Tom Cruise’s daughter Bella could trade in Xenu for Nicole Kidman


This would totally be a fascinating story, if only it were true. Of course, there could totally be something there. Let me start at the beginning: when Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman got divorced, they worked out some totally strange custody agreement for their adopted children Isabella (Bella) and Connor. Details of this arrangement were never nailed down or confirmed publicly, but through the years, it seems more and more like Bella and Connor spend the overwhelming majority of time with their dad, and that they are being indoctrinated by Xenu (probably Xenu, personally). From what I’ve seen and read, Bella and Connor rarely, if ever, see Nicole, and there have even been stories about Bella and Connor calling Katie Holmes “Mom” now.

But Bella and Connor are growing up, and they’re beginning to make their own decisions about who they hang out. According to this week’s In Touch Weekly, Bella might be considering a move when she turns 18 later this year – a move back to her mom’s house. Xenu does not approve.

In Touch Weekly – Tom Cruise’s daughter Isabella wants to move in with her mom Nicole Kidman when she turns 18 in December. Since legally, she’ll be an adult then it’s unclear why Tom is “caught in the middle” and “fighting to stop Isabella from moving out.”

The mag claims 17-year-old Isbaella is “caught in a tug of war between” Kidman and Cruise’s current wife, Katie Holmes.

Since Cruise hangs out with son Connor, and “Katie and [daughter] Suri shop,” says the mag, Isabella “never feels like she fits in… but Nicole ‘gets’ her.”

In Touch’s so-called “insider” alleges that Isabella’s relationship with Holmes has “deteriorated” to the point that Isabella “is insisting she wants to go live with Nicole” in Nashville.

One possibility: Tom and Katie are concerned that “Bella will likely stop her Scientology studies since Nicole is anti-Scientology.”

Though previous reports have suggested Nicole doesn’t have much contact with Isabella and Connor due to some bizarre divorce deal, according to this article Isabella talks to Nicole several times a day and hates Katie.

[From ITW, via Jezebel and GossipCop]

Unfortunately, Tom’s rep already ran to Gossip Cop to deny this story: “A rep for Cruise tells Gossip Cop that talk of discord among Holmes, Kidman and any of the children just ‘isn’t true.’ Furthermore, Isabella is not ‘moving out.’” Not even when she turns 18 years old? Is Bella going to be beholden to Xenu for the rest of her life? Is she the bride of Xenu? Eh. I feel for Connor and Bella both, I really do. While I don’t think they’re in for a Lohan-level downfall, I do think they’ve truly been indoctrinated for so many years, it will be difficult for them to see reality any time soon. And it sucks that they don’t have much of a relationship with Nicole anymore. I would love to know what happened there.



Isabella, Katie and Suri on November 22, 2009, December 11, 2009 and June 21, 2010. Tom Cruise in Germany on July 21, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. RHONYC says:


  2. Lisa says:

    Whoa baby!! Do you guys see Katie Holmes major bunion in the first pic!

    • Shell-Belle says:

      No doubt! Katie is a thin, beautiful girl with all of the money in the world to look great…but she (and a lot of other female celebs) have some UGLY feet! I think a lot of it is due to wearing sky high heels and ill-fitting shoes that are “sent over” (for free) by the designers so their shoes are seen being worn by celebs. Just proves NOTHING is free! You get to wear awesome, expensive shoes at no $$$ charge to you but you pay by having fugly feet! Oh the poor things, such troubles.

  3. RHONYC says:

    p.s. – wtf is up with bella schleppin katie’s purse in pic # 1???

    be up out of there homegirl! ditch the xenu crew and start having a life.

    your mom nic will set you up $$$ and i’m sure she won’t have you carrying her purse around.

    • Shell-Belle says:

      Since Tom & Katie carries Suri so much, there is no room to carry the purse. I’m shocked this kid knows how to walk she’s been carried so much! Maybe with the divorce Suri can finally be a little girl, go to school, make friends, play and realize she is a 6 yr old CHILD and not a miniature adult.

