Taylor Momsen “fired” her stylist: “I now dress myself”

40481, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Wednesday May 12, 2010. Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen, 16, performs her first live gig in the UK with her band The Pretty Reckless at London's Notting Hill Arts Club. Momsen left little to the imagination, wearing a very short and busty dress with ripped stockings. As the night went on, Taylor also started to look a little worn out and did not stop to sign for fans even though during her show she allegedly mentioned how awesome they were! Momsen, who plays aspiring fashion designer Jenny Humphrey in the CW show Gossip Girl has fronted The Pretty Reckless since 2009. The band's debut single Make Me Wanna Die , featured on the soundtrack to action movie Kick-Ass , will be released in the UK on May 17. An album is due later this year. Photograph: Ben Dome, Ringo, PacificCoastNews.com

We all know by now that Taylor Momsen is so f-cking hardcore, she will cut you with one of the knives she plays with, or she will squirt liquid eyeliner into your soul, or she will beat the hell out of you with her best friend, her VIBRATOR, or she smoke her underage cigarettes all over your stupid face, okay? HARD. CORE. She’s been, like, totally, a rock star for, like, TOTALLY FOREVER. She was NEVER cute. She was never accessible. She was never Miley f-cking Cyrus, mmkay?!?

So LaineyGossip pointed out Taylor latest in a string of hilariously HARDCORE interviews and quotes. Apparently, Taylor was asked about her quaint jailbait style, and Taylor replied:

“I think firing my stylist has allowed me to be more free. I now dress myself, and told everyone who was telling me to look a certain way and fit a certain mold for the niche that I was being put in, and I said f—- that. … I was getting molded into this thing that wasn’t who I am.”

[Taylor Momsen, Child Genius]

I love the sentence, “I now dress myself…” I want that on a f-cking t-shirt. Why, oh WHY is this little monster so quotable? I kind of love her for that.

By the way, here’s The Pretty Reckless’s new video (that’s her band, ya know?):


42026, VENTURA, CALIFORNIA - Sunday June 27, 2010. Taylor Momsen and her band 'The Pretty Reckless' perform at Warped Tour 2010 at the Ventura County Fairgrounds in Ventura. The teen star was dressed provocatively and lit up a cigarette on stage. Photograph: Nate Jones, PacificCoastNews.com

41835, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Tuesday June 22 2010. Rock Chick: Taylor Momsen visits the Good Day New York studios with her band, The Pretty Reckless. Photograph: PacificCoastNews.com

Taylor Momsen attends a BMI event in NYC, NY on March 4, 2010 looking like her normal angsty self. Fame Pictures, Inc

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  1. Kristin says:

    What I don’t understand is why no one is coming after her for smoking underage. She’s not going to have any lungs by the time she’s 18….not to mention the world’s supply of eyeliner will have been depleted.

  2. Kelly says:

    What on earth is wrong with this girl? Aren’t 16-year-olds supposed to be Bedazzling their iPhones or something? Posting duckface photos on Facebook? Anything but crawling around on a banquet table wearing a corset and stripper shoes.

  3. RobN says:

    Is she actually popular anywhere? Is there anybody who doesn’t think she’s a pretentious twit trying way too hard?

  4. Kayleigh says:

    Is that her real hair? It’s pretty long. So the no pants wasn’t her idea?

  5. meme says:

    Um, honey, NO. Courtney Love’s already been there, done that. So has Cheri Currie. How about something original.?

  6. gabs says:

    I do agree that she is entertaining because of her quotes. Very quotable. Also very stupid. Hopefully its a phase. Still 16

  7. Lori says:

    Kelly you are so right. Did you see the post a few days ago where she let us all know that her vibrator is her best friend? Where is this child’s mother?

  8. Gail says:

    Awww… her can dress her wittle self. Yes her can! Her is a good girl, yes she is!

    However, if you watch the boring video of that song that’s not even original enough to be mediocre, you will see that she still needs a high chair. Tantrums at the table are a no-no, Tay. Now eat your strained peas like a big girl.

  9. Spring says:

    God, she’s so OBVIOUS. How does she not get that she’s boring?

  10. Kelly says:

    Good question. For all their faults, we’ve at least seen 80 million pictures of the mothers of all the teen queens of the past and present: Dina Lohan (ugh); Miley Cyrus’ mother, what’s-her-name (Trish? whatever it is, she’s scary); Lynne Spears (now mostly off the radar, praise Jeebus)… But at least they were AROUND to accompany their daughters on senseless shopping trips, wear huge sunglasses, and drink giant Frappuccinos while walking to their SUVs. Oh, and getting their acrylic French manicures did.

    Poor Taylor has to go shopping for her corsets and her Marlboro Lights all by her lonesome.

