Manipulated him to Leave/Divorce his wife after so many years of marriage – manage to get pregnant , Now living in his Million dollar property and he is paying her child support on a weekly basis. She is saying or getting her friends to say – so it can get leaked to the public and she can destroy his reputation and create her own fame

    It was all planned on her behalf – Jealousy and where she comes from is very very common for women to do this to men (seduce) they have no morals, no respect, no dignity,they just do anything for money [an uncle of mine was a victim]. Mel Gibson realized his mistake but there is no stopping the lazy gold digger now ….. why did she use a tape ??? who taped Mel Gibson? ??who linked the tape out???? it is illegal to tape someone anyway why is it being investigated by police if it is him or not???

    I hope she gets nothing from him,… but i think its too late. Somehow I think she purposely did this to him since he was already vulnerable. He said he had no friends and she was his only friend. Why destroy him, why???? why???

  8. Jazz says:

    A friend of mine is in an abusive relationship and she has said the same thing, about walking on eggshells. Unfortunately she’s heard all this before, the insane rantings, the tone of voice, the insane logic.

  9. susieqinBA says:

    Funny how Mel’s lawyers throw something out (extortion, getting therapy) and then Oks lawyers throw something back bigger and harder!

    the dentist has “powerful” evidence!

    This is getting to be an interesting ping-pong match!

  10. bellaluna says:

    Just can’t read any more of this. I skipped the story and just came to comment – as a former battered woman, this is my last click on a story involving MG. I just cannot do it.

  11. Praise St. Angie! says:

    denise, I disagree.

    as long as there are people still defending this psycho, this stuff needs to be put out there. I’d like to see what it will take to change their minds.

    (spoiler: probably NOTHING could change their minds.)

  12. Feebee says:

    It’s more of the same but still shocking to realise if she has this much taped how much she must have had to contend with untaped.

    This behaviour can’t have start happening overnight? Makes me wonder about his marriage. Not necessarily that he was abusive to Robyn but maybe he’s having an extreme mid-life change of personality, or it was always there and something happened to make the surface crack, thus the divorce and now this shit.

    Not excusing it away, just wondering about the root of evil.

  13. moo says:

    ENOUGH with this crap!!! We all know what a horrible scum bag this guy is now, ok???? shit.

  14. Anne de Vries says:

    I think that Mel probably withheld money as a form of abuse, and that might have set up the current situation more than anything else.

    That’s a very good point. Keep her dependent and it becomes a whole lot harder to ‘just leave’.

    What I get from this rant is that she’s not even a person to him. She’s an object he tried to use to fill some sort of hole he felt in his life, something that Robyn wasn’t fulfilling. A shiny trophy on his arm. Someone to worship him like he feels he ought to be. And when it turned out she was a person, with opinions on her own he got nasty. Her feelings don’t matter. “You don’t count”

  15. mila says:

    @Ogechi, you’re joking right?I certainly hope it is some form of a sarcasm cause if it’s not-what’s wrong with you?

  16. GrnMtGirl says:

    This is the first time I’ve listened to any of Mel’s rage-filled rantings. WOW!!

    I don’t understand how anyone can back him up…What a mean, angry, awful person he has proven himself to be.

  17. Kitten says:

    She taped him without his knowledge . She broke up his marrage . He is mentaly ill and dose not know what he’s saying . She set him up . I feel no pity for her . How could she sleep with someone who uses the n word ? What dose that say about her ? He’s mentaly ill it’s not his fault .

  18. bagladey says:

    This is bad. He’s just ugh – horrible, nasty, he’s a tyrant, and she’s a gold digger.

  19. Brittney says:

    Hrm, I believe you accidentally attributed some of his quotes to Oksana in the above transcript. Kind of confusing.

  20. kellogg says:


  21. Anti-icon says:

    “After listening to this, I feel strongly that Oksana does want money from Mel, but not if it means that Mel spends any time with Lucia. I think that Mel probably withheld money as a form of abuse, and that might have set up the current situation more than anything else.”

    Ding, ding, we have a winner. This. Is. What. Is. Going. Down. Gold-Digger’s Handbook Style. She Wrote The Handbook.

  22. Iggles says:

    This man is evil. Pure evil.

    I don’t understand how anyone could argue in his favor. Nothing this woman has done justifies his horrible behavior and words towards her. Whether or not she is a golddigger is a moot point. He is a psychopath.

    @ Praise St. Angie!:
    as long as there are people still defending this psycho, this stuff needs to be put out there. I’d like to see what it will take to change their minds.

    (spoiler: probably NOTHING could change their minds.)

    Yea, even if he put in the hospital (or worse ended her life) there would still be people saying, “She’s a gold digger, so she had it coming!” or “She drove him to it!”. So sick..

  23. ligeia says:

    look more victim blaming comments from women! i hope you bitches get abused at some point in your lives–so that other heartless dumb females can point a finger at you and say that you deserved it. i am simply speechless.

  24. beachygrl says:

    Just another display from TWO HORRIBLE people. She is just a straight up gold digging worthless leg-spread female that used the only thing she had to bag yet another actor but this time she did it with an actor that is mentally unstable at the time. They both get what they deserve but I feel sorry for the little baby girl and her brother. She is a poor example of a mother/woman and he is a poor example of a father/man. She taped it so of course she played nice on the tape, wouldn’t you!!!! He’ll have taped her at one point and her colors will be even brighter just no GREEN like she wanted!!!

  25. Jackson says:

    Some of these posts just baffle me. I can only conclude that these ‘pro-Mel Gibson’ posts are coming from either A, someone who works for him to try to put some sympathy out there for him or B, they come from a fellow abuser. Grammar and sentence structure are ok so I left off C, children who don’t know any better. I seriously feel sorry for those of you that have taken up for him and ‘understand’ his point of view. Good luck in life.

