Whoopi Goldberg clarifies her Mel Gibson defense: “You can kiss my behind”

After spending the last two days defending Mel Gibson and questioning Oksana Grigorieva’s motives, it seems like Whoopi Goldberg has been getting some angry calls. Can you imagine that? How delicious. Whoopi defends a man who calls up his current or ex girlfriend to rage at her insanely, and Whoopi defends him, only to get crazy calls from people raging at her insanely.

I have to admit, I don’t watch The View. It upsets me too much, and I think the show contributes to the dumbing-down of the American public, especially women. Whoopi’s comments about Mel and Oksana are only one part of the whole ignorant, dysfunctional puzzle, but that being said, it’s hilarious to see Whoopi get all upset about people being angry with her. She’s particularly mad about bloggers! *gives CB the side-eye*

I don’t give a crap enough to transcribe all of Whoopi’s asinine statement, but here are some of the highlights:

I had the audacity to say that I had some personal time with Mel that goes over years and years and said that I did not think of him as a racist. People lost their minds, said ‘Oh, you are defending him!’ I think had you actually watched the show, all of you nice bloggers out there and all of you people who sit at home and try to figure out stuff to do, if you had actually watched the show, you would have heard us say, and you would have heard me specifically say: I don’t condone this, I don’t think this is right, I don’t think this is smart. But here’s the piece of information I have, that my experience tells me that this is not a racist.”

“People called my office… and went off on the young lady who works there. You’re going to call because you think I’m doing something wrong? And you’re going to do the same thing to this young lady that you don’t even know that Mel Gibson supposedly did? Who are you? You can kiss my behind! Don’t be a coward… I can sit up here and say ‘This is what I believe!’ and you don’t have to like it. You cowardly piece of dog mess.”

[Transcribed from the video]

The lesson? People, if you’re going to call and harass Whoopi, make sure you get her on the phone before you start yelling. Her poor intern doesn’t deserve it – after all, that girl has to work with Whoopi every day.

Also… “And you’re going to do the same thing to this young lady that you don’t even know that Mel Gibson supposedly did?Supposedly? Really, Whoopi? Why don’t you kiss my ass?

Thanks to Dlisted for the video and link!

Whoopi Goldberg arrives for the State Dinner with U.S. President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Mexican President Felipe Calderon and his wife Margarita Zavala at the White House in Washington on May 19, 2010. UPI/Alexis C. Glenn Photo via Newscom

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  1. NayNay says:

    I agree with Whoopi! You go girl!

  2. Cheyenne says:

    I don’t agree with Whoopi’s take on the whole Gibson mess (“he’s not a racist” my ass), but Whoopi’s got a point. It’s rude to go off on the help. You got something nasty to say, say it straight to Whoopi. And she’ll give it right back atcha.

  3. nycmom10024 says:

    Whoopie has lost her mind, in my opinion.

  4. Juiceinla says:

    “I don’t watch The View. It upsets me too much, and I think the show contributes to the dumbing-down of the American public, especially women.”

    This shall be my facebook status update for 6 months, or until I need to tell someone something stupid is happening in LA traffic, which ever comes first.

  5. sunnyjyl says:

    I feel really badly for the girl who had to take those calls but, I am done with giving Whoopi the benefit of my doubt. She just keeps stepping in the same dog poop, over and over… That’s pretty short-sighted and dumb.

  6. Rachel says:

    Ugh! Whoopi, you can say what you want, but we can express our view that we think you’re a moron! That said, it’s not right to yell at some poor girl who answers the phones. Who actually watches this garbage anyway?

  7. TaylorB says:

    Well to be fair Whoopie is right, I for one didn’t watch the View, but obviously she didn’t listen to the tapes so she can kiss my a$$.

    Though I do agree that her poor assistant shouldn’t have been yelled at it isn’t her fault that her boss has her head stuffed up her own butt.

  8. teamWhoopi says:

    I am totally “Team Whoopi” on this one. She is NOT saying that Mel Gibson didn’t do something wrong; she’s offerring insight that he makes stupid, heinous comments and may be doing stupid, heinous things but that he’s not a racist. I get what she’s saying and it’s incredibly brave of her to have the balls to stand up and point it out. Go Whoopi!

  9. jen says:

    Whoopi & Mel= two peas in a pod.

