Rob Lowe’s nanny accuser does photo shoot with People Magazine

Rob Lowe’s nanny Jessica Gibson is really making a case that he traumatized and sexually harassed her for the seven years she worked for his family, returning twice on her own volition to go back into his employ. First she goes on The Today Show with her aggressive attorney, famewhore Gloria Allred, literally holding her hand. Gibson looked like she was trying hard not to bust out laughing, and was grinning triumphantly throughout the interview. Whenever she gave an answer she sounded rehearsed, but not well enough, and she let Allred do most of the talking.

Now Gibson has done a photoshoot with People Magazine, which promises to have exclusive interviews with her and her family in their upcoming issue.

Gibson never told police, her supervisor or parents
Gibson never went to the police with her accusations of sexual harassment by her employer, and she never told her supervisor on the job, nor did she tell her parents. The woman who managed Rob Lowe’s estate and his employees gave a declaration that “Jessica never told me … that Rob ever said or did anything that she found inappropriate or offensive or that made her feel uncomfortable … or made sexual advances toward her.” In fact the estate manager confirms that Gibson left twice and came back, each time saying she was leaving due to burnout. Other employees also gave declarations on behalf of the Lowes attesting to their positive experiences there.

Jessica’s mother and father were interviewed by People, and each expressed surprise that anything happened to her there. Her father said “I was shocked when I heard about everything,” and her mother said “we did not discuss that.”

Lowe is suing Gibson, and two other employees alleging that they’re spreading false stories about him. In his lawsuit against Gibson, Lowe states that she brought men back to his house to have sex and that she was under the influence of drugs while she was working there. He also claims she lied to other people about having a relationship with him. One of the other employees Lowe is suing, a cook who was fired in December for stealing food, has a history of bankruptcy and failing to pay child support.

Gibson never mentioned harassment from Lowe to coworkers at her other job
TMZ claims to have spoken to at least one of Jessica’s coworkers at the doctor’s office where she worked while on hiatus from the Lowe’s employ, only to return on her own accord. The say that sources claim she bragged that Lowe was flirty with her, but never said that anything happened between them or that he harassed her.

It seemed that Gibson talked more about the money she felt that Lowe and his wife owed her for overtime.

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19 Responses to “Rob Lowe’s nanny accuser does photo shoot with People Magazine”

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  1. headache says:

    The more that comes out about this girl, the less likely I am to believe her.

  2. geronimo says:

    This stinks. I’d prefer not to be reading anything at all about this while it’s still under investigation because Rob Lowe’s reputuation, in the meantime, is being badly compromised. Is this really what someone in this situation would do? Take it to the talk shows? With a questionable, disreputable fame-hungry lawyer? Grinning like she’s just won the lottery?

  3. Syko says:

    I can not imagine, if what she claims happened really did, that she would be going on multiple television shows with that shit-eating grin on her face. Obviously a frivolous case, but the sad thing is that the Lowes still have to defend it, and it’s not helping their public image.

  4. skins says:

    People mag should be ashamed of themselves for putting this piece of crap in their magazine. Her and the lowlife lawyer should be put in jail if they can’t prove their “case”

  5. Bodhi says:

    Wow, a photoshoot with People. Way to build credibility.

  6. KNKN says:

    I always default to believing the woman – because I am one and I’ve had a couple bad experiences. But this woman’s demeanour completely affects her credibility. My reaction on this one is total disbelief. I just don’t believe her at all. Her cheshire cat grin freaks me right the hell out.

  7. Sasha says:

    That Gloria Allred is a soul-devouring harpy, just look at her.

  8. Scott F. says:

    “I always default to believing the woman – because I am one and I’ve had a couple bad experiences.”

    Not to pick on you in particular KMKN, but that is the major problem with the justice system when it comes to these types of cases. Every other area is ‘innocent until proven guilty’, but in rape or harassment cases it seems to be ‘guilty until proven innocent.’ Just look at what happened at Duke.

    Women like this one bank on that knee-jerk reaction from other women to come to their aid. I’m just glad most people seem to be waking up to this tactic and taking it on a case-by-case basis.

    Any woman who’s been legitimately harmed deserves restitution, but this one lost any respect I had for her when she went to Rob’s wallet instead of the police.

  9. Syko says:

    Well said, Scott.

  10. CandyKay says:

    People layout today, Playboy layout tomorrow.

  11. Bodhi says:

    Scott’s back! Ditto Syko…

  12. Syko says:

    Hey there, Bodhi! Always around, just sometimes can’t think of anything to say.

  13. celebitchy says:

    I would just like to say that the same thing happens when anyone accuses someone of child abuse or neglect – they’re guilty until proven innocent. People really want to protect women and children, and will automatically assume something is true if there’s an accusation about sexual abuse/harassment or anything that might endanger a child. It’s to the point where people can make really outrageous unsubstantiated claims and ruin someone’s life. Of course the victim and the accusations should be taken seriously, but they should also be carefully investigated by authorities, not taken just as truth without a thorough investigation, and not tried in the f’ing media.

  14. Scott F. says:

    CB, thanks for adding that, I totally left out child abuse/neglect, which bothers me a lot being a parent. It just sucks because either way you feel like someone is getting the shaft, either the suspect or the victim.

    I think we need to remember that old adage we framed our legal system around though; “It’s better to let 100 guilty men go free, than to send a single innocent man to prison.”

  15. headache says:

    HA!! People magazine is doing a poll about this story online. Three options are presented. Do you believe Rob Lowe, the nanny or do both have credibility issues?

    As of right now, 69% believe Lowe, 24% think they both have issues but only 7% actually believe the nanny.

    It’s really sad that a situation twenty years ago in which Lowe’s only folly was engaging in a non-standard sexual encounter should color people’s perception of him so strongly.

    What’s promising though is that people aren’t willing to look past some shady behavior, statements and nasty smirking on national tv because of that past folly either.

  16. Trashaddict says:

    Ain’t it a little funky that Lowe states Jessica brought men back to the house and was under the influence while working there? When exactly did he find this out? Notice “men” plural. And did he fire her when he found out? If he didn’t, he’s definitely got some credibility problems too.

  17. KNKN says:

    I agree with all of you. I meant to make clear that I know that I shouldn’t default to that belief. I’ve learned something.

  18. KNKN says:

    I don’t feel picked on Scott F. I agree with you. I just didn’t express myself as well as you did.

  19. FF says:

    I’m waiting for more evidence on both sides, personally. I have theories but they’re subject to incoming information.

    I suspect dodginess on both sides but not to the degree of the accusation but I’m willing to be wrong.