  4. bellaluna says:

    Bella is old enough that a judge would listen to what she wants. Though I doubt the control-hoarding megalomaniac that is her father would allow it to get that far. She’d probably disappear into the “church” for some good old fashioned brain-washing.

    I really feel for Bella and Nicole.

  5. Leticia says:

    @Lisa, yes, it’s the first thing that I noticed. Wow.

  6. Sarah says:

    Bella’s struggle is no longer whether to pick vampire over wolf, but now it is to pick Xenu over sanity. Bella’s Choice, the movie.

  7. mymy says:

    I so believe this story. Bella never looks happy with Katie. Tom has treated his bio much better than his adopted daughter. In fact he is obsessed with her. Same goes for Katie. They indulge Suri’s every whim. I am sure Nicole never did that with Bella.I have a feeling Bella must defer to Suri. And Bella never has nice cloths. Tom will so try to prevent this as it will prove what a bad father he is. Keeping Bella from Nicole s just sick

  8. Po says:

    That’s what I thought the oddest thing about their divorce was,the fact that you never see the kids with their mother. These people are photographed so often, even Nicole, why haven’t you seen one picture of these kids with Keith Urban and Nicole. Its weird. When did they get divorced? What 6 or 7 years ago. What kids have no contact with a parent at age 11 or 12 after being with that parent since they were babies? Again, WEIRD!!

  9. bellaluna says:

    p.s. Maybe if Suri was introduced to her legs, KatieBot could carry her own purse instead of carrying an “adult” (according to Xenu) incapable of walking!

  10. ering says:

    I suspect that Xenu was behind why Tom Cruise got primary custody of the kids.

  11. meme says:

    Run, Bella, Run. Girl NEVER looks happy with TomKat. And all the attention goes to RoboKid.

  12. qb says:

    Wait, didn’t Bella and Connor lived most of the time with Tom’s sister?

  13. TG says:

    @RHONYC – I didn’t notice the purse at first but I did wonder why in all the pictures Bella looks like the nanny and that purse holding thing only confirms it. Nondescript unattractive fat girl to walk behind her Highness Suri and that robobride.

  14. Tess says:

    Love his oh-so-subtle highlights!!!

    Guess Xenu’s okay with them.

  15. Kaboom says:

    Isn’t Xenu the bad guy in scientology lore?

  16. mollyb says:

    I feel bad for Nicole. I remember when she won her Oscar, she gave such a touching speech about her daughter. It seems like she must really miss her children. I remember seeing a lot more pictures of the kids with her right after the divorce, when they were younger. Then as they got older, less and less. Kidman always claims that as they got older, LA had more of an allure for them and they “chose” to spend most of their time there. Yeah, I bet being home-schooled by Crazy Tom’s sister in the ways of Xenu was totally their “choice”. I bet they don’t even know how to make choices anymore, much like many children raised in other fundamentalist environments.

  17. RHONYC says:

    look at how tom treated bella as a baby:

    compare that to how he coddles suri covered in her blankie. isn’t that kid like 4???

    here’s nicole with bella on the set of ‘australia’

    another pic with bella from 2006

    in 2007

    notice how happy bella looks with her mom. nicole sees her daughter, she’s just not a famewhore like crazy tom & keeps it on the d.l.

    a teenage girl needs the understanding and approval of her mother. katie can’t fill that in a million years. shame on tom for trying to force apart nic & bella’s ‘mother-daughter’ bond.


  18. Lady Jane says:

    no members of that family are a good advertisement for scientology. They all either look bloody miserable or completely faked-out happy. Weird-o’s. I hope Bella is able to break free.

  19. Majosha says:

    @Tess: Damn, you beat me to it! Men and highlights should never join forces.

  20. Sassy says:

    I feel bad for Bella and Connor. And they also have a sister (Sunday Rose – Nicole and Keith Urban’s daughter) that they probably don’t get to spend time with. Sad.

  21. Lisa Turtle says:

    I agree with RHONYC…

    I also recall a recent story of Bella spending a summer with Nicole in Australia… Nicole told a story about how Bella wanted to die her hair blue and Nicole let her do it. Sure enough there were pictures of Bella with blue hair hanging out with Nicole. I think the difference is that Tom really courts publicity. His career is down the tubes, everyone is skeeved by him, so he clings harder and harder to his image as a family man.

