Pres. Obama talks race, economy and Snooki on ‘The View’


I’m just going to come right out and admit it: I like Pres. Obama, I want him to do well, and he really disappoints me at least once a month. This month’s disappointment is his appearance today on The View. You know why I’m disappointed? Because The View is f-cking horrible. It’s the genesis of decades of television programming aimed at the least common dominator. And by coming on the show, Pres. Obama seems to be indicating that he’s cool with this dumbing-down of America. When asked about why he chose to come on, he explained that Michelle watches. Ugh. Michelle, instead of The View, try PBS. That’s all I’ll say.

So, anyway – Pres. Obama spent the whole hour with the ladies, including the post-op Barbara Walters and the idiotic Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Since I didn’t watch the show, I don’t know what order these subjects came up, and I’ll just do the highlights:

*Obama wasn’t even invited to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. He said: “It would be tough enough having one president at a wedding, you don’t want two presidents at a wedding… I think that Hillary and Bill, properly, want to keep this as a thing for Chelsea and her soon-to-be husband.”

Obama talks about race, and how he identified himself:
He said he went through an identity crisis regarding his race. He eventually settled on “African American” because that’s how others perceived him: “If the world saw me as African American, then that was something I needn’t run away from, that’s something that I could go ahead and embrace.”

Obama addresses the tough time the country is facing:
As much as you’ve been saying it’s tough for me, the truth is, it’s not tough for me. You know, I’ve got pundits on the news who might say things, but what the American people have gone through — losing jobs, seeing their home values go down, their 401ks declining — those are the people that I draw inspiration from because I get letters every night from them and I read them.”

Obama addresses the Shirley Sherrod controversy:
Sherrod was fired after Andrew Breitbart edited a speech Sherrod made to the NAACP about race – she was accused of anti-white bigotry, when she was just telling a story about the lessons in race and poverty she’s learned over the years. Obama said that he believed that the whole thing was a “phony controversy” created by the media He said: “There are still inequalities out there. There’s still discrimination out there. But we’ve made progress… A lot of people overreacted, including people in my administration.” Bullsh-t, Mr. President. Just own that everyone f-cked up, including you.

Obama talks pop culture:
He knew that Lindsay Lohan was in jail, but won’t say whether he thinks Mel Gibson should take anger management classes. Also: he doesn’t know who Snooki is. That’s already becoming a thing. And he think The Bieb is a “nice young man.”

Was it a good appearance? Was it even smart to do The View? Eh. I’m glad I missed it.


Obama on July 20 & 26, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. RHONYC says:

    why the f%ck was he on that cacklin’ hen show?!

    it’s beneath him.

    heeelllllo? you’re the president, not shecky fuggin’ green.

    f%ck’s the matter with him?!


  2. meme says:

    *rolls eyes waits for next presidential election

  3. DelBocaVista says:

    This is so undignified.

  4. Lynne says:

    Embarrassing. Where’s the focus on the g
    GOM? On real, serious issues? I’m sure all he cares about is it took him off the golf course for an hour. He’s so fake it sickens me.

  5. LolaBella says:

    I hate the View and I am disappointed that he decided to appear on that show.

  6. Celebitchy says:

    Maybe I’m too young to remember and/or was focused on all the awesome Internet jobs that were super easy to get right out of college, but I think that Clinton was a much better President than this guy.

  7. CandyKay says:

    What were Clinton’s most important achievements?

  8. a says:

    i agree kaiser. i’ll hold back all the political stuff i want to say… except:

    i wish his transparency was more about corexit and less about his opinions on beiber and snooki.

    i know he wants to look like an every-man but i agree, not this show… and PBS will do wonders. I hope Michelle watches PBS/frontline.

  9. canadianchick says:

    I enjoyed watching him,he’s one handsome, tall, smart drink of water, but yes the show is beneath him, he said there was a reason he picked this show. Would this be to try and win women voters back? I particularly liked when he answered Hasselcrack, you can tell he despises her, barely made eye contact. He was sweet when discussing his daughters and clearly Joy was loving him-loved it when she asked why he doesn’t have an attack dog doing press for him, and whether he’s on Zoloft as at times he appears so calm. Glad Baba Wawa is on the mend and the little riffs between Whoopi and the Prez were nice.

