Has Jada Pinkett-Smith done something to her face?


LaineyGossip just pointed this is out, and now I can’t stop looking at photos of Jada Pinkett Smith. These photos are from the London premiere of The Karate Kid, where Jada and Will and Willow joined Jaden on the red carpet to support the film. Jaden put his righteous ‘fro back into braids (cornrows?) and so it was Jada’s night to debut a new hairstyle. So… is it the new “total bangs” look that’s throwing off my eyes, or did Jada get something done?


She looks like she’s pained in some of these photos, like she’s not sure how wide to smile. She looks several years younger than she has on red carpets just a few months ago. And oh, yeah, her face looks completely different. Sure, a really different hairstyle could do that. So could some Bo to the ‘Tox. So could fillers and other “non-surgical” means. And then there’s the option I’m learning towards – Jada got her eyes done and had a brow lift, and thus, the new bangs. The bangs hide all little nips and tucks that haven’t quite healed yet. Of course, I could totally be wrong.




Jada and the family on July 15, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. jack london says:

    She look Asian..

  2. oxa says:

    I think she looks like she got a load of Spackle in her cheeks to soften the the old hardness.

  3. Henriette says:

    Exactly. Her eyes look Asian. She’s always been, um, tiny and unattractive at best. Now, even more so.

  4. lucy2 says:

    I think the bangs actually help soften her look, in recent months her face has been looking very hard, almost painful.

  5. dana says:

    they all look horrible….she’s definitely done something with her eyes or five head…lmao – they are so fake looking!

  6. bellaluna says:

    No, I think that’s just her face. She’s always looked a bit Asian.

  7. denise says:

    That wig is painfully obvious

  8. TxGal says:

    I really don’t like her. I get the feeling she wears the pants in the house. Her face is still rough looking, very butch like.

    If their marriage is real why do they have to bring up sex when they are on talk shows.

  9. yes please says:

    its cheek implants, i noticed this a while ago, damm hollywood gets everybody in the end…

  10. meme says:

    she’s hideous. always has been always will be. sick of them.

  11. Lulu says:

    Maybe the hair?

  12. trishy says:

    That wig is totally overwhelming her face. The Moe Howard only works if you’re a stooge.

  13. georgiagrl says:

    Its called botox.

  14. really? says:

    Cornrows. They look like…well, rows of corn. Braids are individual and hang loose.

  15. Jillian says:

    Fillers in her cheeks.

  16. malachais says:

    I wasn’t able to find a comparison shot, but the wig make her look odd. They’re such a modern family. :)

  17. tiki says:

    someone call an exterminator. something with a tail crawled on her head and died. oh, the embarrassment. somebody should have told her.

  18. TinaWithPom says:

    Only Will looks normal in this family pic.

    Jada’s face usually looks painful and sharp, like you can cut a finger on it if you’re not careful.

  19. denise says:

    Jada looks like a man in a dress.

  20. Malorie says:

    I noticed it long ago because it´s been gradual. It´s fillers for wrinkles, new cheeks and Botox. Plus a wig. A very obvious wig.

  21. Eden says:

    Filler for sure, her face was looking painfully sharp, harsh and masculine…
    I actually think she looks softer than she has in a while.

  22. Jeri says:

    I agree. I too think she has been looking harsh for a while, her eyes are smaller & as stated, pinched looking.

  23. kimbo says:

    Hey CB!
    Can we do a side by side of Jada?
    I think she had chicken cutlets put in

  24. buckley says:

    urgh…that’s all

  25. Lady Jane says:

    Ya, it’s the cheeks throwing everything off. See the pic with her and the kid and Will, where she is looking down. Real, natural cheeks don’t look like that when you are her age. She looks good (?) but kind of alien-good.

  26. machiavelli says:

    Her face does look rather tight. On the other hand, the painful look might be caused by the sky-high heels she MAY be wearing. And her youngish looks could be attributed to the non-stop sex she seems to be having with Will (?). There is a ton of make-up too.