  26. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Gold Diggers usually get the money, don’t get verbally abused and physically abused. It also sounds to me Oksana would have stayed with Mel if he hadn’t hit her. If you listen to the 2nd tapes, Mel is angry one she filed a restraining order and two that she left him. Once he hit her with the baby in her arms she was done. The people saying Oksana had something to do with this or she played Mel are making my skin crawl. Thats complete bulls*it. No woman wants this and I think if Mel had shown his true crazy ass colors she would have never gone near him.

    Mel showed his true colors back when he made that comment when he got arrested but we let it go a little. Now Mel is walking around with his ass completely out and there is just no defending this man, for ANY reason.

  27. K-MAC says:

    @ Ogechi….obviously you have never been around or dated an abusive person. You think she is destroying him? Wow, calling a woman a c*nt, b*tch, whore, slut, saying she needs to be raped by a back of n*ggers and it would be her fault? wow! Ogechi, you might need to rethink your view here. NO ONE deserves this abuse. NO ONE! If she is a gold digger Mel could have left or said he is pissed and this relationship is not for him, but he says vile things, I mean horribly vile words. Saying she needs a bat to the head is absolutely unacceptable. How would you like it if someone spoke to you or one of your friends in this manner? This is crazy making and places Oskana in a tough position: Tape the calls or not? Stay and get abused or leave and have her name dragged through the mud.
    All relationships have problems, but this is not a relationship, this is a dictatorship and he is in control of everything….not to mention it will take her a while to build her self esteem after this mess.

  28. Persistent Cat says:

    @ kitten, he broke up his marriage.

    @ kitten, anti-icon, beachygrl and especially ogechi, you sicken me. What in the world does being a gold digger have to do with anything. No one cares when a man goes after a younger woman with huge breasts but a woman goes after a rich guy and she’s a whore that deserves it?

    @obvious, the goal is to stay calm. You male him madder, he’s going to drive over and beat her (or worse, kill her).

  29. xxodettexx says:

    @Ogechi, kitten and beachygrl, on behalf of any and all women that have been abused or will be abused: SO SORRY that we do not all react the same, SO SORRY that all abused women do not have cameras following them around 24/7 so some of us have to be devious and tape the men on the DL just to get justice [or at least piece of mind for the day the douche DOES come to kill or physically harm us], SO SORRY that we do not read men’s minds and know when someone is hiding a hideous heart and soul like this so we do not hook up with them to begin with, SO SORRY that a woman u love and u are related to has not gone through what oksana, me and some women commentors on this blog have gone through so you can know and feel what it is like to be terrorized by someone we once loved or were affectionate with

    again, SO SORRY us abused women are causing poor wittle mel gibson’s life to go up in flames…

    i mean, for fraks sake, even if she intended to record him for future pay, she didnt put those words in his mouth, she didnt speak for him, his hate did, his ignorance did, his ill-mind spoke those words…

    stupid ignorant asses defending an abuser, grrrrrrrrrrr

  30. Shelby says:

    Even if she is a gold-digger who taped the phone calls, she didn’t write him a script to follow.He said all of those things of his own volition. I doubt she broke up his marriage. His wife had one foot out the door after he blamed the Jews for all the wars.
    And if you were the victim of this type of vitriolic hate speech, I would hope to God that you would get it on tape in case something happened to you or you had to go to court.

  31. lucy2 says:

    I agree PCat – no matter what she did or didn’t do, no one deserves to be treated like that – it’s ABUSE.
    I’d be willing to be good money she’s not the only person he’s ever talked to like that, threatened, etc.
    The saddest part is that there’s a baby involved.

  32. Twez says:

    Having a personality disorder isn’t the same as being mentally ill. True mental illness can be addressed with medication and some life skills training. A personality disorder is WHO YOU ARE, and you have to be highly motivated (and highly intelligent) to do the therapy which teaches you to live differently. Some people do so because of the havoc in their relationships, but it is often the nature of the personality disorder for the person to think that there is nothing wrong with them, that everyone else has or is the problem. Coincidentally, that’s also a symptom of an active alcoholic.

  33. Eileen Yover says:

    FYI for the people who can’t understand why she was with him as long as she was: abusers don’t walk up to you and say “Hi you whore, I’m going to bury you in a rose garden.” They are totally perfect charming and amazing in the beginning, then slowly begin the mind-f#ck. Then all the sudden you’ve left your home, your family and friends because he has managed to seclude you from everyone and the only person left your close with is screaming at you and beating the crap out of you.
    If I was with someone and shared a child with someone with the wealth of MG and had to go through what she did….I would absolutely seek monetary payment for the damages he’s caused her emotionally and physically. My best friend is going through this. She divorced a very wealthy guy from Greece who ranted and raved verbally abused her and their two boys. The divorce was horrible and she took less so she would have primary custody of the kids. Then out of the blue a year after their divorce which was a few months ago, he attacked her in the Starbucks parking lot when they were meeting to exchange the kids. Three men had to peel him off of her and she was beat up bad. Now she’s filing a civil suit against him for money. She is trying to get her CPA, the kids are in therapy to learn to deal with what they saw, plus he was physically abusing the kids. Every time she tried to go to the courts to keep him from the kids and say he’s dangerous, he would smooth talk them as Mr. Columbia educated dad of the year. She lost her home and is living with her mother.
    It makes me sad to see people passing judgment on someone when you have no idea what went on behind closed doors. Yet you have the evidence of what she went through right on tape!

  34. Ogechi says:

    @K-MAC: ‘Wow, calling a woman a c*nt, b*tch, whore, slut, saying she needs to be raped by a back of n*ggers and it would be her fault?’

    Seriously? I didn’t listen nor hear this. I was bitter bcos she obviously manipulated him to Leave his wife after so many years of marriage. But if he said those words-that is wrong and i feel ashamed that i defended him.I seriously apologize for doing so.

    My dear, I have never been abused in my life. I tell u, it wont happen becos the guy will rot in jail. Besides, I am a practicing christain. Such men cannot near my dwelling place.