  10. Cam says:

    I’m not an US citizen, so I think I won’t give my opinion this time.

  11. Leticia says:

    I agree with all of the previous posters!! So glad that I am not alone in my feelings on this matter.

    I don’t care whether the pres is dem or rep, I do not think the pres should be appearing on shows like The View, because it diminishes the office of the presidency. Let’s have some decorum, please. And please stop giving dvds as gifts to heads of state.

  12. juliana says:

    Going on “The View” just seems so…beneath a President.
    I can’t imagine Eisenhower, Johnson, Nixon, or any other President stooping to this level.

  13. werty says:

    wow everyone should read this. too bad people focused on his private life, he should still be president.

  14. Bite me says:

    Decorum, like our last decider

  15. Stephie says:

    I don’t think he should have been on The View (or any “tv talk show”) just like I don’t think the first lady belongs on the cover of Glamour (or Cosmo, or Woman’s Day or any other girly mag). We don’t need pop culture icons. Too many of those, such as they are.

  16. juliana says:

    I’m surprised no one asked him “boxers or briefs?”

  17. meme says:

    I can’t reel off Clinton’s accomplishments as Prez but I know he’d be down in the GOM taking care of business. He damn sure wouldn’t be on The View with these hens.

  18. WTF? says:

    @ Leticia

    Seriously? What is it about W’s administration that you are longing for? Was it when he initiated two unnecessary wars that we still can’t get out of? or when he gave tax cuts to the wealthiest americans so that working people could sit around waiting for it to trickle down? or maybe when he deregulated…well EVERYTHING because government is bad?

    As for Clinton, I was a huge Clinton supporter. However, he didn’t come into office in the middle of two wars or when we were in the worst economic downturn since the depression.

    I think the problem with Obama is that people thought he could walk into the white house and undo 8 years of irresponsible aggressive neglect with the stroke of a pen.

    oh and @ CB – I love how the link to Clinton’s accomplishments says that he had a record of progress for gays and lesbians. I’ve got 4 words for you dont ask dont tell

  19. katielouisiana says:

    Let us not forget Nixon was on “Laugh In”. Still way more dignified than “The View”.

  20. katielouisiana says:

    You are so right Juliana about the boxers or briefs thing. They did get the asanine twitter question in, though.

  21. lena says:

    Thank you WTF, it amazes that people think he can fix things in a yr a two when it took several years to screw it up. He’s Barack Obama not Harry F’en Potter

  22. CandyKay says:

    I got you link, Celebitchy, but I asked you *personally* what you thought Bill Clinton’s greatest achievements were.

    When people praise past politicians at the expense of current ones (John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Mayor Giuliani are among the most commonly iconized) I always like to ask them why.

    Usually it’s just, “well, I really liked him, and things seemed good in those days.” Then they have to look up the actual achievements.

    I voted for Clinton the first time, but I’ll never forgive him for “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and for the Defense of Marriage Act.

    Those were conscious actions, unlike the inadvertent boo-boo of letting Osama Bin Laden walk when he could have been captured.

  23. TaylorB says:

    Juliana wrote:
    “Going on “The View” just seems so…beneath a President.
    I can’t imagine Eisenhower, Johnson, Nixon, or any other President stooping to this level.”

    Not to nit pick but when discussing ‘stooping to this level’ perhaps using Nixon is a bad example.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think him going on the View (or what I prefer to call it, The We Spout Nonsense Show) was a terrible choice, but at least it wasn’t an acutal crime.

  24. SammyHammy says:

    Just further proof that he is the WRONG man for the job.

  25. buell says:

    He was right on one thing… I did “change” … the channel… ugh….