  27. searching4grace says:

    She scares the crap out of me. A very forceful in your face attitude. The only thing she’s ever done that i liked was Gloria the Hippo in Madagascar. She’s pretty. Just..scary.

  28. denise says:

    @ Searching

    I could’nt stand Gloria the Hippo, she was so obnoxious. I know, I know, it’s a cartoon, but still did’nt like her.

  29. Laurie says:

    Looking only at the photos, I would not even know it is Jada!!

  30. Carey says:

    She’s beautiful. This is a really mean crowd.

  31. RHONYC says:

    that lil’ willow cracks me up!

    so bad-a$%!

    lol :-)

  32. Jada looks exactly the same, just weird because of the bangs. I LOVE WILLOW.

  33. Persistent Cat says:

    I’ve always found her extremely unattractive.

    That said, I love love love that dress.

    Why do their kids always have to look so smug?

  34. Kim says:

    Yes eye lift for sure and botox and fillers and perhaps cheek implants. I think she looks good though – not to much done. Good work/good doctor.

    Just dont do anymore Jada or you will start looking like Kim Kardashian =(

  35. gg says:

    IDK that totally outdated bang cut and weave may be hiding that she didn’t have botox.

    Lots of make up to smooth out her complexion.

    it’s hollywood so you never know, but that bang thing is really outdated. Ya it was cool a few years back, but it’s more for old people who want to hide wrinkles, or people with big foreheads.

    got to say that the family as a whole look like a bunch of douche bags that PR people played dress up with.

    Those kids have the same eyes as lindsay lohans little sister did in all the pap picks before she became a crackhead.

    The bug of hollywood bit them I guess.

  36. angelika says:

    She just had one of RF treatments,that all,maybe Thermage

  37. I Choose Me says:

    She’s not my favourite actress – too grating and arrogant for me but she’s a beautiful woman. Can’t tell if she’s had something done though. Maybe a side by side as someone else suggested.

    After seeing Karate Kid I grudgingly submit that Jaden looks like he might have a promising future in acting. I gotta say I liked him ten times better in that role than the one in The Day the Earth Stood Still where he annoyed the ever loving Jaysus out of me. He still needs to lose the smug face though. So much cuter when he’s smiling for real. Oh and I find Willow adorable – I’m feeling her style.

  38. hellen says:

    CHEEK IMPLANTS! More than chicken cutlets, I think she’s got the whole bird in there. Also serious Botox (check that immovable upper lip).

    If you want to distract the eye from facial alterations, you choose a dramatic hair style so people become focused on that. Yeah, we’re all looking at the dead animal on her head and ignoring everything else.

  39. flourpot says:

    Love the British pants. And it’s those earings. They look like they hurt. :)

  40. daisyfly says:

    Facelift, botox, and a fugly wig = WTF.

  41. Miss says:

    Cheek implants and vaneers? Can’t out m finger on it but something was done….

  42. Eileen Yover says:

    I’m lovin’ the daughter. She looks too freakin cool!

  43. Holly says:

    Jada does look in pain. Sorry but those kids are one day going to look back on these particular photo ops and be very embarrassed by their clothing/hair choices. The kids always come off as “superior – I’m better than you, arrogant”.

  44. LondonLady says:

    she has just lost some weight. She has always had good cheekbones, she is just even tinier than compared to before. Probably botox too tho, she does look a bit drawn

  45. bagladey says:

    Eye job, cheek implants, the works. The beginning of the cat face. Isn’t it odd how the only movie star in the photo is the only one who looks natural and unassuming?

  46. Julia says:

    Her nose is smaller.

  47. canadianchick says:

    She looks good but I think cheek implants.

  48. Ricci says:

    and I bet all those who commented negatively about her , are picture perfect :)

  49. ctkat says:

    Her face does look different (and the wig is pretty obvious) but I think she looks prettier than she has looked in a while.

    I have no explanation for this.

    Also, their daughter has Will’s ears, which I think is adorable. And those two kids are going to be really attractive adults.

  50. Bunny says:

    When are these actresses going to learn that when you get plastic surgery to make your self look young you are just dating yourself. Look at Laura Linney, Patricia Clarkson, Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep. They don’t need plastic surgery because they play real women therefore, they need to look like real women.

