George Clooney uses Jolie-Pitt clan as a contraceptive

I think we all see those screaming kids in airplanes/supermarkets/movie theatres and think ‘I shouldn’t have kids’. I know I do, except it’s usually my kids doing the screaming. George Clooney, the man with the anti-marriage shrine in his house, says he is put off babies by none other than the Jolie-Pitt clan.

He said: “Even one kid running around my villa makes me nervous, so I’m definitely not a candidate for father of the year!

“If I need to surround myself with children and feel like I have this big extended family, I can always call Brad and Angie and ask them to stay with me, just to remind me why I’m so happy without.”

Clooney, 46, also said he is unlikely to invite the celebrity couple to stay in his villa on Italy’s Lake Como this summer because he doesn’t have the room to accommodate their ever-expanding brood.

He added to Britain’s Heat magazine: “I really don’t have enough space for all their children. Also, Brad and Angelina need a security deal of about 20 guys wearing dark suits and carrying walkie-talkies, and that tends to attract attention.”

Melbourne Herald Sun

While the rest of us say ‘oh, look at those cuties (how much does Shiloh look like the Gerber baby?) he says ‘Please, just don’t touch anything!’

I’m kind of on George’s side here. I think just about anyone is intimidated by the idea of 5-6 kids. Sure, when they’re small you can have nannies to do a lot of the dirty work (even the most devoted parent has no enthusiasm for poopy nappies) but have Brad and Angelina considered what it is going to be like to have six hormonal teenagers hanging about the house? I mean, every teen on earth harbors resentment towards their parents, can you imagine six kids all directing that at you?

Brad and Angelina are expecting another baby, or maybe two.

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  1. kevin says:

    You and I both Georgie,,,You and I both.

  2. sheesh says:

    why does it seem like george clooney is always talking about brad or the jolie-pitts? does he ever give an interview without mentioning them???

  3. h says:

    I am with GC.

    But this stie is quite pro-Brangelina. Soon there will be many fans screaming and cursing GC here…..(What? First he is anti-marriage, uses young women to satisfy his lust, now he even claims disliking children, plus using Jolie’s kids as examples to prove why people shouldn’t have children….it’s outrageous! %$#@!(*&^….. )

    I’d better take off soon before the heat goes up….

  4. geronimo says:

    OK, George, we get it. No marriage, no kids. Shut up now and go concentrate on (what’s left of) your film career.

  5. Enonymous says:

    I am not a marriage person and it is completely fine if people choose not to get married and that is a decision that should be made only by them. However, what I dislike mostly about Gerorge Clooney, he uses his first unsuccessful marriage to go around acting like an immature 19 year old with his stupid jokes and tricks, his fascination with young girls almost half his age and then he continues to almost rub it into peoples face by constantly talking about it.

    If Clooney does not wish to ever again get married or have any children then he needs to find an mature and secure woman who is on then same level as he is, not this young girls who still have their lives in front of them.

    I think the biggest reason to why Clooney can never keep a woman for too long is because all those women see that after the fun is gone there is nothing more that interest them in this relationship (and no, not all women care about money and fame) so they live him (yes, I think THEY are the one that leaven HIM).

  6. headache says:

    A smart person recognizes when they are not cut out to be a spouse or a parent so congrats to him for that but he loses points for blabbing about it every five minutes and using people who are happy about becoming parents as a reason he shouldn’t have kids.

  7. geronimo says:

    Enonymous – now you’re making me have to defend him, which is a bit annoying. I read this story ages ago, like the recent one about his anti-marriage shrine – they’re very old, just rehashed because Clooney sells. So it’s not at all true that he’s constantly talking about it and rubbing it in people’s faces.

    Fact is, he likes what he likes, he doesn’t want a woman of substance and consciously or unconsciously, he chooses women who won’t make him change his mind about marriage or kids or all the rest. And that’s his business and his life and his choice to please himself.

    I just wish the constant rehashing of old stories, presented as new stories, would stop.

  8. Enonymous says:

    I understand what you are saying geronimo but my opinion about him is not influenced just from magazines (because I never care to read about him that much and I do think that most magazines very often make up stuff about this celebrities) but from the live interviews he has ,even recently, were he just constantly makes immature comments and has this attitude and that over inflated ego and he expects that people would find charming. He is just way too overexposed and has this sky high opinion about himself, thinking that he can get away with anything.

    As you can see, I am not his biggest fan. lol

  9. geronimo says:

    Can’t argue with that, he has had a very over-exposed and indulgent year, which brings me back to my original comment, shut up, stop doing interviews with sychophantic interviewers and concentrate on your film career!

