Sixth Mel Gibson tape: “I want my child & no one will believe you, so f-ck you”

42571, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Wednesday July 14, 2010. Oksana Grigorieva is spotted making a visit to her lawyer's office in Century City amidst more taped recordings of Mel Gibson being released. According to TMZ, Oksana has been allegedly receiving threatening phone calls with one possibly being considered a death threat. Photograph: Juan Sharma,

ANOTHER TAPE. Code Red, High Alert, whatever. Radar just released the sixth tape in ongoing series, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Looney Bin. This one is actually working for me, because Oksana is laying into Mel and telling how f-cking crazy he is. His reaction to having his sanity challenged? Oh, it’s pretty good.

Oksana: I’m just saving my child’s life because you are a monster! That’s all! You are a MONSTER! That’s all.
Mel: Now you’re yelling at me?

Oksana: You are imbalanced. There’s something wrong with you.
Mel: Oh, you SHUT UP.

Oksana: You hit me, and you hit her while she was in my hands! Mel, you’re losing your mind. You need medication.
Mel: I want my child, and no one will believe you.

Oksana: You cannot raise the child with these symptoms.
Mel: What?
Oksana: You’re acting as a crazy man right now and you have been for many, many months. And you hit me, and you hit her (Lucia) while she was in my hands! Mel, you’re losing your mind. You need medication.”
Mel: YOU NEED A KICK UP THE F-CKING ASS. For being a bitch, c*nt, gold digging whore! With a p*ssy son! And I want my child, and no one will believe you! So f*ck you!”

Mel: “I’m not giving you my house and you can rot unless you crawl back, s*ck my cock and say you’re sorry, in that order! Do you understand me? You f*cking offend my f*cking maleness, my masculinity, my being, my soul!”

Mel: “You have my child and she doesn’t need a gold digging, f*cking Russian c*nt, wh*re for a mother! We all know what you are! I will have that child, easily.
Oksana:“I’m sorry? You will not have this child.”
Mel:“They won’t let you keep her because they’ll know what you are!”

Mel: “If you get raped it’s your fault, for starters. Showing off your fake t*ts! Like they’re some special deal? How much did they cost, those fakers?”

Mel:You need to say a lot to assuage my insanity because you’ve made me this way!
Oksana: And you yell and scream and threaten everybody around you. Everybody’s pussy-footing around you because they’re all scared sh*tless out of you.

[Transcript courtesy of Radar’s audio]

Radar also reports that Oksana told the authorities about the January 6 incident:

The details are far worse than what has been known up to now. Mel punched Oksana TWICE in the head, and choked her with his forearm pressing into her throat after she fell onto the bed – while holding the baby, she told authorites.

On January 6, Oksana says she attended a basketball game for her 12-year-old son Alexander, who goes by the nickname Sascha. Gibson was furious that she left their infant daughter Lucia home with a nanny and was also jealous that she was around other men.

The nanny witnessed Mel storming around the house, slamming doors and growing furious. The nanny was so frightened that she took Lucia and hid in a bedroom, according to Oksana’s statements.

“When Oksana came home Mel began cursing her,” a source with knowledge of the investigation told exclusively. The Oscar-winning actor/director screamed profanities, consistent with what is on the audio tapes obtained and released exclusively by Then things took a near deadly turn. Oksana asked Mel to calm down when she returned to his Malibu house in the early evening.

“Mel punched her in the mouth and then again in the side of the head,” the source told She was holding Lucia and the force of the punches caused her to fall backwards onto the bed. Mel placed one of his forearms into Oksana’s neck and began choking her. He took his free hand and pushed it over her mouth and she struggled to breathe. She struggled and begged him to stop.

“Oksana has told authorities it was horrific and she thought she was going to die,” the source said. The punches broke Oksana’s front teeth, as can be seen by the exclusive photo of her injuries obtained by As she begged Mel to stop while he was choking her, Mel kept screaming for Oksana to apologize.

Oksana’s son Sascha, whose father is former James Bond star Timothy Dalton, was in the bedroom the entire time this took place, and he was scared to death and will be a crucial witness. He was interviewed by child protective services agents last Friday.

Oksana finally was freed from Mel’s grip and jumped up to leave but she says Mel then pulled a gun from the pocket of his short, pointed it at her head and threatened to kill her, Lucia and Sascha, as well as himself, in an apparent murder-suicide plot.

He reportedly yelled “F*ck you” and called Oksana a “F**king c*nt.”

Somehow, however, Oksana was able to run out of the house, wearing her pajamas and barefoot, with Lucia and Sascha. After Oksana fled, Mel called her repeatedly and threatened her. Investigators will be looking at those phone records.

[From Radar]

Sounds… horrific and terrible and like Oksana has every right to fear for her life. Oh, and Mel’s Polish mistress Violet Kowal tells Fox News that Mel abused her too.

Photo by: RE/Westcom/ 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 1/26/10 Mel Gibson, The Los Angeles Premiere for Edge Of Darkness, Grauman s Chinese Theatre, (Hollywood, CA.)

42447, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Saturday July 10, 2010. Oksana Grigorieva, Mel Gibson's ex-girlfriend, leaves a Ralphs grocery store in Los Angeles. Mel Gibson was recently caught on tape admitting he punched the mother of his love child. Photograph: James Breeden/Jordan Lockhart/Pacific Coast

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 26: Actor Mel Gibson arrives at the premiere Of Warner Bros. 'The Edge Of Darkness' held at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on January 26, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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  1. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “and no one will believe you.”

    and that’s why she taped him, all you abuser-apologists.

    I’m so glad this man’s true self is being exposed.

  2. flourpot says:

    …. And he lived happily ever after in Australia. Seriously, that’s how this will end. She’ll get some cash and child support and will be looking over her shoulder for the rest of her life and he’ll be walking free. Just sick.