  51. serena says:

    that’s probably right.

  52. jojo says:

    Please someone else tell me that they see the resemblance between Kate Gosselin and Jada – yes one’s black the other’s not. One is super rich and has a man that will stand by her, has no body fat, and well the other one is Kate. But both now have their fugtaculous weaves in common!

    Its something about their eyes, mouths, smiles and jaws. I can’t find anyone else on the web who has mentioned this comparison. I think they deserve “a separated at birth” is anyone else with me on this? Am I nuts?

  53. ol cranky says:

    definitely cheek implants and, maybe, some minor tweaking to her nose (it just looks a little different)?

  54. Cazzyb-uk says:

    She reminds me of Mini Mouse for some reason. Might be the way her ears look in the first pic? The family pic, brlliant, they all look lovely, the kids look gorgeous!

  55. Alex says:

    Ugh, this family is uncouth. The kids are obnoxious to the nth degree. She looks horrid. Black people seem to be getting altered to look white and are erasing all their natural beauty. And she does have that nasty in-your-face attitude.

  56. fugly says:

    Has Jada Pinkett-Smith done something to her face?

    i hope so.

  57. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:


  58. mommy says:

    well, the stupid growly look has me thrown, I can’t get past that to even comment on the wig. grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  59. Paula says:

    I don’t understand why she’s doing stuff to her face already. She can’t hae accumulated much sun damage yet.

  60. Jaquebelle says:

    Jada P.Smith is not a peroxide blond silicone infested brain above the neck Hollywood star. And if her unique brand of gorgeousness represents unattractive, please please sign me up!!! This line will be extremely long and never ending, because she epitomizes hotness and boldness. One love.

  61. nycmom10024 says:

    Call me crazy but I don’t think Jada has had any work done. As we age our faces thin out and she has always had a very angular face. Not a surgeon but I think no work. Funny, so many are saying she is unattractive and that close up is the first time I have ever felt she was beautiful.

    Did strokes for different folks…

  62. lia says:

    I think she looks lighter skin wise and I think she got veneers!!! Cheek inplants look like a possibility too. She looks better I think!

  63. Katiexo says:

    I seem to be in the minority, but I think she looks really good, especially compared to some of the other articles about her I remember you putting up recently. She is looking much softer. I actually think the bangs are working for her.

  64. Spring says:

    She looks like she’s baring her teeth, not smiling.

    What is UP with that little girl’s hair?!

  65. Dirty Martini says:

    They are so starting to pimp these kids out. Why do I look at her and think she’s a black Kris Kardashian Jenner?

  66. Marie says:

    wow, how r her kids obnoxious. i can’t tell if she’s gotten work done, but she still looks good, and black don’t crack. on all of her interviews she’s come off polite and well spoken so idk where this negative criticism is coming from. it also always seems that when a black woman is confident in Hollywood she’s deemed arrogant or a bitch (a la Serena), what is she not staying in her ‘place’ for some of you?

  67. Alexis says:

    I’ve been thinking that for such a long time!

  68. Cheyenne says:

    Whatever. Her face looks fine to me.

  69. bizzy says:

    @TxGal: I get the feeling she wears the pants in the house.

    well, i think it’s pretty obvious that will’s wearing the skirts, so i guess jada’s got no choice …

  70. la chica says:

    sorry but i checked Lainey’s archives and Jada has been looking exactly this way for some time. i think it’s the weave/bangs that are giving her a more youthful look.

  71. mik says:

    She’s looking better imo. How’d she get her teeth so white?

  72. Crash2GO2 says:

    Definitely cheek implants – you can spot those mothers from a mile away. As well as maybe eyes and a brow lift.

  73. lola lola says:

    She’s gorgeous, she’s got gorgeous, healthy, talented children, a hot husband and a great career–why make yourself look like every other plastic hollywood actress? Sad.

  74. crtb says:

    She is beautiful. Has a great husband. She has cute kids. Her life is perfect!

