Whoopi Goldberg was drunk and/or high on The View

Whoopi Goldberg was visibly wasted and slurring her words on Monday’s episode of The View. Bossip has a more complete video than the editorial from CNN above of the ridiculous and obvious way that Whoopi was impaired. (You can also watch the entire episode on Hulu, which is also below, but will only play if you’re in the US.) Whoopi admitted that she was in Vienna over the weekend partying at an AMFAR benefit and said “I have to fly drugged, so I’m still slightly drugged, and I’m sure somewhere in me I’m still partying. If you see me struggling to read simple words… there’s a reason.” She did struggle to read simple words and to keep her composure throughout the show.

On Tuesday Whoopi was back on and seemed as normal as possible – for her. Bettheny Frankel was the guest co-host in place of Elisabeth. From the first part that I saw (on Hulu) Whoopi never addressed her drugged-out appearance the day before.

This reminds me of when Danny Devito was drunk on The View in 2006. Only in that case it got much more publicity. I’m sure the people at The View would like to sweep this under the rug. They didn’t even address it the next day, like they often do with the minor controversies they cause. Is that show falling apart without Barbara there to whip everyone’s ass into shape with her disapproving stares? Does anyone really care?


Here’s the Hulu video of Whoopi’s wasted day. It will only play if you’re in the US and we’re sorry for that!

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  1. Snarf says:

    If I had to deal with Elizabeth Hasselbeck every day I’d show up to work smashed or high too.

  2. flourpot says:

    @Snarf. Well said. /endthread 🙂

  3. Bodhi says:

    Indeed, Snarf. Indeed.

  4. missmilly says:

    Deal with Hasselbeck? As if any other one of those obnoxious and loud mouthed women are any better? Hell, if I was whoopi I wouldn’t be able to stand myself!

  5. carrie says:

    like every one on TV!

  6. Lukie says:

    While I think she was stupid to not just take the day off, it is a well known fact that Whoopi Goldberg is terrified of flying. Whenever the conversation turns to long distance travel, she always says she can only get on if she is drugged up. She clearly wasn’t kidding.

  7. Mari says:

    Take off the political blinders, they are all obnoxious.

  8. Bella Mosley says:

    Elizabeth the know it all, Sherri the dumb, needy, desparate for a man, but I like Joy. She just wants to joke but EH has no sense of humor.

    Someone needs to pull the cob out of Elizabeth’s her butt and put it up Sherri’s and manybe theyd both be happy!

  9. Cinderella says:

    I thought she and her buzz were pretty funny.

  10. Kitten says:

    *removes political blinders*
    Um, nope, Hasselback is definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY still the worst.

  11. hanh says:

    The view has definitely gone to crap. I can’t watch it anymore with these new people. They’re awful – just like tabloids. There’s no real reporting or real discussions anymore. Just gossiping.

  12. mammamia says:

    On one hand, whoppi was hysterical…on the other hand, the show has got to go

  13. di butler says:

    Joy.Freaking.Behar. and her incessant rants on Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, etc. Save it for your other crappy show. Elizabeth Hasselbeck-whine, whine, whine. Whoopi-well, it’s not rape-rape,etc. Sherri Shepherd-where am I?
    Do women with an IQ above room temp really watch this mess? How embarassingly sad.

  14. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    @ Bella Mosley: “Elizabeth the know it all, Sherri the dumb, needy, desparate for a man, but I like Joy. She just wants to joke but EH has no sense of humor.

    Someone needs to pull the cob out of Elizabeth’s her butt and put it up Sherri’s and manybe theyd both be happy!”

    LMAO, that was so awesome!! 🙂

  15. Obvious says:

    I don’t think they addressed it the next day because it was addressed the day it happened.

    i do not watch the view-i hate it. Elisabeth drives me up the wall! Her and Sheri. It’s not because they are conservative (That I’m fine with) its how dumb they are. Really Sheri? The world is flat?!? and Elisabeth flies off the handle if she thinks there maybe the tiniest chance that someone may be disagreeing with something she believes.

    The other ladies are more intelligent and at least have semi opened minds.

  16. Tess says:

    A formula for injecting some new energy and relevancy into The View:

    Bring in a smarter advocate for conservatism.

    Elizabeth is a weak advocate for center right issues. The producers must keep her around because she is so weak and it fits with their agenda not to risk a smart, savvy, and persuasive conservative on the show.

    But, what a shame. Just think how much more relevant and interesting the show could be with a Laura Ingraham or Michelle Malkin rather than the inarticulate, muddled Elizabeth.

    It would also force the others to actually do some homework, for a change.

  17. Drew says:

    Whoopi has often seemed intoxicated and slurring/out of it. The flying excuse could’ve just been a handy excuse. Regardless, she’s an unwatchable mess and makes Barbara Walters look bad. It wouldn’t be surprising if they’re waiting out her contract and then booting her.

  18. TaylorB says:

    I could be wrong here, but isn’t Whoopi terrified of flying? If so, I can understand that she was sedated, and between the drugs and the time change it is no wonder she was a mess.

  19. Jason says:

    YES, Whoopi really IS terrified of flying. She’s talked about it MANY times over the years…. when ever she flies, she’s gotta get heavily medicated. She actually tries to avoid flying at any cost, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

  20. mymy says:

    Wonder if Elizabeth was slurring one would make excuses for her. My bets are on a big no

  21. Delta Juliet says:

    Fine, she’s scared of flying etc. But why couldn’t she just call out? Seriously, she’s not THAT important.