  3. Snarf says:

    Mel got played (deservedly so).

  4. Kitten says:

    What a disgusting, misogynistic piece of trash. It’s bad enough that he calls a woman all those hateful names but now to pick on her son-a child???? I didn’t think this scumbag could get any lower…

  5. albeli says:

    I hope this vile excuse for a man goes to prison.

  6. Frak says:

    I’ve read that Gibsons team have hired people whose sole purpose is to create multiple on-line identities that support Mel and say he’s a victim of Oxsana and she got what she deserved. The good news is that their might not be as many sick puppy apologists out there as I’ve feared. This man is scary.

  7. CathyT says:

    You left out the part where he called her a moving violation.

  8. mojoman says:

    what a Sick f*ck! I heard all the tapes and this definitely is icing on the cake, but I wonder, why dont they ask the nanny to testify as well? since the report said that the nanny was so scared she brought the baby and hid in the room.

  9. Oenix says:

    Please help me understand as I am a bit late watching/reading the unfold of this drama, tragedy and comedy (all rolled up in one).

    Mel leaves his wife of a zillion-years, several children and grandchildren to be with this woman and now he finds her to be “…a gold digging, f*cking Russian c*nt, wh*re…”

    Relationships end for all kinds of reasons but from the little that I know about theirs, it seems like there was never any RESPECT to begin with.

    Suppose he didn’t know she was an alleged gold-digger… at the very least he had to know she was Russian. Why use her nationality as an insult?

    And what with calling women “whores”? At any point in a woman’s life she is bound to be called one of these “whore”, “slut”, “bitch”, etcetera. For many people these words are all synonyms of “woman” –

    For an artist Mel sure lacks creativity AND originality!

  10. katyalia says:

    @ Praise: Sadly, as we’ve seen here over the last few days, he’s not totally wrong.

  11. lucy2 says:

    Frak, I read that too. Don’t know if it’s true or not, but I guess it’s possible.
    He sounds like a monster. I feel so sorry for the kids involved.

  12. mymy says:

    How dare he attack her son and call him a pussy.The child had no real benefit of a live in father. Mel’s religion tells him to be loving. He could have chosen to be a good step father. Instead he was jealous of the son and had no narcissistic connection to him. He is a malignant narcissist and this is how they age, Full of entitlement and rage.

  13. pookie says:

    What I don’t understand is why she continues to live in his house? From what I’ve read, she has been given the option by both her ex and her dentist to live in their homes. I would also imagine she has friends/supporters who would happily stow her and the baby away somewhere. If you are so terrified for your infant, why stay somewhere that you know you or she could be injured at any moment? I know some will say that it’s because she is abused so she ‘can’t’ leave him, but she obviously has left him. She has made tapes, possibly released them, and has appeared to be making a very strong affront on Mel. So I guess it just doesn’t make sense to me, a mom, that you would continue to put your baby in harm’s way once you’ve found the strength to stand up to the guy. Something just doesn’t jive. Reminds me of a horrible case I read about in Denver – the Midyette family. All I know is that if something happens to that baby at Mel’s hands, she should be just as culpable for not doing everything under the sun to have prevented it.

  14. MeMyself says:

    Jesus! I wonder what Timothy Dalton thinks of the way his son was exposed to such madness!
    I would certainly want to kick some ass!
    You don’t mess with the kids!

  15. Shay says:

    In the rant of his masculinity, he forgot to add his ‘madness’.
    They should film a parody: The Madness of Mel Gibson.
    I don’t care what Robyn says about Mel.When it is compared to everything he has said, her crap excuses for Mel pale in comparison and not only that, to also say things about her son. That’s beyond the pale.

  16. Kitten says:

    @ Pookie, I can only hope that you are part of the Gibson PR machine because otherwise I cannot fathom how you can still be spewing this nonsense. If you are indeed a mother as you claim then you should feel ashamed of yourself for reading this post and STILL insisting on blaming the victim. I suppose in your mind the child brought this upon himself too right? He is deserving of Gibson’s venom for not…what? Let’s hear what possible and ridiculous reason you could use to cast blame on anyone BUT Mel Gibson.

  17. cantbelievethis says:

    @MeMyself I wonder that too. If my ex was with someone who talked about my son like that I would lose it.

    It disgusts me that he most likely won’t face any charges for this and will keep partial custody of that poor baby girl.

  18. Leticia says:

    He needs to go to jail or be institutionalized due to his insanity. I’m sure that she hoped that he would be sane, and then she could be married to a rich celebrity. He turned out to be violent and insane and she went on to plan b. I only feel sorry for the baby and for her son by a previous relationship. How dare Gibson be insulting about the boy. Gibson is truly vile.

  19. K.L says:

    MeMyself, I’m really wanting a showdown between Dalton and Gibson, and I think Dalton would win, hands down, on sheer adrenaline to protect his son. You don’t mess with Bond!

  20. bros says:

    I dont believe his martyr ex wife for a minute that mel never took out his rageaholic seld on her or her kids. a divorce would surely induce his rage since he cannot stand being questioned or rejected. robin probably ponied up the statement because mel would make her alimony harder to get and play games with his lawyer on her if she didnt put out a statement of support. this type of abusive crap doesnt just arise for one person in a specific context. you can tell this is something well practiced, familiar to Mel. robin has always struck me as completely pathetic and her statement in support of this sleazebag makes her even worse.

  21. Strawberry says:

    Pookie: You’re an idiot, and using the expression “Something just doesn’t jive” proves it. I think you’re looking for “jibe”. That’s all.

  22. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Team Oksana. What a nutcase Mel is. Then wake up and Whoopi is still defending him. Is there a 7th tape…

  23. Iggles says:

    He is a disgusting human being. Robyn is an enabler. Doesn’t matter how you claim her treated you. She shouldn’t be defending this crazed man. 25 years of marriage or not, there is much cruelty in him. Why should other woman have to “grin and bear it” until he moves on to the next “girlfriend” (read: victim)?

