Ivana Trump called 911 on her young husband three weeks before their wedding

59 year old Ivana trump married her fourth husband, Italian actor/model Rossano Rubicondi, 35, in an over-the-top ceremony at her second husband Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate in Palm Beach on Saturday. They held their reception in the same ballroom where Trump married his third wife Melania in 2005.

Among the 500 guests were Kathy and Rick Hilton, Robin Leach, George Hamilton, and Brigitte Nielsen. The theme from Rocky played as the young groom entered the ceremony, and Neil Sedaka sang at the reception.

People promises to have the exclusive photos in their next issue, but OK! reminds us that Trump and her much younger husband don’t have the calm and romantic relationship their garish nuptials might lead you to believe.

Ivana and Rossano both called 911 on each other on March 17 after an argument. Rossano called first, and police came to Ivana’s Palm Beach home, searched and left. Ivana called 911 again two hours later, saying “What’s going on is that I have a boyfriend which [sic] I want to leave my home and he called the police before and he’s abusive.”

No one was arrested, and Rossano was cuffed and released. The NY Post reported this story at the end of March, and quoted a source as saying that “They’ve been fighting ever since they met each other, and the only reason anyone can imagine for why they are getting married is for the publicity.” The Post also noted at the time that OK! Magazine had brokered an exclusive $1 million deal for the wedding photos, but obviously that fell through and People must have outbid them.

Now we know why OK! is so quick to remind us that this marriage is probably doomed.

Ivana and Rossano are shown out to dinner on Valentine’s Day in NY, thanks to Splash News.

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9 Responses to “Ivana Trump called 911 on her young husband three weeks before their wedding”

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  1. daisy says:

    who calls it? how long the marriage will last

  2. Syko says:

    Four months. Maybe. Unless one of them kills the other first.

  3. daisy says:

    Syko I was reading some blog and Ivana son Donadl Jr made this wedding toast.
    You better treat my mother right I got 45 and a shovel.

  4. Lana says:

    Poor Ivana. Does she really think for one minute if she didn’t have $$$ and wasn’t famous that this 36-year-old hunk of an Italian stud would have anything to do with her, a 59-year-old grandma that looks like a bridezilla only worse? She’s kidding herself, but I hope for her sake she’s got an air-tight prenupt – it’ll come in very handy in a few months, if it even lasts that long.

  5. goldend says:

    sounds a lot like “love” to me (haha)

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Folks, they married for the publicity. Ivana needs to prove that she is still desirable.

    Fact is, she is very insecure after Donald left her.

    BTW, I think she looks terrible…fat and fake.

  7. Tia C says:

    @ Lana – my thoughts exactly! LOL! There’s no way any young stud would want to touch that, unless it was covered in money!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’ll bet the pre nup is what the fight was about to start with! I wonder if it got signed….for her sake I hope so.

  9. Tania says:

    I just don’t understand this one. Ivana always struck me as classy and smart. I didn’t think she’d want to repeat her ex Donald’s mistake by marrying someone so much younger and hotter. Ivana was gorgeous in her day, but all the money in the world cannot hide the fact that she is just too old for this man. Why do people who have all that money feel the need to marry? If I were rich like that, I would date all the hot, young hunks I could and then when I was too old, find other things to do like travel, art, charity, etc. Their options are unlimited because they are independently wealthy. Date hot, young babes? Yes please! Marry them? Nah … I’d rather not have to go to court and fight for my money, thank you very much. Good luck Ivana. You should NEVER have married him. If they DO stay married for any length of time, you can bet he’ll be dipping his wick elsewhere (if he hasn’t already!) … Oy! I give the marriage 2 years at the most. Ivana should remarry Donald and her young stud should marry Melania. That would make more sense.