Jamie Lynn househunting with Casey

Britney Spears’ parents seem to be doing a pretty good job of getting their eldest daughter back on track – but that’s left a lot of people wondering exactly what they’re doing with pregnant 17-year-old Jamie Lynn. Jamie Lynn has been back home in Kentwood, Louisiana for a few months now, while mom Lynne Spears shuttles back and forth and dad Jamie stays in Los Angeles. On Jamie Lynn’s birthday a few weeks ago, the entire family was in Los Angeles having dinner with Britney – leaving their youngest daughter back in Kentwood.

Jamie Lynn seems to be poised to assert her independence – according to Contact Music, she went house hunting with fiancé Casey Aldridge this past weekend.

Pregnant teen Jamie Lynn Spears and her boyfriend Casey Aldridge are looking to welcome their first child in a new home – the parents-to-be are househunting in Mississippi. According to reports, the couple has already made their first offer on a three-bedroom house in the town of Liberty.

Zoey 101 star Spears, who is seven months pregnant, has offered close to $300,000 for the house. It boasts a loft, marble floors, a remodeled kitchen and games room. An insider says, “Jamie Lynn is really excited over having a home of her own.”

[From Contact Music]

It seems pretty clear that Jamie Lynn is planning on raising her baby in Kentwood, despite previous reports that she was going to return to L.A. to work on her acting career. The National Ledger reports that Jamie Lynn has turned to Casey’s family for support during her pregnancy.

So what is Jamie Lynn doing to get some help from a parent? According to a report from Life & Style Weekly she is looking outside the Spears family and has honed in on her fiancé Casey Aldridge’s mother for advice and support as she enters her seventh month.

“With her whole family in Los Angeles, Jamie Lynn has turned to Casey’s mom Joyce,” and insider spilled to the weekly entertainment magazine. “I think she sees her as a surrogate mother.” She is putting on a brave face, the insider claims, but she is hurting without any support from her family.

[From the National Ledger]

Jamie Lynn has been taking on a huge amount of responsibility for a 17-year-old. From the baby to a fiance to a house – it’s amazing she’s holding it together so well. She’s balancing a load meant for someone a lot older. It’s surprising to see how much her parents are around Britney versus Jamie Lynn. Britney is an adult, and though she clearly needs help right now, you would think Jamie Lynn would be getting a bit more attention. Life & Style says that Jamie Lynn is acting like she doesn’t care about Lynn being gone all the time, but that she’s actually pretty hurt by it. Hopefully the Spears parents will rally around their youngest daughter when she needs it.

Here’s Jamie Lynn leaving Connie’s Jewelry and Gifts in Kentwood on Paril 9th. Images thanks to Splash.

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  1. anonymous says:

    This is weird. Jamie seems to be doing a very good job getting Britney under control but why on earth isn’t Lynn with J-L right now? That doesn’t make any sense at all.

  2. nonentity says:

    Jamie Lynn’s probably hurting right now, but she has loads of friends and family in the Kentwood area to take up the slack. Jamie can’t monitor Britney 24-7 and she’s probably causing him loads of trouble despite behaving herself in public; I’m sure Lynn’s support has been extremely useful to him. Britney can bully just about anyone else into letting her do what she wants. Mental illness is extremely rough-going.

  3. Rio says:

    Yeesh, that poor girl is shouldering WAY too much responsibility at once. Kudos to her for handling it as well as she appears to. It’s very strange to me that her family isn’t around her more– Southern families (from my own experience) are generally huge and yet very close and supportive, so a pregnant teenager would have NO shortage of cousins, aunts, parents, etc to help her.

  4. Vannessa says:

    I think that Jaimie Lynn will be fine. For god sakes she is not the first girl to get pregnant at 16. The attention does need to be with Brit. She needs some help for real.

  5. Alicia says:

    You can tell that in some way she has to be hurting. But I think she’ll be a better mother than her sister has. She’s proved each day since the nation found out she was pregnant that she was going to be responsible for her actions. Now how many kids her age can say they learn and take responsibility for their actions? I don’t agree with teen pregnancy because she’s still a kid but give her major kudos with how she is handling the situation. She’ll come out stronger in the end.

  6. Daisy says:

    maybe having her mother around would be more stressful for Jamie? I really hope she does not marry this guy let her have a Looooong engagement

  7. Bodhi says:

    Damn, well it sounds like she knows what she wants. Very big props for not going back to LA. I’m sure she has more than enough money to last until she decides to get back into acting, if she even wants to do it again

  8. mollination says:

    Dang, that story made me sad.

    But maybe it’s all for the better that she gets help from a different mom this time around.

  9. Anonymous says:

    jamie is an all some person she is doing just find

  10. boris says:

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