  24. pooky says:


    Just so you know, “Pookie” isn’t me! That said, here’s a huge difference with being a “Gibson apologist” and questioning why a mother would knowingly put her child in harm’s way. Physical/verbal/emotional abuse is NEVER justified and I’ve never inferred that it’s justified, but nor is deliberately exposing a child to it. Which is precisely what she did so that she could be in a position to tape him.

  25. nnn says:

    He is a major C*NT,a peice of trash and drawing Sasha into this is absolutly revolting and sub-human behaviour like.

    After seeing his mother abused, after being abused himself by words spouted by this ultimate SC*M who is 40 years older, that child will need some kind of therapy.

  26. pookie says:

    Whoa! How am I blaming a child for anything? How am I blaming the victim? I am saying, why would any mom keep their kids in harms way???? I think that is an incredibly valid question. She has been offered safer places for her and her kids to live, but she refused it? I truly don’t get why. And I am not making any assumptions as to WHY, just wondering. You folks seriously misread what I wrote. I think it’s very valid to wonder why someone would not protect their children if they are truly afraid. I NEVER SAID that Mel did not do any of the stuff he has been accused of. I also did not say she was a liar. I did not say anything except why would you not protect your kids?!? I frankly don’t think either of them deserve to be parents and both should lose custody indefinitely. Cuz yeah, WHATEVER her reasons are for staying with him, it does NOT excuse the fact that she has allowed her children to remain in a dangerous situation. She has obviously endured a lot in her relationship, and has been abused, but that does NOT negate or excuse her first responsibility, which is to her children. And if they are in harms way, and she fails to get them out, then yeah, she shouldn’t have those kids. I feel horrible for any woman being abused, but I feel a f**kload worse for kids who aren’t being protected by the only person left to protect them!!

  27. Sarah says:

    Team Pookie

  28. Rosanna says:

    Let’s assume that Mel flipped out just now. So Robyn was telling the truth that he never hit her or her kids. But – as a woman – where does she find the guts not to side with Oksana and the little Lucia? Women like Robyn make me want to puke.

  29. Reason says:

    What Mel’s people should do, instead of defending him/disparaging Oksana, is to tell him to publicly apologize and admit that he needs help. Then he needs to actually get it.

    It sounds like he has borderline personality disorder and could benefit from dialectic behavioral therapy. He should stay far away from women and relationships & just focus on his relationships with his children — and maybe get a loyal dog.

    He is a mess and a full on abuser. Denying the abuse is not going to help anyone – it just makes him look like a bigger ahole.

    Lots of therapy and moving to Australia just might be the ticket. But a sincere, public apology is definitely in order. He needs to admit his problems.

  30. xxodettexx says:

    Mel: “I’m not giving you my house and you can rot unless you crawl back, s*ck my cock and say you’re sorry, in that order! Do you understand me? You f*cking offend my f*cking maleness, my masculinity, my being, my soul!”

    SO TELLING! his poor widdle manhood! hahaha, typical of a misogynist bastard… reminds me of my ex, oh how he loved my boob enhancing shirts in the beginning of the relationship… but towards the end, it was “your a whore with your slutty outfits” “your bitching is making me hit you/scream at you/take money from you/make vile comments about you to my friends, etc..”


  31. Kitten says:

    @ Pookie/Pooky-
    Maybe I jumped the gun on you and sorry about that but I just don’t think that any of us are in a position to judge how an abused woman would react in a situation like that. I think that you are largely missing the point in the sense that no woman should even HAVE to fear for her safety or her chld’s safety at the hands of the man she married. Hopefully as a (seemingly)reasonable person you can agree with me on that. Taping him was a necessary form of protection for her and her child imo. I think it’s entirely unfair to speculate on what her options were with her back clearly up against a wall. And I do think that you are insinuating blame by saying that something about her story doesn’t “jive” (sp.)

  32. pookie says:

    Thank you Sarah!

  33. Rory says:

    She has a restraining order. Mel Gibson is not living in the house. She did all the right things and these crazed accusations that she’s harming her kid are laughable. These Gibson trolls always make a lot of crazed accusations but never back it up with specifics or facts or sanity.

  34. Mia says:

    She is protected as they both have mutual restraining orders. The judge in the case gave Gibson visitation, which she did not want him to have. There is nothing that she can do about that and I would imagine she has security at the house.
    Suggesting that if he wanted to do something to her he just wouldn’t because she was at someone elses’s house? No, he would just wait for her to come out if he really wanted it.
    As to why Oksana stayed in that situation and didn’t leave immediately? I think getting him to admit on tape IS protecting her daughter.

  35. Crash2GO2 says:

    Wow. So poor Sasha was a witness to this horrific event – and it was even worse than we originally thought! He pulled a gun?? He hit her twice and then choked her while she held the baby??

    Tell me this man isn’t going to do any jail time. Because I don’t believe that for one second.

    Burn in your own special brand of hell Mel.

    Robyn, grow some balls.

  36. Riley says:

    Mel Gibson looks doubly monstrous with all these purported fake comments trashing her. He looks absolutely pathetic and evil. He has evaporated any drops of good will with these tactics. These old guys don’t get the internet. People can smell troll postings, and bashing the woman is outdated.

  37. jm says:

    My guess? She stayed in the house to get the tapes recorded. Without those there would be no proof of the abuse and hes right, noone would believe her and he would get partial custody. Staying in the house she was able to get proof of the abuse and was there to protect her kids as well as she could. Staying in the house house now – well he definitely can’t touch her because everyone would know it was him, if she was somewhere else he could/would deny even seeing her.