  35. RhymesWithSilver says:

    @obvious- I bet she sounds flat and artificial on the tapes because her first language is Russian; Russian and English put stress on different parts of a sentence. It can be hard to master-if you were so scared or angry you could barely think straight, you would lose all the inflection and end up sounding weird and flat.

    Mel and Oksana seem like two pieces of work, but he’s clearly a psycho. If he really did break her teeth, they should throw him in jail. Then he can get real cozy with some white supremacist gang members, especially once the lights go out.

  36. Reason says:

    At this point, perhaps you should stop with the Mel postings, only because posters here are further victimizing Oksana.

    Nobody “deserves” abuse. Nobody manipulates someone into abusing them. Mel is an abuser. Pure and simple. Anyone who abuses like this has been doing it for many, many years – which obviously includes his first wife Robyn. Good for her for getting out.

    Thank goodness Oksana had the sense to tape this stuff. I’m sure it has been going for quite some time.

    You people who are further victimizing her are just as bad as Mel. You are vile.

  37. Reason says:

    And another thing … I am positive that Robyn wanted out for a long time but I am sure that he would NOT allow it … until he met Oksana. Robyn probably skipped so happily away from him.

  38. sassenach says:

    Wow! This is a wonderfully written and snarky blog. It deserves to have better posters than the mel-defenders posting here. I wish there was an ignore button so we could avoid certain posters because this is just damn ridiculous.

  39. zorro says:

    i had been a fan of gibson twenty some odd years ago, but that started to fade before his own personal pandora’s box was opened.

    all of this came as no surprise to me. about fifteen years ago I read in a magazine article about gibson–at the time of his film “maverick”–where jodie foster was quoted as saying that he had a lot of rage.

    richard donner (director of lethal weapon) said the same thing. around the same time, susan sarandon had even compared him to Attila the Hun.

    so i think hollywood is well aware of who the real mel gibson is. so why whoopi goldberg would defend him as non-racist is completely delusional.

  40. Cirque28 says:

    Let’s count the ways he’s abused her that we KNOW about:


    And for you scanty few Mel apologists, if you don’t know anything about domestic violence, try reading up.

    I hope he does time over this. (Which will only cement his belief that he is the REAL victim. But he thought that anyway.)

    @Eileen Yover: YES, exactly.

  41. K-MAC says:

    @ Eileen Yover……That is exactly how it starts!!!! You are spot on! Thank you for your post.

  42. Cammi says:

    What a set up: “I gave you a baby.” That was the gold digger’s ticket to his money, not a gift. At her age, she knew how babies were made and must have tried very hard to concieve.

    And for the people who are talking about domestic violence. Yes, we know how it begins: two people with extremly low self-esteem; because someone with high self-esteem would never be attracted to an abuser or an addict.

  43. Lucy says:

    I have to wonder – what would have happened if this all hadn’t come out? Would she end up dead, what about the child? Shouldn’t people be glad that this came out and that this poor excuse for a man will (hopefully) be unable to work again and inflate his ego even more?

    I strongly dislike the thinking that the mistress FORCED the man to leave his wife. They’re grown men, they made their own damn choice.

  44. Eileen Yover says:

    Wow Cammi: kudos to you for having this all figured out and neatly wrapped up into the low self esteem package.
    Whatever helps you justify the blaming the victim mindset you obviously have.

  45. Missfit says:

    I think the problem that these abusive men is that they think they can say what they want, control the woman how they want and they want the female to keep her mouth shut. Then even if these women keep their mouths shut, if their life is in danger, it will still be in danger, even if they keep “calm.” Guys that have threatened those women…if they really want to hurt them, they will do it no matter what. So they might as well speak up for themselves. They can’t just sit tight, look pretty and flutter their eyelashes. I have even read stories how women took actions to pressing charges and putting restraining orders against abusive men and they were still killed or seriously damaged and hurt in some way. Most of the time was because the cops didn’t take them too seriously and maybe because they were “average janes” and no one “too special” or “famous” for the cops. Look at Nicole Simpson, she died any damn way, poor thing. So, no, I’ve never been in an abusive relationship, incase some people say…”You don’t know what it’s like.” But I saw my mother go through it several times with her sleezy men that she would always put before us kids. I was always her back bone and stuck up for her and I’d grab something to hit the fuckers with or I’d call the cops. I told myself if I ever got with a man, I wouldn’t put up with his bullshit and that was that. As for these two, they both need help in their own separate different ways…especially him. Maybe he should get his own recordings too of his own.

  46. nnn says:

    No disrespect for you Ogechi but seriously you don’t seem to have a sense of persepective and you often play the double standard.

    I have seen you backing up Julia Roberts no mather what, including the fact that she payed and did a nasty compaign towards a married woman with kids so that she would back off and grant the divorce to the man she wanted.

    Now there is BAD and EVIL and you tend to have in your scale of values : mistresses and affairs as the most evil more than anything else, the one who is co-doing the sin, the man being absolved of the crime of course. Weird that you can’t keep on blaming Brad Pitt but back up that a** MEL !

    You cast stones to women wihout having evidence of what went wrong in a marriage, Blaming 100 % one party absolving the other without knowing the intimate details.

    But then come the Mel Gibson case and here again, you blame the victim because she supposedly caused the end of his marriage…as if she caused it alone ! To hell the fact that it’s irrelevant to this case, to hell the fact that he said that he left his wife because they didn’t share a common moral ground, to hell the fact that there were rumors before of Mel having mistresses during his marriage.

    You even go as far as saying how she manipulated him, painting her as a ‘SHARK’ your word excusing in the process the fact that he abused her and their daughter, threaten to kill her, punched her, humiliated her, trashed her, spate her out like a peice of sh*t, denied her existence and own value as a human being…even a fly would probably get more respect to him that the mother of his child.

    No minimum of respect for the victim whatsoever here because, hey, she is a so called siner and manipulated him to do that.