  10. Enonymous says:

    lol geronimo, I second that.

  11. Granger says:

    Kids are a lot of work, and I completely understand why someone wouldn’t want to have any — particularly a self-indulgent actor like George Clooney. I’m curious to know whether Sarah Larson truly feels the same, though. When I was in my 20s, I was sure I wouldn’t have children; but then I met the man of my dreams, got married, and realized I wanted to be a parent with him. I’m not saying every woman who doesn’t want kids goes through that “transformation,” but it’s a definite possibility. Sarah is very young, and I can see her deciding in a few years that she wants to be a mother. If she’s still with Clooney, will she change his mind, or will that be it for Sarah? Because I’m with the poster who said Clooney’s women get bored of the whole “anti-marriage/anti-kids” act after a while. His money and fame are no doubt alluring, but those things would get pretty tired before too long.

  12. jess says:

    Other people’s screaming brats are a contraceptive for me, so I can relate.

  13. headache says:

    Granger, I think the point of him choosing the women he does. They are too young for marriage and children. By the time they are ready for those things, the relationship will have moved on.

  14. FF says:

    lols, he’s probably just touchy about children because every woman he goes out with is secretly hoping to become his babymamma.

    If he ever finds a woman who doesn’t want kids, he probably wouldn’t be able to get her knocked up fast enough.

    Alternatively, he could just really not want kids but if so, he seems like he’s protesting a little much. Didn’t we already get this ten years ago? If you don’t want them, don’t have them. He’s probably already taken precautions.

    Of course, having kids around could just remind him that he’s OLD.

  15. Bodhi says:

    Well yeah, bringing all those kids to your buddies villa would be like bringing a very short jam-handed army. I can see how He might not be down with that.

    I have a friend who is 26 & has 3 kids under 5, including 2 month old twins who have a different daddy than the oldest. She is definately part of my birth control

  16. Cindy Kennedy says:

    Well, I don’t like having people over to my home if their kids are not well behaved. If their children behave poorly, they won’t be invited back. End of story.

  17. summertime921 says:

    “I have a friend who is 26 & has 3 kids under 5, including 2 month old twins who have a different daddy than the oldest. She is definately part of my birth control”

    Bodhi, like you, this is unfortunately like several people I know and is also my motivation to be extra careful (and probably why I’m so critical of people who aren’t).

  18. Bodhi says:

    I try not to judge too much (yeah right) & I know that not everyone who finds themselves in a similar situation will have the same issues/ problems, but come on! Good, well thought out choices people!

    I forgot to add something: very short jam-handed army with loud blinky toys

  19. FF says:

    Can I just point out, this is a man that likely ha more than one place of residence. That’s one thing. The other is that he can afford to hire people to childproof stuff AND move things.

    So he’s basically saying that he likes his lifestyle and he by no means wants anyone or anything around that might force him to change that.

    I’m starting to see why it’s rumoured Jolie doesn’t like him. If you’ve witnessed a lot of other people’s poverty then jam smears and broken ornaments just don’t seem that important, especially if you can afford to buy more, nay get more sent your way free.

    Most people when they know kids are coming tend to just move stuff. Of course most people who have kids coming over have one actual residence.

  20. brent says:

    Enonymous, your OBSESSION with George is borderline crazy. You may want to get some mental help with this. You blog no stop about him.

    Enonymous next stop on the crazy train, is stocker girl.
    Next you’ll be wearing a diaper chasing George down in Italy, telling him he doesn’t matter to you.

    And it’s college, not collage.

    George throws out women like old chicken bones.

  21. Enonymous says:

    brent what rock did you crawl out from? and its seems that you are getting quite obsessed with me because you followed me here, for what, so we can continue this idiotic debate some more? Well, I am not interested in trolls like you that would get too personal, so unless I am talking about you or to you then do not involve me in your conversations and stick to talking about celebrities.

  22. Sasha says:

    I love Angie, but she’s become this empty mindless breeder on an epic scale to make up for her own unhappy home life I’m thinking. Like I said before, there is no logical reason to have more than 2 kids, regardless of wealth. Past that it’s an unhealthy obsession.

  23. anon says:

    It’s stalker not stocker.

  24. mattieb says:

    Sasha, BOTH Angie and Brad have said for years that they wanted many kids, their minimum # seems to be at least 7. Why call her a breeder when her partner and the father of her kids is an enthusiastic 50% participant in procreation? And this is just Angie’s 2nd pregnancy. Many people want more than 2 kids, it is their choice, and as long as they can afford them and take care of them what is your problem? Also GC knows what he wants in his life and kids do not seem to be part of that equation at this time.

