Alex Skarsgard refuses to wear a wang-cover while filming sex scenes


CB wishes she could cover this, but she’s gone and now it is my sad, horrible task to talk about Alexander Skarsgard’s magical wang. Some excerpts are coming out from Rolling Stone’s profile of the True Blood cast, and Alex and Stephen Moyer in particular had some awesome stuff to say. Alex informs all of us that when he’s filming a sex scene, he doesn’t wear anything to cover up his bits and pieces. Bless his heart. He doesn’t want “a sock around it” (is anyone else imagining the emphasis on “it” while Alex strokes himself and stares at your boobs?). Sigh… oh, and Moyer is funny! He’s always funny, though, I love his interviews:

The cast of HBO’s True Blood not only strip down for the new Rolling Stone — they also bare all about shooting the show’s racy sex scenes.

Says Alexander Skarsgard (who plays sexy vamp Eric): “I don’t want a sock around it, that feels ridiculous. If we’re naked in the scene, then I’m naked. I’ve always been that way.”

Anna Paquin says she covers up — somewhat. She reveals that she wears a “patch” – a thong-like attire with the sides cut off – while filming nude scenes as her character Sookie Stackhouse.

As for her costar (and real-life fiance) Stephen Moyer (who plays Sookie’s vamp love Bill Compton)? He wears a sock on set — out of consideration for others.

“I’ve got nothing to hide,” he says. “I just think it might be embarrassing for the crew.”

The idea of celibate vampires is ridiculous, True Blood creator Alan Ball says.

“To me, vampires are sex,” he says. “I don’t get a vampire story about abstinence. I’m 53. I don’t care about high school students. I find them irritating and uninformed.”

On his show, every available orifice is used for intercourse: gay, straight, between humans and supernatural beings, and supernatural being on supernatural being, whether he be werewolf, dog or an enormous Minotaur-looking being called a maenad. None of the sex is quite as good as vampire sex, though, which can happen at the astonishing rhythm of 120 bpm while simultaneously devouring one’s neck and making your eyes roll back into your head.

Says Stephen Moyer — who plays Bill Compton, the undead Southern Civil War Veteran — “If we go from a base level, vampires create a hole in the neck where there wasn’t one before. It’s a de-virginization — breaking the hymen, creating blood and then drinking the virginal blood. And there’s something sharp, the fang, which is probing and penetrating and moving into it. So that’s pretty sexy. I think that makes vampires attractive.”

He laughs a little. “Plus, Robert Pattinson is just hot, right?”

[From Us Weekly and Rolling Stone]

LOVE that Moyer is still talking (gentle) smack about Robert Pattinson. Last year, Moyer called Pattinson’s Edward “the Diet Coke of vampires.” Love it. And I love that Alan Ball is calling Stephanie Meyer out on all of the abstinence stuff too. Now… let me just sit here and think about how Alex walks around naked every day on set. Sigh…



RS cover courtesy of HuffPo. Additional pics courtesy of RS online.

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  1. RHONYC says:

    that’s right skarsi-baby…you tell ’em!

    sock, smock. why hide all that ‘talent’?! whoa-hoo!!!

    *voice of ‘twan from in living colour* “see me, love me”

    lol 🙂

  2. Isa says:

    Everytime I see that cover I’m amazed. They’re engaged and soooo naked around another man. I wish I could be half as relaxed about nudity.

    Anyway, I really need to get on that show as an extra.

  3. poopie says:

    you just made my DAY ! Eric goes TOTALLY NAKED !!!!!!!!!!YUM !

  4. Green Is Good says:

    So, who’s with me sneaking onto the set for a naked Skars sighting? 🙂

  5. mAnDa3 says:

    Love it!!!!!

  6. Janeth says:

    Isa: I’m with you on that one…. =)

  7. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    OMG Next time Alex is naked on screen I am gonna just know he is totally nude and the scene will be so much better for me. Now here is a man with soul behind his eyes. Yes. Oh yea.

  8. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    Actually, I think it’s really inconsiderate NOT to wear a sock. (even the Chili Peppers rocked with socks on their c*cks)
    If I was the other actor, I’d be skeeved, especially in front of the crew.

    It also seems weird to take a shot at RPatz, why get all competitive with a pre-teen/teenage film? Lame.

    Gee, we never would have guessed in a million years why vampires = illicit sex, thanks for spelling it out to us in condescending detail. We get it, you’re branding yourselves as the ‘cool vampires’ lol, are these people for real?

  9. humptydumpty says:

    Well all reports are that Alexander has a huge wang, so they probably wouldn’t be able to find one big enough anyway.

  10. denise says:

    That magazine cover is over the top.

    Oh and Alex is a real narcissist.