  10. susieqinBA says:

    The “racist” are those people who are the ones continuing to “hold on” to the “words” Mel has spoken (he did not call anyone a n—er [in this particular case I'm speaking about] and he said it in the privacy of his home, it was not directed toward an individual; other people make it a “racial issue” because they are “offended”) they are being distracted with the “racist” thing and are avoiding his violent abusive behavior! Whoopi, get off the racial issue yourself and focus on the REAL ISSUE: YOUR “FRIEND” MEL GIBSON IS A PSYCHOLOGICALLY UNHINGED MAN WHO IS SNAPPING! GET IT WHOOPII, HE IS DANGEROUS RIGHT NOW! Whoopi, YOU need to confront and address his abuse and violent behavior yourself!! Just because he was over at your house a few times and you had conversations with him in the past doesn’t mean you KNOW this man!! HE IS SCHIZOPHRENIC! Like most people they see the pleasant, charming, handsome Dr. Jekyll, but there is Mr. Hyde hidden away who is a psychotic killer; but people would deny it was ever Dr. Jekyll who was doing the killing. Mel Gibson is two people, a split personality, ADDRESS THAT WHOOPII!!

    ***Comment edited by Kaiser*******

  11. GrnMtGirl says:

    Racist or not he sure does sling a lot of racially based words. I grew up to learn that there are words out there that are better to use other than those that are racial, so I don’t use them. Mel on the other hand uses them quite freely.

    I personally believe that he has little regard for anyone…

  12. lrm says:

    Um, she is missing the point-she is defending him b/c she, on the other hand, frequently brings up oskana’s questionable ‘motives’…so while she says ‘it’s not right’ what mel has done…blah blah blah-she completely negates that, by turning attention to oskana.

    and bringing up the racist thing-did whoopie bring that up? b/c if she did, it’s yet another diversion from the real issue, of which racism is simply one manifestation.

    i’ve been over whoopie since i first saw her on the view. i think she is ignorant, rude and arrogant-hey! sounds alot like her ‘buddy’ MG!!!

  13. hellen says:

    Amen, Taylor B!

    And PS: Whoopi is a loon.

  14. Anti-icon says:

    Team Whoppi. That is all.

  15. S says:

    I don’t understand our society today. It seems to be a general agreement that Mel Gibson has some serious problems for which he needs some serious psychological help. But everyone seems to want to burn him at the stake, along with anyone who shows a hint of standing by him. You can stand by someone who has done horrible things, and that doesn’t mean you condone them. It could mean you care enough about them to want to help them better themselves. Everyone needs people who care about them – especially when things are bad, or nobody would ever have any hope. Hope is important, and for his sake, his kids’ sake, and his friends sake, I hope that they all rally and get him the help he needs. you should never give up on people, or you are no better. There is a difference between supporting someone by ignoring things and pretending it didn’t happen, and supporting someone through bad times in the hope that they get better.

  16. TaylorB says:


    When I was a young lass my mother once told me that only people with limited vocabularies and poor communication skills used such foul language… so I told her to f*ck off.

  17. denise says:

    The thought of Whoopi’s bare ass makes me wanna barf.

  18. Seth says:

    What did I ever see and respect about Whoopi?
    I think she’s been hanging around Mel Gibson too long, she has also gone insane.

  19. Anne de Vries says:

    I’m annoyed with Whoopi because she takes one thing – how Mel treated her – and applies it to a much more general situation: how Mel treats other people of colour or other races.

    Of course he wasn’t racist to her. She’s a confident woman he was not in a position of power over, and she has a huge audience. He’d have to be far gone to be racist to someone who could hit back as hard as Whoopi.

    How he treats the hired help? That’s different. The hired help is dependent on him for income, under his power, and who is going to listen to her if Mel is racist to her? What is she going to do about it?

    Whoopi is showing massive amounts of priviledge here in ignoring that her own position is very different than most people Mel comes into contact with. Her experience is exactly this: Mel was never racist to her or in her presence. Can’t be applied to anything more than those circumstances.

  20. Ogechi says:

    Team Whoppi and luv her…

  21. denise says:

    Self hate is a disease Whoopi.

  22. Zelda says:

    You think people should speak directly to you then answer your own phone, dumb*ss.

    You are paying someone to be your representative–you’re forcing her to take it.

    Lord, this woman does not live in reality anymore. She has become so affected. Defending Hollywood pedophiles and abusers, and then hiding behind her assistant.

  23. Cleo says:

    There are “different” people in this thread agreeing with Whoopi who are all misspelling her name as Whoppi. Just sayin’ ;)

    Quite frankly, navigating WordPress takes more brain power than anyone but Joy has shown on that show lately.