  38. pookie says:

    Kitten – Thank you. I get where you are coming from, but still, not addressing what I think is an incredibly valid question to ask. I honestly, with my whole heart, do NOT understand how any woman keeps their kids in a horrible situation like that. And I’ve read in several places that she was given options on other places to live. Hell, even if she didn’t have people giving her a new home to live in, I am sorry, get out! There are women out there, abused and with far less than Oksana has, who get their kids away from crazy/abusive men. So yes, it makes me question HER sanity, and what she is capable of. There are two adults in this situation, and neither are doing justice to their kids.

    No, no person should have to fear for their safety, but I am not addressing the fact that Mel is a whackjob. I am saying that a mother, no matter the situation, must protect her children. Period. End of story. Being abused and left with less options than normal does not give any person the excuse to allow their babies to be hurt in any way. Period. End of story. Do I appreciate how hard it must be for her? Hells yeah. Do I wish she wasn’t going through it? Hells yeah. But again, there is no excuse that I will hear/believe when it comes to the safety of her kids. Sorry if that sounds too harsh to the St. Oksana Camp, but it’s how I feel. It’s my opinion. If it were me, and I can say this with great certainty, if anyone were to lay a hand on my child or verbally abuse him in any way, they better know how to run really f**kin fast cuz they would have a crazed Sicilian chick on their ass. I would die for my son, in a heartbeat, in an instant. I would throw myself in front of a moving train for him. I would take a bullet for him. I would do ANYTHING on earth, in heaven and hell, to ensure the safety of my child. Period.

  39. mmf says:

    I don’t belive the ex either. She was abused in some way by this nut job.
    Sadly, I’ve had experience with men like him. Or I should say raging alcoholic men.
    Violence and mentally breaking you down is all they know, they thrive on the power.
    And they are always jealous of any other male, even if it’s their own son.

  40. sapphire says:

    Thank you, Pookie. I wondered when someone was going to address that. And to leave your children in that envirement for personal or professional gain IS abuse.

  41. Jazz says:

    I’ve mentioned before I have a friend who is in an abusive relationship. He’d blame her for “making him that way” too. The worst part is she blames herself for the way he is. She said she turned him into a monster. I tried to tell her he’d be that way with any woman he was with, not just her.

    Regardless of Oksana’s motives, I’m glad she got out. Another friend of mine had a sister who was killed by her boyfriend. And he was found not guilty through reasons of temporary insanity, now it’s the family who have the life sentence.

  42. Mentok the Mind Taker says:

    Another gossip site is reporting that Mel’s PR team is paying people to write sympathetic posts regarding him, and slanderous regarding her.

    How anyone can defend him is beyond me. Then again, these are probably the same people who loved that glorified snuff film, The Passion of the Christ.

    He’s a sick f**k, and I hope he goes back to OZ and gets attacked by a group of rabid dingos.

    If anyone ever had it coming…

  43. angelika says:

    Poor Oksana,Alexander,Lucia..My heart goes for them

  44. Lizzard says:

    When they first started dating(we found out she was preggers already), I thought that he was stepping up to do the right thing and trying to be there for his new child. Clearly, her pregnancy and this child and she herself would have been better off if he didn’t try to step up in the first place. You know, I feel badly for her regardless of her gold-digging c*nt
    wh*re status, but I feel a little sorry for him too.

    I mean what he’s done is horrendous and can’t be explained and he gets whatever is coming to him; but it also seems like his alcoholism has seriously damaged his brain. Robyn claims he never abused her, and I tend to want to believe that. I don’t think she would suggest they all move to Australia if he did abuse her at all. I think Mel lost his mind after his divorce and is drinking heavily and has lost his mind. It will be a long time, if ever, that he will have a career again. I hope he gets some help for his obvious addictions and anger management, and I hope that Oksana can move on and feel safe once again.

  45. Jesse says:

    Au contraire, trolls. It appears this girlfriend may have been the first woman to stand up to Mel Gibson. He sounds surprised on the tape when she stood up to him. She got a restraining order and split. He’s tripping because she split and can’t control her anymore. It’s not believable that the ex-wife didn’t get abuse. This girlfriend is making her look shameful because the ex-wife might not have protected her own kids the same way. Either way, no matter what the woman’s reaction, the man is still responsible for his abuse. Blaming the victim is backfiring on him.

  46. Kitten says:

    She’s now going to make a living on the talk show circut . The book movie and all . I hear he’s a great guy . I belive she set him up in order to make money . She’s set for life . He was angry and felt he had been played . I don’t think he hit her . CPS is realy good at takeing children at the drop of a hat . If this were real Mel would be rotting in jail right now . She would be in deep shit for not going to the cops when this happened . CPS makes money off of takeing children away . I know this because I have known people who have had thier children taken from them and had to pay CPS for thier care . These people got the kids back after the investigation . Both of her children would be in foster care right now with grandmothers and aunts trying to get custody . Mel may use terrible launguage when he’s angry but , I will always belive he was set up .

  47. Not a Mel Fan says:

    I wonder if Saturday night live will do a Mel Gibson Parody.
    Mel has a lot of anger but how many times can you exhibit this behavior. And I don’t believe he didn’t exhibit this behavior with his wife.
    Remember Mel chose to cheat on his wife. Mel didn’t have to cheat on his wife. And it appears this is not the first time he cheated on his ex wife.
    Mel, you should have learned your lesson many screw ups?
    Lindsay went to jail today. Perhaps that’s where you should have been for a while.