  26. mikaila says:

    I think we should spend less time criticizing the forum and think about the content of this particular show. If you had watched it, instead of passing judgment with very little info, you would have seen a President who handles himself with decorum and a panel of interviewers who steered clear of their regular assanine statements and tackled some topics that many Americans are interested in.

    I think Kaiser took some of the most banal statements and made the entire appearance look trite.

    I agree, I hate The View. But I put that aside and tried to judge the content of this particular show instead of throwing the whole thing out because of the inappropriate forum. Maybe more people should try this.

  27. jen says:

    He made a joke about Snooki back in May & now he suddenly has amnesia??

    YOU LIE!!

  28. eja102 says:

    I also dislike the View, the few times I have been forced to watch.

    but however much anyone dislikes Obama, may I offer the leader of my country as an exchange?

    Harper. He’s a cylon. really.

  29. lucy2 says:

    I’m disappointed he went on the View, I agree it’s beneath him (and most other guests who have to sit there and endure that nonsense). I kind of doubt Michelle watches it for some reason, but who knows.

    I’m in agreement with your political views, Kaiser. There were very high expectations, combined with some really disastrous stuff that’s happened (oil spill, economy), so I’m not surprised that I and many others are disappointed with him at times. I’m hoping that the stuff he has and will manage to get done will have lasting benefits for the country, it’s just too soon to see it all now. Who knows though.

  30. souths_sweetest says:

    HERE, HERE to Mikaila, WTF? and lena !!!! SPOT ON.

    Yes, the show is beneath him – agreed.

    But it does reach an audience that PBS/nightline and numerous other sources that “The View” doesn’t.

    He’s been president for not even a full two years and everyone is ready to send him packing…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? The same people who kept BUSH in office for 8 years, I’m sure!!

    Give him time to fix the MESS he walked into that he did not START people! Unbelievable.

  31. Dorothy says:

    Clearly you people did not watch the show. He did an awesome job and answered tough questions that I am sure many people want to know the answers to.

    Lots of Americans do not watch CNN, MSNBC or Fox News and I think it is OK for him to try to talk to people on a show that actually gets watched! the View has great ratings.

    Bush is a stupid (but likable) man with dangerous people backing him in the oval office. he ruined this country and ruined they way non-Americans view us. Pres. Obama is doing an great job fixing Bush’s f*ck up.

  32. EMV says:

    I dislike President Obama, but I dislike The View more. How undignified this is and if Michelle watches it and tells him regular women watch it…that is absurd. I don’t know 5 people who watch this idiotic show regularly. Those who get their news from it are pathetic and need to turn on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, anything, but the View. As for him not being invited to Chelsea’s wedding…the Clinton’s like the Obama’s publicly, but not privately. Let’s be honest, she should have received the nomination, if it wasn’t for Edward’s giving Obama his votes…anyway to the topic. This was a bad move on his Administration’s part.

  33. jane16 says:

    I would think he has more important things to do with his time.

  34. mikaila says:

    I read this site regularly although I rarely comment. I usually love how witty and evenhanded both Kaiser and CB are with their treatment of celebrities. Even when they attack, they leave room for redemption.

    I don’t love Obama, but I hate when people attack for stupid reasons. I hated when people attached Bush for a picture of him with a book upside down. It was a photo op and he made a mistake. I focus more on what they’ve done to and for the country and if people could focus on that, they’d notice that this President actually is not doing a bad job for 20 months in. The jury is in on Bush and he sucked. We need more time before we wholeheartedly condemn Obama.

    Also, I like Clinton, but let’s look at what Clinton inherited. Each president comes into a different situation. You don’t just get to wipe the slate clean when it’s your turn in office. It’s not a new game. These things are systemic, historical and take time to shift.

    I look forward to when this site returns to the trivial shananigans of celebrities because that’s apparently all that it’s good at.

  35. Kim says:

    Ugh, you all need to get over your sanctimonious selves. You know why you couldn’t imagine Eisenhower, Nixon, Johnson, etc. etc. going on a show like the View? Not only were they not as telegenic as President Obama (Nixon especially!! What a weird choice to compare to, whoever that was), but because the nature of the media has changed since their days, and even since Clinton’s day.