  24. TQB says:

    @S, I see your point, but aren’t you tired of seeing folks do idiotic, deliberate things, then run off to counseling and come back and be all fixed? When do we get to turn off the sympathy? Do we forgive Tiger and Jesse James because they claim to have addictions that made them screw around on their wives? Do we accept that Isaiah Washington has been cured of homophobia? Do we forgive Mel because he is struggling with some psychological issues? How about the woman in California who suffocated the little girl in the suitcase? Lots of people have issues, but we still convict them of their crimes, both in court and in public.

    Also, I don’t remember Mel asking anyone for their understanding or forgiveness. No, all I see is him running to the police and claiming he’s being extorted by someone threatening to expose him for the monster he really is.

  25. Juiceinla says:

    Thanks @kim!!!! I wish it were my own lucid description of my feelings, but I was just repeating Kaiser’s brilliant and succinct comment.

  26. Kaiser says:

    Cleo – I just checked, no one (as far as I can see) is commenting under multiple names today.

    Oh, and thanks Juice!

  27. GrnMtGirl says:

    Taylor B: Laughing my Ass off!!!

  28. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I love what you said about not watching the view because it upsets you, I hear you. I seriously can’t watch the view sometimes, I get so pissed. I also don’t think someone should harass Whoopi’s helper either. Thats bad.

  29. Snarf says:

    Guess freedom of speech and freedom of expression are valued so long as they run in synch with the majority. I can think of several better things to fret over than Whoopi’s opinion on the Mad Mel mess.

  30. Zelda says:

    I’m with you. I can’t stand the “I hurt others only because I’m hurting.” defense.

    Overanalysis of psychological motive has resulted in an entire culture of people who believe that their pain defines them. But too bad–grow up and realise there is never a defense for taking your pain out on others. Everyone out there is a victim of something. Whatever pain you have there is someone out there feeling it worse. And yet many people manage to deal with personal struggles without acting like massive *ssholes, treating others people with respect all the while.

    It’s called being an adult.

  31. lisa says:

    Funny how they go on and on about the character of people THEY DON’T KNOW and those opinions are never corrected. Taking sides in issues when they don’t know anyone involved..YET time and time again when the attacks are on the people they like, respect or know personally then the conversation and debate changes. I have seen this time and time again on this this show..from ALL of these women.

    So really I have NO respect for any of them Character attacks are fine as long as it is not someone they know. I could give so many examples CERTAIN ones in particular..but I will leave this thread for what it is.
    But they are ALL two faced.

  32. obione says:

    I agree with some of the posts here – the View sucks and it does set women back.

    Whoopi, you’re a moron. It’s one thing to be on a show where diversity of opinion is supposedly valued, then turn around and step on people like shit for having their own – you suck!! If the producers had half a brain (B.Walters too) they would drop your ass and replace you with someone who is intelligent enough to recognize a racist – your days are numbered!!

  33. Feebee says:

    I’m surprised no-one has stopped to think for a minute where Whoopi’s coming from. If you knew someone, maybe even a friend and you’d known them a long time and you’d never heard them say racist things, or unnecessarily lose their rag and remembering they’re your friend, wouldn’t you be a little shy about vilifying him without some sort of explanation?

    If you can say you’d publicly cut off a friend without trying to first help or find out what the hell’s going on, I’m sure as hell glad you’re not my friend.

  34. Frak says:

    This isn’t the first time Whoopi’s stood up for the poor, downtrodden, rich, white male. Polanski is misunderstood, too. Shame on us all for jumping to conclusions about these upstanding hollywood types.

  35. Me1st says:

    he isn’t denying any of the tapes that have come out so my guess is that he is guilty. he has issues and needs to address them, and since Mel was just nice as a spring day to Whoopi and her family then maybe she should be the one to see him drunk and maybe she should be the one to get him the help he needs.

  36. jane16 says:

    If Whoopi doesn’t like us criticizing her inane rants, she can stfu. I am stunned at the number of women that want to blame oksana for gibsons vileness. He was vile long before he hooked up with her. Also, I didn’t know she had a 12 yr old. Imagine what that poor kid has had to deal with? I also detest the view.

  37. Cleo says:

    Kaiser – I’m sure it’s quite the job keeping track of them. And there’s always AOL for them to hide behind. :D I tip my hat to your devotion.

  38. Joe says:

    Some great comments about gasbag Whoopi especially #13, 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 25 “Cleo” is right, looks the same Whoopi defender posting. (but Joy B. is good)

  39. iknarf says:

    If there weren’t “people who sit at home and try to figure out stuff to do”, who would be watching her show?

  40. mollyb says:

    Nice–I love how she mocks people who sit at home all day–like, your show is on at eleven in the morning! Who do you think watches it?!