  48. GR51 says:

    Leaving an abuser who’s threatened to kill you before can be dangerous too, and can endanger other people.Maybe she was scared for TD and her dentist and decided to stay put. How many times a year do we see stories from our own local news about a woman who had a restraining order against her abuser,does everything they are told to do by ppl who help abused women get away from their abusers, only to be murdered by him where she fled, and he kills anyone who’s around her? I live in Portland, and little while ago a horrific incident occurred, where the ex, who was a cop,btw,tracked down his wife in a bar where she was with a few girlfriends and he shot her and a couple of the other women and killed them and his wife and himself.
    This sadly happens all the time.
    I wonder how many times stuff like this happened BEFORE she decided to tape him?
    As to all the gold digger comments. I can recall over the years, so many times Mel was caught cheating, usually drunk, hanging out with other women and his wife never said a word about it publicly, let alone kicked him out.Why would a woman put up with so much abuse?
    Yea, we all know why. Mels worth millions and Robyn is going to get her hands on a substantial amount of that, so how come SHE isn’t called a gold digger?
    The bottom line is,Mel was having an affair for years with OG, then when his refusal to use a condom(because of religious beliefs,ha ha,because we all know adultery isn’t against any religion)finally got one of his extra marital affairs knocked up, THEN his wife had had enough.He’d be sharing that money with another woman for child support, perhaps Robyn didn’t like that idea.Then he wanted us to believe he wasn’t some idiot middle aged man being led by the nose by a younger woman, so he made a big deal out of pouring money into OG music career,acting like she was some fantastic artist he was mentoring.He has no one to blame but himself for the affair in the first place,so calling her names now for the stuff he obviously liked(her “fake boobs” her sexy image, and even yes, her exotic Russian nationality) he now uses as an insult is just so petty and ridiculous.How anyone can hear his rants and not see he’s just another crazy abusive man on the brink of doing something terrible is beyond my understanding.She’s doing him an enormous favor in the long run.Maybe now he will have to get some help, be recognized as a danger when he’s not medicated and prevent further violence.
    I guess no one remembers the times OJ was accused of beating NS.But I do. And when the news came on she had been murdered, my first thought was”OJ finally did it”.Mel isn’t any different, he’s another entitled,rich baby with too much power, and he is nuts too.

  49. gracie says:

    @Kitten..the REAL kitten with the small pic of the black cat (adorable). There is another poster named “kitten” too but they do not have a pic. (post #46) I think they chose your name so people would think it was you!

    BUT…I was not fooled as you are clearly NOT on Team Mel and they unfortunately are.

    Soooo….to the fake “kitten”…get a new name!!!!

  50. nnn says:

    I so hope he goes to jail where others will teach him who is the real PUSSY !

  51. susieqinBA says:

    Remarks about Robyn and their family in the past that state about always being “private”, that “privacy” is not keeping your life private but Mel’s dominate behaviors (I believe they were there for a long time in their marriage) had everyone in fear NOT to expose his wrongs. I liked what Oks stated on the tape about “everybody pussy-footing” around him – people are scared to death of him. He’s pays them off and no one not even his family tried to make him face his responsibilities – they got money and “turned the other cheek”.

    I’m sure Robyn wanted a divorce many times during their marriage but I honestly believe Mel “forced” her to stay just like he “forced” Oks to sign agreement against her will. A divorce would damage his “image”. When Oks got pregnant then that gave Robyn a way out.

    Reports that Mel and Robyn may unite I don’t believe that for one minute. Mel’s team is trying to throw up a lot of “sympathy”, but it’s damaging to Robyn. Everyone, even Mel’s team, are so afraid of him that they are not trying to get him to make a public confession. I can understand why Mel is such a “powerful” man, he is like the demon possessed man in the Gardarenes in the bible, who couldn’t be chained or bound or couldn’t be tamed, ran around naked (Mel’s shame has been exposed) he tormented the country side. I guess Mel’s only defense would plea insanity.

  52. Praise St. Angie! says:

    to the FAKE kitten…

    grow a brain before you post again.

    “set him up”?…yeah, she planned this whole baby/abuse/knocked out teeth/punched/choked/threatened/verbally abused from THE VERY BEGINNING to get money….

    guess you’re one of those trolls on Mel’s payroll, huh?

  53. katyalia says:

    Kaiser, the faux kitten is back! (Seriously starting to wonder about that whole Mel is paying people thing.)

  54. Kaiser says:

    Ugh, I have a higher troll-tolerance than CB, so I’m not going to delete this troll. Just ignore them and I’ll delete or ban people who say the really terrible stuff, okay?

  55. Crash2GO2 says:

    Hmm, Mel’s apologists seem to be losing steam here, don’t they?

    I wonder if the great ass kisser People Magazine is going to change their pro-Mel stance in the face of this latest information?

    I was thinking this morning that I am almost glad poor Heath Ledger never lived to find out what an awful man his idol Mel Gibson really is.

  56. susieqinBA says:

    I just noticed on ROL there are NO comments on any of their reports. They must be locking out all comments to keep out Mel’s “crisis management team”.

  57. Oenix says:

    Perhaps this has already been said and confirmed. My take is this:

    1. It was an unplanned pregnancy… (not too many women will have kids 12 years apart with a new man they’re just getting to know). Mel was probably an ass BEFORE the pregnacy, she use to think he was being cute or/and “manly”

    2. They decided to have a child but didn’t work out the details (or perhaps, they were so madly in love.. LMAO… they wanted to raise a family)

    3. By the time baby arrives, the rose colored glasses came off and Mel has been seriously freaking out over the ramification of paternity….$$$

    4. Oxie didn’t plan on it being so hard to move on (with her plan B) and is now finding out what a real “charmer” Mel is….

    5. Oxie is finding out that you cannot tame an undomesticated BEAST (or any beast for that matter) and should have never gotten in that cage in the first place…

    Before all this, there were all kinds of post denigrating Oxie as a gold-digger. I’ll remain neutral and say this.. “There are lot easier and faster ways to dig for gold than to get yourself stuck with a misogynist maniac for the next 18 years or LONGER”

    Lesson for the rest of us…One little condom could have prevented a lot of this mess……or shortened their nighmare…

  58. Jeri says:

    Maybe no-one, including Robyn, ever stood up to Mel before & that’s why Robyn was never physically attacked. This guy is wacko & needs restraining. He’s seems totally shocked that anyone would stand up for themself & go against his wishes.

