Gwyneth Paltrow snubs her own party

Gwyneth Paltrow has denied that she snubbed a party held in her honor – but it seems that’s exactly what she did. Producers of her most recent film Iron Man had planned a big bash costing over $120,000 in Gwyneth’s honor – to thank her for her hard work on the film’s “grueling” promotion schedule. It was held after the film’s premiere in London.

Thirty of Gwyneth’s closest friends and family came to attend the swanky dinner at Cocoon restaurant – but Gwyneth never showed up. They had even arranged for a special entrance for Paltrow and husband Chris Martin, so that they wouldn’t be photographed together – one of Gwyneth’s many strict rules.

Hollywood moguls spared no expense when they threw an extravagant party in honour of their hard-working star Gwyneth Paltrow last week. They lavished about £60,000 on the private celebration at an exclusive London restaurant, inviting 30 of her closest friends and family and providing the finest champagne and cocktails, just as she’d requested.

But the studio chiefs were left disappointed when the actress failed to turn up – choosing at the last minute to go for dinner elsewhere. Instead they went for an impromptu meal with Robert Downey Jnr, Paltrow’s co-star in the new Iron Man blockbuster, and his producer wife, Susan Levin. The decision left some of Paramount Pictures’ most powerful executives making small-talk with fellow guests, including 31-year-old Mr Martin’s parents, without Miss Paltrow.

“A lot of thought and money had gone into the party. Gwyneth had specifically asked for chilled bottles of Perrier Jouet champagne and some vodka cocktails to get the party going. Everything was in place and had been arranged around her.

[From the Daily Mail]

Gwyneth’s excuse is even lovelier – she’s claiming she never agreed to attend. Yet you would think she’d inform her friends and in-laws of that fact well ahead of time. Which makes you think that she really did stand them up. The Daily Mail says she called just minutes before she was supposed to show up and canceled instead – leaving director, Jon Favreau trying to entertain Chris Martin’s parents and siblings, along with a host of other people all there just for Gwyneth.

Miss Paltrow’s spokesman said last night: “Gwyneth was never meant to attend the after party. She was at the taping of the Jonathan Ross show which ran late and then she went home to be with her children. Everyone was told weeks ago that she would not be attending. She has said many times that she deliberately does not make public appearances with her husband.”

[From the Daily Mail]

Well that sure sounds like an all-out lie. One would assume that if Gwyneth said she wasn’t coming to the party weeks ago, the studio wouldn’t have thrown the bash in her honor. And her in-laws and friends wouldn’t have made the trek from the all over England to come and celebrate with her. It seems likely that the mistake (and poor manners ) was probably Paltrow’s – not the thirty people who still came to congratulate her.

Here’s Gwyneth at the Iron Man premiere in London on what appears to be a very windy April 24th. Images thanks to PR Photos.

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  1. snappyfish says:

    Can’t stand this witch. Her “everyone in England is just smarter than in america” crap. Her pseudo-intellectual babble about how she would rather speak on art and culture over what kind of jeans she is wearing drivel.

    Please…Gwyneth I forgot what Ivy League school did you attend? Oh that’s right you didn’t go past high school…..stop with the greater than thou, oh so above it all fodder and apologize to the people you stood up.

    She left her in-laws in a lurch? what a classy girl. Oh and you forgot your pants.

  2. iheartlasagne says:

    So obviously it’s her life and decision and all, but what the hell is the big deal with getting photographed with your husband? I mean, they’re never allowed to do anything outside of the house together in case the might get photographed? I can understand taking a stand against the media and paparazzi and whatnot, but that seems like really inconveniencing yourself for something that doesn’t make as much of an impact as you might think. I really wonder what their marriage is like, if it’s really that stable. I certainly hope it is, not wishing ill will here. I want to like her, but I think she’s full of shit. Her mom’s awesome, though.

  3. xiaoecho says:

    A 120,000 dollar party to say ‘thank you’ to Gwyneth for turning up to work. That is an obscenity. What has this insipid mediocrity EVER done for anyone but herself to warrant such profligacy

  4. KateNonymous says:

    Wow. I understand wanting to keep her private life private, but first she needs a separate entrance and then she won’t appear with Chris Martin at all? What’s the rationale for that? It sounds like she’s not willing to share the spotlight. I didn’t like her before, and this doesn’t help.

  5. headache says:

    I can understand avoiding gratuitous shots of private spousal moments but I love going places with my hubby. I couldn’t imagine forbidding myself from attending things simply to avoid being photographed together.

    Odd duck this one.

    And where are her pants?

  6. mygod says:

    What a rude cow. She should be ashamed. Is Chris Martin that whipped that he would let her snub his family like that?

  7. ak says:

    Making any effort at all “in honor” of Gwyneth would be your first mistake.

  8. Cindy Kennedy says:

    Can’t stand Gwyneth. I heard that several years ago, she snubbed Trista Sutter (from the Bachelorette) at some celebrity function. Personally, I would trip all over Gwyneth Paltrow to meet Trista and get her autograph.

    I think someday the real story will come out about Gwyneth, and what she is really all about.

    For starters, she wouldn’t even be an actress, if it weren’t for her famous father promoting her in movies.

  9. Cindy Kennedy says:

    Oh – and she’s waaayyyy too old to be wearing dresses that short. Who does she think she is, Britney Spears?