  22. mymy says:

    Shame on Katie for saying Bella calls her mom now. Shame on Tom for using his bullies in Scientology to threaten Nicole and the release of her auditing tapes. She did try to indulge Cruise in the beginning of the relationship regarding Scientology. He divorced her because she wouldn’t commit to it. And found a sheeple in Katie. I loved how he allowed the children 12 hours in Australia when Nicole remarried being watched over by his sister. Can’t have brainwashed scientologists around Subversive’s . He wouldn’t even let Nicole have them on Mother’s day. Katie has gone along with all of this. Wait till she wants out. How spiritual these tow are spending millions of dollars on cloths for Suri. I fear for that child as an adult. Narcissist in training. Tom is a major narcissist . His cheshire smile is so telling

  23. TG says:

    @RHONYC – Oh my gosh you are on fire today. Thanks for those pics and you are right on all of the pics with Nicole Bella is smiling and even looks pretty. Loved that first pic where tom looks bored wit bella and like he is about to drop her, she doesn’t even look like she wants to be held by him – never see that with their blessed bio child.

  24. sharylmj says:

    wow… thanks #17 RHONYC…those pictures tell a huge story.. she needs her REAL mom, not her FAKE one!! She looks so sad in those pictures with Katie and Suri.. it’s heartbreaking. Nicole wanted out so bad that she let him have the kids..She says she visits them when she’s in LA and that they come and see her in Nashville.. I hope this it true.

  25. Poopie says:

    TINY tom’s highlights are probably the result of the BARLEY WATER LEAVE IN CONDITIONER

  26. TG says:

    @mymy – And robobride is a narcissist in training – I read on People, I think that she brought the entire cast of a movie cookies or cupcakes and I have that before. She is learning from the master how to go on the charm offensive. She is no one and who is she to bring food to everyone as though she is jesus or something. Clooney or someone of his stature doing that makes sense but not some nobody actress trying to impress and score favors.

  27. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I like to think that Katie is seceretly rooting for Bella to make a break for it. She does look miserable, though.

  28. XENU says:


  29. Sugar & Spice says:

    I think (I hope!) that Nicole sees Bella and Connor a lot more than the pap photos show. She has always been more private with them, and we really haven’t seen a whole lot of her youngest daughter, either. She just does a better job of keeping the kids out of the spotlight. Tom lives for the spotlight, and in almost every story about his family it’s usually ONLY Tom, Katie & Suri. I feel so bad for Isabella and Connor.

  30. belle Epoch says:

    RHONYC those pictures are amazing!

    Bella looks like a completely different person. She’s still heavy, but her clothes have some style and she looks joyful. It isn’t the weight making her unattractive, it’s the misery!

  31. Cleo says:

    It kinds of makes my day that the all powerful Xenu takes time out of his busy day to read & comment on Celebitchy. 😀

  32. hanh says:

    Bella does look unhappy with Katie. I think Suri gets all the attention from Tom. If Tom and Katie have a boy, I’m sure Connor will get the boot.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the only reason Tom and Nicole adopted was because Nicole wanted children. Tom looks less than interested in his adopted kids.

    Too bad Tom would never let those poor kids go because he’s afraid Nicole will save them from the darkside of Xenu.

  33. missmilly says:

    I can’t wait until either Katie or one of the kids break and comes out with a book detailing everything PSYCHO about Tom and how he has Katie in a Xenu trance. Or maybe that’s what we all think and it comes to light they are really normal. Nah…..we just wouldn’t believe that!

  34. Ron says:

    Whenever I see pics of Isabella with Katie, she looks like the help. That alone would piss me off. Nicole is really sweet and I would choose her nay day over katiebot.

  35. serena says:

    This story is total shit.

  36. Jeri says:

    Tom has his Mom & sister living with him too doesn’t he. He buys large estates with homes for them too. I hope Bella gets away. She doesn’t look happy but no-one around Tom does.

