Julia Roberts says she doesn’t wear deodorant

Julia Roberts was on Oprah for Earth Day yesterday to help promote her friend’s new book “Gorgeously Green.” Julia and author Sophie Uliano recommended ways you can work to preserve the environment by making small changes at home. They said it’s important to choose organic foods if possible for both your family’s health and the environment. Uliano talked about buying organic baby foods and said that other important foods to buy organic are dairy, meat and surprisingly rice, which can be grown with a lot of pesticides.

If you can’t buy organic produce, you can make your own vegetable spray that gets rid of a lot of the pesticides. The ingredients are a cup of water, a cup of white vinegar, a teaspoon of baking soda, and some grapefruit seed extract. You spray it on the vegetables, leave it for 5-10 minutes and then rinse. They also talked about the importance of not buying water in bottles and bringing your own bag to the grocery store instead of using paper or plastic.

When they got to the personal care products that are good for the environment and your health, Sophie talked about the dangers of aluminum in deodorant. Julia felt the need to share the fact that she doesn’t wear deodorant and explained that “it’s never been my thing.” She did say that “sometimes mid day at work I freshen up,” but didn’t explain exactly what that entailed.

The chemicals that you want to avoid in cosmetics are parabens, fragrances, phalates, and aluminum. The brands to buy are Jason’s organics, Burt’s Bees, Aubry Organics, Method, and Tom’s of Maine.

It was all a little scary to hear how my personal care products and food contain a lot of ingredients that are harmful to the environment and my family’s health, but it’s good to know that there are small changes we all can make. And they don’t entail stinking up a room. It’s not like Julia Roberts smells bad like Matthew McConaughey reportedly does. I guess there are alternatives to wearing deodorant, although I’ll stick with mine for a while.

Julia Roberts and Clive Owen are shown below filming Duplicity in NY on 4/14/08, thanks to PRPhotos.

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  1. GirlyGirl says:

    I use a natural deodorant from the company Alvera. It doesn’t completely stop sweating (which isn’t good for the body anyway since it’s a way of excreting toxins from the body) but it smells good and works well. There are a lot of affordable natural alternatives to chemical deodorants found in the drug stores.

  2. headache says:

    Slightly off topic but someone explain to me why Angie gets all the hate while this chick who pulled WAYYYYY shadier stuff and publicized it more often than Angie ever did, gets a free pass?

  3. Jen says:

    It’s antiperspirant that contains aluminum, not deodorant. It’s easy to find aluminum free deodorant for men, but much more difficult for women. I’ve switched to deodorant (Adidas makes a decent one), but I’ve been thinking of looking for a more natural alternative. Deodorants irritate and dry out my skin (higher alcohol content maybe?), but I don’t know what else to try.

  4. Cassie says:

    Maybe I’ve been living under a rock but what shady stuff did Julia Roberts ever pull?

  5. Bodhi says:

    Wow, that must be some big ass rock! Julia decided that she wanted Danny Moder at whatever cost & trashed his then wife Vera all over town (she wore a shirt that said A Low Vera for all to see).

    There is more but that all I can remember at the mo’

    I love Tom’s of Maine’s toothpastes. I’ve been using them so long that I can taste all the fake flavors & whatnot in regular toothpaste

  6. summertime921 says:

    Cassie–Julia’s current husband was married to a woman named Vera when he met Julia and they had an affair. While he was divorcing Vera, Julia decided to wear a t-shirt that said “A Low Vera” for all the paparazzi to see and take pictures of. So I agree with headache.

    On topic, there are plenty of natural and aluminum-free deodorants (like Adidas, which I love). After having to sit through many many college classes next to people who have no concept of deodorant I can say that I think it is important to use SOMETHING to cover up the smell. Luckily, there are so many choices out there now that are environmentally friendly and safe for sensitive skin.

  7. Anna says:

    I use anti-perspirants when I have a long day at work or otherwise very busy days. When I’m not, I use Lush Cosmetics deodorants. They are the best: veggie (and even vegan often), smell like heaven and work quite well (under a certain stress level). I feel that this way, I give my skin a rest every now and then, but I feel secure when I have a busy day.