  75. mln says:

    I noticed she had work done when she was on the cover of that magazine Ebony (I think) everyone was calling it a bad photoshop but I though nope she just had some cheek implants put in SAD.

  76. Nat says:

    Jada Pinkett looks good. She has high cheekbones, beautiful almond-shaped eyes, almost flawless skin and great bone structure. She looks so good, people assume she must have had some type of surgery, LOL. She has a handsome, successful husband, two beautiful bio kids and an apparently well-adjusted step child. Lucky woman!

  77. Ruffian9 says:

    Something’s gonna snap she pulls that shit any tighter

  78. Music says:

    She is beautiful but I dont think she hasn’t had some tweeking. Anyway I find her and Will Smith marriage fake as hell. They obvious love the kids, but you can tell Jada runs the family, and is pushing Jaden into acting, and probably Willow too.

    I bet anything Will is NOT happy with her in the least, but just pretends to be for his image. I been hearing gay rumors about Smith since 1995.

  79. JM says:

    Maybe those ENORMOUS, GLARING WHITE false teeth just change her face shape a bit?

    Wouldn’t Hollywood be so much more interesting if everyone didn’t get those ridiculous teeth?

  80. Mentok the Mind Taker says:

    She looks more like a man than Will, and I mean that in the nicest way (I think).

    Lovin’ the Union Jack pants, but the posing is nauseating. They’re so full of themselves. I’ve friends who live in their area. The Smiths are the family that everyone wants to be seen with, but no one actually likes.

    What’s that tell you?

  81. Lia says:

    She looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  82. Boxy Lady says:

    I think she’s had Botox but that’s it. She’s always had high, sharp cheekbones and not a lot of body fat. But now she can’t smile.

  83. mooncake says:

    She looks like Danielle Staub of RHWONJ

  84. Kelly says:

    If I ran into this communal mess in an alley, I would back away slowly because they sure as hell look like something dropped from a mothership with pseudoscientific intentions.

    And BTW, they are children, not props, not earning machines, not vanity projects- children dont need their own stylists and they sure as hell dont need to be on a red carpet looking like they should be wrapped in plastic and have price tags hanging from their elbows!
    My god, am I just old or do these photos freak anyone ELSE out in a bad way???

  85. For Sooth? says:

    I would say that she has had cheek implants. But it hasn’t helped, she lost the beauty she once had. I don’t know why, just has.

  86. Sally says:

    Cheek implants, for sure!

    And Willow is awesome.

  87. DetRiotgirl says:

    Ok, isn’t this the second time Willow has worn something insane on the red carpet? She is officially my favorite Smith! That little girl is rocking that look! Love her! :)

    As for Jada, she has always had a very different look from other women in Hollywood. She’s always had a touch of something vaguely Asian going on with her face, and always had sort of a hard look. I don’t think she looks like she’s had much done here. Well, at least not recently. And I may be in the minority here, but I like the bangs. They soften her appearance a lot.

    But, who cares about her anyway? Seriously, I want less of Jada on the red carpet and more of Willow. Give that child a clothing line! Lol

  88. abbizmal says:

    I think she has had a bit of work done. The nose was definitely, I bet. Kaiser, put a few pics up there of her from way back right next to these for comparison. Those kids are cute though.

  89. mary jane says:

    It’s filler in cheeks.
    As obvious as the nose on her face.

    The kids are not cool….. trying so hard it’s painful to look at.

  90. GrrrlGrace says:

    Her mouth/teeth look completely different, her cheeks are filled…

  91. Ms V says:

    She is beautiful, nothing has changed except she has matured. You people are haters!!!

  92. belle Epoch says:

    Remember that scientology school they founded. Where are the kids being educated? On set?

    @music – Finally somebody brought up the gay rumors! I read the reason they keep oversharing about their sex life is that they are both gay. That would make them closeted gay AND closeted scientologists.

    I hope it’s not true because Will seems so likeable. Then again, he’s an ACTOR.

  93. popgallery says:

    Definitely cheek fillers… a la Jolie.