    Like it or not, The View is extremely popular, and one of the top shows for female viewers. Not everyone watches PBS on the daily, and guess what part of being president is? It’s letting your constituents know you know they exist. I don’t see why it’s so bad for Obama to make a point of showing that the very sizeable female demographic that watches The View is on his radar.

    Also, to make an appearance on a show his wife likes and has co-hosted, I think it’s a nice gesture, and it makes sense in light of his family-oriented public persona. I may agree that The View is annoying to watch, but whenever something out of the ordinary happens there, it’s instantly all over the internet the next day. This wouldn’t be the case on a terrible show with no viewers.

    It feels like this guy just can’t do anything right. If he only appeared on political shows, he’d be accused of intellectual elitism. Seriously. “[T]ry PBS.” Try not being a dick.

  36. Andrea-2 says:

    Okay, I’m aging myself, but a lot of Clinton’s “achievements” were a result of being in the right place at the right time. After the recession of the late ’80’s/early 90’s, the natural progression for the economy was an upswing.

    If you can say President Obama inherited an economy in trouble, you can certainly say that Clinton inherited an economy that was on the mend.

  37. wow, am I the only one who’s still on Team Obama. Oh how the might have fallen.

  38. CandyKay says:

    I still like Obama and I want him to do well.

    I think his health reform program is a dangerous mess and I think he needs to decide if the U.S. can really afford the war in Afghanistan, both financially and morally.

    But I see no upside in having him fail.

  39. MM says:

    I don’t understand why he keeps showing up on things that we would never expect the leader of the USofA to be at or associated with. Is this to make him look hip or popular? I don’t vote for someone who’s cool. I want a strong, serious individual who I feel will have our best interest in hand and who will focus on important issues like oh I don’t know unemployment, healthcare, getting us out of this war. Not someone who I keep seeing on every freaking talk show out there.

  40. Tracy J says:

    I had reservations about Pres. Obama being on the show but I thought he did a great job and I’m proud of him. Bravo, Mr. President.

  41. meme says:

    Excuse me it’s been 100 GD days since the explosion in the GOM and our president went down there for a whopping couple of hours. Epic failure.

  42. gretchen says:

    @souths_sweetest- Agreed!! He is trying to reach a different crowd, everything he said in the beginning was well known to me, but did enjoy the little personal things he mentioned. Love our President!!

  43. Eileen says:

    I like Obama and as crazy as it sounds, I’ve learned more about the US politics from Europeans than from Americans or watching the news.
    Just like Dorothy said: non-American’s HATED us, HATED our leader and thought because he made stupid statements we must all be stupid since we voted him in the office. I was in Greece, Macedonia and Switzerland right after the election was over and people who didn’t even speak english were yelling Obama at us on the streets, giving us free drinks and going nuts that America chose him as our leader. He has definitely helped our foreign relations. I sat down with some Norwegians and they are SO freaking smart, speak at least 3 languages, know our politics and every other country’s politics….it makes you really wake up and realize how much American’s are in their own little bubble and don’t educate themselves with much of anything outside the US. It would take me a novel on here, but I had voted for Obama-the first time I have EVER voted, and after talking to them, I was even more ecstatic with my choice. They really explained just what a huge change this is for the world-not the US. Its sad when you have to learn about your own politics from a Norwegian, but I’m big enough to admit it…and I made a resolution to start educating myself with more than just what’s going on in the US! Because the more we know about other countries, the more we understand our own politics.

  44. Leek says:

    @Cam– even if you’re not a citizen you have a right to comment because the freedoms we have are something I’m sure most of us want for everyone everywhere. Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing…and has almost gotten my a*s kicked on several occasions, but always worth it!

  45. Marjalane says:

    Do you realize how low his internal polling numbers must be for him to be desperate enough to try and get a bump from “The View”? The best part of Obama’s downfall is knowing how much Madame Cankles is enjoying it! man, I hope she challenges him in 2012!

