Rob Lowe’s nanny accuser Jessica Gibson declined an interview with People

Rob Lowe and his two boys on 11/6/05, thanks to WENN
Rob Lowe and his boys at the “Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire” premiere, thanks to WENN
Gibson declined to be interviewed for People, but she did pose for a picture
I read the People Magazine article about Rob Lowe’s nanny accuser hoping to find out more about her allegations and what motivated her to come forward at this time. All they have is that photo of her standing in front of a tree with poorly-blended eye makeup that was shown on the People website earlier in the week. The nanny “declined to be interviewed.”

She practically declined to be interviewed on The Today Show too, letting vampire lawyer Gloria Allred hold her hand and do all the talking for her. When she did open her mouth she didn’t say much and managed to undermine her credibility even more.

Nanny Jessica Gibson’s parents and sister talked to People on her behalf, and they said that they were shocked that this was happening and that she’s an honest and good person. The content of all of their comments makes it clear that she never talked to any of them about any potentially difficult situation at the Lowes beyond working long hours.

People believe Lowe, not Gibson
People had a poll on their website about this case, in which they asked “Who’s Telling The Truth in the Rob Lowe Nanny Case?”

The current results are:
Rob Lowe: 67%
Jessica Gibson: 7%
Both have credibility issues: 26%

Gibson’s lawyer demands videotaped depositions
Gloria Allred sure isn’t doing her client any favors. She practically salivates at a chance to grill Rob Lowe and his wife on camera, saying she’s sure she’ll make them uncomfortable and that she wants videotaped depositions.

“I’m sure some of the questions will make him and wife uncomfortable, but our job is to get to the truth,” Allred says in an exclusive interview. “They are going to have to sit down, and we are going to have a lot of tough questions for them…”

In any event, Allred said her office has also sent more than 100 requests for the Lowes to produce documents to support his case.

“They are going to have to answer questions under oath,” Allred says. “I’m looking forward to sitting eye to eye with the Lowes, because Jessica has nothing to hide.”

[From E! Online]

Let me get this right – Allred says she’s going to make them uncomfortable and that she really wants to get in their faces, and she admits to sending over 100 requests for documents. From my vast knowledge of lawyers’ tactics gained from reading John Grisham novels, it sounds like Gibson’s team is trying to bog down Lowe’s attorneys in paperwork, and is trying to intimidate them into settling the case for a large amount of money. I hope it goes to trial and that the truth comes out.

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