  41. Uzi says:

    @”S”…Beautiful comments! You said exactly what I was thinking.


  42. Dex says:

    So it’s ok for her to monopolize the airwaves and most of that show with her twisted thoughts, but if others likewise voice their opinion then they are scum? She just doesn’t like having to answer for herself and being unmasked as a nut. She seems to share some of the rage and narcissism issues as Mel Gibson.

  43. Alex says:

    You go Whoopi and even if I disagree with Whoopi I won’t be calling her office to go off on her, that is just crazy to me. Who the hell have the time to do that? Need a life much

  44. Faye says:

    I hope NOW and the feminists go after her dumb ass.

  45. Alex says:

    Whoopi is entitled to her opinions like you all are entitle to yours.

  46. TaylorB says:

    Just curious here, are the ‘team Whoopi’ folks supporting her comment that people should stop taking out their feelings on her assistant, or supporting her comments in support of Mel Gibson? Those are two very different issues.

  47. mel says:

    She must be screwing him…. cause who in their right mind would defend such a a&&hole.

  48. Jeri says:

    Anyone can wear a nice face for a while, it’s a whole lot harder to actually live as a nice person, Mel & Whoopi.

  49. LolaBella says:

    While I agree that calling up her office and going off on her intern/receptionist is wrong (just like Mel doing it to Oksana), Whoopie still has her head stuck in the sand regarding the fact that Mel is a racist, homophobic misogynist.

    Whoopi, face it, Mel might be your friend, but after hearing his tirades how can continue to defend him?

    “You can kiss my behind!… You cowardly piece of dog mess.”

    Way to keep it classy there, Whoopi.

  50. Blake says:

    What is ABC and Barbara Walters thinking having her on that show, and as the moderator no less. She killed that show today, brought it to a screeching halt when she selfishly hi-jacked it with her personal vulgar tirade. There are other avenues she could’ve taken to make a “statement.” It was unprofessional and tacky and the audience didn’t seem to know what to do. Meanwhile, she rails about people who comment online, she rails about people who call. How else are people supposed to reach her? Not everyone hosts a tv show they can unhinge on. Pick up your phone or invite people on the show – those folks would probably be thrilled to speak face to face.

  51. Kim says:

    If I’m not mistaken James Byrd’s killers in TX socialized with him and gave him a ride b4 they tied him to the back of a truck and drug him for miles until all his limbs and head were detached from his body

  52. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Guess freedom of speech and freedom of expression are valued so long as they run in synch with the majority.”

    Freedom of speech/expression does NOT give you a free pass to say what you want AND ALSO not have to take any flak for what you DID say. you can stand on the corner and yell the N-word all day, but you BETTER believe that someone is going to react to it. And they have as much a right to react as you do to speak.

    Whoopi’s got the right to say it, and we’ve got the right to react to what she said. no one is saying she doesn’t have the right to say what she did, no one is trying to censor her.

    JEEBUS, I am SO tired of people throwing out the “freedom of speech” thing when someone reacts negatively to something that was said.

  53. Eden says:

    @S, TQB and Zelda..I actually agree with all of you. You all make such great points.
    @Zelda..I SO agree with you about victim mentality and the “woundolgy” that is rampant. It is much of the time an excuse NOT to change a thing but just be able to explain and justify why behavior keeps getting repeated over and over again.
    I guess I see the connection between all your points in that
    I do not believe that internal growth and change is a straight path upward by any stretch of the imagination
    There are lot of loops and downward spirals and shots up until there is finally a leveling off until the next growth spurt happens and the cycle continues.
    Hopefully as we mature the process gets less intense and we are better able to navigate through the down times without creating as much upheaval for others or ourselves.

    We all do need people who are able to stay with us through our pain and growing pains and who hold to the belief that somewhere inside of us is the strength and courage to stop hurting ourselves and other people. Even if those people are the people we lash out at when we are in pain..
    In return we are that “person” to others and hang in with certain people and drop off with others.
    Usually it is people who’s issues we don’t trigger so directly or don’t trigger ours.
    Or people who inherently and sometimes inexplicably are able to love and forgive us or we them, despite what we/they may do.
    Or there are people who are “using” (in a good way) our process to grow themselves and learning from us as we grow..and viceversa, everyone is in on it and doing the work they need to do to grow up.

    Whichever one it is, they are the ones who stick around and we are the ones who stick around for them..

    Perhaps Whoopi is truly one of those people for Mel.

    Mel is a troubled and pain filled man and if there are people out there who are willing to hang on through the storms and have faith in him, than he is blessed.

