Madonna offered $24M for two gigs in Dubai

I give Madonna a lot of shit. Nine times out of ten, I really can’t stand the woman, what with her fake accent and over-muscleyness. But I gotta hand it to her, Madge makes bank, and I’m pretty sure I’d be willing to trade lives with her… right about….. now. Because it turns out Madonna is set to break another record – she’s being paid $24 million for just two short shows at the end of her current concert tour. As annoying as that is, you’ve got to give the lady props for her business skills.

When Madonna first moved to New York in ’77, she had $35 in her pocket and landed a job at Dunkin’ Donuts. Now the material girl, who will turn 50 in August, is set to make more than $24 million dollars for performing just two gigs in Dubai, where she’s scheduled to end her forthcoming world tour in November. The first show, which the Sun reports may only last about 90-minutes will earn The Queen of Pop roughly $15 million dollars.

The additional $10 million will come from a second show hosted at a millionaire’s private party. She reportedly refuses to perform at private fetes for less. If all goes through, Madonna will make history once again for playing the most lucrative concerts of all time.

Gulf audiences are growing increasingly interested in American pop music, as evidenced by the launch of MTV Arabia… But the four-day round trip to Dubai means if a rock star is going to play in your ‘hood, it’s going to cost you.

[From the New York Daily News]

Madonna signed with concert promoter Live Nation last year to the tune of $120 million. She’s the highest earning woman in music, and brought in an estimated $72 million between June of 2006 and 2007. Whenever she talks, I want to wire her jaw shut. And tie her down so she can’t go to the gym anymore. But clearly she’s doing SOMETHING right – she’s still at the top of her game at nearly 50 years old – and we’ve been talking about her for the last twenty-some years.

Here’s Madonna leaving the gym looking very sweaty in London yesterday. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. Anastasia says:

    I read somewhere (a while ago) that she wouldn’t sing her old songs unless she was paid something like 30 million dollars, and now it looks like she’ll be singing Like a Virgin and Holiday in Dubai lol.

  2. Daisy says:

    F… she’s bloody brilliant
    she says that and poof someone does offer her that money.

  3. CH says:

    I wish she would sing her old songs cos her new ones are shit!

  4. dinigi says:

    her body may show the efforts of her ceaseless efforts but she looks like my mother who’s in her 60′s…she obviously didn’t approve this pic

  5. Sasha` says:

    Please go Madonna, and maybe some Islamic freakshow will shoot you for ‘daring’ to show your exposed blond head onstage and I can mourn the cool version of you from the 90′s.

  6. jero says:

    yea well if u ask me she’s an icon. she may look bad n all that stuff,but the woman is fantastic ans she is the queen of pop,disco n she will allways be!