  59. Strawberry says:

    Just wanted to say sorry for calling pookie an idiot – I got a little heated and misread her comments. Well said in the lower ones about going above and beyond to protect your child/ren.

    My one thought about Mel is that I’m sure people have been protecting his a** not for months, but YEARS. I’ve heard it said that Jodie Foster detested working with him on Maverick back in the day bec. he would show up sloshed to work every day. I don’t think this “problem” drinking, womanizing, general unpleasantness of his started yesterday imho.

  60. Schnauzers!!! says:

    Faux Kitten said – “She would be in deep shit for not going to the cops when this happened . CPS makes money off of takeing children away . I know this because I have known people who have had thier children taken from them and had to pay CPS for thier care . These people got the kids back after the investigation . Both of her children would be in foster care right now with grandmothers and aunts trying to get custody . ”

    @ faux Kitten

    Coming from a long line of Child Protective Service social workers/supervisors/directors…

    Your statement is a flat out lie. It is the same lie that some of our clients happen to tell anybody who will listen because they don’t know WHY their cigarrette burnt/sexually abused/physically abused kids were taken, as they’re such GREAT parents…. MUST be the state wanting MONEY!! That’s it!!! LOL
    It’s laughable to me that people actually believe this drivel.

    As for Mel..he can rot in Hell if he did this. I don’t know, it hasn’t gone to court. I don’t know what happened to Oksana, but what he says on the tape is pure abusive.

    ETA – “this” being punching Oksanna and hurting the baby..either or. I don’t know what physically happened, chances are we will never know the full truth. I’m just waiting on it all to come out.

  61. Kitten says:

    The Return of Evil (faux) Kitten! Reaping havoc with terrible grammar and irrationality!

  62. pookie says:

    Thank you strawberry. It’s possible like another posted mentioned, perhaps his brain really has just suffered some final straw of his alcoholism and he has lost his mind. I can’t imagine the damange he has done to his mind/body if he’s been drinking for so many years. Chances are though, he had a million opportunities and supportive family/friends who could have helped him fight his addiction, so I feel no sympathy there. Sad situation all around, makes me thankful for my healthy happy family.

  63. Crash2GO2 says:

    Heehee Kitten! I think you mean *wreaking havoc*!

    OK, I am off to really get some work done…

  64. Kitten says:

    @(faux)Kitten-what’s with the over-punctuation? You are like a KittenBot! “I am faux Kitten. I love Mel Gibson. Oksana is goldigger. I don’t think he hit her. She wanted money. I know someone who knows someone who dated Mel’s cousin. She said he was nice.”
    Holy christ, FauxKitten: conjunction-junction-what’s-your-function??????

    @Crash-so much for bad grammar! lol! Fail for me. Oh wait-Urban dictionary says it’s legit. That’s all the validation I need!

  65. Amy says:

    He’s an abuser with a lot of power, which is why we were fooled for years. I don’t blame her for taping him — who else would believe her? I mean, we can hear it for ourselves and people are still condemning the woman!

  66. Eden says:

    To the authentic and HILARIOUS Kitten…OMG, your post gave me the laugh I needed.
    Thank you and DAMN you for the inevitable school house rock loop that will be playing in my head all day..

    My friend who is a psychiatrist told me once that people with Narcissistic personality disorders are stuck at the developmental age of 3, 3!! and it is debatable in the community whether it is treatable therapeutically…even after a minimum 20 years of intense therapy.

    She needed this proof to live a life beyond his madness and mental illness.
    I applaud her for using this situation to expose what should be exposed, for the sake of everyone involved. Even Mel.
    Ox must have known that she would get a hail storm of crap thrown in her direction as she is exposing herself in the process..
    Perhaps his ex wife will get her own shit together on a deeper level and finally stop covering for him and herself, like Ox did.
    I would bet that Robin has lied for him out of her own shame and denial for many years.

  67. viper says:

    Good God both my classmate and I were spot on. Only I called a wall and he said a couch. Why wa sher son in the bed room? Did he hear this and ran to his mother? Or did he just follow and watch in horror?

  68. Praise St. Angie! says:


    HOORAY for Schoolhouse Rock! and LMAO at your post.

  69. Feebee says:


    How has he not been arrested before now? He hardly has many friends in the local police department. Must be pretty crafty.

    And WTF with Child Protective Services? Why are they not all over this for the sake of Sascha and Lucia?


  70. mary says:

    @mymy “He is a malignant narcissist and this is how they age, Full of entitlement and rage.” Well said!

    @st.angie “no one will believe you.”

    ..and that’s why she taped him. Agreed!

    Hey Mel! Pay up, shut up and leave Oksana alone – in that order, you foul creep!

  71. nnn says:


    May I add :

    ….and leave BOTH children alone and go f*ck yourself in jail where you’ll get all the B*s you so crave for !

  72. Wif says:

    When is Timothy Dalton going step into the ring here? Seriously, Gibson called his son a pussy. Them’s fighting words.

  73. jane16 says:

    Just when I didn’t think I could hate Mel more…

    faux kitten is earning his $4 ph from mel’s flacks.

  74. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Authentic-100%-Genuine-Kitten: Oh my! *blush* How embarrassing! Teach me to wag my fingers at legitimate poster’s grammar!!!

  75. Crash2GO2 says:

    @mymy: “He is a malignant narcissist and this is how they age, Full of entitlement and rage.”

    Amen to that. I can attest to that from personal experience. Yikes.