  94. ien says:

    this family takes obnoxious to a new level.

    i understand that kids are supposed to dress funky and be fun and young, but their kids outfits look SO SO calculated that it just comes off looking forced and extremely annoying.

  95. Anti-icon says:

    Jada has always had an angular face. Lean, too. The teeth do ruin her natural look. I hate those fake chiklets.

  96. JJ says:

    Ms. V – We are not haters! I went back and looked at some old photos . . .people are right, her cheeks ARE different. Yes she’s beautiful, that’s why we all think she doesn’t need to mess with her face. Better before.

    The kids . . . SO cute, but yes, so primped and posed. Like little accessories.

  97. JJ says:

    I looked up some old photos . . .her cheeks ARE different and teeth enlarged. She was too cute before to go messing with her face.

    The kids . . . SO cute, but alas, so primped and posed. Like little accessories.

  98. Sanaajeet says:

    Good observation Jo Jo! Kate Gosselin could be the photographic negative of Jada Smith. Both “actresses” or whatever they are, also exude the same snottilicious attitude.

  99. chris says:

    Looks the same to me.

  100. lrm says:

    I preferred when their kids seemed ‘normal’ and like they were having a real down to earth childhood…they are still too young for this scene. maybe in a few years, but this is too young.
    oh well. here they are.

    willow is a fashionista, for sure.
    and will said jaden was ‘a natural’ in the movie they did together, and he wanted to act…the parents didn’t encourage him per se. so, it does seem the kid is good and wants to do this…he’s good looking, too.
    jada-blek-i think she’s also full of herself…which adds to the disappeal, for me personally. will’s alright-he’s been consistent thru the decades.

  101. Sincerity says:

    The Smith Family absolutely rocks! I just love Willow’s really hip avant garde look. Jaden’s movie is doing very well and they deserve to bask in a glow of accomplishment and pride. All families are different and it’s very unrealistic for people to expect a showbiz family to fit into an exact “cookie cutter” of Americana. I wish them much continued success.

  102. Persistent Cat says:

    I really hate the accusation that if I don’t like her or think she’s unattractive it’s either because I’m a closet racist or I’m ugly.

    I find her ugly, both in looks and personality. There are plenty of ugly white celebrities as well. And I’m not ugly at all.

    I too love the Union Jack pants. The Union Jack looks great on anything. I have a sequined Union Jack tank top that I wear to concerts and I get so many compliments on it (from women and men).

  103. mojoman says:

    She got beautiful eyes..there, I said something nice.

  104. LauraLinney says:

    HENRIETTE —–”Exactly. Her eyes look Asian. She’s always been, um, tiny and unattractive at best. Now, even more so. ”

    So looking Asian makes her look more unattractive. I wonder how you look like when you’re not posting subtle racist comments behind a computer?

  105. Kylie says:

    Henriete – um your comments are bit one the racist side. Asian eyes are exotic and beautiful.
    I didn’t knwo what she looked like before so isn’t of being ignorant I googled her. The only differnece I see is the bangs are her hair is more severe. I dont see any nip tucks.
    She’s looking way better then me in my pjs, slipper and robe.

  106. Ogechi says:

    I totally love this family.

  107. Richi says:

    what i feel is she’s lost quiet a bit of weight and it shows hard on her….see the jaw line. it’s nice if you have a bit flesh on the face..I really don’t care how she looks i just like the way she talks when she does press conf. she’s knows what she’s talking!

  108. nycmom10024 says:

    Poster 104 sorry your name is truncated.
    But that pic is from 15 years ago.

    Certainly there are some of you that are over 35 who have had children and maintained the same/similar weight. What happens to your face? It gets more angular. I have a cousin with a very similar look. At similar angles the same killer cheekbones- the same laugh lines around the mouth. Eye appear to get smaller as we age, hence the tired look (and why most people look refreshed after a good lift). I say 1) she is African American skin care is always a priority. 2) She is part owner of a skin care company, she has access to all kinds of lotions and potions.

    She is not my favorite actress, but why have blogs become the place where women rag on other women?

    Also Will may or may not be bi, but he is not gay.