    I can’t imagine if I showed up to work high, “good” excuse or not.

  22. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    No need to explain AGAIN what happened because it had already been explained. Not a Whoopi fan, and I am proud to say, never have I watch ONE episode of The View, but I don’t get what the big deal is. The clip I watched was funny. So she was loopy, who cares?

  23. Liana says:

    probably because Elisabeth does not have to be sedated in order to fly without serious fear. Not a big fan of Whoopi (actually, she tends to annoy the piss out of me), but a fear of flying can be debilitating, especially for one who HAS to fly for business purposes.

  24. xxodettexx says:

    @Tess, i agree! while i am not a conservative in any way, i know many intelligent and engaging conservative women and elisabeth and sherri just straight out bother me with their uninformed opinions… i also find myself wanting to punch my computer screen when whoopi says her opinions…

    whatever happened with just finding INTELLIGENT women of all political spectrums for open and interesting debates??

  25. Lee says:

    What’s old Whoopi’s excuse on the other days?

  26. Tia C says:

    Wow. Whoopi is more than a little drugged. She’s wasted. She should’ve stayed home.

    I’m excited that Sherri is playing Lula in One for the Money!!! Phenomenal casting choice – way better than Katherine Heigl as Stephanie Plum (yuck).

  27. TaylorB says:

    Tess wrote: :But, what a shame. Just think how much more relevant and interesting the show could be with a Laura Ingraham or Michelle Malkin rather than the inarticulate, muddled Elizabeth.”

    Excellent point, however there is a slim chance in hell that either of those women would do the view; the View would be a career step down.

  28. viper says:

    Im sorry but I found this to be hilarious.

  29. oh hey says:

    Bella Mosley.

    Ugh, the visual! Why bring an innocent corn cob into this?

  30. California Surfer says:

    This show would be way majorly more interesting if all the ladies got ripped before taping, and I wonder if Michael Phelps has ever been a guest, now that would be an episode I would totally watch!

  31. oh hey says:

    What about Peggy Noonan as a conservative voice on that show? She might seem too bougie for the soccer mom crowd, but at least she sounds like she has a brain in her head.

  32. serena says:

    omg she was one of the best actress and seeing her like that make my heart break.

  33. xxodettexx says:

    sherri is playing lula????

    i am sorry but:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! that was my favorite character in the books, how dare they?? first that worthless lump heigel and now this sacrilege???

  34. TaylorB says:

    California Surfer wrote: “This show would be way majorly more interesting if all the ladies got ripped before taping…”

    No kidding, especially Babs… Oh I would so LOVE to see that, hammered Babs.

  35. postaldog says:

    Oh please, Whoopi with her “it’s not rape-rape” to drug and sodomize a 13 year old girl, and “Mel Gibson isn’t a racist” ’cause he’s a friend of hers? She’s as big an idiot as the rest of them. Speaking slowly and wearing your glasses on the end of your nose doesn’t make you intelligent or informed, simply pretentious.

  36. OXA says:

    She must have been high again this morning as once more she defended Mel.

  37. Jeri says:

    This explains a lot. Run Joy Run!

  38. sunnyjyl says:

    @xxodettexx, Shari, really? I was hoping for Niecy Nash. I’m not loving the casting either.

  39. Jordan says:

    LOL, agreed @Jeri. Poor Joy looks like she’s always got a running start out the door. Sometimes when Whoopi starts launching the ugly & crazy, Joy’s face is priceless. Free Joy Behar from that train wreck show

  40. hellen says:

    Unless she came straight to the set from the plane, there is no way she could have that amount of anti-anxiety meds in her system. I call BS. She just looks loaded. Puff puff.

  41. J says:

    @MYMY, I guessing if EH showed up drunk, you would make excuses for her.

  42. snowball says:

    “I was hoping for Niecy Nash.”

    @sunnyjyl – believe it or not, I was actually hoping for RuPaul type. I never pictured Lula as a pretty, feminine girly type, more like a sort of (and I mean this in the nicest way possible) big bruiser of a not-so-pretty woman. She’s scary, although hilarious, in the books.

    Heigl. God. So NOT Stephanie Plum. Who’s playing Ranger, just to totally ruin my appetite for the film?

    /totally hijacked thread

  43. Cakes says:

    Elazabeth is a whiny shrieking harpy. I loved the druggie montage that CNN played.

  44. Kate says:

    I don’t particularly care for Whoopi (after her Mel-defending and Polanski-defending views), but that shit is funny!

    It’s no biggie; until I started flying on a regular basis I had to do the same thing.

  45. Brittney says:

    But was she drugged when she defended Mel Gibson? Because that’s about the only way it makes sense.

  46. great808 says:

    Well, that explains her defense of Mel Gibson and Roman Polanski-she’s high sometimes and speaks nonsense!

  47. Ironic... says:

    “But, what a shame. Just think how much more relevant and interesting the show could be with a Laura Ingraham or Michelle Malkin rather than the inarticulate, muddled Elizabeth.”

    @Tess: I assume you were being sarcastic when you made that comment, because neither of those women have said anything remotely relevant, interesting or intelligent in YEARS. They are more mediocre than Hasselbeck in the regard that they try to be controversial and provocative, but end up defending the views of men that would, ironically, take away the rights that insure their right to work.