  76. Cakes says:

    Yall are funny! ITA with all the anti-Mel comments. In fact yall have said them so well I cant say anything that hasnt already been said.
    I kinda think that Robyn is still bitter from getting dumped (dont know why, cuz I would say adios mother-f*cker!!) so publicly that she said Mel didnt abuse her only to try an discredit Oksana. I dunno. Some women are bitchy like that and wouldnt stand up for another woman if her life depended on it(NOT ALL ladies but some are like that).

  77. telesma says:

    I have another take on why he may not have abused Robyn, but abused Oksana and the other woman, Violet. Just a thought, but bear with me.

    I’m thinking more-Catholic-than-the-Pope Mel has a classic Madonna/Whore complex.

    To a man with this kind of thinking, there are only 3 kinds of women. The demure virgin, the demure wife/mother, and the whore. They can only respect the Madonna (virgin/mother), never the whore, and can feel justified in almost any kind of disrespect against any woman who falls into the “whore” category – the unmarried mother, the mistress, the unmarried woman who owns her sexuality, the woman or girl who wears revealing clothing or speaks her mind. Even though they are very attracted to the “whore” (sexually), they have no respect because they don’t feel she’s respectable.

    So, I think if Robyn played the part of the demure, respectable, church-going wife and mother, and didn’t stand up to him, he probably didn’t abuse her. Though she may have gotten a whiff of his temper (and crazy) every now and then, if she had the right personality and knew what would set him off and avoided it, he could very likely never have behaved toward her anything like he does on these tapes, with a woman he (subconsciously) considers a “whore” and not deserving of respect.

    Just a bit of speculation on my part, but he’s crazy enough and religious enough to make me think it’s quite possible.

  78. j. ferber says:

    It’s true that OJ Simpson’s ex-wife got on the stand at his murder trial and testified under oath that he had never hit her. I read that he HAD hit her and that the first ex-wife hated Nicole Brown for taking OJ away from her. Robyn might hate Oksana for “taking” Mel away from her, too. In any case, he does not deny hitting Oksana OR the baby, who had a bruise on her chin. I’d worry for the baby’s safety while in his custody. He could kill the baby to make Oksana suffer. It’s been done many times by men before and I wouldn’t put it past that fetid, disgusting woman-hater.

  79. Reason says:

    telesma – he definitely has the madonna/whore complex!

  80. annie says:

    Mel did not dump Robyn for Oksana, actually Robyn left Mel in 2005 because he got very depressed and fell off the wagon-again. He had a girlfriend on set of Apocolypto, Robyn was on set and could’nt care less according to eyewitnesses

  81. katyalia says:

    ‘He could kill the baby to make Oksana suffer. It’s been done many times by men before and I wouldn’t put it past that fetid, disgusting woman-hater.’

    That’s what went through my head too.

    I do not understand the court in this case. When in doubt… assign a neutral person to monitor the baby’s safety (as Britney had for a while), but don’t risk this to go awry.

    ETA: @ annie: do you have a source/link for this?

  82. Mistral says:

    What an asshole, calling a twelve-year-old boy a pussy.

  83. Crash2GO2 says:

    @anon: Eh. I think the author’s tone is inapproriate considering the gravity of the Mel, Oksana situation. If it was only Mel and Oksana involved, maybe. But now we know both her children were exposed to his out of control rage and gun waving. Ain’t nothin’ cutesy or jokey about that. Ugh.

  84. snappyfish says:

    The fact that this poor excuse for a man would make any derogatory comment about a 12 year old boy is beyond vile, reprehensible or callous. I feel horrible that I was ever mislead to believe the “decent family man” crap his PR people churned out over the years.

    I remember one tape extoiling the fact he left his wife as they had no “spiritual connection” I wonder why that might be….the man is amoral and without conscience or decency.

    His ex-wife stated he never physically abused her….I would bet good money that emotional and verbal abuse ran rampant in the Gibson household

  85. RJ says:

    What a disgusting person. Unapologetic about his abuses, taunting her by saying that no one will believe her, saying she “made” him do it. Classic abuser behavior. I’ll be giddy if I never watch another Mel Gibson movie again. Just the scum of humanity.

  86. anon says:

    yeah the joke in the first paragraph sounds def like a man trying to make light of a serious situation, but i was really referring to the rest of the article regarding the physiology of anger.

  87. Debbie says:

    here we go again Oksana stretching the truth.

    Bullshit, IF this woman thought she was going to die and was in fear for her life again Did not ring the police asap.

    OH no instead she travels all over the place with him, agrees in front of two supreme court Judges a custody agreement Signed it was happy with it.

    And if she claims he hit the baby why did she not take her daughter to a doctor then and there, There is no documentation at all of her going to see any Doctors over her daughter alleged injury’s.

    He Dentist I believe may be called up to face a council by not following sate law and the correct produce’s.

    Radoronline is still leaking out bit by bit of these tapes, Her Story’s are not the same, I notice now that people are questioning her motives and some of her story’s her memories of these events keep getting more violent.

    If she now claims she was strangles by Mel around the throat were is the bruising, along with the black eyes and her battered face. She has told the UK Media she was severely battered with these injurys, so were is her proof?

    If these were substantiated by the Hospital, backed by police evidence of calls to the house and all the legal correct procedure I would believe her too, but there is nothing, And I keep going back to the story when she told people and tabloids about the gun incident.
    I thought the Sheriffs comments were gold, “That’s news to Us”.


    If this is true and I doubt it, her storys are getting more bizarre by the day, the authorities should take Lucia away from her for putting the child in danger
    Conveniently forgetting to tell the Sheriff’s Dept about some of this information,

  88. Emily says:

    @telesma, I think you’re spot on with him having the Madonna/whore thing!

    @snappyfish, ITA, I found it very interesting that Robyn specified “physical” abuse when making that statement.