    Undoubtedly, this will be a massive and life changing weeding out for Mel, both privately and publicly of who continues with him on his inner journey and who drops off and stops having faith in him.
    It’s just the way it goes.

  54. lucy2 says:

    It does seem like some of her comments are insulting to their viewers, doesn’t it?
    If she wants to put her opinions out there, which is certainly her right, she then has to expect that people are going to respond – which is their right too. And instead of trying to engage in a dialogue and try to better explain her position, she’s just defensive and rude.

    I do feel sorry for whoever got stuck answering the phones though. I wouldn’t bother calling, but if people are going to, they shouldn’t be rude to the receptionist.

  55. S says:

    @TQB – I am tired of people running off to rehab to “fix” their problems and expecting to be forgiven, and I certainly don’t think it warrants them being forgiven. But when someone says they are sorry, and they start talking the talk, and walking the walk, it is up to everyone else to decide for themselves. Whether actors/writers/directors want to work with people again, or the public wants to go see those movies/tv shows, whether companies want to endorse, whether wives/husbands/family want to forgive and move on – it is all individual choice, based on personal perception of sincerity.

    And I do think, regardless of his motives or sincerity, if Mel came out now asking for forgiveness, people would call him on it, saying he wants to save his image. And if he’s not doing it because he doesn’t want to, well then he’s in denial and is even worse off.

    This is the problem with really rich people – there are so many out there who are willing to help them, give them a pass, and enable them because the benefits are good. It’s sad really, and they live in a delusional world where they think they can do anything and get away with it. Karma seems to have caught up with Mel this time, and he should be held accountable to what he has done. All I’m saying is I don’t like it when people jump all over friends/family who will support him, not for his actions, but in the hope that he will be able to change, to learn errors of his racist and biogted opinions, and to grow as a person. When you care about someone, you’ll always have that hope, and you don’t deserve to be punished for it.

  56. Shanzy says:

    Ha! David Cross was right! Whoopi sucks! (read “I Drink for a Reason”)

  57. LolaBella says:

    I can only imagine the conference call between Babara Walters and Bill Geddie after Whoopi’s tirade.

    Poor Babs, isn’t she still off recuperating from heart surgery?

    Somewhere Rosie O’Donnell is laughing maniacally at this situation.

  58. popcorny says:

    I agree with Whoopie too … wtf, she was stating that in her experience she did not find Mel to be racist and could not say that he was (a racist).
    That was deliberately distorted by a self-righteous lock-stepping bully-attitude.
    And she is also right on about how if you aren’t lock-stepping and lighting torches alongside, you stand to get verbally abused (by the same folks who are decrying verbal abuse and abuse in general).
    I can’t get behind Whoopie on a lot of things, but this one? -hell yes.

  59. Lori says:

    She has now defended Michael Vick (dog killer), Roman Polanski (child rapist), and Mel Gibson (Woman Beater and alchoholic Racist), nuff Said. Whoopi It’s done, for me atleast…. you have lost your flipping mind and you are as bad as these awful men. I can never ever be a fan of yours again.

  60. Tess says:

    @ Praise St. Angie

    Exactly right!!!

    Whoopie gets paid big bucks to sit on her fat ass commenting—- but gets all techy when there’s some blowback from less than adoring fans.

    So out of touch. So entitled.

  61. danielle says:

    Supposedly?! Whoopi, it’s on tape you idiot! He hasn’t even tried to deny it!

  62. Bill Hicks is God says:

    I think she perceives herself as being fair-minded. Delusion is a horrible thing.

  63. Madison says:

    @S Agree with your comments, I also believe he needs to get help for his problems.

  64. Iggles says:

    Whoopi is an idiot! Her feigned indignation makes her look worse!

    Way to dig your head in the sand instead of discussing the reason she received all those angry phone calls. She defends a racist abuser and get’s mad that people are giving her sh*t about it.

    Well, Whoopi YOU made your bed..

  65. OC lady says:

    So NOT Team Whoopi. She has completely lost ALL my respect. And, I used to like her.

    She has defended Mel Gibson, Roman (“it wasn’t real rape”) Polanski, and Michael Vick! Basically, she gives celebs free passes for their bad behavior. Mel may be the “Abuser” but Whoopi is the “Excusor.”

    She explained the Mel Gibson debacle as “there for the grace go I.” So, she identifies with celebs and protects them. She thinks the victims are just schemers trying to leach off the poor celebs. Her attitude is all about protecting her people and everyone else (the non-celebs) are nothing to her. I do hope that those pissed off people keep giving her a piece of their mind.