    Sorry for my rant, but i find that kind of logic revolting and a serious dig in the face of all female victims of abuses who at 90 % are fingerpointed on suspicipous of manipulating, conninving, provoking those ‘babies’ who are tougher, stronger and can get away with their sins until they commit the unrepearable and actually kill their victim. But then it’s too late to feel sorry for the victom, right !

    What he HAS done is at minimum a criminal offence and there is no excuse for the unexcusable.

    He is a major despicable, sadistic revoling coward C*nt with a capital C and I hope he goes to jail where other prisonners will give him a taste of his medecine, because even there there is a code in crimes…they despise those who use women and children as punching bags..


  47. Jen D says:

    “Seriously? I didn’t listen nor hear this. I was bitter bcos she obviously manipulated him to Leave his wife after so many years of marriage. But if he said those words-that is wrong and i feel ashamed that i defended him.I seriously apologize for doing so.”

    @Ogeshi: You were bitter? Was it on behalf of Mel Gibson? Because I suggest you get over it. Why did the fact that she “obviously manipulated him to leave his wife” override the fact that he’s been accused of something that’s far worse?

    “My dear, I have never been abused in my life. I tell u, it wont happen becos the guy will rot in jail. Besides, I am a practicing christain. Such men cannot near my dwelling place”

    You do realize the irony of your last statement, right?

    @sassenach – Good point, and I love your name;)

  48. angelika says:

    I m shocked!!!I cant believe i was defending him!!He speaks like a truck driver..I can never imagine he is a billioner!This talk about money and employing Mexican nanny is disgusting..First time all of a sudden i felt sorry for her..Money definetly cant buy class

  49. Mistral says:

    Can’t get over all of the people who are so fiercely hating on Oksana (and being racist about it, too, with all of their suggestions that gold-digging and “ruining men” and STDs are common traits of Eastern European women!). If she sounds calm, she is trying to reason with an out-of-control crazed person. She has obviously gone through a lot of shit with Mel (mental and physical) and she sounds somewhat numbed, and tired of it. She is obviously trying to sound emotionless for the most part, because that is how you deal with people who are freaking out–you try to not give them any emotion to feed off of, so that they might realize in some part of their brain that they are off the rails and need to step the hell back and calm down.

    When I hear the shit coming out of Mel, I don’t hate him at all; I feel very sorry for him and all of the people in his life. People like Mel need a lot of professional help. They are tormented, and in turn torment those who are closest to them. They make life hell for those closest to them and themselves. You hear the crazy rage and hate in his voice, you hear the loss of control. He is in the grips of some powerful demons, for sure. But, if he wants to change, it is possible. If he really tries, he can control those addictions/rage/mental illnesses he has…He has to want to do it, though.

  50. jeannified says:

    Nah…nothing more that he says can shock me anymore. He’s said it all. What a mess he is! He’s in deep doo-doo!

  51. Pix says:

    What’s interesting about the Mel defenders is that they view being a “gold digger” as much worst than a man who physically and emotionally abuses another human being.
    On the same note – if the woman did “manipulate” a man into leaving his wife she somehow deserves to be abused?
    You must live really dark, sad lives to be OK with this type of logic.

  52. jane16 says:

    I find it extremely disturbing that anyone could defend this pig. Everyone is Hwood knows what a demented psycho MG is, and neither my husband nor I have ever heard anyone say they want to work on one of his projects or that he’s a nice guy. A lot of us thought his wife was insane for staying with him and were happy for her when she finally got wise and walked. MG is insane & should be locked up. Kudos to Oksana for having the moxie to out him, I’m so sick of the Hwood spin machines and pr flacks and their totally fake images.

    Those of you who defend this creep need to do some serious soul searching. Yes, there are tacky, annoying women in the world and golddiggers, but no one deserves to be treated in such a disgusting manner.

  53. hmmm says:

    LOVE ANGELINA said it best:

    “Gold Diggers usually get the money, don’t get verbally abused and physically abused. It also sounds to me Oksana would have stayed with Mel if he hadn’t hit her. If you listen to the 2nd tapes, Mel is angry one she filed a restraining order and two that she left him. Once he hit her with the baby in her arms she was done. The people saying Oksana had something to do with this or she played Mel are making my skin crawl. Thats complete bulls*it. No woman wants this and I think if Mel had shown his true crazy ass colors she would have never gone near him.”

    I don’t get how she can be called a gold digger. She’s not only exposing Mel for the ass that he is, but she is opening herself up to be abused by strangers who think they know better. This can’t be fun. She may have let his abuse slide when it came to herself, but as soon as her baby became vulnerable to his abuse, she said that’s it. As far as money goes, she had her own money. Mel kept her from doing anything; thus not making more of her own money. Just who is manipulating who here? The last thing someone who has been abused wants is to stir up more trouble with the abuser. She obviously put up with a lot and couldn’t take it anymore. No one would have believed her without the tapes. Here he is on tape, admitting to hitting her, calling her every name in the book, and people still take his side! If you listen to the tapes, yes she’s trying to be calm, occasionally trying to get a word in and he’s still ranting like a mad man!! She didn’t need to say a word for him to go off on her! She’s not ‘tricking’ him into being an ass, he’s just naturally that way. How hard is that to understand?!

    He was jealous of the attention she was giving her baby. She was too tired to give him what he ‘desearves’. Someone to ‘smile and blow’ him. He is the baby’s father. This is a man talking to the mother of his child (albeit his 100th). He has no respect for anyone and thinks he’s entitled to speak to her anyway he wants to.

    Robyn surly endured years of abuse. I think I saw her at an awards show, once. In his entire career. Obviously, I missed a few public appearances, but who knows anything about her? She was home raising his kids and taking his sh!t. Should she be considered a gold digger? She stuck with him for 28 years and had baby after baby (sarcasm). Oksana freed her from this jerk. If Oksana wasn’t a mom already she may have held on for a longer time and been completely dependent on Mel. She shows she has a brain by recording him and leaving him. So being smart and strong and a protective mother now makes a woman a gold digger. I thought gold diggers were women who had nothing to offer a guy except sex. Not women who get the hell away from them after they knock their teeth out… while holding their baby.