  37. Tazina says:

    Even if this story is not true it would still be great if Bella could spend some time with Nicole, the woman who raised her and who she called Mom for many years. Tom should show some maturity in this matter if there is some truth to the story. Bella is old enough to make her own decisions.

  38. GatsbyGal says:

    I totally thought Bella was the nanny. Poor girl.

  39. émerveillement says:

    Bella looks so miserable all the time, I feel sad for her.
    Always in Suri’s shadow, like an always forgotten child.

  40. Whatever says:

    I doubt it was the lure of LA that separated her from her kids. It was probably scientology. Nicole is considered a “suppressive person” and I have a feeling the kids were brainwashed against her. Good for Bella for waking up. She should run and take Suri with her. Tom is a piece of shit.

  41. TaylorB says:

    Katie is a very pretty woman, but Holy ugly feet batman.

  42. bros says:

    yes taylor B. Holy hammertoe batman!

  43. Syko says:

    I feel so sorry for that little girl. Girls have to be taught by their moms or some other older female how to make the most of their looks, and Bella’s not getting that. She has nice features, but the bargain haircut, the WalMart clothing, and the misery on her face as she always, ALWAYS walks six steps behind Katie make her unattractive. She’d probably lose the weight if she were happy, that’s misery fat that she’s carrying.

  44. CiCi says:

    RHONYC – those pics are so sad!

  45. jessie says:

    You’re all out of your ever-loving minds if you think that Suri is Tom Cruise’s biological kid. Ain’t no way people. Ain’t no way.

  46. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    When you leave a dangerous mind control cult, the members who remain are brainwashed to believe that you are evil. Bella thinks her mother is evil. It must be so painful for Nicole to give up her children. I guarantee you that Bella and Connor’s “conflicted” feelings of love and attachment to their false mother have been “audited” out of them. Scientology must have some great (read: bad) stuff on Nicole to get her to leave her kids and move to Australia.

  47. Missfit says:

    Ya,I have seen and read articles about how much money is spent on Suri (on a dress or purse she’s wearing). Some people think…”Oh, it’s their money, let them do what they want.” Yet I have also read and seen articles where Katie takes Bella for budget shopping for stuff that’s on sale? In reality, there’s nothing wrong with budgets and sales, but it’s about the principal, how this Bella is being treated unfairly, outcasted and Suri is getting babied way too much. I even saw this one pic of Katie and Suri and the first thing I noticed is how cold it must have been. Based on how Katie was dressed, (really warm, in a coat and scarf)…even the people behind Katie were in thick coats. Yet Suri was walking around in a skimpy thin little dress that looked like a night gown? What kind of shit is that? That child can get sick and either Katie or someone doesn’t know how to take care of her, by not knowing how to dress her right for the weather. Like that bottom pic right now…Katie and Bella have a coat or jacket and Suri is in a dress, with no coat or sweater? I also read how Suri doesn’t like “pants”, and that “she’s the boss, what she says goes, but she’s NO brat.” I thought, uhu, ya, um, okay. Bella isn’t fat, she’s just not stick thin and the Hollywood standards of “gorgeous.” So by that, she could be getting outcasted by Tom, cause “She’s no Suri.” That’s messed up. I feel bad for Bella…for when I was a teen, my own mom made me feel ugly and fat, not beautiful. So I only hope that isn’t the case for Bella, she should get treated the same as Suri, as blood. Good thing she’s got Nicole.

  48. benny says:

    Katie is wearing open-toed shoes, and her toes are STILL bent inward at awkward angles. Yikes! She looks like the victim of Chinese foot-binding. Ladies, why do you do this? Is wearing “fashionable” shoes really THAT important?

  49. benny says:

    While I hate Tom and Katie, I’m not sure Nicole would be much better (ok, I’m sure she’d be a LITTLE better). But ever since they both had their “own” kids, they talk like they’ve never experienced parenthood before. If people don’t feel like adopted kids are their own kids, they shouldn’t adopt in the first place. But I guess it’s too late to turn back the clock now and deny these weirdos their adoption requests. Too bad.

  50. Gypsy says:

    This story is just made up stuff, the kids had a choice between Tom a doting father and the plastic queen, and they chose the parent who wanted them.