  66. KittensMcGee says:

    At this point, racist or not we’ve seen (or heard rather) that he has serious issues.

    But if I was Whoopi (or anyone else), I’d be upset about people harassing my employees too when they didn’t have anything to do with she said.

  67. angelika says:

    I think she is not really polite..Actually she is very rude,agressive and vulgar..It is not about opinion anymore,it is about HOW you deliver this opinion to people

  68. Squirtle says:

    I agree with Whoopi 100%! She’s saying that she doesn’t believe her friend is a racist and she has a right to defend him. I don’t agree with Mel Gibson’s behavior ESPECIALLY if he did in fact hit Oksana but I also don’t thinks she’s a little Russian angle either! I’ve listened to the tapes and Oksana seems to be reading from a script, and she’s doing the exact same thing that Michael Lohan was doing and everyone criticized him at the time…Whoopi is just trying to give another perspective on the situation which of course people aren’t open to because they just want to drag Mel Gibson out into the street and burn him at the stake!

  69. original kate says:

    i despise “the view.” 5 women with 4 brain cells between them…and i think joy behar has them all. the people calling and yelling at whoopi’s assistant or whoever are perfect examples of the twits who watch the show.

  70. Annabelle says:

    well isn’t she just a ball of fun? I used to think Whoopi was respectable… but just look at that statement, full of name calling! She is clearly not very intelligent (then again I found that out when she started defending criminals)

  71. Kiska says:

    To me, Whoopi has missed the point entirely. It isn’t merely a racist rant but more disturbing is his cruel and violent tirade against a woman. And yes, a woman who has no power. Don’t forget, He OWNS her! If Whoopi defends that kind of behaviour then she is indeed need of some therapy. I use to be a fan of Whoopi but no more.

  72. canadianchick says:

    Hey I wondered if that was her posting under “BigWhoop” yesterday. Not cool that her assistant was chewed out, but I still think there is overwhelming evidence MG is a racist, and overwhelming evidence she lost her wig today, though she has a right to her opinion. Poor Babs trying to recover, must be telling Bill Geddie to put 30 second delay on instead of their 7 second delay.

  73. Po says:

    I can’t take watching the view either. Its horrible.
    You know she let her true feelings slip out at the end when she admitted that she said she doesn’t know that he said anything. Look, if this was not Mel’s voice I guarantee you that days ago we would have been overwhelmed with lawyer after lawyer saying it wasn’t him. I could care less if Mel or any of his friends think he is racist. My issue is that his friends seem to want to overlook his violence and think they can do it by simply not listening to the tape. This guy has problems, accept it and move on.

  74. mai tai says:

    More Earth to Whoppi: Racists DO use racist language!

    Racists tend to distinguish themselves that way. They denigrate others based upon race/ethnicity. The racist feel his race or ethnic identity is ‘superior’ to that of others. This, Whoopi, is the reason why a racist uses language that puts down others who dont look like/believe like him. Get it?

    Just to clarify for Whoopi: Your friend Mel is not only ‘racist’, he is a ‘racist racist’.

    A ‘racist racist’: That means that yes, he is really, actually and ‘offically’ a Racist, and therefore offensive and abusive towards millions of humans who dont look like/believe like him.

  75. marilyn mullen says:

    I love you Whoppi; all of know someone who we love or is aquainted with can say and do stupid things…..we’re only human.

  76. ol cranky says:

    . . .But everyone seems to want to burn him at the stake. . .

    I’m pretty sure he thinks himself worthy of nothing less than crucifixion

  77. Ruffian9 says:

    Amen + 1, Taylor B!

  78. Marjalane says:

    Late to the party, but my two cents is that Whoopie apparently thinks that being a celebrity, “IS SOOOO HARD” and that they must be forgiven all their transgressions and you little people can jolly well mind your own damn business! And to think most of you have always thought Hasslecrack was the idiotic one on this God foresaken POS show! I have to say, whenever I hear someone say that “They love THE VIEW”, I am immediately suspicious of them and question their intellect. So sue me.

  79. Whoopi has a point.

    If you’re upset with how Mel behaved towards Oksana, why turn around and behave the say way towards someone else? Her opinion may upset you, me, or whoever, but regardless of that, she or her assistant don’t deserve to be yelled at. The same way it was wrong for Mel to rant at Oksana, it’s also wrong when any of us do it.

    Let Whoopi have her opinion while we each can have our own. After all, it’s our right.

