Prince Harry hangs out with some adorable puppies: best photo-op ever


This is Prince Harry doing a photo-op for Canine Partners Training Centre in England on Monday. The whole deal is that this is a facility that trains dogs to assist disabled people. Like that show on Animal Planet, only instead of having incarcerated murderers and rapists train service dogs as part of work program (which is an awesome show, by the way), I think this British training center probably just has employees and volunteers. Now, pictures of the puppies would have been awesome enough, but through in Prince Harry lovingly handling the dogs, and I’m swooning. For real. Why does this puppy look so sad, though? The puppy is probably a girl dog and she thinks Harry is her true love.

Okay, I honestly don’t know which one I would want to snuggle with more. Can I have them both at the same time? While the puppy takes a nap, Harry and I can get busy. Somebody’s getting a belly rub! No, not Harry.


Jesus, Harry. You. Are. Killing. Me.


The dog is like, “Yeah, your cool and everything Harry, but I needs my Beggin’ Strips.”


Wrestling a puppy! The puppy probably doesn’t know his own strength, and will end up biting or scratching Harry and breaking the skin with his sharp little puppy claws and teeth. And that’s how we’ll get the DNA test. That puppy works for The Sun.


Prince Harry with the puppies on July 13, 2010. Credit: Bauer-Griffin.

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26 Responses to “Prince Harry hangs out with some adorable puppies: best photo-op ever”

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  1. snowball says:

    Gawd, can he work a suit. MichaelK is working a …well, can I say that here?

  2. irishserra says:

    His mother would be so proud at how her boys turned out, I think.

  3. mslewis says:

    Harry is such a hottie!! And he seems so much more open and warm than his uptight daddy. Guess he inherited his personality from his mummy. These pictures are nice to wake up to on this rainy, muggy morning. Thanks for the treat.

  4. Victoria says:

    In those first two photos that dog looks like he’s SO NOT impressed with Prince Harry.

  5. grazi says:

    its funny that when they were kids, William used to be the cute one. Now Harry is def the hot one, while his brother has lost his good looks.

  6. Ogechi says:

    Humble cute prince

  7. Julia says:

    The more I see him, the cuter I think he is. Damn you Kaiser, this is all your fault!

  8. jen says:

    Who knew Harry would turn out to be the hot one!?! :)

  9. TQB says:

    I’m with @julia, this blog has made me fall for Harry! He really did grow into a handsome devil. Oh and now there are puppies. My day is shot to hell.

  10. sophia says:

    i’m sorry but i don’t get his appeal at all..i mean his looks normal…maybe because he’s a prince he’s not a very good looking guy.

  11. canadianchick says:

    Soooo cute! Thanks Kaiser.

  12. mhjmc says:

    Wow in the first picture you see so much of Diana in him, she would be very proud of her boys!! Although I think if she was still here William would’ve married Kate already.
    Thank you Kaiser this is a wonderful way to start a morning!!!

  13. danielle says:

    “That puppy works for the sun”. Hahahahaha!

  14. meme says:

    Hot Harry and puppies! YUMMY!

  15. viper says:


  16. Green Is Good says:

    Hee hee. This is too much cuteness! Thanks, Kaiser.

  17. Donna Wingfield says:

    Love the puppies! Don’t get Harry’s appeal, either for his looks or some of his behavior: Nazi costume, anyone?

  18. Tia C says:

    I disagree with grazi about William losing his looks. He’s still the more handsome one to me, hair or no hair (bless his heart for losing it so young!)

    But having said that, Harry really seems to be undergoing some kind of a renaissance lately – he’s out and about doing all these “princely” things and generally acting like he has grown up into a young man his mother would be very proud of. And he really IS rocking that suit!

  19. SBrown says:

    “Disabled people” should be “people with disabilities.” Language that puts the person before their abilities.

  20. Juiceinla says:

    Love, hearts swoon, unicorns, OH PURRRRRRRRRRRR!. Thank you for giving me my very first official “Cougar” moment.

    I feel ashamed and dirty now for mentally dissing Courtney Cox for commenting on her attraction to R-Patz.

  21. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    My favorite royal!

  22. emv says:


  23. Kate says:


    These pics have me hook line and sinker.

  24. snapnhiss says:

    I don’t understand that expression “bless his heart for losing his hair so young.” I always figured “bless his heart” applies to someone that’s done something kind and generous. Going bald, not so much.

  25. yae says:

    what makes their DNA better than yours?

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