Brooke Hogan denied admission to 3 universities

A lot of people would probably like to ban Brooke Hogan from being within 100 yards of them. I sure would. Imagine if the whole world could get a restraining order against her. How glorious that would be. Well three Florida universities have managed to ban her – or at least deny her admission to their fine academic halls. I know, I’m jealous too. I wish I could not just ban Brooke from places but also banish her to places – several volcanic, deserted islands come to mind.

Brooke, 19, wants to film her family’s crap-ass reality show Hogan Knows Best on campus – and in the classroom – thus totally disrupting the lives of the thousands of other students for her benefit. Luckily the first three schools she applied to were smart enough to say no.

Hoping to film the VH1 reality show Hogan Knows Best with a nine-camera-wielding production team, the young member of the wrestler’s family was denied admission at those institutions [the University of South Florida, Florida State University and the University of Central Florida] out of concerns that she and her crew might disrupt the others students’ academic lives, the Palm Beach Post reports.

The upshot was, on Tuesday and Wednesday, Hogan (real name: Brooke Ellen Bollea) went to the southeast coast of the Sunshine State and toured the campus of Florida Atlantic University – where she met with Student Government president Tony Teixeira and sorority and fraternity members, as well as tooled around the grounds on two golf carts hired by the show.

No decision has been made regarding Hogan’s permission to film on campus – or even if she’ll be admitted as a student, says the newspaper, which does quote FAU spokeswoman Kristine McGrath as saying, “The university would not agree to an arrangement that would be disruptive to the academic setting.”

[From People]

All three of the universities that declined to accept Brooke said they declined to accept her because they don’t want a show filmed on their campus and in their classrooms. But here’s what confuses me: if Brooke applied to these schools and had grades good enough to get in, wouldn’t she have been accepted – but just told that she couldn’t film there? Something makes me think this is just some PR on the part of the Hogan family to cover up for Brooke not getting accepted into all three schools that she’s been blabbing about.

Here’s Brooke Hogan about to bust out of her top in a super classy dress at the Grammys on February 10th. Does she really look 19 to you? Images thanks to PR Photos.

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  1. Cindy Kennedy says:

    The schools probably don’t want someone filming there, for good reasons.

    Who cares what Brooke’s grades are anyway? Grades are no measure of success.

  2. Neelyo says:

    I’m more shocked to hear she even applied for college. Who knew she could read?

  3. Sanj says:

    She comes from a bad family and she will tarnish the repuation of the school she is attending. No wonder they rejected her application! Filming is just an excuse.

  4. kate says:


  5. headache says:

    I cannot stand this chick but even I have to admit she looks good in this picture. Well, at least the bottom one where the focus is off her face.

  6. pookynut says:

    Too bad she didn’t try FAMU. Now THAT would’ve been interesting.

  7. Persistent Cat says:

    She looks like an attractive 40 year old.

  8. Anna says:

    Is anyone really surprised by this? I’m glad the universities stuck to their guns though and declined. Be it because her grades weren’t good enough (likely, or…?) or really only because of the filming.
    I don’t think she’s that unattractive actually. She has a lot more curves (though in that dress, those boobs look fake) than most starlets her age and that’s a good thing. I think she looks healthy. Doesn’t mean I like her, her songs or her family, but at least she’s not a spokeswoman for anorexia and booze.

  9. snappyfish says:

    I didn’t know you could be rejected from any of those schools.

    Learn something new all the time….well maybe Brooke won’t but anyway.

  10. Sasha says:

    Even the Farrah Fawcett ‘do doesn’t help, poor kid 🙁

  11. Mairead says:

    She’d be a lovely-looking healthy girl if she scrubbed off most of the make-up and stopped letting her dreadful mother “style” her. I mean at least with Beyoncé at least she only ever looks like a four-year-old went mad with the glue and sequins – shiny not slutty.

    I feel sorry for this girl. Her shot at a successful life (i.e. generally contented, doing a fulfilling job that doesn’t require you being prostituted out in latex by your mother) could be to have a profession, e.g. PR, marketing etc. But nooooo parents of the year have to tramp her orange self all over the planet for two years so any chance she has at university is shot for another few years.

    I hope that being rejected by these schools doesn’t discourage her from going back at a later stage.

  12. e says:

    UCF doesn’t play around about who gets in, honestly. Its not a very well known school, but it does have high standards. Nearby is a very, very, very serious intensive scheduled, expensive tech school that is at least as expensive as Duke or NYU.
    Since part of what these schools advertise is an atmosphere, I’m not surprised they turned her down.

  13. Megan says:

    I don’t think they would have to accept her even if she got the grades. Sometimes you get the grades, and go for an interview, but they don’t accept you, even if you’re a genius.

    I think she’s made a mistake being part of the Hogan reality show. Being the daughter of Hulk Hogan will always be part of her career, but she could have made it in a decent career if she wasn’t known for being the stupid blonde on a reality show. Being on a reality show in general pretty much ruins all chances of a normal life. Does she really think she can go to college and lead a normal student life after being on a reality show, and then insist that the show is filmed on campus? It’s not realistic, and she’s an idiot for getting famous off her dad’s back.

  14. Kolby says:

    “I didn’t know you could be rejected from any of those schools.”

    The only one of those schools that has a reputation for being somewhat lax about academics is FSU, and who knows if that’s really true. It irks me when people think large public universities don’t carry high academic standards. I went to the University of Florida, and believe me, it’s no easy task to be admitted to that college. I’m not surprised that these other schools weren’t about to mess around with this nimrod when they have lists of qualified people falling over themselves to get in.

  15. AC says:

    I actually think that dress is one of the better things i’ve ever seen her in. She has a lovely face… its just the wrong make up and wrong clothes.

  16. Cindy Kennedy says:

    I just googled Brooke Hogan, it says she was born in 1988. She looks 42 years old !!!

  17. surggj says:

    LOL…..FAU doesn’t usually turn down anyone. I went there and it is a horrible school and education is not EVEN the best…And they even thrive on getting noticed….still, they said no. I thought if anyone would have said yes, they would have cuzz they need extra reasons to bring in students….

  18. Diva says:

    I still don’t understand why people “hate” this girl! She was a KID when her PARENTS chose to make a reality show. She was not exactly an age where someone thinks about the longterm effects of something like that. And she wasn’t “stupid” on the show, either, she was a KID, she still is.
    She’s a beautiful girl who has a role model mother that thinks more is better… Brooke IS learning that’s not necessarily true. Give her a little time to grow into things. I mean, come on, how many of us did our make up perfectly and didn’t make some serious wardrobe mistakes at 19!??!??!?!