  46. okay.... says:

    He seems to be entirely too interested in all things celebrity.

  47. cara says:

    why’d you leave out his calling of African-Americans “a sort of mongrel people”?

  48. Keen says:

    regardless of whether or not you heart Obama, he’s the fucking President of the United States!!!! He’s not campaigning (yet) and shouldn’t be trying to pander to constituents, he should be in Washington getting shit done, or at least looking like it. POTUS! He is bigger than daytime television!

  49. Huggs says:

    I believe Obama was WONDERFUL today. He answered all of that Elizabeth’s idiotic questions and gave a great interview. Why is everyone on here so critical and negative? Obama has been doing a GREAT job of cleaning up a HUGE mess. This takes TIME PEOPLE~ Relax and stop being such enormous crabasses. He is an extremely intelligent president which is much more than what we can say for the last goofball that was in office. Anyone that can’t recognize that is a complete dummy….JUST LIKE BUSH!

  50. HotPockets says:

    He just cares about being a celebrity, not a leader. It shows, even without his appearance on The View.

  51. Team Bethenny says:

    I love that man. He’s so smart and humble and an honorable man. I am so proud he’s our president.

  52. Mrs K 2 be says:

    Whether people like it or not Obama is the President of ALL Americans…even those who watch programmes like The View. I thought all Americans were supposed to be equal?? Can’t he appeal to all?? I am Irish and I personally think he is doing a great job at redeeming Americans around the world. He is warm and friendly and approachable. How can that be bad??

  53. di butler says:

    I just scanned the comments, but no mention of the fact he called African-Americans MONGRELS??? Yes, he kinda walked it back by saying whites were, too, but this was such a horribly wrong headed comment. He went to Harvard Law, doesn’t he know that Hitler and the freaking KKK were the first to use those terms in reference to Americans? This was such a mess. I saw a guy on tv this afternoon who specializes in image consulting, and he called it stupifyingly stupid to appear on The View. I agree.

  54. Chris says:

    Change We Can Believe In!!! What a major disappointment Obama has turned out to be. When he was elected I hoped that becoming America’s first black president wasn’t going to be his greatest achievement, but unfortunately it has been. Still in Iraq, still in Afghanistan, he bailed the rich out of the GFC and he hasn’t done enough about global warming. Terrible, just terrible.

  55. Jeri says:

    I think he doesn’t want to seem out of touch so he appears on shows other then political or news shows just to be more available to the public.

    I know most won’t agree with me & that’s fine. It’d be boring if we all thought the same.

  56. PoliticalGirl says:

    Who cares that he went on The View? I haven’t watched that show in ages but so what if he wants to go on it and shoot the sh*t? If anything, it’s a brilliant political move on his part. Objections to his appearance on the show are elitist and sexist, frankly.

    So many presidents have been on late-night and other similar shows. What’s the big whoop?

    Some of these comments are really ignorant, such as “He wants to be a ‘celebrity'”? What a load of BS! He’s passed a lot of legislation in his short time in office. We can’t say that about GWB, can we? I hope he does more to bring our country back to some semblance of success. People are really suffering economically. It makes sense that he would reach out to “every-day folks”, even The View audience.

    C’mon people. We’re in a really dreadful economic situation. I hope he does more appearances like this to reach out to EVERYONE. To say that this appearance is “beneath him” is offensive.

  57. Lita says:

    Someone said in a conversation a couple days ago that the top, or close to it, reason that American individuals are bankrupted is medical costs. We’ve all known someone that’s had to pay insane amounts of cash for minor medical care while visiting the States but I found this comment to be fishy and haven’t yet had a chance to find out if it’s true or not. Can anyone advise?

  58. juliana says:

    @ TaylorB: Nixon didn’t do anything worse than some of what our Presidents have done lately, in my opinion.

  59. lara says:

    Nov 2010 – Take out the trash
    Nov 2012 – Take out the trash…again

  60. juliana says:

    I also don’t think Obama is that photogenic, either.
    Kennedy was the only one who looked that good on t.v, and I can’t imagine him appearing on the 60’s version of “The View”, either.

