Ben Affleck interviews, flirts with Blake Lively in Interview Mag


Ever since the tabloids began publishing photos from the Boston set of The Town last year, I’ve been wondering if Ben Affleck and Blake Lively really did have an affair. I know that this may hurt CB’s long-standing love of Ben, but I think if Ben had his way, there would have been an affair. I’m not so sure about Blake – yes, I think she’s the kind of actress who would do ANYTHING for a good part, but it seems like she got a part in The Town without sleeping with Ben, so why have an on-set affair? But, as I said, I think Ben wanted it, and I think he was crushing hard on young Blake.

Anyway, after those rumors surfaced, percolated and clung to the gossip world like bacon grease (mm…), you’d think that Ben and Blake might try to avoid each other as The Town’s promotional duties gear up (it’s being released on September 10th). Not so much – Ben interviewed Blake for her cover profile in Interview Magazine (full piece here). Let’s see if they’re flirty in the interview, shall we?

BEN AFFLECK: Somebody told me that you’re in Paris now. Is that true?
BLAKE LIVELY: Yeah, I’m in Paris!
AFFLECK: Are you liking it?
LIVELY: Oh, my gosh, it’s so amazing here. It’s couture fashion week, so it’s been like a fairy-tale Paris experience.
AFFLECK: You don’t have to tell me . . .


AFFLECK: We met when you came to do The Town, and when you turned up, I was a little taken aback. I was like, “How did you learn this Boston accent? How did you learn all of this stuff?” Which I thought was hard to get because I had been doing readings with all of these actresses in New York and L.A., and it was just hard to find the right person. You were by far the best, and when I asked you how you got everything down, it turned out that you had tried to work with this one dialect coach, and then tried another one, and then just started doing all of this incredibly thorough, diligent, independent research on your own-seeking out people who spoke the way your character does, seeking out people whose own life experiences you could draw upon. How did you get to the point where that became your approach? Because it’s certainly nothing I ever did at any point in my twenties. Where does that instinct come from?
LIVELY: I don’t know. I think it comes from the fact that I never really thought about acting as a child. It wasn’t like, “This is the career that I want to pursue.” So when I first started acting, I was more concerned with just being on a set and all of the woes of that, and I didn’t really know it or understand it as a craft yet…. That’s been something, movie by movie, that I’ve been able to grow and learn from-that I always need to work harder to be better because it’s still a new craft for me.

AFFLECK: Did anyone help you learn that?
LIVELY: I just did it on my own. I’ve never worked with an acting coach, but my parents had acting classes and I grew up around them my whole life just because I didn’t have a babysitter. I’m actually a very shy person-that’s a big secret, so don’t tell-but being in those classes pushed me to break out of that a little bit. It’s like nature versus nurture: I’m naturally very shy, but I was brought up in a way where I had to get up and get out of that.

AFFLECK: I wouldn’t really describe you as shy. That hasn’t been my experience of you.
LIVELY: Well, I had to be bold with you! I had to be brave because this role was terrifying. But it was all smoke and mirrors because I read the script and I didn’t know how I couldn’t do it. I loved this character so much. I was a little selfish in wanting to do it because I also thought, Well, maybe I’m not the best person for this, but I really want it. I didn’t know how to do a good Boston accent, so I went and got a dialect coach, and she was really good, but it was a real proper accent I was learning, and my character is from the projects.


AFFLECK: You brought a sense of complexity and nuance to the character that I felt was really important. And then I also found it impressive that even though your schedule on Gossip Girl was really tight, you made the time to come to Boston and do some firsthand research.
LIVELY: Well, I had to come to Boston because they told me, “Ben said you have to come to Boston if you want the part.” [laughs]
AFFLECK: That’s not true. They said I wasn’t interested? Really?
LIVELY: Well, no. They just said, “Ben is not going to come to New York. You’re too young for the part, but if you feel like you want to pursue this, you can take a train to Boston.”
AFFLECK: And you did, which I thought was cool. You spent a lot of time with some of these girls from the real projects who showed you around and showed you their lives. You got into a whole world that I imagine is very different from Burbank-and probably very different from what you experienced on Traveling Pants. What was that like? Were you nervous? Were you excited?


