Teri Hatcher backtracks on her anti-Botox message


A few days ago, I gave Teri Hatcher some begrudging credit for posting photos of her (allegedly) un-Botoxed face, fresh out of the shower. Sidenote: a lot of you said she was wearing makeup, but I still don’t see it. I think she just has really dark lashes, and it gives her the appearance of eyeliner. Whatever, I digress. Teri posted the photos on her Facebook, and included some very rah-rah-women don’t need the ‘Tox comments. Unfortunately, Teri is now backtracking on some of that sh-t. Oh, Teri. You are so easy to dislike.

Oops! Teri Hatcher hasn’t banned Botox after all. On Monday, the 45-year-old star shared makeup- and Botox-free self-portraits on Facebook in an album entitled “Oy with the Botox,” wrinkling her brow to prove she’s now filler-free.

“I can’t believe I actually put that out there!” she admitted Thursday to Entertainment Tonight.

But, to be clear, she explained, “It’s not about Botox to me…I don’t have any judgment about doing Botox…I’ve done Botox, I may do it again — I don’t know. It’s not the point.”
The real mission of her “Does This Look Botoxed to You?” pics? “There has to be a different sort of baseline of how we’re accepting beauty,” the single mother of one said.

“I wanted women in America, not in Hollywood, to know is that so much of the manipulation of going from the real Teri Hatcher to the Teri Hatcher that’s on an advertising poster or an endorsement — that a lot of that happens through lighting,” she continued.

During the ET interview, the Desperate Housewives star also admitted that she was surprised by how quickly her pics were dispersed online. “Honestly, I am so behind the game on Facebook!”

[From Us Weekly]

Okay, I get that Teri wanted to eat sh-t and say “no judgment” about other women getting Botox. But she took a perfectly good story – woman with mangled ‘Tox Face posted photos online with anti-’Tox message – and made it just another wishy-washy pandering move. I might respect her if Teri came out and was like, “Don’t use Botox, look at how weird MY face looks, I wish I had kept it normal.” No one will ever do that right?





Photos courtesy of Teri Hatcher’s Facebook.

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37 Responses to “Teri Hatcher backtracks on her anti-Botox message”

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  1. Kelley says:

    She DOES have make-up on, CB, eyeliner and mascara. Duh.

  2. jen says:

    I find her fantastically twee.

  3. SallyJay says:

    Obvious eye make-up – lots of mascara and eyeliner/shadow on the bottom rim of the eyes….like with all these “stars without make-up” photos – really bugs me. Natural make-up is still make-up!!
    ETA – she looks great, I’m not ragging on her!

  4. hanh says:

    Yeah. She definitely has makeup on. If you look at the picture with the brighter lighting you can clearly see the eyeliner and mascara.

    And it looks like evened out her skin tone also with some stuff.

    Eh she’s just trying to be an attention whore right now.

  5. Megan says:

    Looks like false eyelashes to me.

    So basically the photos were saying ‘Look I don’t use botox’ and now she’s saying ‘Actually I have used botox’… wtf?

  6. aenflex says:

    You know Kaiser I was too quick to praise her too, for the pics. Now that I look closer, she does look like she’s trying awfully hard to get her forhead to crinkle. My mouth doesn’t pull down in a grimace when I’m trying to wrinkle my forehead or crinkle my nose.

  7. denise says:

    Looking at these pics…….

    Impatiently awaiting Hot Guy Friday.

  8. Jeannified says:

    When I first saw these pictures, I thought this was that whacked out NJ housewife with the sex tape out. Ewww!!!

  9. archiepelago says:

    You can still frown with botox – most people just assume you have to be Nicole Kidman or Marcia Cross frozen if you have the ‘tox. Like the poster above said, the flared nostrils and over squinting are perhaps a giveaway that she is working harder to create expression. I don’t think she has makeup on though. Maybe she does Latisse – the stuff that makes your eyelashes longer and darker? I know people who use it and they don’t wear eye makeup anymore – it’s amazing how your eyelashes make a difference to your face.

    Maybe Marcia told her she’d cut her off the christmas card list for Botox bashing?

  10. Red says:

    Wish she’d be honest and mention the facelift. So – completely natural? I think not.

  11. Sumodo1 says:

    Teri, cut some bangs. Cover that vein-y forehead. And, tell Marcia Cross to cut back on the Botox, she’s a Madame Tussaud creation!

  12. Juice in LA says:


    Here is the thing- a lot of these 30-40 (and 20) something actresses are told High Def televisions amplify their natural fine lines and other skin aging issues and that no one will hire them if they look like the grand canyon on TV.

    But the fuc-tards saying that fail to realize that the botox, nip tuck victims are equally as horrific looking on HD TV, and the plastic surgery is a bazillion times more prominent and noticeable.

    It s horrific.

  13. EMV says:

    She obviously has eyeliner, mascara and foundation on… is she trying to get publicity? YES! Just bc she says she hasn’t had botox at the moment doesn’t mean she is “plastic” free. Gimme a break Teri!

  14. Kiska says:

    Forget about the botox, she needs to address that forehead vein. yuck.