  80. Sher says:

    Mel was set up a conniving golddigger. Was he right in his rants – a big fat NO – he should have left while her soft voice when recording his rant fed into his dispair. Ya ever wander what happened before that. Oh no cause she didn’t turn it on until Qwerty was pushed. Whoopie you go girl. Human is what human does. I want to go into some jesus bible rant but I might be considered a member of he who worships idols or he who does not or he who worships whatever – just let me out of that crap – you can see humanism here she set him up.

  81. Lori says:

    Whoopi is an idiot. I have no respect for her now….. SHE DEFENDS ABUSIVE EVIL MEN! I let it go when she defended Vick. I felt like, she might have been right, that his offenses are part of a culture that I don’t understand (highly doubt it though, wrong is wrong no matter who you are and where you come from and he was the bank rolling animal murder). Then came the Rape Rape comment, and I still did not feel compelled to do or say anything. Not that my opinion matters. But now this, defending Mel Gibson, after he told the mother of his child that she should be raped by a pack of ****** (no that is not racist at all). So I actually wrote to ABC and told them that I would not be watching anymore ABC programming. I am only one person, and I am sure it does not matter….. but I don’t want to listen to her bullshit opinions anymore. She can kiss my behind or whatever it was that she told us peons to kiss earlier today. I hope the show is Cancelled tbh.

  82. Sal says:

    The calls to her assistant are the least of the issues, but ole Whoop makes hysterical allegations without specifics. What was the nature of the calls, what did they say, what was the “tone.” Sounds more like ole Whoop is just mad that folks located her office and dared to question her. Either way, her crazed hostility seems at a constant low boil and today it boiled over into a meltdown on Barbara Walter’s and the public’s dime, and her manner and language and position were the usual crude mess.

  83. mojoman says:

    By name calling and reacting defensively, whoopi doesnt realize she is digging deeper into her grave. I live in Asia so dont watch the show (I only saw it once when I visited the states) but that once was ENOUGH for me. Good god, who actually can pay attention to any of their conversation? they talk at the same time, spewing non sense and that screechy voice of Hassleback, I’d rather shoot myself in the ear than listening to her!

  84. Sincerity says:

    Bravo, S! I couldn’t agree with you more! Everybody is entitled to their opinion and Whoopi never condoned Mel Gibson’s behavior. She was just offering her own personal observations based upon her acquaintance with him. It’s an absolute shame that her assistant had to endure such foolishness. Some people really need to learn when “to get a grip”!

  85. javelin says:

    I think Whoopi lets people pay her off to provide a (televised) end-of-the-line of defense. Kind of sad, kind of smart.

  86. di butler says:

    Wait a minute-people voluntarily watch The View??? I thought that was for people trapped in nursing homes and doctor’s offices. Kinda like CNN/all airports. Someone listens purposefully to Joy Behar’s voice? Wow.

  87. Ken says:

    @javelin, you are probably right, and that would be sad.

  88. Eyes says:

    S: I agree…thumbs up!!

  89. Lia says:

    She knows Mel Gibson. She is entitled to her opinion about him. Those who do not know him on a personal level can have their opinions, too. From what I heard on the tapes, he’s a real jerk. However, I won’t discount Whoopi’s opinion of him, because she’s looking at this whole mess from a closer, more personal point of view. She’s defending her friend. There is no shame in that.

  90. girl says:

    She lost me at “rape-rape”.

    A few months ago, didn’t she rail against tea-partiers* saying there is “no excuse ever for that to happen”. (“that” being racial epithets being thrown around)?

    You can’t have it both ways.

    *I don’t believe the tea party movement is inherently racist but I have no problem believing that some within the movement or who just showed up to the protests are racists. Protests of all kinds tend to bring the crazies out, no matter which end of the ideological spectrum they fall on.

  91. Anne de Vries says:

    hey ol cranky, how do you do the fancy quote formatting? I’ve been wanting to do that for ages!

  92. Chris says:

    “Intolerance is the most socially acceptable form of egotism, for it permits us to assume superiority without personal boasting.”

  93. Linda Riley says:

    I suppoose Whoopi is free to give her her “view” of this new criminal abuse situation with Mel Gibson. The first time I heard about her comments on Roman Polonski: Leave the man alone, you know, there is rape, and then there is rape. Im sure that was not an exact quote, but close. It left me thnking she does not care about the law, and about women in general. Especially the very young and vulnerable ones. Now his time, after all these phone tapes, she is gigling and making fun of this young bride because after her 911 call she went on the internet. So does this mean Mel’s drunken, vulgar and violent phone call should be excused because a frightened 23 year old girl was possibly confused and frightened?