    Btw, I loved Julia’s hair in that clip!

  8. headache says:

    Don’t forget about how on the eve of her wedding to Keifer Sutherland, she runs off with his best friend (Jason Patriac) and the two of them go off on the honeymoon she and Keifer were planning in Ireland.

  9. HS says:

    A little baking soda mixed w/ water rubbed on the pits as well as spraying everclear on your pits will work very well. The two together work VERY well as opposed to one or the other. Burns if you just shaved or waxed for a minute- but I’ve gotten used to it.
    Cheap and inexpensive and not harmful to anything or anyone.

  10. Bodhi says:

    Ah! Yup, theres the rest of it. I’d NEVER leave Keifer…

  11. Scott F. says:

    “A little baking soda mixed w/ water rubbed on the pits as well as spraying everclear on your pits will work very well.”

    Not to single anyone out, but it amazes me the lengths people will go for ‘natural’ alternatives. Do you really think spraying grain alcohol on your skin is any safer than aluminum? Aluminum is also used in shampoo, baby creams, and hundreds of other products you’ve been exposed to your whole life without ill effects.

    One of my favorite South Park lines involves organic toothpaste, “You mean that stuff that tastes like shit and doesn’t fight cavities?”

    China and Mexico’s industrial waste production has more than doubled in the last decade and we’re going to save the world by switching deodorants. God I love hippies.

  12. headache says:

    HA! Scott F, thanks for being brave enough to say what I wasn’t about to.

    I don’t mind sweating but I’m all about scents. I don’t just wear the stuff, I wear the clinical strength stuff.

    I guess I just get annoyed with microscopic drop in the bucket efforts being given so much attention and noice when there are more obvious and far more effective ways to make a difference.

    I’d forgotten about the aluminum in Destin but you could tell me the stuff had arsenic in it and I would still slather it on my poor baby’s bum. It’s the only stuff that works.

  13. Bodhi says:

    We love you too Scott F. ;)

  14. GirlyGirl says:

    Well, I don’t know anyone who thinks using natural deodorant is going to save the world. I just use it because I believe it to be unhealthy to inhibit sweating. Plus, the natural stuff doesn’t ruin your shirts. We are exposed to so many chemicals we don’t know about all the time, it would be impossible to get away from them all. However, why not avoid the ones you do know about if you can?
    Scott, I can appreciate your point that we should be more worried about bigger issues. Maybe if we could get China & Mexico (and everyone else!) to decrease their pollution in the first place, we wouldn’t have to worry about so many chemicals.
    On the other hand – if more people start buying these natural alternatives, there will be more available and maybe it can decrease the level of chemical products being produced and therefore decrease the amount of waste produced from those chemicals…? Every little action makes a difference. It’s probably that kind of thinking (that small actions don’t make a difference) that got us to where we are.

  15. breederina says:

    Common sense would dictate that applying known carcinogens to the porous skin directly over your lymph nodes every day might not be the best idea. Not that there’s a steady rise in breast cancer in both men and women or anything. But hey, if a person wants to clog up their underarms with chemistry so they won’t sweat that’s their business.
    Gotta agree about the Desitin, that stuff really is the only thing that works!

  16. breederina says:

    Oh, and enough drops in the bucket will eventually fill the bucket.

  17. Scott F. says:

    No problem headache, always happy to stick my neck out with an unpopular point of view – it’s what makes life worth living.

    People make such a huge deal out of chemicals that are so ubiquitous in our daily lives and cause no one any harm, it’s just getting ridiculous. I remember when the mercury scares were going on all over the country, until someone pointed out that you would have to drink 33 gallons of ‘contaminated’ water to get the same mercury you’ll get in 1 piece of fish or a single crab claw.

    The reason it pisses me off is because the ‘green movement’ is only about one kind of green – money. They charge up the ass for their products, which usually don’t work or live up to the hype. Don’t get me started on Al Gore and his fucking carbon credit scheme – creating a sensation about global warming just as he was getting into the business of selling carbon offsets.