  89. Now everyone is against Robyn. How interesting.

  90. oh hey says:

    I’m not buying the narrative of Robyn being the long suffering wife. There was always something about her that sat wrong with me, and she always looked like a witch every time she was photographed. I think she might have been as big an ass as her ex-husband, who probably put up with his BS because of the lifestyle. As far as we know, her last job was a nurse. She didn’t have any career that we know of while she was still married to Mel, and he might not have wanted her to have one, just stay at home and pop out the babies. I’m not anti-Robyn or turning on her, I don’t think she’s the saint that she’s portrayed to be.

    I really wonder if her pro-Mel stance might also be about getting back at the mistress. I’m sure she’s seen the ugly sides of Mel more than once in the almost 30 years she was with him, but she’s think that child support will cut into her alimony and support payments for their youngest child. Doesn’t surprise me that a woman is throwing another under the bus.

    I do hope Timothy Dalton kicks his ass for talking like that to his son. James Bond vs Mad Max…CAGE match!!

    Tim looks better at 66 than that crap pile Mel looks in his early-mid fifties.

    Can I have some money now?

  91. Shay says:

    That Forbes article is a rationalization of Mel’s anger. I don’t think that the workplace situation is remotely similar to Mel’s rage.
    Mel’s madness isn’t about him being so ‘tired’ like the Forbes article says. Where does Forbes get its writers from anyway? This article is like the rubbish published in women’s magazines, that rationalize most emotionally bankrupt men in relationships, keeping women brainwashed so they buy more of their rubbish in glossy form.

  92. Shay says:

    Also, radaronline has been offline for me. I haven’t been able to access that site since last night.
    Are they in legal trouble or something now?

  93. CB Rawks says:

    Mel’s a disgusting soulless monster. I hope he goes to jail.

  94. linda k says:

    the power that mel wants before each dastardly deed is what is scary…every incident is predicated with “but you will blow me first” or “after you blow me”"///he has some serious power issues related to sexual issues,,,scary one step away from a rapist…

  95. court says:

    I think I’m speaking for the majority of Australians when I say keep him. We don’t want him here.

  96. Ogechi says:

    Bcos Mel was accused of making those comments didn’t confirm that he made them. I am not supporting him but repeating those horrible comments such as the ones pple are writing here make me wonder how decent/dirty some pple are to judge Mel. Is somebody not reading some comments? If he called his wife foul names, why must somebody also call him the same foul names? Where is our decency. God plz have mercy.

  97. anon says:

    the link above no longer links directly to the article but to the site…the article I refer to is “Having a Bad Day Mel?” and is a good explanation of what is happening to your body during rage, or even plain old fashioned anger.

  98. Cirque28 says:

    I agree that Oksana may be the first woman to really stand up to Gibson and that he sounds surprised on the tapes. I think of an extremely cranked up version (I still say Mel’s on meth) of Thelma’s husband in Thelma and Louise: “She did WHHHUT???”

    Anyway, hopefully Gibson goes on a long, restful vacay behind bars with no pesky women around to ‘victimize’ him or disrupt the inner peace he so clearly gets from his spiritual beliefs.

  99. Kitten says:

    @ Crash-no, no don’t apologize! You were quite right! :) I was just totally making fun of myself.

    @ Debbie-you are all over these MG posts with your nonsense. In an earlier post about Gibson you claimed that we should all be angry about Polanski because he’s the REAL “monster”. Way to deflect, Debbie. As if Polanski has anything to do with this. You always have some ridiculous reason as to why Gibson is not to blame including claims that he suffers from a “mental disorder”. You seem to believe that mental illness is reason enough for exculpation. Understand that pedophelia is regarded by those in the mental health profession as a mental illness. Well, then by your “logic” (and I use that term loosely) shouldn’t that absolve Polanski of his crime?
    At least Polanski has been through some shit-the Holocaust, the murder of his wife. At least he didn’t make a career out of portraying himself as some bastion of moral decency and religious values. Now, in my mind they are both sick bastards. Why? Because I’m CONSISTENT like that. I suppose you blame the woman who was 13 years old when she was sexually assaulted by Polanski as much as you blame Oksana? Right????????

  100. nnn says:

    He said that Sasha is a Mess and a Pussy and he can’t deny it, it’s there on tape uttered in a disgusted tone besides.

    A grown a** man talking like that about a 12 years old and emotionally abusing him with his rage and insults and misconduct and repulsive derogatory words on a pre teen.

    Child abuse + woman beater.

    Putt him in jail already. Prisonners are machos and don’t like gangsters like Mel who are not man enough and go on terrorizing women and children.

    He’ll deal with B* there too, except that this time, he’ll probbably be the one to crawl back, s*ck d*cks as he puts it so nicely and begs for mercy…in that order please !

    Looser !

  101. Liana says:

    I hear he’s a great guy

    From who? Anyone I know who has worked with him over the past 10 years or so has said he has a hair trigger temper and is quite unpleasant when he doesn’t get his own way.

  102. CB Rawks says:

    “Bcos Mel was accused of making those comments didn’t confirm that he made them.”

    Ogechi, are you nuts? We have heard him say all of those horrendous things, on tape, and he does not deny it!
    Good lord. Try not to get sand in your eyes when you shove your head back under.

  103. Ruth says:

    What crap. This woman is out to ruin a person by making PRIVATE stuff public. If it was abuse, why didn’t you go to the cops? Afraid, my ass. This is all calculated timing-wise to make sure she gets a BIG payout, ruin the man’s life, and then she can broadcast her “musical talent.” I will NOT buy your crappy records, girl. I smell a rat. Also Oksana, you REALLY disservice your child by slamming her dad this way. What kind of mother are you, REALLY! You are all about yourself; you have no regard for your daughter or your son.