  54. nj says:

    When you are the kind of person who takes up with a married father and gets pregnant on purpose, then maybe you shouldn’t be surprised when things don’t turn out to be all peaches and cream.
    She’s done the get-knocked-up with a Star thing before. I understand that accidents happen, but this was no accident. She thought she’d trap the massively rich Mel and she didn’t care who she hurt. And now its blowing up in her freaky face. Hah! Good.
    Karma has teeth, and it can bite. Hard.

  55. Persistent Cat says:

    You’re a vile human being, #54. How is it karma to get your teeth knocked out? Answer me that one, you idiot. He was married, not her. He got her pregnant. He knocked her teeth out and threatened to kill her. That’s karma? What kind of sick household do you live in?

    And Cammi, you are so wrong. It’s not a self-esteem thing so just stop.

    All of you people who say she’s a gold digger so she deserved it sicken me. There are laws to make sure prisoners are treated better than that, no person can speak to another person that way, let alone physically harm them.

    And shut up with the karma comments. It’s so stupid and annoying.

  56. OC lady says:

    @nj. GOsh, you know Oksana so well! Are you her cousin? I love it when people pretend they know EXACTLY what occured in a relationship w/out any evidence. Talk about letting your prejudice do the talking. At the very least, you can listen to the tapes and consider the other evidence out there.

    Acc. to Mel’s OTHER mistress before Oksana, Mel absolutely refused to wear condoms. So, it might have been HIS idea to trap her. The other mistress said she ran away from him when he became threatening to her and tried to stalk her. If you listen to the tapes, Oksana was trying to get away from him. She filed a restraining order, and had refused to talk to him. He then told her to “stay on the phone or he would drive down there!” clearly threatening her. Mel has a pattern of abuse towards others. By blaming this all on Oksana as her “karma”–you are blaming the victim and excusing his abuse. Congratulations.

  57. viper says:

    You know what I just realized, there is a child in this equation and he just flat out insinuated that the little one could become like her mother is the way he sees her. The other option is the baby turing out to be like her father…

  58. angelika says:

    I should admit i tried to excuse him after two first tapes.. I thought all this violent bursts of anger were due to a heartbreak..Some people might get very destructive after breakup,even to themselves. But somehow third tape stand out strongly:
    From what i heared ,i concluded that this man looked upon this woman as his ‘business project’..And he is just pissed off that he couldnt make any money out of her..He actually USED her
    and when her carrier didnt take off and he wanted to get rid of her,he found her and a baby as a burden..There was never true love on his part..

    @Ogeshi..What do you mean she comes from a place with no morals?Russian guy ll never talk to a woman this way even if she is cheapest street prostitute.They respect woman.(though i know they are always portraited as bad guys in Hollywood movies)Well MG always played a Hero..Just be honest with yourself and try to give an unbiased opinion about this situation,specially since u are practicing christian..

  59. Pix says:

    To NJ – You talk about Karma? What type of karma is coming your way by taking pleasure out of someone getting “knocked in the teeth.”
    I’m serious – take a long hard look at your sad, sad world.

  60. Welllookatu says:

    Ogechi- Are you out of your mind? Have you even bothered to listen/read any of what this moron has said? He is a poor excuse for a human being. “Practicing Christian” , Really? You are gonna play the religion card?

    I hope she gets nothing from him,… but i think its too late. Somehow I think she purposely did this to him since he was already vulnerable. He said he had no friends and she was his only friend. Why destroy him, why???? why???

    Did you even bother to read this after you posted it? He has done a perfectly fine job of destroying himself. you can HEAR him saying these vile things to her and admitting he has hit her. How in the WORLD can you blame her for destroying him? It is just mind boggling

    No one, absolutely no freaking one deserves to be treated the way that this woman has, and it would behoove you to remember that this is just what we have HEARD.

  61. Eileen Yover says:

    In Ogechi’s defense-I get a big feeling she is extremely naive, immature and has a huge case of celebrity-worship. I’ve wanted to reply on several comments she’s made, but its like banging your head against a wall when trying to get through to someone who has obviously lived a sheltered short life thus far.
    One can only hope it continues to be sheltered or she’s in BIG trouble.

  62. angelika says:

    And i dont even think it is about money..Even she wouldnt get anything,good she taped him..At least people might stop thinking of her as a goold digger..If she didnt record those conversations,nobody would have believed her..Nobody would know the truth..People should know who are their Heros….Wow what a waste..Because he is really talanted a clever..And so low and cheap at the same time..Life is a puzzle,things not always what they seem to be..I m still under shock..

    By the way,this is the most politicaly correct site,comments on others are afwul,Mel people blaming everything on her nationality..So pathetic

  63. benny says:

    He’s what, 60? And people think he’s the “victim” of a gold-digger? What the hell ELSE did he think she saw in him? His lovely personality? Of COURSE she only saw dollars signs – and he knew that, all along. He was willing to use his money to buy her, and then he has the nerve to call HER names? He knew exactly what he was doing – buying a much younger girl with his money. So he’s stuck with a “gold-digger” – well, that’s exactly what he wanted.

    On the other hand, I don’t think she knew exactly what she was getting. Gibson, despite his public drunken tirade, was able to hide most of his worst personality traits from the public. I’m not sure she was aware of just how insane and evil he was when they hooked up. That’s the difference. He knew what he was getting; she didn’t.

  64. Macheath says:

    And the most logical comment awards go to Eileen Yover and Benny.
    I was about to tear my hair out until I read your comments. Thank you both for writing sense.

  65. CB Rawks says:

    There are several trolls here that are just loving this topic. They are all obvious about it because they aren’t very smart, so to all the nice normal people just try to breathe and then ignore. They know they are wrong, but they seem to be in this for kicks. Boggles the mind.