    I have a 2 year old, and I want her to have clean air, clean water, and the same gorgeous natural environment that I grew up with. That being said, I know that my contribution to the problem is all of Jack and shit, and Jack left town. You want to fix things, go after our governments to donate clean technologies to third world countries – because they can’t afford to upgrade their own infrastructure.

    And Bodhi – I was born in Santa Rosa California, did nothing but surf and smoke until I turned 18 and joined the service. I guess I’m just bitter I had to grow up :D

    breederina – I was referring to her using everclear, and my point still stands. Last time I checked, alcohol causes cancer of the mouth, esophogeous, stomach, intestinal lining, pancreas, and the list goes on. Gasoline fumes cause cancer in lab rats, you gonna stop fueling your car?

  18. Anni says:

    i wonder how many people that curse deodorants are driving SUVs :?

  19. Embee says:

    I cannot vouch for it’s environmental friendliness, but in my experience Caldesene powder is 3-4 times more effective on diaper rash than Desitin, and it is less of a mess. It’s in a pink “shaker” bottle like baby powder but round. I think the active incredient is zinc.

  20. Sasha says:

    Is that why her last few movies stunk so badly ? :lol:

  21. PJ says:

    Is there a difference between a deodorant and an anti-perspirant?

    I lead a low-stress life in a cold climate and don’t wear deodorant every day, and it’s no problem. But I also never sweat much, even when doing aerobics.

    However, I do use deodorant for parties, exercise class, high-stress situations like job interviews, etc. That seems to work for me.

  22. breederina says:

    Hey Scott, don’t own a car, never have. I live in a city and use public transportation, cabs and occasionally rent a car when needed.
    I’m sorry you feel so powerless to change. Call me naive but I do believe people have the power, they just need to stop listening to the ubiquitous voices that tell them they don’t and get to work. Many already have.

  23. Other Karen says:

    Freshening up may mean she washes her armpits with soap and water. If I don’t bother with deodorant and unexpectedly get smelly, it does wonders in getting rid of the smell.

    Vodka’s supposed to be great for sweaty armpits on clothes, according to Madonna.

    I think Julia Roberts not using deodorant has come up in the media before.

  24. geronimo says:

    @PJ – anti-perspirant blocks the pores and stops you sweating. Deodorant allows the sweat to come through but deodorises it. See link.


  25. Jody says:

    I think it came out around the same time that picture of her hairy-ass armpits did.

  26. Scott F. says:

    It’s that social movement hype that’s the problem. People have power, but realistically they can only accomplish something as sweeping as messing with the climate on a national to global scale.

    It doesn’t matter if you have a thousand people cleaning up a lake on a daily basis if at the other end of the lake there is a refinery spewing 50 cubic tons of shit into it every day. We keep getting greener and greener here, and it’s actually hurting more people globally than helping.

    Why is there a food shortage in the world? Why was there a report a few days ago from the WHO screaming that we MUST increase food production? Because we’re pouring billions of bushels of our crops into bio-fuels instead of food. Bio-fuels that require more energy to create than you get from burning them. Where does that extra energy coming from to fuel the process? Coal and oil burning plants! So we’re still polluting as much, driving the price of food up worldwide, and potentially starving a lot of people.

    Thats what comes from short-sighted environmental policy. We’re not reducing our emissions in the western world fast enough to keep up with the rate they’re increasing everywhere else. It’s impossible to do it without reverting back to horse-drawn carriages and candles. All this little stuff is just putting a bandaid over a bullet wound.

  27. Celebitchy says:

    @Scott: “They’re not reducing our emissions in the western world fast enough to keep up with the rate they’re increasing everywhere else.”

    This is a defeatist argument that’s not true. In Europe they’re doing much more to reduce emissions than in America in a lot of ways. I live in Germany, Gas here is much more expensive, people recycle more, ride their bikes, and re-use bags at the grocery store because you pay per bag and consume less overall. We have one car and my husband takes public transportation to work. (Which I realize is not an option in America in most places.) The Europeans are much easier on the environment. So don’t go thinking it’s everyone else’s problem or they’re not doing anything. They are, and when you say “fuck it, I can’t make a difference,” you’re making it worse. If you want to drive your SUV all over town and throw everything out, go ahead, but don’t say it’s someone else’s problem and there’s nothing you can do anyway.