    Nicole dumped them and went away to create another life, so why are you so surprised that now they are grown they have no interest in her.

  51. sassenach says:

    If this is true then nothing would stand in the way of seeing her children. She is a huge celebrity with money and connections of her own and there is no way she could be bullied into having limited custody of her children. Tom was also very generous and she received a 100 million settlement. I also don’t buy the whole auditing tape blackmail thing. Any REAL mother would have said “play the tapes I want access to my kids”. Can you imagine the respect she would have garnered if she had done something like that? I don’t think Connor and Bella hate their mother, I think they love her and I believe Nicole loves them as well in her own way, and I don’t believe that she is being “forced” to stay away from her kids.

  52. Whatever says:

    Tom was also very generous and she received a 100 million settlement.

    Wow, so you don’t remember him lying about when they broke up to try to screw her in the settlement? And spreading rumors about her cheating on him to make her look bad? Yeah, he’s a real peach. He tried to cut her out and make a new family with his stepford wife. Over time, I think the auditing and indoctrination of the kids into the scientolocrap is what really hurt the relationship. So yeah, Tom is still responsible.

  53. Rosanna says:

    Nicole let him have the kids because she would have been disfellowshipped if she hadn’t. So she would rather leave them with Tom but be able to at least phone than have joint custody but in all likelihood no real way to get to her kids.

  54. TG says:

    @benny – don’t forget those celebs such as Marc Anthony who dumb their first wives have new kids with the new wife and suddenly they are parents for the first time too.

  55. I Choose Me says:

    Yes Xenu is the bad guy in Scientology Kaboom. He’s some sort of evil, galatic overlord who threw people down volcanoes some umpteen million years ago. Supposedly the souls of Xenu’s victims are wandering around infecting people’s psyche and the auditing bullshit is supposed to ‘clear’ you of their infuluence blah, blah, blah. Somehow or the other, the name Xenu got flipped to where people think he’s the Scienos God or whatever. Ironic really.

  56. Carolina says:

    I’ve never commented on here, but here goes:

    I think Katie is a loving and awesome mom. I carry my 5 year old-nothing wrong with it.

    Bella probably does feel out of place. I felt the same thing when my parents divorced and both remarried (step-siblings). It happens.

    Being a girl-Bella probably does have a better bond with Nicole and that is understandable.

    Those are my thoughts:)

  57. Kim says:

    Isablla should be with her mother. Nicole should never have signed her soul away to let Tom raise the kids scentologists. I think she should have gone more to bat for her kids but… she can start now i guess.

  58. anon says:

    @RHONYC thanks for the links. The child looks miserable and her clothes look cheap. She looks happier with Nicole. The outfit she has on (where she’s carrying the purse) doesn’t look like an outfit a rich teen would wear.

  59. hanh says:

    Look at this article. If this is true, that the kids call Katie “mom” and they call Nicole “Nicole”. Omigod that has got to suck. Poor Nicole and what a beeyotch Katie is for bragging about it. I wonder if Tom forces them to call her Mom.

  60. GatsbyGal says:

    I truly believe that Nicole Kidman loves her adopted children as if they were her own flesh and blood. Tom, though…I see him as the type who would give less love to a child who wasn’t actually his biologically. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if it was Nicole’s idea to adopt and Tom was resentful.

  61. GatsbyGal says:

    @Anon – “The outfit she has on (where she’s carrying the purse) doesn’t look like an outfit a rich teen would wear.”

    Okay seriously people, lay off her clothes. Not everyone likes to dress in designer outfits and fancy fabrics. I was a rich teen (not now of course, I’m 24 and not living with my parents anymore, lol) and I wore t-shirts and jeans nearly every day. And not expensive designer jeans either, I’m talking like GAP or Old Navy.

    Some people just have simple tastes and enjoy being comfortable and dressing plainly. They don’t feel the need to show off how much money they have by wearing as much $$$ as they can.