  61. Artecate says:

    What do you expect from a celebrity president?

  62. lena says:

    Well African Americans who are generations in most likely do have a mixture of ethnicities in them because of the rapes that went on during the slave era, I understand the point he was making but he surely could’ve used a better word.

  63. Bebhionn says:

    Yes, how terribly undignified for a sitting president to appear on a silly talk show while more important matters demanded his attention. Oh, wait.,,703228,00.html

    Certainly, talking about how the President disciplined his adult children was far more important than a discussion about the war in Iraq. Especially since earlier that month, the death toll of US soldiers killed in Iraq reached 1,000.

    And about that deficit that Obama has run up:

    I’m incredibly proud of the work that Obama is doing. Do I agree with all of his decisions? Certainly not. Do I think he could be doing more? Of course. But I shudder to think what kind of state our country would be in had McCain won that election.

  64. texasmom says:

    I’m still on team Obama! I know the US isn’t where it should be, but I feel like he is the janitorial president, cleaning up a big ol’ mess and everyone’s complaining about streaks on the floor while he’s STILL MOPPING UP! How do you think, really, the US would be doing right now with McCain and Palin in charge? I honestly don’t think there is a better man for the job. There are some things I’d change, but mostly he’s doing the hard work of governance instead of just politics. I think it is ok to go on the View to try to reach the people who would never see him otherwise. He is LITERALLY portrayed as the anti-Christ in some circles here in the southlands, why not let some TV-watching ladies be reminded he is actually a human being?

  65. Again123 says:

    President Obama did an astounding job on the view. I am sick and tired of people who didn’t watch the show making comments. America never seizes to amaze me…GWB was in office for 8years and completely destroyed the country. People expect P. Obama to fix the issues in less than 2years…what in the world?!?!? He is doing an amazing job and making so many changes but people choose to ignore the progress that has been made…No one has been able to tell me why Obama is such a disappointment and yet people criticize every single thing he does….shame on those who have not given him a chance to stir this country out of the living nightmare that GWB has put us in…ugghhh so frustrating 🙁

  66. Again123 says:

    @ Lara

    Would you be making the same comment if Palin and her trashy family were in the white house? I am not a republican but how dare McCain attempt to insult the american people.

  67. Sean says:

    “Ugh. Michelle, instead of The View, try PBS. That’s all I’ll say.”

    When The View is on in Chicago PBS has Sesame Street on.

  68. James says:

    Oh I don’t expect Obama to fix things in even 4 years. In fact, It can’t get better really. The way we reverse direction every 4-8 years is pretty much a pointless spinning of our wheels.

    However I can agree the View is a travesty of programing. The whole “I’m right wing and can’t and won’t see your side of things EVER’ vs the “I’m left wing and I can see everyones side of things and never make up my mind” is working out fantastic don’t you agree? And hey, while we’re at it.. let’s perpetuate this with a talk show. LOL

  69. DetRiotgirl says:

    Meh. I had a disasterous experience working for the Census recently. I swear, they hired and fired people just to make it look like they had created more jobs than they really had. It’s almost like they purposefully hire the most disorganized and unqualified people possible to run everything, and then train them to encourage their workers to be as rude and lazy as possible.

    One supervisor repeatedly told me that our group were “the dumbest people working in our area”. When I told him that I had passed the entrance test with a 97%, he backtracked a little. But, he was always making demeaning remarks about us along those lines. When I complained about the situation to his supervisor, they launched an investigation into the matter. However, they still kept me in his group! So, then I had to worry about him firing me in retatiation.

    The whole thing was such a waste of time and money. It was a joke, and it really is too bad because the census is important. Honestly, after working that job, I suddenly had an insight on why dealing with government workers is always so unpleasant. I was miserable when I was working for the government too!

