Elliot Spitzer’s hooker Ashley Dupre suing over Girls Gone Wild photos

Elliot Spitzer’s hooker Ashley Alexandra Dupre is suing Joe Francis and his Girls Gone Wild franchise for over $10 million in damages for releasing photo stills from a tape she made in 2003 when she was just 17. In the tape Dupre wears a backwards baseball cap and a bikini. She flashes her boobs for the camera, grabs herself and dances provocatively while guys surrounding her cheer. Dupre was on spring break in Florida and claims that she was given alcohol and “cajoled” into an appearance, although she certainly seemed willing at the time. She is suing for the use of her name and likeness on The Girls Gone Wild websites and promotional material, and according to People Magazine the tape was never released because she was just 17 at the time.

For his part Joe Francis says he’s “amazed” that she’s suing him because they are photos taken with many people present and he didn’t even release the tape since she was underage. He does say that it “doesn’t matter” if she was underage, since she showed false identification and claimed to be older:

“It is incomprehensible that Ms. Dupré could claim she did not give her consent to be filmed by Girls Gone Wild, when in fact we have videotape of her giving consent, while showing her identification,” Francis told Usmagazine.com…

“She’s seeking $10 Million for topless photos taken in front of a room full of people, including two newspapers and multiple crews we had in the room,” he said. “These images were taken in public places and contain no sexual contact. We expect to triumph in this matter and continue to offer the best and hottest girls.”

[From US Magazine]

While Dupre has not made a public appearance since the scandal broke 6 weeks ago, she has profited since the news got out that she was paid over $1,000 an hour for servicing former NY Governor Spitzer. Dupre has ambitions of becoming a pop star, and is said to have received over $200,000 for downloads of her songs.

The NY Daily News reports today that she has a new manager for her music career and is shopping around for a label that will have her. How convenient that she’s getting new press now for suing Girls Gone Wild. Her Myspace (warning: bad automatic music) has received over 10 million views.

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  1. headache says:

    What a hypocrite!! Yeah, Joe Francis is a skeezebag but he can’t be responsible for every Susie Ho-maker who uses a fake ID to flash her tits. He did the only thing he is responsible for, at least in this case, and that is to not release the tape once it became clear she was not old enough to consent legally.

    And girls, STOP FRICKING DRINKING if you can’t be responsible when you are under the influence. The crap you do does not go away just because you were too drunk to show decent judgement.

  2. summertime921 says:

    Believe me when I say that I have no love for Joe Francis and I think he is a piece of shit, however, in this case he is right. He only released non-nude stills of the video and once he found out she was underage at the time decided not to release the video at all. She was the one using the fake ID and chose to drink, and, as CB said, seemed willing enough at the time.

  3. Bodhi says:

    I loathe Joe Francis as much as the next sentitent being, but this is ridiculous. That stupid whore’s case is gonna get tossed out by the judge in a heart beat!

  4. Larissa says:

    oh, what else to expect from a whore? lmao

  5. Sherri says:

    Please do not let this stupid hooker profit anymore from this. Her music is horrendeous and she has no talent whatsoever. If she says “It’s all about the music” one more time I think I will hurl. What a terrible example for young women today, she should be ashamed.

  6. pookynut says:

    I’m guessing she’s suing because she can’t make any money off the GGW stuff. She’s no victim.

    Some people will do anything to be on camera.

  7. pookynut says:

    Yes, Sherri! “It’s all about the music”? I’m a musician, and I don’t remember ever being told that I needed to be a prostitute to further my career. Practice, maybe…

  8. SoCal says:

    Joe Francis is appearing while they play a clip of what he now knows to be a minor. What was his charge in Florida? Filming minors. He said the prosecutors in Florida should be charged with child porn for showing the tape, which he has never seen, to reporters. But it’s ok for him to give a tape of a minor for his publicity?

  9. Larissa says:

    minor sluts… lol, who cares
    its not like they dont know what they are doing…

  10. Joe says:

    Is she still working? Im itching to spend my tax rebate!

  11. andrew says:

    If he didn’t release the tape because she was underage, then he shouldn’t release and the stills.

    Its not about who you like or don’t like, or who you want to profit and who you don’t, its about logic.

    It doesn’t matter if you WANT underage “hos” to be taken advantage of, because they “asked for it”, the law states that we can’t.


  12. Poisanna says:

    SICK! SHE IS SICK….Stupid Whore is right!

  13. RC says:

    there’s nothing illegal about releasing pictures of an underage girl acting like a ho and a dumbass, as long as there no nudity. there isn’t. he is not distributing child porn. possession, on the other hand…

  14. gerry rig says:

    I can’t believe the money she made. She looks like any drunk girl in July in Belmar, NJ.

  15. The Observer says:

    Sounds like someone is just wishing for a big payday without working for it…

    If you act like a _____ you will be treated as a _____.

    Fill the blanks.

    Shakira Mebarak owes me money, I won’t sue her but she really needs to pay me back.

  16. Lovely One says:

    Another whore gets a chance in Hollywierd. I’m sure there’s a sex tape somewhere. LOL

  17. ENK says:

    Girl… GET A JOB Already… she’s disgusting…

  18. jessica says:

    tmz.com has the tape of her showing her fake id and saying her fake name! Just type in her name in the search bar and click on the links… stupid girl.

  19. LeAnne says:

    Stop giving this girl more clout than necessary. Let her just fall off the planet already.

  20. sho nuff says:

    granted, joe francis is a bag of baked shit, but….well i just wanted to say he’s a bag of baked shit. twice. :mrgreen:

  21. right says:

    he’s making money off her arse and she shouldn’t profit from it why??? he’s a pimp, it’s her T&A, profit sharing is the progressive way to go.

  22. Tania says:

    Bitch, PLEEEEZE!! The reason she’s not going to get money from Joe Francis is because she has no right to sue him in the first place. They had no contract, and she is on video saying she’s old enough, she showed them a fake ID and she said it was fine for Girls Gone Wild to film her skank ass! So tired of pieces of shit trying to get major bank just because they’re ho-bags!

  23. Tania says:

    Oh yeah, and she’s FUGLY TOO! I can’t believe that stupid politician ruined his family and had to resign from his job, all over this tramp! And he wasted so much money on her dime-a-dozen sleazy ass! UGH!

  24. Tania says:

    If she gets one, red cent I will lose all faith in the court system!

    Hey, Mizz Dupre (LOL@name), get a real JOB if you want money! Earn your place in life the way every one else has to!

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