  62. Beth says:

    I don’t believe this story at all. Bella spends very little time with Nicole so I don’t see how she would “get her” and feels close to Nicole. Just based on photographs and interviews I just don’t believe that Nicole has much of a relationship with her adopted kids. Since marrying Keith Urban I’ve only seen her with them a few times and just a couple of mentions in interview. But she’s photographed and talks about Sunday all of the time.

  63. Chris says:

    What’s a Xenu?

  64. GatsbyGal says:

    @Chris, tell me you’re kidding.

  65. Raven says:

    This story may have a happy ending. A friend of mine married a horrible woman with a child. They were together about 7 years and the man became very close to the boy. When they split, the woman was nasty about letting my friend see the boy and he really didn’t have a lot of choice in it. Years later, the boy, now a young man of 19 years, tracked down my friend and his current wife, lived in the same town for a few years and they remain close. Someone with a lot of love for a child may not be able to spend time with him or her for various reasons. But the bond is there and they can reconnect after the child has grown.

  66. Chris says:

    @Gatsby Gal: I’m kidding.

  67. notsoanonymous says:

    Regarding her feet – If she danced ballet for as long as is reported, that explains the feet much more than simply heels. Just sayin.

  68. Shoe Lover says:

    mymy you are so right on. There was a lot of talk at the time of the divorce about Tom blackmailing Nicole and threatening her. He also lied to try and ruin her reputation and filed for divorce days before their 10th anniversary. The reason that matters is apparently if they had been married for 10 years she would have been entitled to a huge settlement.
    I think Nicole is more private with her time with her kids- you barely ever see photos of Sunday Rose yet it seems there is a new photo of Suri everyday. And in a recent interview Nicole talked about all the kids- she said “my son” or “my son Connor” and “my oldest daughter Bella” and she mentioned that Bella wasn’t really into fashion.
    There was also a story a few years ago about how Nicole was supposed to have the kids for the US summer and Tom made them go to Scientology camp instead.
    I cant believe I remember all this stuff but I am a huge Nicole fan and scientology scares me. And the reason Tom and Nicole divorced is because he went back to Scientology after being out of it for most of his time with Nicole and they told him if she wouldn’t join them then she had to go. They even arranged the divorce for him

  69. Shawna says:

    RHONYC, those are amazing pictures…in a sad way.

    I think it’s partly Katie’s super-skinny frame that makes Bella look big. I bet I’d look like Bella if the paps caught me on a “bad-clothing day” or bloaty day, but if you saw me in person, I don’t think you’d call me heavy.

  70. Dannnii says:

    Why would you say that Nicole doesn’t see her children??? What a thing to say about a mother! Connor has been seen with her on at least 2 recent movie sets and there are fairly recent pics of Isabella in Australia with her Mom and family, looking quite relaxed. Nicole obviously does not parade her children in front of cameras.

  71. California Surfer says:

    I totally find myself wondering if Bella will like ever look for the mother who gave birth to her and what kind of adoption agreement was in place? And the dudette looks way majorly happier with Nicole so I hope she can get away from Tom brat. I have a feeling that neither of these two ever goes surfing, while Nicole and Keith have a more fun vibe to them.

  72. trollydolly says:

    Bella has 24 hour $cientology Minders. She will have to stage The Great Escape and tunnel out of her Aunt’s house – where she lives and is home schooled – or from the Sea Org where they take her for more auditing if she displays any signs of rebellion.
    Poor, poor Girl.

  73. Dannnii says:

    Also, if you read pg. 2 of Nicole’s response to Tom’s divorce petition, you would see that she requests physical custody of her kids, so of course she has always wanted to be with them.

  74. Lisa says:

    RHONYC — EXACTLY what I thought as soon as I read this story, so let me repeat: Ruuuunnnn, Belllaaa, RUNNNN!

  75. RHONYC says:

    this is the last one folks…

    so long ago i almost forgot.

    i’d waited on tom & nicole back when they were married in a nyc restaurant, circa 1997/98.

    he was very charming & all smiles, even with the staff.

    she was severely reserved in a public situation in her private life, unlike (i’m assuming) when she is promoting films for her work.

    when the chef/owner was showing them the wine selection in the kitchen, she looked very pensive and bored (almost angry), i.e. all of her red carpets with tom back in the day.

    now, i figure it was probably because tom was being so showy and obnoxious (big smiles for everyone).

    displaying her kids and tipping off the paps just isn’t her m.o.

    her name is nicole, not tom.