  10. SeVen says:

    Cindy – Britney Spears cant even wear dresses like that anymore … is it a muffin top if it all hangs out below… muffin ass perhaps? 😀

  11. paris herpes says:

    She’s a bit old to be wearing shit like that. How rude of her not to go to a party and snub all those people! I don’t believe for a second that she said she wouldn’t attend weeks ago, otherwise they would have cancelled the whole thing…she’s just a snot…and she’s not even that good of an actress either…

  12. Sasha says:

    👿 Gwyneth Poltroon strikes again. 👿

  13. lisa says:

    That dress is WAY too short. She looks like a high class hooker

  14. Granger says:

    I’ve never understood the whole not-being-photographed-with-her-husband thing either. Does she really think that seeing a picture of them walking down the street or into a party together gives people some kind of insight into their marriage? It’s not like we’re listening to their bedtime conversation, for pete’s sake. IT’S JUST A PHOTO. If anything, making such an issue of it makes people/tabloids speculate even more on the state of their relationship. It is possible to be seen together and still avoid talking about your private life. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck do it quite well, for example.

  15. Codzilla says:

    Her dress is almost as offensive as her very existence. And while I can’t verify this, I’d be willing to bet that she and her asshole friends mocked Britney for dressing like a ho after she became a Mom. Not defending Brit by any means, but whoever said Gwyneth looked like a hooker was right on the mark.

  16. smartaz says:

    It’s not a muffin top if it hangs below — it’s a mud flap. You know, Gwennie should know that “pretty is as pretty does.” Being famous is fleeting – she hasn’t made a decent movie in a loooooong time. Now she’s a sour bitch? Can anyone say….has been? I may not be world famous but at least the world doesn’t think I am a super bitch and my husband actually wants to be seen with me in public. Get it together Paltrow!

  17. CeeJay says:

    Gwyneth Paltrow is clearly feeling old. It’s a typical Hollywood tactic for older women to display that they’ve still got “it” by donning shorter and shorter dresses. Apparently she will not go the way of her mother who appears to have class and decorum. She probably doesn’t like the in-laws and chose this as an opportunity to stand them up. They probably all kiss her ass anyway. At least she’s their problem and not ours!

  18. :| says:

    Oh, come on! She is beautiful and has wonderful legs. Why not show them? She is in her thirties for cripes sake. It is a pretty dress. I do agree that it is too short, but not for the ageist reasons some have stated. The problem is that it looks like she is wearing a shirt. It is a short dress for a shorter woman–she is too tall and it came off… a little off. An extra two inches and it would have been perfect–still showing off the gorgeous gams, but looking like a dress.
    Anyhow, everyone rags on the chick and makes all of these assumptions about her. How do we know she didn’t have a huge fight with her husband right before they were supposed to come? Maybe she was in tears and felt she couldn’t keep up appearances, you know? We needn’t be so nasty. It isn’t for the sake of the celebs I say this, b/c I’m sure most of them stay away from these types of sites (for their own mental health). I’m saying it because it isn’t healthy for us to spew so much negativity. It turns these boards into a poison environment. We need to lighten up and be more positive. That is all… My new age advice for saving our souls. Shiny happy people holding hands… 🙂

  19. Sanj says:

    ^^^^^stfu Blyth Danner^^^^^^^^^

  20. sugarbear says:

    She’s turning into Joan Crawford here with her behavior. Don’t think I’ve forgiven her yet for doing such a bad biopic of Sylvia Plath. 😉

  21. Dee says:

    I like how in the article picture, everybody in the background seems to be paying attention to something else other than Gwen.

    I totally agree.
    -insert hate rant here-

  22. Starla says:

    Oh please. She’s always had a stick up her ass. Sorry, in England, is that “arse”??

  23. blibble says:

    No one’s mentioned Chris Martin. He was with her wasn’t he? And it was HIS parents that had turned up. I don’t like GP at all but it does seem to me that she is demonised at the drop of a hat.

  24. Este says:

    As for wanting to keep her private life, private, she’s such a hypocrite. She talks ad nauseum about motherhood, her father’s passing, food etc etc. Blowing off the party is just so Gwynnie, isn’t it. She pretends to be classier than thou but really has none. The trying too hard mini says it all though.

  25. Este says:

    As for wanting to keep her private life, private, she’s such a hypocrite. She talks ad nauseum about motherhood, her father’s passing, food etc etc. Blowing off the party is just so Gwynnie, isn’t it. She pretends to be classier than thou but really has none. The trying too hard mini says it all.

  26. Debbie says:

    I’ll add her to my list of celebutards I hate. Or actually, just move her up above julia roberts. Insipid, stupid, egotistical little twits. And all that crap about keeping their “private life private” — except when it suits them and brings in the $$$.

  27. CD says:

    What is up with her? I used to like her years ago and thought she dressed great…but these stupid too short dresses look so bad… her style is awful now. What happened?

  28. tes says:

    ….maybe Gwyn. Did not want to make everyone else miss a great party and meal on the cuff of big studio heads who are just goin to write it off any how. Maybe she thought all those people cast crew friends and alike deserved, a bit of prime service

  29. katniss says:

    that still wouldnt excuse snubbing her husbands parents who came all that way to be there