  11. Praise St. Angie! says:

    lol at Isa…I was thinking, how do I get on that show?!

    and RHONYC, loved the “Men on…” reference.

    EDIT: I love the word “wang”…always give me a chuckle.

  12. humptydumpty says:

    “That magazine cover is over the top.”

    Well, I assume that was the point? This is True Blood on Rolling Stone we’re talking about, not High School Musical on Seventeen.

  13. Oi says:

    Is it because I just now noticed, or because the show started to go downhill that all the nudity crept into the promos more and interviews like this started happening? Maybe I’m just crabby, (I don’t object for any reason, let me make that clear) but this seems really gratuitous.

  14. Cam says:

    @Green Is Good ME ME ME! 🙂

  15. Huzzah says:

    “Is it because I just now noticed, or because the show started to go downhill”

    The show is nominated for an Emmy and the ratings are higher than ever, so….?

  16. Jen D says:

    “The magazine cover is over the top.”

    Have you ever seen the show? That’s the whole point.

    I love what they say about Twilight. No offense to Twilight fans, but True Blood is soooo much better. In all fairness though, I guess being an adult means I’m not the target audience for Twilight anyways.

  17. denise says:

    @ Jen D
    & Humpty
    Of course I have seen the show. IMO, I think the story lines are getting a little weak, season 1 was the best so far.

    The magazine cover is over the top, because it’s way too sexually perverse to be on the cover of a mainstream magazine.

  18. kelbear says:

    This makes the show even better!

  19. Huzzah says:

    @denise, oh, I thought s1 was horrible, but to each their own! 😀

    (I do miss Rene though)

  20. MissyA says:

    (Sigh) . . . Why the fuck am I not watching this series?!

  21. Jen D says:

    Season 2 was my favorite (but I think I might be in the minority there). Rolling Stone has definitely featured controversial covers in the past – it’s not the end of the world.

  22. Amy says:

    I doubt they are just talking about Twilight for no reason. They are probably asked about it in every interview, just like Christina Hendricks is grilled about her chest.

    Love Alan Ball’s quote and this cover is amazingly perfect for the show. 🙂

  23. AnnaSwen says:

    As a fellow Swede I appreciate his hawking of our way of life. Americans (and even many other Europeans comparatively) are such prudes. Us Swedes are happier naked.

  24. Eileen says:

    I think I’ll caravan down a few states over and try out for a True blood extra! Who knows? Maybe I’ll catch a glimpse!! That would be epic! +D

  25. Eileen says:

    MissyA: WATCH THE SERIES. It worth way more than the $5-10 a month for the HBO! Or shoot I’ll burn all the seasons on disk for you! It is hands down the best show ever. And I never thought I’d say that about any other show than Six Feet Under. Alan Ball is genius!

  26. lucy2 says:

    The Twilight comments make me giggle a little.
    The cover is a bit much, but in keeping with the tone of the show.
    I don’t think it’s gone downhill – the stuff with Russell has been pretty awesome – but I think it’s a lot more uneven. Most of the show is fast paced and really great, and then wham, boring scene with Crystal and her nonsense that no one really cares about ruins it. I love Sam, but his family stuff is the same way too.

  27. denise says:

    @ LUCY2

    Yes I agree. The Jason stories have gotten really whack. Crystal annoys me.
    And I love Sam, but his family drama is boring too. I usually find most of the show boring, until the end. However I do like the Russell character, he is insane. In my opinion, True Blood has fallen off and is becoming somewhat overrated.

    RIP Talbot

  28. Javagirl1 says:

    Wow…Paquin’s mother must be so proud. I hate how soft core porn is so acceptable because it’s “acting,” but people freak out over regular porn. And the cover is offensive for a mainstream mag. I would not want my 6 year old seeing it.

  29. my goodness that cover is graphic! but i like!

  30. denise says:

    @ JAvagirl

    Thank you! My sentiments exactly.
    (about the magazine cover)

  31. AnnaSwen says:

    “Wow…Paquin’s mother must be so proud.”

    Anna is hot, has an Oscar, a steady career and a man that loves her. Yes, I’m sure her mother is proud.

  32. Green Is Good says:

    Cam: August 18th, 2010 at 11:54 am

    @Green Is Good ME ME ME! 🙂


    Alrighty then. I’ll bring the bail money, video camera and Gatorade.

  33. Schnauzers!!! says:

    *sigh* That’s all I can say. Beautiful people they are!!

  34. RHONYC says:

    as much as a horndog as i can be…it just dawned on me that folks may look at this like a whole menage fantasy pic and that’s why they’re upset, i guess.

    man…i’m slow at times!