  66. ERM says:

    I am sick of everyone attacking anyone that ‘dares’ to criticize Oksana. Just because someone criticizes Oksana does not mean they are defending MG. He is an abusive, drunk, out of control pig – plain & simple. BUT this entire situation is not as simple as MG is an abuser and Oksana is a victim. There appears to be a lot more going on in this situation and Oksana has been a grand manipulator. And to be clear that does not mean I am defending or excusing MG.

  67. Jen D says:


    I get that most people who are attacking Oksana aren’t pro-abuse. I don’t agree with them at all in regards to some of their comments, but I’m not assuming the worst either. Can’t speak for anyone else, but that’s me.

    ERM, Oksana is a victim. No matter what she did. Mel Gibson had way more power than her. He’s rich, he’s extremely influential, and he’s physically much bigger than her. He abused that power by hurting her physically, emotionally and financially. Just listen to him in the audio! He’s constantly threatening her and “putting her in her place.” I get that she probably pulled some pretty shady moves, but they just don’t compare. She’s not innocent, but I feel like Gibson’s behaviour should be on trial, not hers.

  68. Desert Cat says:

    Please, someone get this despicable a-hole drunk, hand him a gun, and goad him into blowing his own brains out. We’d all be better for it.

    I’m sorry, is that too harsh? So is bullying, racism, misogyny, and child abuse. Screw Mel Gibson. His behavior is NOT some defensive reaction to being conned by a gold-digging woman. It’s a clear example of a pathologically abusive and egomaniacal personality.

  69. yae says:

    @angelika: I totally agree. The first two tapes sounded like desperate heartbreak, anger and I even thought he might have gotten slipped a “roofie”.

    But the third tape…. He talks to her as if she is his servant in every sense of the word. Not a mother to their child, but just someone to take care of HIS child.
    He doesn’t even want to let her have a nanny (probably because he’s afraid she will go out and have fun).

    Textbook narcissistic-control abuse.

    I’m sad for both of them.

  70. Maritza says:

    Who knows how many times Robyn wanted out of that marriage and how many times he must have hit her too. Oksana was her ticket out of that hellish marriage. Mel is clearly an abuser, the man is out of control.

  71. ERM says:

    @JEN D – I agree 100% if all of this is proven after an investigation.

    The problem I have with this is the premeditiation of the recordings and what appears to be scripting on her part. This case is very complicated and not as one-sided as Oksana’s attorneys/PR would like us to believe.

  72. Camille says:

    Obvious: I was thinking the same thing with the other tapes, she sounds like she is reading from a script or something? (Wouldn’t blame her if she did though, would help keep your thoughts straight in the situation), however MG sounds like a completely insane, very, very nasty piece of work.

    This is one very messy situation, I feel sorry for the child involved in this.

    Eileen Yover:
    July 13th, 2010 at 6:00 pm : Oh girl, you hit the nail on the head, perfect comment and that is exactly how I feel about that poster. Often they do my head in with their ridiculous, idiotic, immature, and not to mention hypocritical comments.
    Well said Eileen! 🙂

  73. linda k says:

    i just heard the tape myself….he is in a high manic state….and i also think this isn’t the first time he has been in one….as you say, she is like an object to him…all the women he has had probably were objects, his one night stands….makes you still wonder how robyn put up with this., or maybe she was the only one strong enough to stand up to him, then he took it out on other women…wonder what his relationship was like with his mother? how his father treated her…whatever the reason, and i just heard they had a 20 million custody settlement, something else is brewing….20 million is nothing to sniff at if she was a golddigger.

  74. Ann says:

    I don’t think he’s mentally ill. He’s got a superiority complex and looks down on anyone who isn’t a white catholic male.

    He’s violent and hateful. Total piece of shit.

  75. Jen D says:

    ERM – I’m with you on the right to a proper and thorough investigation. There’s a need for context. I’m just not sure there’s a context for validating what we’re hearing in the tapes. Let alone what he’s allegedly done. I actually don’t have a big problem with her recording him. It’s entirely possible that these recordings were the first time he ever behaved that way, but it’s unlikely. It’s a pattern of behaviour, and by recording a powerful man showing his true colours she’s balancing the playing field. It holds him accountable to his actions.

  76. Debbie says:

    She has shown her true colours hasn’t she as well as Mel they are both to blame. BOTH

    As for her having hundreds and thousands of $$ a year before she met Mel I doubt it. Her Mother told the Russian press she struggled to get buy Timothy Dalton was not giving her much and how nice it was to be with someone who had $$ to lavish on her daughter.
    she even mentioned it her self in the Hello magazine where she said she struggled to make ends meet.

    As for the report about the Dentist all depends who you believe. On other sights it says she apparently when to a Dentist BUT he did not file California law or conduct. Did not have evidence of supposed damage nor did not file a report to any authority in the time required. In other words they say he did not inform the police.

    Another Lie She has never had a bad word said about her in her life. Some of you people should check out her very sketchy past in the Europe and UK Media.

    There is no on to say anything nice about her previous employers, A few Husbands several boyfriends and others.

    Just saying, Also You are more angry about this than Polanski getting away with raping an underage girl and fleeing the USA from Justice, I was watching the News last night on SKY and they were going on about some African American Group telling there followers to Kill whit woman there Babies, crippled , ill people and gays, Yet nothing is said about that.

  77. JM says:

    Is Mel evil? Perhaps, I don’t know. I’d just say he’s a raging alcoholic. From my family’s experience I can tell you, alcohol is a nasty drug that can cause some shocking behavior.

  78. Heaven-bound says:

    Thanks @ nnn and Jen D

    For your comments in regards to Ogechi. She is always saying some off the wall stuff.

    And please Ogechi, don’t label your self as a Christian woman, you clearly do not understand the concept of that statement. If you did you would be compassionate towards Oksana.

    It is absolutely revolting that some of you women are defending this disgusting woman beater.

    @ Eileen Yover, your comments are always so clever. But please do not excuse Ogechi. I personally thinks she is full of hate and she is as crazy as Mel Gibson.