    My thought are of Whoopi’s children. I dare say she does not make a good mother in my opinion. I would not want my children in the company of such men. Is she competent herself? I never would allow accused criminals and rapists come by to be with my kids when they were young. Anyway, My time of watching “The View” is over. Miss Barbara is not making good decisions lately herself. I think the show should come to an end. It’s not abut views anymore. It’s about most crazy agressive women, sort of ike Rush Limbaugh.

  94. Marianne says:

    I think only reason why she hasn’t just come out and say the obvious “Mel Gibson is racist” is because then she has to admit to herself that she was wrong for letting him into the house, and play with her kids etc. I don’t think she wants to accept that she could have harmed her kids in anyway or that she made bad judgment. Either that, or she’s really delusional. But still, of course Mel isn’t going to go right up to your face and tell you that you’re a n*gger, just like a wife beater isn’t going to slap his wife in public. They try to stay on the down low, you only hear about these things in the privacy of their own home.

  95. Linda Riley says:

    I now think something I forgot is important. Like sports celebrities, rock stars and Lindsy Lohan, many celebrities think they deserve special treatment. It has been happening for decades. I don’t think Whoopi is so progressive in her thinking as she would like to believe. This is the second celebrity she has pardoned for his criminal behavior. Many clelbrities believe they are the elite. I know I remember her (whoopi)having a relationship with Ted Danson many years ago while his wife lie in bed very sick and dying. All of this behavior is very twisted.

  96. ol cranky says:

    @ Anne you put the text you want formatted between command codes; before the text and at the end of it; the command code is entered surrounded by a (less than sign>.
    you put the command code listed below to the left to start the command and put a / before the command code on the right to end the formatted text

    for a quote replace the command code is the word blockquote
    for italics the command code is i
    for bold the command code is b
    for underline the command code is u
    for strike through the command code is s
    to bullet your start command code is ol, then fore each line you use li; you have to remember to end each line and after your last line you have to close the ol command

  97. ol cranky says:

    well that’s the last time I’ll try to get overly cute with formatting

  98. Jaxx says:

    I used to really like Whoopi but I think she has gone round the bend. She is so full of herself these days and seems to look down her nose at just about everyone not living on her pedestal. Plus she already expects everyone to kiss her behind, so need for the invitation.

  99. zorro says:

    well she’s right to speak up on behalf of her assistant/intern. she shouldn’t have to deal with all that outrage, but i didn’t see her statement as being in his defense.

    what outraged me was that as a black woman she is going to make this claim based on the fact that he came to her (a black woman) house and not question why does he think n-words are only capable of rape? on that front, she sounds like she is in complete denial.

  100. Lynn M says:

    I do not always agree with Whoopi but on this issue I say “Go Whoopi!”. He may be a bigot and may have dug deep to find hateful words, but they were in the context of an argument where he was throwing all the nasty words in his vocabulary at a person who has emotionally trashed him.

    He has shown no sign that he treats those targeted in his rant any differently, even if it may conflict with his upbringing. All Whoopi was saying is she has been his close friend for years and does not believe him to be a racist based on his actions.

    I applaud Whoopi for speaking up on her friend’s behalf. It would have been far easier for her to keep her feelings private.

    That said, I can’t stand Joy Behar and her pompous opinions. As with Whoopi, her opinion is no more valuable than you or me. It is only that Barbara W. gave her a platform on her TV show that is designed to get opposing opinions and debate. I look at Joy as a bully when people don’t agree with her or have an opposing opinion.

  101. OMG says:

    I have been looking for a site that I can comment on. First of all…Mel Gibson has been in the headlines for how many years?? 30 Years or more..that’s about right. Besides drinking and driving…has there been any abuse?? NO!!! That’s coming from his EX..I really don’t understand..if the media said, “Hey we now know the Earth is flat” You would believe it. Mel Gibson is one of more passionate actors that I respect. I believe one of the reason’s he married again is for the baby. Name anyone who does that these days…you can’t. If you are being lied about, do you blame him for being upset, or angry. Just because he is in the public eye doesn’t mean he is less human. I don’t believe he is racist. Or an abuser. He loves people, and thinks he can save the world. That is one of his downfalls. As far as Whoopi. You go girl. I agree with every word and bleep. I love you, and you keep making me laugh. Mel, you keep trying to save the world. Downfall or not..it’s nice to see someone that cares as much as you do. Who cares what people think..someone will do something and the spot light will disappear off of you. Keep you head held high, and Whoopi you keep speaking your mind, and I will watch with a smile. Love ya girl.