    *doh* 🙂

  35. marge says:

    “…I don’t care about high school students. I find them irritating and uninformed.”

    This should be on a T-shirt

  36. jzhz says:

    I like this kind of actor. MORE DONG, please.

  37. vivienne says:

    yeah Stephen, you tell em. because being violent to your partner during sex is SOOOOOO much better than abstaining from it. whatever.

  38. jean says:

    Long live the Swedes and their love of nekkidness!

  39. Tia C says:

    @ marge: Yes it should! lol! I’d wear one.

    I’m sure Alex didn’t make this sockless-wang comment for oh, I don’t know, publicity for the show or anything…. nah. It’s all about artistic integrity, yeah, that’s it. 😉

  40. original kate says:

    does alex need someone to run lines with him? i’d be happy to do it. as for his wang, i wonder if the lobby matches the height of the building?

  41. Anon says:

    The first thing I notice on this cover is the really horrible photoshop job they do on Anna Paquin’s cooch. It makes her ass cheek look droopy.
    On another note, I LOVE that he goes au naturel on set. If you’re on the set of a sex scene, and seeing the actor’s wang is what is going to make you uncomfortable – then obviously you shouldn’t BE WORKING ON THE SET OF TRUE BLOOD.
    I think I would be WAY more embarrassed to have to shoot Anna and Stephen doing a sex scene, as it would feel way more intimate knowing that they are an actual couple. Even with their bits covered up.

  42. bellaluna says:

    @ Green is Good & Cam –

    Count me IN! I’m there! I’ll drive!

    @ marge – ITA.

  43. Huzzah says:

    “I think I would be WAY more embarrassed to have to shoot Anna and Stephen doing a sex scene, as it would feel way more intimate knowing that they are an actual couple.”

    I can’t even watch their sex scenes anymore it feels too weird.

  44. Sookie says:

    This show used to be cool. Now its just too much and everyone has jumped on the band wagon. I agree that watching Stephen and Anna get it on is weird since you know they are humping in real life and Alexander has just turned into a typical hollywood douchbag now that he is superfamous and banging that bag of bones, no talent Bosworth

  45. Jackson says:

    Ahh, I don’t care what anyone says, I love that cover. Now, if they weren’t characters on a vampire show, ok, it would be too much ….but that’s what this show is. And I love, love, love the quote by Alan Ball – and I feel the same way about high school students.

  46. bee number 2 says:

    OMG, Kaiser did you see this???
    I think it deserves another one of your homoerotic posts

  47. Jeri says:

    Sad to say I don’t have HBO. I have to rent or buy this on DVD, it sounds so good!

  48. Camille says:

    Great interview, I must get this magazine.

  49. javagirl1 says:

    Really Annaswen she has an oscar? Didn’t know that…I wonder why she is doing soft core porn then…
    I tried to watch an episode of this last night. Granted I’ve never seen the show before so I would have no idea what’s going on, but there seemed to be very few vampire references and just a bunch of naked people running around, including a girl with very unattractive boobs. Maybe I just caught a bad episode.

  50. Jennifer says:

    I just thinks its getting silly and boring .

    If the show and the actors really had some sort of substance behind them, then this really wouldn’t be necessary would it ?

  51. well then says:

    Who knew Celebitchy was home to such old-fashioned prudes? These are adults who are on an HBO show about lots of sex and blood and violence. They’re not virginal pop tarts trying to sell sex to tweeners.

  52. Iggles says:

    I love trueblood. Season 3 is getting better, thought season 1 was the best.

    @ RHONYC:
    as much as a horndog as i can be…it just dawned on me that folks may look at this like a whole menage fantasy pic and that’s why they’re upset, i guess.

    Perhaps. It certainly wouldn’t be to me! I would love to see a eric/sookie/bill scene on the show, but doubt that would ever happen, lol.

    well then – Agreed.

  53. Isa says:

    I find the Twilight comments funny. I’m not a fan of the series but marketing abstinence to young people is fine by me. If it has prevented even ONE Twihard from procreating then the books haven’t been a total waste. Aside from, you know, making that Stephanie chick a kajillionaire.

    But, as an adult I love my True Blood.

  54. aloha says:

    Kinda gross cover but the nudity is pretty hot.

  55. Cel says:

    Javagirl1 – why are your comments only about Anna? There are three naked people on the cover. How sexist!

  56. RHONYC says:

    for all those who’s been dying for a ‘eric on bill’ sex scene:

    ur welcome. 🙂

  57. knotstu says:

    Maybe he could wear a harry popper ?

  58. Lynda says:

    Ihad to get my oxyen tank when I saw this cover as I couldn’t breathe. Holy cow!

  59. poppers says:

    Gazzam the piano bitch got some nice ass!