  79. AussieGal says:

    Don’t know why people here are getting so emotional here. As if they are personally involved in this saga, or as if the outcome of this or the way this unfolds will impact on their lives and wellbeing. Maybe they are putting themselves into this situation or reliving past injustices done to them. All the facts will come out in due course as the wheels of justice turn slowly but surely. If abuse is indeed found to have taken place, then Mel will duly be prosecuted under the appropriate laws. If Oksana had tried to exhort money from him, then she too would be prosecuted under the appropriate laws. If either are found to be in contempt of court, then they will duly suffer the consequences. I think people like to read about this because it is a spectacle, like a boxing match involving two very unpleasant people, in order to see who, if any will come up on top. Cheap entertainment during hard economic times.

  80. K-Love says:

    Let me see. Mel was married, he left his wife and it’s Mel’s baby’s momma fault. Not. Mel made and broke vows, Oksana didn’t. Grow up people. You get what you pay for. If you do the wrong thing in life, what do people think good will come from doing bad. Oh Oh I know because he’s Mel Gibson. Not. If it didn’t work for Tiger it aint going to work for Mel or Joe Blow down the street. It didn’t work for Sandra Bullock. I could go on and on. When you do wrong, wrong will follow you and over take you. It’s been like that since the beginning of time and it is not going to change for you, for me or for anybody. As far as the abuse, no one should have to take that for any reson what so ever. Mel was just plain wrong and she should get away from him as far and as fast as she can. No amount of money is worth that. Believe you me I know. Mel is just a sad little man with a bad temper and a lot of money. Wouldn’t want to trade places with him for all the money he has in his bank account. Nope it aint worth it.

  81. Ogechi says:

    @ERM: Thanx. I think your post is worthy of note and therefore mature.

    It takes a looser to meet a looser. A man cannot disrespect u if u didn’t show him how indispensable he is and how desperate u are. I am a lady, I’ve never been abused or bullied in any form or manner and as I said-IT CANNOT HAPPEN TO ME BECOS I AM hardworking, decent and A PRACTICING CHRISTAIN!!!!

    Moreover, I have my own mind. I hate joining the bandwagon even if I stand alone, my colleagues , family and friends know this. So many pple are bitter with their lives and tend to hate everyone, I am not like that. I don’t mind if I stand alone defending a cause. My father is a politician and was my state commissioner, I opposed him where he erred, call me any name, I don’t mind becos as far as I know, I AM NOT A BITTER LADY NEITHER DO I LIVE IN WANT to criticize everybody. I stand for what i consider d truth, I rejoice when pple are rejoicing too etc. Any woman that breaks a home is not worth it. My parents have stayed together for 27years and they are happy grand parents today. It would be devastating to my family if any woman walks in from nowhere.

    Is Oksana a saint? NO! But I actually apologized for defending mel, what is her motive for recording him?? Maybe soon, the answer wld come out. Why must anybody blackmail somebody? Must u be in a relationship dt isn’t good enough? If u are good enough, go out and work, take care of your baby alone, before long. somebody reasonable wl appreciate ur worth. Gold digging is not the BEST.

    I am entitled to my opinion. Those who are calling me crazy and every other insulting names, I would not dignify u by replying ur post. SILENCE IS GOLDEN IN THIS CASE.

  82. angelika says:

    @ Debbi Correction:When her mother was asked if TD is somehow assisting them financially..The answer was ‘Not at all,he doesnt believe in this and we need nothing from Oksana,TD,MG,since we are making our own living..And we are not doing bad’She also insisted that Oksana does not have any property or savings in Russia,England or USA..So it must be untrue that David Foster bought her a house in Santa Barbara..Just putting facts straight..Honestly i feel sorry for her.She had been scrutinized big time..I feel ashamed that i was taken with common paranoia against her
    Regarding Mel Gibson he should seek professional help immediately,i never ever heard so much hate coming from one person in only what?Few minutes?Usualy it takes lifetime.and still i think there ll be leftovers

  83. nnn says:

    Wow Ogeshi, is it that simple ?

    “It takes a loser to meet a loser ? ”

    Really. does it apply to anyone ?

    So tell me is Jennifer Aniston a loser too for meeting and dating John Mayer’s twice including after he dumped her or is John Mayer not a loser ?

    Because according to your defintion she is,

    And what about Robin his ex wife who dumped her boyfriend and get with Mel married that loser and stayed with him 28 years ? Is she a bigger loser than Oksana for staying with him much much longer ? I guess Oksana is the smarter of the two then, three years was enough for her to stay with the loser.

    But i digress…

    Wow. I get it now, so every woman who meets a good man who then reveals himself as a loser and abuser is faulty and don’t need a minimum of sympathy unlike the male loser who did the biggest crime but get all the ‘poor mel he was manipulated by this bad, bad woman’sympathy song.

    By stretching even more, a victim of rape who is raped by the boyfriend or the ex boyfriend, or a friend is a loser and deserve no sympathy for dating him in the first place. But the rapist who got recorded during the crime will be the one you will root for because he got caught on tape and manipulated by the victim.

    My bad…Graveyards are full of female bodies losers killed by their loser partners and it’s ok, cause they met them and it’ all their fault for meeting them in the first place and you’re sorry for the abusers who got caught in the process. It’s the victim’s fault !

    I am just applying your own logical mind in it’s simplest rawest defintion.

    And it’s absoluly fascinating how unfallible self rigtheous christians think so greatly about their sinless life, think they will never fall, be wrong, never meet ever a loser let it be at work or in private life. That they are immune to ever falling to somethig bad because it can’t happen to them, the ultimate good people, chosen ones with their faith that protect them from ever meeting losers, that they are so superior than mere mortals. That they are sure that it will never happen to them, or their loved ones because they are pure, sinless and practicing christians…when innocent, sinless pure little children who haven’t done anything bad yet in their life get raped and abused and killed every day by losers.