  25. Bodhi says:

    :eyeroll: Here we go again…

    Like I said before, there is no logical reason to have more than 2 kids, regardless of wealth. Past that it’s an unhealthy obsession.

    That is ridiculous. Amazingly enough some people actually enjoy having large families. Its no-one’s business how many kids people choose or choose not to have. And I doubt you are personally affected by how many the Jolie-Pitts have

  26. jersey says:

    I can relate to GC’s “no kids” desire. I feel the same about pets. I LOVE cats and dogs, just don’t want any of my own. Don’t want all the work that goes into them. I have 4 kids, that’s hard enough.

  27. Granger says:

    Sasha, I agree when the kids are biological. I know someone who has 10, and to me, it just seems so selfish. The older kids have no life or independence because they’re always looking after the little ones. However, in Brad and Angie’s case, those adopted kids are getting a MUCH better life than they would have had, so I can forgive the “obsession.” Plus, they’re all so close in age that the oldest will never “get stuck” looking after the youngest. (Not to mention all the money the Jolie-Pitts have to pay for people to look after the kids, anyway.)

    Having said all of that, if Brad and Angie have TOO many, there’s still a risk they’ll all grow up feeling they never got enough time with their mom and dad — and that’s one thing money definitely can’t buy.

  28. FF says:

    Okay, I know I mentioned Angelina but for heavens sake don’t use it as an excuse to start one of those tiresome Angelina vs Everybody debates.

    Just forget I even mentioned it. I’ll vet my replies in future for any such references unless strictly necessary.

  29. Lili says:

    **Smiling while typing***
    Enony and Brent make me laugh.. I also see that the spelling patrol is out making their round. **wink**

  30. headache says:

    Nearly every kid grows up with some silly gripe about their parents. Mommy didn’t spend enough time with me/mommy hovered, etc and what is so bad about making the older ones babysit the younger ones now and then?

    Too many parents raise their kids with some sort of sense of entitlement.

  31. Sherry McGee says:

    I see it as sad that he would have that opinion. Money is not everything. Yes it can make your life easy but how sad it must be to have such an empty life. With children they love you rich or poor, Famous or an everyday person. My daughter and I raise eight foster children and we struggle financially on a regular basis but they know they are loved. If asked each would tell you they would rather live with little and be loved and wanted. I commend Angelina and Brad a thousand times over I only wish I was financially able to take more.

  32. headache says:

    Just because there are four of them, doesn’t make them undiciplined hot messes. As someone pointed out earlier, this could be exactly the reason why Angelina isn’t so fond of Clooney. I doubt he’s spent enough time around the kids to know whether or not they are being raised to be well mannered in the homes of others.

    Personally, my children are young but I can take their happy behinds anywhere without damaging the surroundings or ruining any one’s meal/

  33. :O says:

    Good point on the six angry hormonal teenagers projecting their anger at once :) . Yikes. Hopefully, however, the kids will get along for the most part and be friends. I find that people with a few kids close in age tend to worry less when the kids are out, because the kids are together and looking out for one another…

  34. talie says:

    what george said is the absolutely true and he is not anti marraige because he’s been married once, do you except him to marry every girl he dates in order not to be called anti marraige, b***s**t

  35. Magda Maria says:

    I deeply admire Angelina and Brad to take the responsibility for so many children and give them a home as best as they can. So many celebrities seem to be able to do nothing better than scandals and nonsense. In a world where so many children are not taken care of for lack of love and finances they do strike me for attempting to go beyond egoistic goals.

  36. kelli says:

    His girlfriend already got what she wanted from him…she went from serving drinks to calling herself a model.

  37. FF says:

    From what I’ve observed, kids are all different and so is their relationship to their parents, and each other. You can’t say because there are a lot of them that they’re an undisciplined mess. I’ve seen some kids – one or two – be complete handfuls because they’re tantrum throwing messes and the parents don’t know or don’t want to handle it.

    And I’ve seen groups of three and four children all look out for each other and keep each other in line without getting overly excited or raising their voices.

    So it depends on the children and it depends on the parents. But I’ve got to say people who immediately presume poor behaviour on small children tend not to have been around a lot of them – and/or don’t want to be.

  38. brent says:

    Lili, your on to me, driving people nuts is a great source of joy to me.
    I should proof read better, oh well.

  39. no muff says:

    leave th epoor bloke alone, it’s not his fault he has a big willy right NOW!

  40. no muff says:

    leave the poor bloke alone, it’s not his fault he has a big willy right NOW!

  41. no muff says:

    and anyway, he is a bit of a fatty with a huge debt because of a huge printing machine he bought.