  15. Ailsa says:

    I wear eyelash extensions and my eyes look like that with no make-up, and my bottom lashes look like that when I’ve done a lousy job of removing my eyeliner! Who cares anyhoo, she’s pretty brave as she’s not looking her best in some of those shots. Oddly enough she does look like she’s had some botox go wrong in that first shot, her eyes are very uneven.

  16. alexandra says:

    She is too thin. Women as they age should stop trying to have the body of a 20 year old. We women lose fat in the face first. So you can have a great body with a f#cked up scare crow face. If she put on at least 5 to 10 pounds her face will resemble a younger Teri Hatcher.

  17. Cam says:

    She looks awesome, I don’t care if she has make up on (don’t think so) or not.

    I like her :) .

  18. Missy says:

    She has Botox. Depending on how much you get and long it’s been since your last injection you can absoultely frown and make facial expressions. Especially when making exaggerated expressions as she’s doing here. Actually this makes her look even more obviously “toxed”.

  19. Jeri says:

    Her forehead is the only part of her face that moves. I thinks she has cheek fillers & there are only 2 little lines near her mouth. Shouldn’t there be more movement in the rest of her face? Maybe that’s why she back-tracked on her comments.

    Magazines, etc always describe celebs as having “no make-up” on when they have make-up appled like we wear it instead of heavy theatrical make-up.

  20. Trustiva says:

    False lashes and bottom eyeliner (brown?) I spot.

    But: I think she looks cute.

  21. Mairead says:

    Don’t care.

    DO. NOT. WANT!

  22. gee says:

    She looks like Danielle Staub.

  23. jane16 says:

    I see eyeliner (applied or tatted), false eyelashes, mascara, eyebrow color & concealer on her face. She is a perfect example of why I will never use botox. She had great skin before she used it & now I think its damaged. I think the botox did something to the collagen & I’ve seen this on other women, not just Teri. My own impression of botoxed foreheads is that it thins out the skin faster and creates a crinkly, rather than wrinkly, texture. I realize I probably sound like a nut, but where I live, a l o t of women do botox, all the time. Facial exercises are a much better way to keep your face looking good.

  24. jane16 says:

    agree with alexandra, she would look better if she put on some lbs.

  25. eja102 says:

    “don’t click the picture”

  26. Whitey Fisk says:

    Did she post any pics of her moving her upper lip in any way? Because to me her facial funkiness is not forehead-related. I’m creeped out by the strangely flat, wide, immobile no-man’s land between her upper lip and nose.

  27. k says:

    she is definitely wearing makeup

  28. Eden says:

    @Missy and Archipalago
    I agree, unless someone is totally frozen or just in the first month or so of being botoxed there is the ability to show expression.
    She does something with her eye area, that is obvious. Maybe at the moment it isn’t fresh botox but she isn’t exactly the model for natural beauty and aging gracefully that’s for sure.

    Of course she neglects to mention in her shout out to ” a new baseline for accepting beauty” that her face is full of filler..she has no nasolabial folds at all.
    She doth protest to much…

  29. Dhavy says:

    I have a co-worker who calls her Hairy Snatcher because he claims she was in some porno and she’s hairy LOL

    Anyway…she was pretty in her twenties but now, botox or no botox her face looks awkward especially one of eyes

  30. bb says:

    The visible forehead veins are a DEAD GIVEAWAY that she’s a regular forehead botox user. With extended use, botox will cause the muscle under the skin to thin out from lack of use: making superficial veins more visible. The veins aren’t caused by being too skinny (not saying Teri isn’t too skinny, I’m just saying it’s not the main cause of the veins) Here Teri is probably just due for her next injections which is why she has some (forced) expressions. Check out the veins on so many actresses – jolie, kirsten chenoworth, julie roberts, megan fox, kate bosworth ect

  31. Angie says:

    God. Can’t the woman just have thick lashes? I agree with Kaiser–I see no makeup, at all.

  32. gorilla says:

    i dont know about her case, but my mom looked like she had makeup on when she didnt and i do too, especially with certain complexions… as far as the lashes, people can have longer lasting things too added on or that new thing claire danes is in the ads for says it’ll grow them, if thats true i dunno…

  33. coucou says:

    I’m blonde with green eyes, so naturally, I just love her dark hair and eyes+lashes…the fact that she took the time to put out these pics shows that she cares what people think about her. She’s obviously a sensitive person. I bet she’s very nice. And somewhat courageous, because putting pics out like this will surely bring out the snarks and snipes in HW.

    I’ve forgotten why we care what these people do to their faces? After all she’s been through, I’ll support her with or without botox.

  34. bee number 2 says:

    i think she has rests of makeup, i always have traces of eyeliner for days

  35. Ruffian9 says:

    “It’s not about Botox to me…I don’t have any judgment about doing Botox…I’ve done Botox, I may do it again — I don’t know. It’s not the point.”

    But….wasn’t the whole point of the pics about NOT doing botox?

    Love the “…I don’t know. It’s not the point.” part. Admit it, you don’t have a point.

    And I think her face is f***ed up, botox or not.

  36. Confuzzle says:

    So this is what unemployed actresses do now; post some pix on Facebook and hope E! etc come calling for interviews? Tragically pathetic. :lol:

  37. Rodrick Murrillo says:

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