  76. cruiz2 says:

    Geez-looks like Bella and Katie have a great time together! Yeah right, that poor teen looks miserable. Maybe they pay her to watch the princess, carry purses and perhaps shine their shoes?

  77. eternalcanadian says:

    Whoa, that’s Bella? She’s one chunky monkey. Food can be one’s comfort and ally when things are stressful or depressing. I should know as I’ve been in that situation. Having thin celebrity parents doesn’t help either.

    I always thought there was something weird about Tom and kids. He was married to Nicole all those years and no biological children. Then Tom suddenly dumps her, hooks up with Penelope for like two years, no pregnancy, and dumps her to hook up with Katie who gets pregnant like 3 months after they met.

  78. nelson says:

    I dont knock other people’s beliefs and shit but what tommy girl did to bella and the son is disgraceful.

    if i ever had kids, id let them chose whether they want to be religious or not.

    and i feel sorry for those kids because little did they know they would be leaving the adoption home right into the hands of xenu and to be indoctrined into becoming the next alien princess blah blah and sailormoon and moon kingdom and blah blah.

    tommy girl has no right to “force” these kids into this shit but they wouldnt know better these days because they have grown up with that shit shoved down their throat.

    god i hate that F**king turd tommy girl.

  79. nelson says:

    LOL i bet katie holmes is thinking “why didnt i let cristiano ronaldo poke me? 15mil upfront payment, never have to deal with some ego midget with a big chip on his shoulder”

    poor joey, she looks like death warmed up. *sings* i dont wanna wait for this life to be over, i want to know right now will it be…


    oh well, bitch spend it right, swipe that black amex till you burn a hole in tommy girls pocket.

  80. Karma pay back says:

    Wow! Thanks for those pictures….really takes any doubt away that she’s unhappy in her current situation.

    Well, this is going to be an interesting lesson in KARMA for Tom, isn’t it?

    The *ahem* church of scientology will probably enforce a policy called “disconnection” – which doesn’t allow their parishioners to be “connected” to anyone who is critical of their religion. And that includes living with someone who is critical.

    Thus, there is likely to be a “disconnection” order placed on Bella if she decides to go live with the only real mom she’s ever had.

    So, for those of you unfamiliar with scientology “practices”….this means Tom (and anyone else in scientology) will be forced to disconnect (i.e. have no communication what so ever) with Bella. No chats, no visits, no hugs, no phone calls, no emails, no letters, no birthday or Christmas gifts, no wedding, no baby showers, no funerals, nothing.

    And if he breaches that order, then he’ll have to endure heavy ethics penalties. That is unless, his BFF (the leader of the cult), decides to make an exception. Which in all likelihood, he will, because he doesn’t want to jeopardize Tom’s generous donations ($10 million last year). Money talks.

    Interesting dilemma – maybe Tom will get to taste it, first hand, what the families of cult members have dealt with for years. For an up close and personal look, here’s one family’s recent “disconnection” tragedy:

    Welcome to the cult, TOM.

  81. Chris says:

    You’re better off down under Bella. We’re a secular society. Even our Prime Minister is an atheist and she openly admits it.

