Julianne Moore, naked with lion cubs: sexy & adorable or animal abuse?


My first reaction when I saw these beautiful Bulgari ads, starring none other than that magnificent, flame-haired bitch Julianne Moore is “aww…” Who can see past the adorable lion cubs to actually check out the merchandise? And I mean “merchandise” as in “Julianne’s firecrotch”. Julianne has been the face of Bulgari’s full 2010 line, from their Spring and Summer collections, to these ads for Fall and Winter. The ads were shot by photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. Is Julianne retouched? She looks a little frozen, but I don’t think it’s Bo to the ‘Tox, I think it’s just some ‘Shop. Guess how old Julianne is? Forty-f-cking-nine. Magnificent!

Frockwriter cleverly refers to these ads as “Bulgari’s LOLCats”. But they also mention in passing that PETA hasn’t said anything about this yet. Now, I doubt these lion cubs were abused or mistreated in anyway – except maybe that one missed his nap? Aw… and is it really appropriate to use these little babies as glorified beaver-covers. I mean, it’s ART! But I digress. You just know PETA will have something to say. Yes, I’m baiting them. I want a chance to use these adorable ads again.

By the way, Julianne is out and about promoting her role in the already critically-acclaimed independent film The Kids Are Alright. It’s about a lesbian couple (played by Moore and Annette Benning) who have kids via the baster, and when the kids want to know who their biological father is, they track him down – and it’s Mark Ruffalo. Ruffalo’s character enters their lives, and chaos ensues. Here’s a good Julianne Moore interview, and here’s Lainey at LaineyGossip raving about the film.


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  1. bite me says:

    NOW is this a fabulous fifty-something

  2. embertine says:

    I think these ads are an epic fail. I saw them and went “WAAAAANT”, but I was referring to a) Julianne Moore, b) the gorgeous velvet cushions and c) KITTEHS.

    Handbags schmandbags.

  3. crab says:

    OMG look at those beautiful little faces on the baby lions!! I just want to squeeze them they are so cute!!

  4. Milan says:

    Why do i get the feeling, that these cubs are embarassed. While their friends have their own shows on National Geographic depicting them as magnificent, fierce kings and queens, the’ve been relegated to the role of coochie and chichi fig leaves.

  5. Jackson says:

    I love, love, Julianne Moore, but she is waaaay shopped in these ads. Which is ok, I get it, but I don’t even think it looks much like her. Way overdone in my opinion. And I’m all for protecting animals but animal abuse? Uh, no.

  6. Praise St. Angie! says:

    LOL @ Milan! I read your first sentence and went “oh no, here we go with the PETA bs…”

    and the rest just cracked. me. UP! Bravo.

  7. abbydoom says:

    I would feel really weird posing naked with animals.
    Also, I would have to put one of those cubs in my oversized purse and keep him as a pet.

  8. Mare says:

    That is not her skin.

  9. Jackson says:

    @abbydoom – haha! Yes, me too, on both comments!

  10. nana says:

    where the freckles go? the other cub near the bags is freaking cherub

  11. Lucy says:

    I like everything going on in these pictures. Except for the bags.

    I’ve handled baby Bengal tigers who would have been about the same age as these cubs (just eyeballing, not too up on large feline ages) but anyway. The point is, I had a very hard time remembering to breathe, it was so exciting.

    I kept thinking “in a year or two you could tear out my throat, but until then, I just wanna smush your face with kisses!”

  12. meme says:

    these dumb overphotoshopped ads make me NOT want to buy whatever it is they’re selling.

  13. guesty says:

    those kittens are so adorable. & julianne…you go girl!

  14. Leek says:

    Why is her mouth open in the pictures? Her expressions look terrible to me. I love JM but these pics aren’t doing her any justice. However, this is the best she’s dressed in the last two years.

  15. aenflex says:

    I love kittens. But shouldn’t those kittens be in the jungle?

  16. Missfit says:

    I liked Milan’s comment up top, lmao. But atleast they must be warm,lol. Those little munchkins are adorably cute though, awww. ;) This can be Lindsey Lohan, another Julian Moore, in the future, that is IF she straightens up and cleans up her ways.

  17. Maritza says:

    They erased all the freckles from her body, not cool! Why can’t the magazines go for a more realistic approach? People are not stupid they know this is photoshopped.

  18. Isa says:

    Lol @ Milan.

    I guess those cubs aren’t at the playful stage? I know I just got a new kitten for my daughter and the dang thing attacks me everytime I try to hold or pet it.

