Bob Barker rips on new Price is Right host Drew Carey and tries to backtrack (update)

I’ve only seen the new Price is Right a few times, but from what I can tell Drew Carey is a gentler, kinder host than Bob Barker. Barker did a decent job, but he kind of gave off this creeper vibe, like he was about to mack on the more attractive contestants and had already had his way with all the vapid prize presenters. (Maybe my opinion of him is influenced by the all the lawsuits filed against him from former employees.) With Drew Carey hosting, the Price is Right is like a party at your laid back cousin’s house. Drew is fun, mellow and likable and you get the impression that he’s genuinely happy for the ecstatic winners.

Barker doesn’t see it that way, and the animal-loving former PIR host (arguably) thinks he did it better than Carey. TMZ has him on tape sayingHe does the show differently than I did. I tried to make the show really exciting, and [Drew] doesn’t do that. He just plays the games.” Only now Barker is denying saying anything negative despite the evidence, and has issued a follow up statement which says, in part, “To think that I would say anything derogatory about him is idiocy.” Way to backtrack, Barker.

Bob Barker hasn’t been heaping praise upon “The Price Is Right” host Drew Carey lately, but the 86-year-old game show legend says that he’s not trying to be critical.

Barker, who hosted the series from 1972 to 2009, recently told TMZ that Carey “does the show differently than I did…I tried to make the show really exciting, and he doesn’t do that. He just plays the games.”

But perhaps fearing he took too much of a gamble with his controversial comment, Barker has since had a change of heart.

“I would not criticize Drew Carey. I would not criticize this show. I would not criticize CBS. I would not criticize FremantleMedia [which produces the show for the network] because I have a sizable royalty that I am paid every year this show is on, and it’s going on for years. I would be an absolute fool. I hope this show stays on for years,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

“As for Drew, he’s been charming and complimentary, and he had me on the show to plug my book ‘Priceless Memories.’ He devoted half of the show to me! He’s a charming man, and kind and gracious. To think that I would say anything derogatory about him is idiocy.”

[From CNN]

In no less than 10 lawsuits filed against him, The Price is Right, and CBS, Barker is accused of sexually harassing several employees and of deliberately limiting the number of black and minority contestants on the show. At least the show is kinder and gentler under Carey. The non-harassing non-racially biased work environment under Carey might not be as “exciting” though.

In related and happier news, Drew Carey has lost a lot of weight and is looking like a completely new man! I thought he was really cute before, but he’s handsome now. (He should stop trying to work the comb-over though.) I probably wouldn’t recognize him if I passed him on the street. Go Drew! You excite us, heavy or not.

Update US Weekly has more on Carey’s weight loss. He’s lost 70 pounds, no longer has diabetes, and explained that he lost the weight through cardio and diet. His motivation was to live a long life in order to be around for his girlfriend’s son. “My fiancee has a 5-year old, and wow, I’d love to see him graduate. I’d love to be able play with him without getting tired, enjoy my life and watch him grow.” Aw!

Drew Carey is shown on 7/28/10. He’s shown before on 1/19/10 and 11/20/08. Bob Barker is shown on 4/5/08. Credit: Fame Pictures. Drew Carey weight loss story via Radar


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  1. Atticus says:

    Totally agree that the vibe with Drew’s version of the show is more fun, laid back and still exciting to watch. Drew rocks!

  2. Lizzard says:

    I’ve had a thing for Drew Carey FOR YEARS!!!!!! Love this man, but the comb-over ages him a bit, he should stick to the old hair cut he used to have…

  3. snowball says:

    Bob Barker is a disgusting pig and I never liked him. He routinely made fun of the contestants, not that most of them were brain surgeons, but he was a condescending ass and he was a slimy pig to the models.

    Drew Carey has always had the rep of being a genuinely nice guy and I hope his ratings eventually end up wiping the floor of that pig Barker’s (I have no idea what they are now).

    Barker can suck his you know what. And I don’t mean his ass.

    Um, not that I have a strong opinion..

  4. denise says:

    Why does Drew look so old?
    Bob Barker looks like a fancy old vampire in that pic.

  5. canadianchick says:

    My mom used to call Bob B a lech. Drew looks good, wrinkles due to some weight loss?

  6. Anon says:

    When I first watched TPIR after Barker left, I thought ‘meh’. Drew didn’t seem comfortable doing it. But I watched it not too long ago – and you can definitely tell he has gained some confidence because he was really great to watch. I’ve always loved Drew too, and I still miss The Drew Carey Show.

  7. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Drew is as dull as dish water on that show. Haven’t seen it for a few years, but I hope he has improved, because he was painful to watch.