  28. Scott F. says:

    CB – I respect your opinion, but America will always produce more out of necessity. I’m pretty sure we have roughly twice to three times the area of all of Europe in our country alone. I live in a rural area on the edge of a major city, and it’s just not feasible to have public transportation. Something like 75% of the population lives in the suburbs, not the actual city, which is the norm all over the country.

    You just can’t run a rail line past every neighborhood, and buses can only have so many stops or they’ll never make it anywhere. The green movement has actually held America back in the one way we could have remained competitive with Europe – nuclear power. I give Europeans credit for that, they saw through the BS and realized it was a cleaner, more effecient way to go than fossil fuels. We have the richest sources of radioactive materials in the world here and in Canada, and we’re not using them nearly as much as we should out of fear.

    Had we shifted more towards nuclear (as countries like France did) in the 70′s when all the environmentalists were against it, we would be polluting a lot less today. As I said, it’s all about short-sighted policy.

  29. Orphinia says:

    I no longer wear anti-perspirants as it was blocking the pores and I was getting painful swollen lumps under my arms. So now I use deodorant and it works great. I was thinking maybe Julia carries around baby wipes or something similar with her and gives her pits a swipe now and then if they start to stink.

  30. Bodhi says:

    I agree with CB. There clearly are problems that need to be addressed. There isn’t a magic wand you can wave to fix eveything right away, but doing nothing isn’t a solution.

    Sure using organic toothpaste won’t save the world, tasty as it may be. But bringing my own bags to the store, using a Brita filter instead of buying bottled water, & carpooling to work can’t be bad for the environment

  31. Other Karen says:

    Americans wouldn’t predominantly be in the suburbs in the first place if it wasn’t the policies in place post WWII. The car companies bought up and dismantled most of the trolley systems, and no one stopped them.

    They can use economic incentives to try to make America a more urban society again, but we already spread out pretty far and that would be very difficult to reverse.

  32. Cassie says:

    OOOOH ok, I see now! I googled it and they were married in 2002….so blame my ignorance on the fact that I was like, 12 and too busy playing outside to by bothered with Hollywood gossip.

  33. tsn says:

    nuclear is not the answer…my bro who’s IQ scores off the charts was trained by the gov for years as a nuke got out of it because of the safety design flaws in nuclear facilities and there is still no feasible answer to waste storage. As for biofuels follow the money trail. In theory it’s an okay small scale solution but then take a look @the big corps. who are now mostly responsible for biofuel production and development. Cane sugar is more efficient than both soy and corn. Is it the answer? I don’t know but it’s something. As is hemp. We’re crazy for not fighting for that plant to be grown. It’s like this…I’ve made my own cleaners for the last 13 years is that huge? No…but I don’t buy products from Dow and others…if 10,000 people did that…it becomes bigger. Okay then what about the economic repercussions from those products not being sold and people (in India and Mexico and poverty-stricken counties here in America) losing their production jobs? I think it’s shortsighted to think we couldn’t replace those jobs (and products) with safer alternatives. Seriously educate yourselves. Really understand that there is no big govt. agency standing over the stew of chemicals testing them to see if they’re safe. They’re not. They admit they’re not. It’s really not a secret. Well, unless you count the trade secret rule…okay that’s a whole ‘nother story. I’m done.

  34. HS says:

    There’s a point to conforming WITH society and NOT conforming with society. (I will not go into this point- way too long winded for that)
    Love your hippies- but make NO assumptions that because someone makes a simple SUGGESTION that we’re nothing but tree huggers. (not that I have a problem with that)
    I’m just not interested in having alzheimer’s later on in life. That is all. I am also fairly certain that SPRAYING grain alcohol on the skin has a completely different effect on the body than DRINKING it.