    Plus, I was injured on the job enumerating a sketchy neighborhood in the Bronx. I filed all my paperwork for workman’s comp properly. But now, two months after the fact, the government is claiming that I wasn’t injured enough to warrent medical attention and that I didn’t give enough evidence to prove I was injured on the job. This is despite multiple witness statements in my favor, two interviews with the state, an entire day in the emergency room and four days of being unable to walk well enough to leave my fifth floor walk up apartment.

    So, basically, I’m just done with our government in general. I’m too jaded to care what shows Obama appears on at this point. And I’m saying that as a lifelong democrat!

  70. Medlin, R says:

    For those who are bitching about Pres. Obama not being down in the GOM…. what exactly do you want him to do there? Stand on the shore? Look at video of no oil spewing into the GOM because of the cap? Swimming down to the well to plug the hole in his own special super Obama way? Seriously. The man is allowed to do other things. I’d actually be more concerned if he was spending days upon days down in the GOM. There are other things that need to be done. All that can be done is being done. Now get over it.

  71. super8 says:

    I admire the president but think it is undignified for him to go on the View!

  72. TurboKitty says:

    Even if the View is directed at the lowest common denominator … they vote too …

  73. Angela says:

    I watched The View today, just to see President Obama. He is solid, smart, and caring. He knows his stuff. I wasn’t thrilled at first about him being on daytime TV, but appreciate the fact now that he reached people who would probably never see him or listen to him any other way.

    He has gotten more substantive legislation passed then any president since FDR, and as someone who suffers from a chronic illness and was previously uninsurable, I am grateful for Health Care Reform. Although I wish the GOP would actually start working with the Pres as a loyal opposition instead of just being the party of NO.

    I do find it’s funny the way most people just throw up talking points instead of stopping to actually think or learn about politics.

  74. Matt McNeil says:

    This was the day after Elizabeth Hasslebitch said on the show that lesbianism in older women was caused by the fact that all the men were being taken up by younger women, thus leaving no heterosexual men for the older women to date.

    I wonder why they didn’t ask Obama his opinion on that?

  75. sarah says:

    I think Nixon was the only other president to go on a television show that’s part of pop culture as opposed to a news program. He was on Laugh In or something.

  76. judyjudy says:

    I think it would have been more appropriate for Michelle Obama to appear on the show. Isn’t that more of the role of the first lady? To be a personable and approachable representative of the first family while the president is busy running the country?

  77. joe says:

    Obama is a disaster. A Socialist. And all you people caught up in the romanticism of a good talker are in for a rude awakening when you finally realize this guy is all talk and unfit for the job of presidency. You have been seduced by charm but he lacks content. Foreigners see him as a pushover and he spends more time campaigning than he does working. This view show is a great example and it was inappropriate.

  78. Vanessa says:

    Jan Brewer is the only one doing something for this country.

  79. tlws says:

    Saying that no other president has ever done stupid shit like go on a dumb television program is ridiculous. Even presidents in the European Union go on TV all the time.

    We’ve voted into office playboys, crooks, and actors all across America–including into the Oval Office. We have no one to blame but ourselves for constantly buying into the “celebrity” of people that shouldn’t be famous, like reality stars.

    When the politicians realized they would get into office easier if they were popular on television and in the fashion magazines, they started acting as such. We keep buying into it, so they keep it up.

    Most people won’t remember Clinton for anything more than getting a blowjob in office. Most people don’t remember Kennedy for the Cuban Missile Crises, rather, they remember him for getting shot in the head and for being young and attractive with a nice looking wife that was totally up on fashion.

    If that’s all we’re really going to bother talking about and remembering about our presidents, then why the hell should they act any different? Instead of watching television and buying the gossip magazines, bother reading the damn news and find out about what they’re REALLY doing in office. Maybe that will get the point across.

  80. anon says:

    go the Socialist!