  109. Tazina says:

    The people who post on here must be absolutely perfect since they feel they are qualified and able to judge and be mean about this nice couple out with their kids on the red carpet.

  110. Tess says:

    To all who decry negative comments: Hey…this blog is dedicated to unadulterated bitchiness.

    Don’t cry for the celebs. They’re splendidly well paid, spend most of their sober hours strategizing about how best to get press coverage, and wouldn’t trade places with any of us for any imaginable or unimaginable inducement.

    To say some bitchiness comes with the turf is beyond unneccessary.

  111. anon1 says:

    I think she is doing that half closed eyes, trying to look sultry thing, that J-Ho does in everyone of her pictures. You know, where she looks constipated and confused all at the same time.
    I vote yes on the cheek fillers as well.

  112. Gail says:

    I am not interested in this subject at all. Playing spot the surgery is so boring. But if I don’t post San will point and say, “a-HA!”

  113. Shay says:

    Cheek implants, slight nose reshape and a brow lift.

  114. Confuzzle says:

    Does Scientology make people squinty?

  115. lauralinney says:

    @ TESS aka Henriette

    C’mon. You are just promoting racist comments by categorizing it as bitchiness.

    To each his/her own. I am positive that negative energy follows you.

  116. spikey love says:


  117. Tiff says:

    You guys are haters… Idk maybe your mad because you are nothing and she is something! Or maybe your mad because she has a beautiful family and they all are successful. Or maybe! your just hating because she can afford surgery and you can’t Lmao!!! Its a shame how so many people are in other peoples life when they need to worry about themselves and deal with there own problems first before you start talking about other people.

  118. V.Barbara says:

    There is a difference in Jada and a few other celebrities….they’ve been getting the “microcurrent facial.” I have noticed one thing they all have in common after getting it is plumped up cheeks. I think it increases the collagen level. If you look at old and new pics of Vanessa Williams you’ll notice the same thing. Vaness admitted she gets the microcurrent facial. So when I noticed the same “plumped up cheek” look on Jada it was obvious she gets the same thing done.

    They call it a non-surgical face lift. In my opinion, they look better without the facial. I don’t like the way it plumps up their cheeks. or perhaps they should get it and avoid the cheek area…it looks phony. I still like her/them though.

  119. Ems says:

    Yep cheek implants and botox, I never really liked her but thats a bit harsh coz I don know her right. Oh she is BFF with mrs scoccer star ofcause makes sense abt the cheeks

  120. Ems says:

    Sham this ladies just try to damn hard if u not born with it then honey noting gonna make it better

  121. BGirl says:

    i think the same person posted all those nasty hateful comments. They have a vendetta out for her! I like Jada and respecther and Will. They are a very attractive couple. Yes, her cheeks look weird but look at her younger pics from the 90′s she was absolutely beautiful!

  122. tlee says:

    Ok so some of you sure do sound like h8rs while claiming not 2b. I am neutral on the Smith’s. However I believe she looks a lil odd now. MY opinion is she has veneers (or similar) & now that some of you have mentioned it, cheek implants. It’s disappointing b/c she was a pretty woman just the way she was. As far as some saying she’s ugly always has been well beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To the stylist, I beg your pardon BUT I do not believe that is HER natural grown hair. btw quick weaves do have a part to show your scalp & there are some wigs that have a part to show a ‘fake scalp’ to make it look more beweavable haha believable. It’s great to have opinions but shouldn’t we leave the judging to a higher power which MY BELIEF IS GOD.

  123. Cris says:

    I’ve noticed it for awhile, no surprise here. She’s starting to take on that “Lil Kim and Vivica Fox” kinda look. But it does look rather masculine in some photos. .Not understanding why she needed it though, she was born in 1971! I know we all age differently, but I’m 8 years old than her and I don’t need plastic surgery. Maybe she wanted something different, but I think it’s making her look rather harsh.

  124. Sherry says:

    OMG! leave Jada alone, what this woman do to her body is her business so all of you people commenting with your nasty antics need to get a life, you must wish you have what she have. If Will like it that’s all that matters.