  82. Whilst Suri is pimped out by Tom and Katie, do you really think that Sunday Rose isn’t by Nicole and Keith? Right, Kidman just happens to be papped with the kid in her arms with the kid’s face turned to the paps. Nicole tips off the paps to get shots of her as a ‘mother’ so she can try to kill the ice queen image and appeal to the mass market of film going women being trying to appeal that she is same as them. Nicole gave up interest in her older kids when she divorced. She had money, time and opportunity to mother them and be in their daily lives.
    Was she pressured by Xenu? No idea. But if she wanted to be in her kid’s lives, she could have negotiated it. Maybe not take $350 million in the divorce settlement from the ex husband and get work out a custody arrangement instead. But instead, she moved away from the kids from LA to NY after the divorce to be with Steven Bing & then Lenny Kravtiz and then Nashville with Keith Urban. She treats the kids as irrelevant as she is no longer with their father. She then becomes dependent and clingy in her new relationship that she makes her whole life about in a matter of months. If Nicole can publicly state that she and Keith can’t go more than three days without seeing each other, if her family is such a priority, she would make the time and effort to be with her older kids. And considered how rarely Kidman in LA, she is not seeing the kids on the quiet without the press knowing.
    She might see them once, twice a year. They met Urban, the new step-dad, the weekend they were getting married after he and Nicole had been dating for almost a year and a half (they meet Jan 2005, married June 2006). They kids did not meet him prior to the wedding weekend. That, to me, says a lot. Date a bloke for a year and a half, get engaged, plan the wedding and you don’t introduce him to your kids until the eve of the wedding? If she had regular contact with her kids, that would not be possible. Abandonment is the word that comes to mind for me.
    At least Cruise, with all his issues, actually seems to be a stable presence in their lives, makes himself available to them 24/7 and as stated on numerous occasions that nothing is more important to him than being a good father. Less of two evils I guess.

  83. Green Is Good says:

    July 22nd, 2010 at 11:15 am

    Isn’t Xenu the bad guy in scientology lore?

    Yep. He’s the evil galactic overlord that threw a bunch of frozen alien prisoners into volcanoes here on Earth 8 zillion years ago. The souls of the dead aliens hung around and attached themselves to humans, thus explaining why people have various mental/emotional problems.

    “Body Thetans” those cult freaks call it. Try not to LAUGH OUT LOUD!

  84. Green Is Good says:

    @RHONYC: Damn, that really is sad. Bella never smiles when she’s with Tom and his Stepford Hag.

  85. Green Is Good says:

    @XENU: Ha ha ha ha!!!! Oh, you naughty Galactic Overlord you.

    If you can swing pictures of Tommy in a pair of leather cowboy chaps being spanked by David Miscavidge, I shall bow down before your awesomeness.

  86. luna says:

    @nelson: the sailor moon reference had me cracking up lol

  87. super8 says:

    Since Tomkat puts all the focus and spotlight on Suri, it looks like Bella gets edged out.

    Suri is obviously the ‘Golden Child’ who can do no wrong while Bella is an ‘extra’ in the crazy Xeno-infused scene.

    Tomkat should be ashamed of itself!

  88. super8 says:

    Xenu has been transplanted in Tomkats brain by the cosmic overlords.

  89. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I think Tom has more than shown himself to be a good father and loves his kids. If Nicole thought or felt like her kids were in danger or being brainwashed she could have stepped up and said something. A good mother would say something.

    I know people have conflicting beliefs about Tom’s belief, especially because he is so passionate about it but these comments are a lil much. No body is making those kids do anything. They choose to be with Tom. They like Tom better I think. I never got the vibe Nicole was really into them and wanted her own bio child. However I am not even comfortable saying that. I think both parents love the kids. I hope. I know for sure Tom loves them. Bella and Connor are teenagers. They have lives outside of spending time with their father and step-mother so clearly since Suri is the youngest she is out the most with Tom and Katie. It has nothing to do with loving one more than the other. I think people are just hating something they don’t fully understand and assuming things. Tom has never shown to be more than up and up guy. I really hate that this religion thing of his got in the way of what a good guy he is, because he is.

  90. Ellen Smith says:

    Bella is sad because she is an in the closet lesbian. Daddy isn’t going to approve of her shagging another girl.

  91. Sway says:

    I wonder when TOM’s crazy-screaming tapes will be released to the public 😀

  92. Fae says:

    Poor little sweetheart, she looks so sad. Maybe her mum will actually give her some attention? She looks as if she needs it, and it appears the Cruises are far too busy playing with their new dolly.

  93. gg says:

    Love Angelina – What on earth makes you think that the $hurch of $cientology would allow Nicole access to her kids anytime she wants?

    Or maybe all the Cruises are personal friends of yours? wtf

  94. Niki says:

    Those feet are sick, she should not be allowed to buy open toe shoes!