    And i like the fact taht you always summaruize everything in terms of breaking marraige. The istress is not worth any sympathy to you even if she is abused BUT THE MAN WHO CHEATED on is wife and who is co responsible has all your sympthy even, especially when he physically or mentally abused the sinful wife…kinda mysoginistic criminal mindset.

    Of courrse you are entitled to your opinion but the so called practicing chritian card you use to justify that you are like better than the non practicing chritians, better than the so called sinful one, better than the victim ironically show that you don’t know what being a true christian is.

    No real christian will criticize the victim and shows utter despise like you did or anyone for that matter. No real christian will acts so coldly calling the victim a shark and letting the ‘loser’ who punched her in the face, nearly abused their baby in the process and dehumanize her, get away with his crime.

    No practicing christian speaks so coldly about another person and the fact that you have in here justify your good intention on the base that you are a practicing christian letting slip your superiority complex is an insult in itself and a bigger insult for all victims who lived exactly what she is living, some of them in the morgue today.

    I hope you or any member of your family never meet a man who ultimately shows his true colors (that’s how abusers do, they act angelic and showe teir true colors crescendo making sure to cut you from your base at first so that you are alone with the absuer and can’t get away) and become violent (it needs only a first time to kill someone)

    And then when you’ll go to the police to report it, they will say ‘Sorry lady, we can’t protect you since there is no evidence and we have to wait until something happen to you’. Oh and are you sure you are not exaggerating…then laughing at you while hearing your abuser saying that you are crazy, a liar, telling eveyione that you are an easy jealous woman so that you get all worked up in front of them and yell and prove the ‘craziness’ he was talking about. Then he’ll get a proof that you are unfit and tomean and not right in your head and ask the Court to have a legal separation from you cause you’re sick. He’ll take children, not necessary bcause he loves them, but because they are the ultimate mean of pressure towards you, so that he can keep on abusing you through them.

    Yeah since you think you are immune to that, you probably won’t be the smart one who will tape him to have evidences and get protection before it’s too late … i hope it will never happen to you or to anyone of your family because this is how it happens…99 % of the time, they don’t beleive you and will beleive you once you get deep scars and bruises in your hospital bed or during the autopsy practiced on your dead body after the homocide done by the prince charming turned loser occured.


  84. Ogechi says:

    @nnn: The name is Ogechi.I understand all that you pointed out, NOTED. This thread is not about me, is it? In no way have i said that I am Superior than anybody here. Permit me to describe a bit of where i am from. I am an Ibo lady. People meet, date, marry based on close families interaction. We hardly marry outside our tribe just becos of getting involved with what your family considers the right man or woman for u. But most of us also fight our ways out of the arrangement to make our choices. Those choices must also be scrutinized. Children who are raped are children here live in public compounds or shanties etc and rape occurs rarely. I’ve spoken against ‘violence against women’ in many occasions and I am also against women dating married men/getting involved with disrespectful men. Pple always attack me when I don’t support their views.

  85. Queen says:

    Anyone know someone in their teens or 20s who got their heart broken and then completely lost their cool, ranting and raving and saying every cruel thing they could think of? Why are older people held to a higher standard? A broken heart is a broken heart. Mel sounds to me like a guy who just got royally screwed and crawled into a bottle. Oksana sounds like a classic manipulator who knows how to push his buttons and knows she’s recording gold. He’s right – she’s a gold-digging wh*re and she used him. It’s what she does for a living. That’s not to say that he isn’t an a-hole. That’s pretty clear.

  86. Queen says:

    And for people who feel that he’s using money to control her? Please don’t be so naive! This isn’t some abused working-class wife who can’t leave her abuser because she has no options. She’s an all-or-nothing player. She’s not looking for a meal-ticket – she’s looking for a jackpot. And it will work too. I have no sympathy for him because he did this to his wife but I seriously doubt that she ever intended to stay with him longer than it took to set him up this way. An aging rich guy who gets drunk and yells inappropriate stuff (2006)? Perfect target!

  87. Music says:

    I watched TMZ on Friday, and I was completely dumbfounded. How could Harvey Levin be so stupid? He said that Oksana is lying about being hit and having her teeth knocked out because there was no swelling on her lips! WTF?!

    Huh? My mom dumbass ex PUNCHED her in the mouth she was bleeding and her tooth came out, but her lips were not swollen. Also these celebs like Mickey ” I ruined my face” Rourke is defending Mel and calling names to Oksana, I bet he beats his girl also or has.

    I will say it one last time, you can compare it to Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise?

    Tom has been married 3 times and in his two previous marriages he has always ended it. Yeah with Nicole people saw perfection, but she didnt work as much as she does now and some saw that as controlling. (Any reason to despise Cruise huh) But thats the way some homes are. Jada dosent work half as much as Will. Rita dosent work like Tom Hanks, most of the time in A list couples the women take backseat because of children. The only two that do equal work is Brangelina. But it dosent work for all couples.

    These women arent being emotional and physical abuse (as we know) they arent getting threat from their childrens partner. He is insane. He is calling her DISGUSTING names, saying horrible racial slurs, telling her to blow him as a form of power, hitting her with a baby in her arms. Who cares HOW she got him? The man is a DAMN FREAK who needs jail and never work in HW again, not even behind the scenes.

  88. Derringer says:

    Sure she is a gold digger – but so what.

    You can tell by every inch of her. If a guy lets that type inside his house, it´s his choice.

    You can´t have the young-p*-for-money deal and then complain she´s a gold digger.

    Only feel really deeply sorry for that little girl.

    Plus, smashing a face is smashing a face, gold digger or not. The guy´s a hater with double standards. Remember his religious morality rants about gay people? Now who set off with a cheap sl*, leaving his family behind? Somebody needs to grow up.

  89. One of the much more impressive blogs Ive seen. Thanks so much for keeping the internet classy for a change. Youve got style, class, bravado. I mean it. Please keep it up due to the fact with out the web is definitely lacking in intelligence.