  8. Obvious says:

    HE looks like one of the guy’s from WINGS now…..the mechanic-Lowl or however you spell it lol

  9. buenavissta says:

    I’m a fan of Drew. He reminds me of people I know and I like that. He’s genuine and relatable. Bob Barker also reminds me of people I know but not in a good way. You know, like that uncle who always wanted you to sit on his lap at family gatherings.

  10. teehee says:

    Side note: I wish ‘Whose Line’ was still being made here with the US cast…

  11. Kaboom says:

    “The price is wrong, bitch!”

  12. guesty says:

    never watched tpir after bob left…never will.

  13. Toe says:

    LOL @ Buenavissta for the Uncle thingy. The strange Xenu vibe.

  14. Team Bethenny says:

    I found “Walking Melanoma” creepy even when I was a small child. Drew Carey is an improvement (although he might want to back off on the tanning…).

  15. K says:

    I love a man in a bow tie, so Drew, keep doing what you doing! Reow!

  16. Kevin says:

    Hey Bob Barker, can I get you a side order of onions to go with those liver spots? That show has never been exciting.

  17. Maritza says:

    Drew Carey is really good in Price is Right. He is looking even better now that he lost so much weight, it would be nice if he changed the frame of his eyeglasses, too geeky for my taste.

  18. Jen says:

    I like my Drew chubby…his face doesn’t look right all skinny. And he is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Bob Barker…creepy old geezer with his weirdo pointy teeth. *shudder*

  19. Ann says:

    Bob Barker was great until the last few years and it was visible how his patience was gone – and he didn’t share in the enthusiasm and always seemed more feared for his safety than enjoying the winners hugging all over him. Drew admitted he admired Bob Barker and grew up with the show. Took Drew a while to get comfortable but the show is NOW his. I wish him all the best and enjoy watching when I can.

  20. The Bobster says:

    Wow, I didn’t even recognize Drew.

    Too bad the network sabotaged The Drew Carey Show. It was much better than crap like 30 Rock.

  21. Kevin says:

    If Johnny Carson never said anything about how shitty Jay Leno was taking over his show then Bob needs to hush.

  22. Perry says:

    Ugh, Drew Carey is gross and not funny. Isn’t he one of those losers who trolls the Hefner mansion all the time

  23. Tia C says:

    Kudos to Drew for losing weight, but with his resulting new wrinkles, bad fake tan and frighteningly fugtastic hair, he now looks like the stuff of nightmares. It must be a job requirement for the host of The Price is Right to be totally creepy.

  24. EMV says:

    He is not Bob Barker, but I think that the show is fine. just different. I think they should have gotten someone with a little more sex appeal though…my opinion

  25. Mistral says:

    I love Bob Barker. Him and Rod Roddy (RIP) = Price is Right for me. They were the best. I don’t watch it anymore. But that’s more because I’m never home when it’s on…You really can’t screw up Plinko…

  26. lucy2 says:

    I’ve never liked Drew Carey or his sitcom for some reason, not sure why (guess I prefer “crap like 30 Rock” :D) but it sounds like he’s doing a fine job hosting the show. Bob Barker did always seem a little creepy, and once all the allegations came out about him, it kind of made sense – he IS creepy! I think the was a cheap shot to take at Drew and totally unnecessary, though it’s funny to watch him try to cover his ass now.

    Congrats to Drew for the weight loss! That’s awesome, he looks great and so much healthier.

  27. excuse me says:

    “Barker, who hosted the series from 1972 to 2009, recently told TMZ that Carey “does the show differently than I did…I tried to make the show really exciting, and he doesn’t do that. He just plays the games.””

    Oh, give me a break. I don’t know anyone that liked the Price Is Right when Barker was the host, except my mom and she’s 87. And Drew Carey looks terrific.

  28. RaraAvis says:

    Hey, give Barker a break. He’s what, 86 years old? He’s old & grumpy, that’s all. And didn’t he hand-pick Drew Carey as his replacement?

  29. buckley says:

    Losing all that weight really aged him. How’s that possible?

  30. Angel says:

    The man earned his right to say whatever the hell he wants at nearly 90 years old — particularly about the show he hosterd for several decades. Drew is happy and healthy and doing just fine. He is great on the show but certainly different, and Bob finds it less exciting than what he did. Big whoop.

    Also, spay and neuter your pets!

  31. Jag says:

    July 29th, 2010 at 10:38 am Why does Drew look so old?
    Bob Barker looks like a fancy old vampire in that pic.

    LOL I totally agree with both.

  32. THOMAS GEORGE says:


  33. DAN JONES says:


  34. Sam Casey says:

    If only Mr. Barker had devoted his time and money to helping people instead of animals, just think how much better the world would be. Maybe in his next life he will be a better person. He couldn’t be worse in this life.