  35. KPC says:

    “Maybe if we could get China & Mexico (and everyone else!) to decrease their pollution in the first place, we wouldn’t have to worry about so many chemicals.”

    Isn’t the US the worst offender of them all (for a per person ratio)?

  36. The Observer says:

    In other news, the public is tired of Julia Roberts overinflated ego and lousy personality.

    -Shakira Mebarak owes me money.

  37. Cheshire says:

    I agree with Scott F. Biofuels are driving up the price of corn because people are demanding them, trying to be environmentally friendly, but hurting it more than helping.

    There is no point whining about the past though, what happened post-WWII did in fact happen, and we were bound to spread out further anyway because of our larger land mass. You can’t expect everyone to stay in small apartments and townhouses in the cities when there is the opportunity to live out away from other people in a more spacious existence, where people can garden and have pets. In Europe, it’s different because a large population is concentrated in a smaller place.

    Organic products are more expensive, and smaller, so for many consumers they are too inconvenient to switch to. I know it sounds terrible, but many people become greener when it convenient for them. People switch to the partially ethanol fuel because it is way cheaper than gas, not necessarily just because they are good people who want to do well for the environment (though ethanol is worse on your car in the long run). The people who go out of their way to help the environment, they unfortunately are the minority.

    I continue to buy gas, because I’m a college student with home two hours away, and I can’t really walk to my parents house easily. I buy my groceries at Walmart, because it’s cheap and I can’t afford fancy alternatives, because a dollar here or there really adds up and then, whatdoyaknow, I can’t pay rent on the $500 I get monthly. I can’t afford a new hybrid vehicle. Sure, I walk to campus from my house everyday, and try to drive as little as possible, but that is more because I can’t afford the luxury of being able to drive my car. I’m not evil, I’m all for a switch to cleaner energy, a safer environment. I just don’t have the money, or the means to support the current clean energy or technology, and I’m more likely to go for the cheaper, more effective, albeit carcinogenic and hazardous alternative.

    The US government needs to extremely limit the carbon emissions allowed from factories and corporations. They need to stop dealing with China, who have been known to use lead paint and other dangerous substances, and start dealing with more environmentally friendly countries, as well as safer countries. Government officials have the power to tell companies to stop what they are doing. They have the power to research more effectively clean power, and to change the world. They need their constituents to tell them that it matters.

  38. Southern Man says:

    For the record, hardly any pesticides are used on commercially grown rice. I am involved in rice farming in Northeast Arkansas on the edge of one of highest rice producing counties in the country. More than anything else, herbicides are used on rice but the majority of those are hardly toxic in the amount that MIGHT make it to the end users kitchen.

  39. snappyfish says:

    I hate this chick. She dated every fricken co-star. She married lyle lovett(who was engaged to someone else) left Kiefer for Jason Patric (pls) the whole situation with her current husband, tried to snake Cindy Crawford during Pretty Woman (and everyone here knows I do NOT like Cindy Crawford)

    she is just a bitch. Parks in handicap spaces, makes sure we know her weight gain is due to her children. grrrrr

    this just to name a few.

  40. Jess says:

    Cheshire, I didn’t hear anyone “whining about the past.”

    tsn, I was just about to say the same thing about nuclear power. I had a prof whose first career was in nuclear engineering. He ended up being so outraged by their practices that he became an anti-nuclear power activist.

    snappyfish, “she is just a bitch” :lol: I never liked her acting.

  41. Scott F. says:

    Question for all those who claim nuclear power is unsafe and a catastrophic danger – do you have any idea how many nuclear reactors run every day all over the world? THOUSANDS. Nuclear plants are all over the globe, including nations with far less stringent safety restrictions than we have (North Korea much?). Countless nuclear subs and aircraft carriers run almost 24/7 365 all around the world.

    If these reactors were HALF as dangerous as you claim they are, why aren’t we seeing a Chernobyl or Three Mile Island every other week? Because they’re not really that dangerous.