  11. TaylorB says:

    Well if her ‘stylist’ had been responsible for the outfits above then she/he should have been fired. I know I sound like an old fogey, but I must confess it pesters me when a 16 year old girl dresses like a stripper. If I tried to wear that crap at her age my father would have had a stroke.

  12. Feather Blue says:

    I don’t have too much of an opinion on this girl- I’ve only heard one of her songs and I quite liked it.

    Just one thing comes to mind when I see her in photos, and that’s that she looks like her vagina would smell kind of foisty. Like something that’s gone off at the back of the fridge.

  13. YT says:

    Dim-witted 16-year-olds are boring.

  14. hanh says:

    ugh nothing original about her. Just another teenager going through puberty doing the whole act. Where are her parents?

  15. Oi says:

    the line about the liquid eyeliner was great Kaiser!

  16. bellaluna says:

    At least she’s taking responsibility for her own wardrobe f*ckery.

  17. Jover says:

    Agree with the posters and to your question RobN I interact with a lot of young people that are music savvy and NONE of them listen to her. How popular was Gossip Girl once you left the media hub of NY anyway. I love how she’s got the Rage shirt but I’ll bet she’s standing in front of a banner for a corporate sponsored event. She is annoying, boring, sad, and pathetic all at the same time. At least Courtney Love had some good songs – Raccoon McPantless doesn’t even have that.

  18. di butler says:

    All I could think about watching this was The Ring.

    And Miley Cyrus says-Thank you, I’m glad you’re not me. I have a billion dollar industry, you just have no pants.

  19. jen says:

    I’m glad I’ve finally heard their “music”. LMAO!

  20. lucy2 says:

    LOL, di butler.
    “Raccoon McPantless” – love it, Jover!

    I realize her parents probably don’t care and are just riding whatever meager money train she has going…but aren’t they embarrassed? They should be.

  21. Kitten says:

    Fire the stylist and hire some pants!

  22. jules says:

    duckface pics, lol. so true

  23. pookie says:

    I HATE that this lil talentless creep is wearing the John Lennon “New York City” t-shirt, with no pants looking like 16 year old desperation. It befouls his honor. If I saw her, I’d rip it off. She would probably be pleased though. “Oh THANK YOU! I’ve been sweating my butt off wearing so much clothing!!!” Dammit. I can’t win.

  24. Scarlet Vixen says:

    @FeatherBlue: I laughed my butt of at your comment about her vagina smelling ‘foisty.’ I usually try not to imagine what vaginas smell like, but I have actually thought she looks a bit yeasty. Lol

    I also love the “Racoon McPantless” moniker. Too perfect! I just want to spank this brat, wash her damn face, and send her to public school–WITHOUT her damn vibrator.

  25. andrea says:

    “i dress myself now”. ooohhh, good job widdle taylor! good job, widdle girl! mommy is so proud! you put your big girl shirt on all by your self! maybe if you’re good at story time, we can go to mcdonald’s later to celebrate!

  26. jones says:

    I remember the first season of Gossip Girl and Taylor had a sweet home good-girl look and persna. Came season two and she became a bitch and dressed like one too. Makes you wonder if living in New York and the fame turned her into a bad girl. Where are her parents?

  27. yae says:

    She only does what she is ALLOWED to do. She is a minor.

    Her parents are morons who should be hauled into court for child endangerment and for using their child sexually to solicit money from the public.

  28. KatC says:

    Dude, at least she’s not on drugs or something. Lohan and Spears, their parents are arguably well worse than their daughters, and certianly haven’t done them any favors in terms of growing up happy and healthy. So she doesn’t wear pants, who gives a f^ck? she’s not actually flashing her vadge (unlike many others) and she’s up front about her sexuality, unlike Cyrus. She’s sixteen, it’s really not that serious. Personally I think she’s got some growing up to do before she can actually call herself interesting, but I don’t find her offensive, just young.

    Also, as a fan of the show, I’m pretty sure that she was picking out the chothes for her character since the begining (or at least early in production) and for a long while there, Jenny looked pretty cute. Now she’s tired of cute and wants another look. Fine. Whatever. She’s not hurting anyone.

    That said, in the last photo she looks like Avril, talk about the opposite of legit.

  29. Canucklehead says:

    Wow, her band sucks.

    They’re about as hardcore as Good Charlotte, My Chemical Romance, Blink 182, and Green Day.

    Just what the world needs, another manufactured post-post-post-punk gang of wannabes with a cute idiot doing the singing.

  30. SocorroMoreno says:

    I like her. She’s living a pretty cool life, and she plays the part of rock chick well. She may look back in a few years and roll her eyes at how silly she came off, but I think everyone has done that at one time or another.

  31. Emily says:

    Oh yeah, she’s a hard b*tch all right. If I ever emt her, I don’t think I could stop myself from saying “to me, you’ll always be Cindy Lou Who”, and enjoy the resulting tantrum.