  81. Nibbi says:

    i love him and i guess i’m turning out to be a pretty die-hard supporter; the last two years haven’t been a picnic but i think he’s done a hell of a job. he is a model of decorum and intelligence and i think he’s got great “everyday cool kinda guy” credentials as well. i think the view sucks and it is surely “beneath” him but i appreciate his efforts to sort of get out there, go on Leno, etc., and try to make contact with the public in other ways than just from the white house lawn.
    it grosses me out how fickle and nasty people are. people who acted like he was the messiah during the election are now bitching and moaning, and when it comes down to it, he’s already accomplished one hell of a lot. passing healthcare reform? anybody remembers that? sure it wasn’t at all a wide and sweeping reform but let’s remember the opposition that idea has faced since the democrats started on it a CENTURY ago, and the outright hysteria coming from today’s right wing. i’m also sure the stimulus- also no easy pass in congress- saved us from a full-blown outright economic depression. the war in afghanistan is a damn bloody mess but that isn’t exactly his fault nor is there any clear solution. he’s really improved our foreign relations and our standing in the world, another thing i think many americans are totally oblivious to. i truly think history will look back on him as one of our greatest presidents; he’s steering us through a pretty rough moment for our national consciousness and i’d say he’s pretty successful in doing it.

  82. Tess says:

    Hey Obama fans. Pay attention. His biggest threat is Hillary.

    Haven’t you noticed that it’s the old Clinton foot soldiers who are now his biggest critics. That would be James Carville, Ed Rendell, Anthony Weiner, and so on. Also George Soros is hosting parties for the wedding guests.

    The wedding—that would be the one Obama wasn’t invited to) is the launch of her campaign.

    Or maybe not. But she’s putting the pieces in place just in case she decides to take him on.

  83. steve says:

    he fitsd in just fine them cackling damn women

  84. steve says:

    nibbi, get A hobby

  85. Kim says:

    Really important topics Obama when the country he is the free leader of is in financial crisis, at war, waging a border fight, fighting the worst environmental disaster EVER, etc.

    Yeah the View should have been his priority =(

    He is such a fame whore! Thank goodness even people who voted for him are now seeing how inexperienced and unadept he is as a president and he wont be re-elected.

  86. Kim says:

    Yeah because we really give a rats behind if our President is a “everyday cool kinda guy.” I dont care what he has on his Ipod, JayZee yes weve heard it 100 times and you still arent cool Obama. Tell me what your doing for our country, economy, environment,etc. not whats in your Ipod. I feel like Im in the Twilight Zone with what an inept President is currently in the White House. Dems PLEASE find a great candidate for the next election we dont want Obama ever again.

  87. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    I don’t care for him appearing on the View but I think it’s very important for him to actually show himself and appear in places that most people will actually see him talk. Most people do not watch news channels. Most people watch silly shows like the View. It’s smart for him to appear on a show that a different set of people watch.

    Kaiser: “Bullsh-t, Mr. President. Just own that everyone f-cked up, including you.” He DID own up. He said a lot of people overreacted including people in his administration. He himself didn’t do anything, which might have been the problem but it isn’t his job to jump pn every little problem that goes on. You can’t blame the president for EVERYTHING.

    Look at this website, all of you who are saying that he’s not doing anything or not doing enough:

  88. I don’t hate the View. I hate Elisabeth Hasselbeck. She & Sherri “Jesus came before the dinosaurs” Shepherd dumb the show down a bit, but Sherri is harmless, where Elisabeth is toxic bitch. Otherwise, Barbara Walters has created a pretty good forum.

    Therefore, I don’t think it’s beneath President Obama to go on there or for his wife to watch on the regular.

  89. bleh says:

    Why did nobody think it was beneath the president (Bush Jr) to go on Dr. Phil?! I just think it’s interesting…

  90. Yasmine says:

    People mentioning over and over again ‘Decorum’. What do you think the president is? A god? Someone above all us regular folk? Would this have been beneath Regan? That tool needed cartoons drawn for him to explain foreign policy! (not even kidding, check it out). If anything, we’ll probably find out more about Obama on the View than we would with him holed up in the White House with a whole administration controlling his every move.
    ps. to Elizabeth: please go fuck yourself.