    There was a concentrated effort in this country to discredit nuclear power from both oil companies and the environmentalist lobby, and it’s obviously been working on most of you. France gets a huge percentage of it’s electricity from nuclear power, and they haven’t run into any of the problems these people claim exist.

    Do some of your own research, and stop listening to activists. Everyone has their own agenda, and it’s not always what’s best for you.

  42. Trillion says:

    I know some pros and cons and I gotta admit, the clean factor is attractive but the waste scares me, (considering the long term IS important!) as does the enormity of the results of error or sabotage.

    But how awesome would it be to not have to rely on other countries for our fuel. Big oil will have to face that some day…

    Stop listening to activists. Start listening to giant corporations. Yeah.

  43. jmflynny says:

    Anni, funny you should ask…

    Does anyone remember the vid of Julia and Danny backing their huge suv into a handicapped spot and then getting pissy with the paparazzi who asked them about it?

  44. jmflynny says:

    Scott, you’ve got a friend in me…

  45. happyapple says:

    You can pry my antiperspirant from my cold dead hands, Julia Roberts. Until I can afford to have a doctor shoot Botox into my armpits to stop the ridiculously unnecessary sweating, the pros outweigh the cons for me.

    By the way, your body is capable of sweating EVERYWHERE so plugging up a couple overreactors in your pits won’t tragically ruin your health. On the other hand, it WILL keep your shirts looking nice.

  46. k says:

    Question: Why is organic food/products costlier than non organic food/products?

  47. tsn says:

    here’s the thing scott, if you check back in…I think jess and I are both speaking from personal information not propaganda. As I said my brother was recruited and trained by the us govt. He worked for years and truly understands every aspect, not only of the industry but of the operational functioning of the plants and systems. He still loses sleep over it. He’s a super analytical, scientific type not prone to listening to environmentalists or lobbyists. So sure to a certain extent things, as far as we know, have been okay but we don’t hear about a lot of the things that do go wrong. Japan’s had several accidental releases and such, that were only reported after the fact. And the bottom line with nuclear is its alright only until its all wrong. All I’m saying is that as human beings I like to think that we’re smarter than just coming up with “solutions” that could ultimately kick our ass in the long run.

  48. Lorene says:

    Kudos to you Julia Roberts! I am a firm believer that this whole screwed up smelly society has become “paranoid” of the natural scent of the human body. We now have super-viruses that we cannot kill because we are so “sterile-minded”. I personally think that half the crap they sell out there (Desitin, Oil of Olay, Shower to Shower, Baby Powder) and all that other horrendous smelling garbage is what is causing all these new cancers and other diseases! I personally get horrible migraines from the products listed above and feel violated and angry when some inconsiderate jerk rapes my nose with their stench! I shower and keep myself clean, but I do NOT pollute the air (and everyone else’s noses with chemically created fragrances! If I want to smell particularly nice for my husband or a party or something, I dab a SMALL amount of vanilla, or essential oil behind my ears, inside elbows (and other places prone to odor). Whatever happened to natural pheremones? So the next time you go to “splash on some stink” think of others (asthmatics and other “scent-sensitive” individuals) and be considerate to other’s noses! Not everyone wants to smell you before you even arrive! P.S. Plain Zinc Oxide is way better than Desitin and the chemical fragrance is not so irritating, to baby’s bum and other’s noses!

  49. dan says:

    Lorene…….wearing too much excessive stuff is not good, but wearing no deodorant is just plain stupid. those scents sell because they smell good, funk does not smell good. next, are we all gong to walk around naked? you have a point about the sterile minded people but that has to do with using antibiotics for everything. it has nothing to do with deodorants or sprays. do you guys just make up stuff.

    This rich celebrity are bored and have nothing else to do but talk about vegetarianism, no deodorant etc…..

    PLEASE. BTW- the author, her friend, is going to make a whole bunch of money of you idiots. LOL

  50. dan says:

    It is not a vegetable spray if you are still using baking soda!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. I swear, people are so gullible.

  51. Rekha says:

    Hi friends ,I have tip for you.Add three to five drops of lime juice in your bathing tub.It is an natural deodorant and it also acts as an herbal skin shiner

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