  32. yae says:

    KatC.Youre an idiot.

    And so are the rest of you that think American kids are okay to display as sexual playthings.

    They are NOT. WTF is wrong with you people? Have you all gone mad?

  33. gg says:

    @ KatC, I get your sentiment, but she is hurting herself by dressing like a whore. If she cleans up as she gets older, she will most likely be sorry she went out in public like this. If she gets worse, oh how much worse can she get – drug addict out whoring for pills? It happens. Her parents should be ashamed.

    Young girls who try on stockings and garters for the first time are always very impressed with themselves. She’s just doing it very publicly. Which is a bit embarrassing to watch.

  34. Jillian says:

    @Canucklehead- Add a couple more ‘post’s’ on to that:

    In fact, let’s shave ‘punk’ right off that.

  35. Isa says:

    I don’t understand what it is about being “punk” or “emo” that makes teenagers think they are so different from everyone else.

    Take a look around you Taylor, you look like all the girls at my local Wal Mart. Except they have the decency to wear pants.

    She is such a loser.

  36. Mouse says:

    WHY is this dumb UNDERAGE tramp allowed to smoke and dress like this in public? Why aren’t her legal guardians being called to account? Oh, and her “music” blows chunks.

    Is smiling against the hardcore code or something?

  37. Heather says:

    @gg I dressed almost the same when I was her age. Really slutty with a goth punk vibe. 10 years later I can look back on how silly I looked but ohnoes, my life turned out pretty normal afterall. She’s a teenage girl experimenting and wanting attention, it’s not that big of a deal and it’s not unusual.

  38. Dr_Venkman says:

    Funny thing – she actually achieves what she wants: being talked about.

  39. serena says:

    Oh Taylor we can see that you dress yourself. We can TOTALLY see.

  40. mojoman says:

    @Lori, hanh, lucy2 who asked where her mother is, most probably she already fired her mother, being so hard core and all *eye roll*

  41. SammyHammy says:

    Doesn’t she have parents? Why are they not being investigated by CPS? They are obviously failing this child.

  42. flourpot says:

    @Heather We’re you in the public eye? Being followed around with a camera? Was your slutty goth punk vibe documented on the internet and in supermarket tabloids? Did you wear undies and garters with no pants in public? Underage? While smoking? I hear ya, Heather and I don’t mean to single just you out – you hit the issue better than the other comments. There’s a world of difference between our childhood antics and these kids that are being enabled in the public eye. Lets have 3 cheers for her parents, who started her on this path at 3 yrs old.

  43. SallyJay says:

    Ummm ok, so I was hating on her until I checked out the band. She has an awesome voice and I love their music! go Taylor. I’m totally converted.

  44. Canucklehead says:


    If you like that I have some old Lawrence Welk albums you can buy from me…

    might be a bit racy for ya tho…

  45. Laura says:

    I smoked from ten to twenty, no lie. When I was seventeen, my parents gave up and bought my cigarettes for me. Where we lived underage smoking was legal with parental consent. And most people didn’t care even if you didn’t have it.
    So glad I quit! It feels amazing.
    Um, so…Am I the only one who thinks their song ‘Make Me Wanna Die’ is about Twilight? It so is. She would deny this, no doubt, but it is.

  46. Lia says:

    So we can expect that she’ll be dressing herself as the clueless twit that she is? The world is passing her by as she spends her time contemplating her bellybutton…… How does one become such a sad joke at such a young age? Pitiful.

  47. Snore says:

    Really, SallyJay, REALLY??

    In this “music” video, a 16 year old is in lingerie, writhing/crawling around on a DINNER TABLE in front of a bunch of DUDES (who are apparently very thirsty?).

    Even if we cannot call it child pornography, we should be reasonable enough to admit that it isn’t ok.

  48. Brooklyn says:

    HAHA. I am sorry but WHAT was that music video?! That is seriously one of the funniest things I have ever seen. She’s trying to be some sexy gothic princess but she kind of looks like a demon baby making a mess of her dinner.

    Does she come up with concept for her videos too? Love the “dress” that “you” picked taytay!

  49. gorilla says:

    she does have a good voice, and it’s good live, and she does have a stage presence (obviously since we’re all talking about her), i don’t mind her, and i do like the songs that i have heard, plus it’s nice to have some deeper female vocals to sing, but it’s also nice to have some rock, i think the music scene (at least the stuff getting played) has sucked for quite awhile, so props to her

  50. fu*ck you all says:

    hahaha your all paathetic, i dont really like her but at least she has a style, it may not be completly ‘original’ but lets face it, whos style is these days? whoever wrote those comments must be jelous that she can wear that stuff and rock it out. and most of you must be like 40 because lest face it, what teen doesent wear stuff like that now, hell, i no 14 yr olds that wear shorter shit that her

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