    She has ceiling eyes in the first picture, and needs to close her mouth. Other than that, good photos.

  19. Obvious says:

    i would to kidnap a cub now please. or would it be cubnap in this case?

  20. Marianne says:

    I honestly don’t believe there was any abuse going on…I’m sure Julianne wouldn’t have wanted to do the shoot, is she knew the cubs were being mistreated in anyway. I hope Peta doesn’t say anything. They’re such a joke. I mean animal activism is great and all, but just not with Peta.

  21. Gwen says:

    The lions are adorable and it certainly isn’t abuse to take their pictures. The ugly leather handbags, though, involved killing cows, and those probably were abused. Pick your battles wisely.

  22. Green Is Good says:

    Wow, Julianne is smoking hot. And freaking CUTE are those cubs? *squeel*

  23. K-MAC says:

    stunning! she is gorgeous and I cannot believe she is 49!!!!!

  24. UrbanRube says:

    I love Julianne for making freckles hot, because my daughter has that same super-pale skin and began freckling due to outdoor recesses in the blazing sun here in L.A. starting at age 5. So why does she let them Photoshop them out? They’re part of why she’s beautiful.

  25. andrea says:

    awww, little fuzzers! cats, in all forms, are so beautiful.

  26. Jazz says:

    I love Julianne and those cubs are melting my heart!

  27. Cinderella says:

    I bet those little fellas still have some major claws on them.

  28. venusenvy3704 says:

    it’s not animal abuse,but it is irresponsible when people use animals in their ads.animals are not props

  29. original kate says:

    great…now paris hilton will be parading around with lion cubs.

  30. The Bobster says:

    I’m reminded of the Tanya Roberts Playboy spread. Rowl!!!

  31. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Whatever keeps her off of 30 Rock. Ugh, there’s no going back for me now. That had to be some of the most profoundly terrible acting in human history and I’m including the seven or so minutes I’ve seen of Spiceworld. Every time she popped up, I thought, ‘when is this riotously crummy character going to die on her way back to her home planet?’ She made me long for the golden age of Poochie. Poochie, guys!

  32. valerie says:

    shes very gorgeous…and the cubs are precious..

  33. GatsbyGal says:

    It’s gotta be some photoshop, because hasn’t Julianne Moore always said she wanted to age natually and was against getting plastic surgery or botox?

  34. DetRiotgirl says:

    I didn’t notice the handbag or the cubs the first time I looked at these. I was too busy thinking “WHAT HAPPENED TO HER FACE???”. I mean, wow, that is a lot of Photoshop! She’s very pretty naturally, I don’t see why they had to bleach out all her freckles and suck the life out of her like that.

    As for the handbags, I still don’t see them. Who could? Once I noticed the adorable baby kitties, I was blinded to anything else that might be going on in this picture.

  35. Camille says:

    I think she looks gorgeous in these pictures (photoshop whatever). Shes a beautiful woman and she looks amazing here.

  36. birdgherl says:

    Animals are not props. Period.

  37. GatsbyGal says:

    How is she using the animals as props? The purse is the prop. The animals are being animals.

  38. Anti-icon says:

    I love JM’s personality and talent so much. But she kinda scares me in these pics, and in many of her clothing choices. Still, she’s among my favorites. No

  39. Ruffian9 says:

    Not reeeeeally into using animals as props, but I love me some Julianne Moore…..sigh. I’m a bit divided.

  40. Kelly says:

    It’s not wrong to use other animals in shoots per se, as a photographer I sometimes use my own and manage not to abuse or exploit them.

    Unfortunately, during this kind of shoot when the megabucks are racking up with every second and the pressure to get the effing shot not matter what already is on, bad shit happens to everyone involved, especially those least able to leave the set under their own steam. So yeah, I would be least likely to involve myself or my kitties in a big money corporate shoot, because of the evil pressures involved.
    African lions don’t belong in captivity. Its too hard to provide for their requirements. We should support captive breeding for highly endangered and vulnerable animal populations, but these guys dont qualify YET. Give it ten years, the way we’re going.

    Hey what a ramble! Julianne looks whacked out of her brain here- why cant editors and photographers handle an image of a woman looking conscious, ffs? Jesus!

  41. crtb says:

    it is irresponsible when people use animals in their ads.animals are not props

    Oh pleeeeeeeezz!

  42. ViktoryGin says:


    Cute cubs.

    Julianne looks lovely. Photoshop and all.