AFFLECK: You know, before we did The Town, I wasn’t superfamiliar with everything you’d done.
LIVELY: You weren’t?

AFFLECK: Well, I was a fan of yours, but I didn’t have the full, in-depth familiarity. But then I got to see The Private Lives of Pippa Lee on DVD, and I just thought all of the acting in that film was great. It was directed by Rebecca Miller, and she’s super-heavy-duty. What was she like to work with?
LIVELY: Oh, gosh. She’s such an incredible woman. She’s one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. The script was really wild. It was entirely hers, because she wrote the book that the film was based on, and she’d worked with the story for so many years…”

AFFLECK: See, if I were a real director, I would have said something informed and brilliant like that. I was just like, “I don’t know. Come on, let’s shoot.” So I was basically right to feel insecure.
LIVELY: [laughs] I don’t know if you should have felt insecure, but I would call Rebecca between scenes on our film and say, “Ben’s telling me to do this thing, but he’s so wrong.”

AFFLECK: Is there anyone whose career you admire?
LIVELY: People always ask me that and I always answer with men. Which is not to say that there aren’t incredible women in this business, but I feel like men are still given much better opportunities. I feel like there are so many people I admire for so many reasons that I can’t look at one person’s life and say, “I want that life.” I want to make my own history.
AFFLECK: I always have to remind myself how young you are. You were 3 when Good Will Hunting [1997] came out.
LIVELY: [laughs] Not quite.
AFFLECK: And you’ve never even seen it. That felt good to me.
LIVELY: You were in Good Will Hunting?
AFFLECK: But you have your head on pretty straight. You and I had to do a sex scene on the first day of shooting, and you were very poised and comfortable about it-more mature than some of the crew members.
LIVELY: Well, I have a big family and no one ever treated me like a child. They always treated me like an adult, like an equal. But with acting, I think half of it is just acting confident. We stand on these red carpets and pose in these dresses, but we’re all only so confident. It doesn’t mean we think we’re great looking or anything. It’s all a façade. But the sex scene was really awkward. It was my first day, so thank you for that.
AFFLECK: You’re welcome.
LIVELY: I guess it was good to break the ice. [laughs]


AFFLECK: So before you got to Paris, you were down in New Orleans doing Green Lantern, which is a big Hollywood superhero movie. You’re playing the secretary of the Air Force or something?
LIVELY: Secretary? I own the company! I play a fighter pilot. Are you intimidated now?
AFFLECK: So you’re playing a much older character-a person with a lot of responsibility in regards to airplanes and that kind of stuff.
LIVELY: Did you see Pearl Harbor [2001]? My character has the same kind of position as the lead character in that.
AFFLECK: [laughs] Funnily enough, that doesn’t bring anything to mind. I must have blacked that out. So who’s more attractive: Jon Hamm or Ryan Reynolds?
LIVELY: Pete Postlethwaite.
AFFLECK: See, that’s the quote that’s going to get pulled out and be in bold letters above the interview. So when people read it, they get to this part of the conversation and they say, “Well, that was just bullshit.” [Lively laughs] I do have to say though, Pete Postlethwaite is an attractive guy. He is fabulous. And Green Lantern sounds pretty good.


AFFLECK: Well, that was the last question. I didn’t get to some others I wanted to ask you, like, “Which day did you find yourself most impressed by me?”
LIVELY: Or am I happy that you don’t wear cashmere turtlenecks anymore.
AFFLECK: Oh, Jesus Christ. I don’t know what pictures you’re looking at. How about: Would you work with me again? When your price is too expensive, can I hire you for scale? I want you to say it now so it’s in a magazine.
LIVELY: Oh, gosh. You’re so tacky! I told you already that I’d never work with you again. Jason Bourne maybe.
AFFLECK: Do you remember when you and I had worked together for months and we were wandering around in Boston and at one point I just randomly pointed to a place and said, “Matt Damon lived there.” And you turned to me and were like, “What? You know Jason Bourne?” [Lively laughs]

LIVELY: Of course I’ll work with you again.
AFFLECK: I’m going to introduce you to Jason Bourne so that you’ll be grateful.
LIVELY: I’m already grateful.

AFFLECK: Now stop trolling the Internet looking for pictures of me and critiquing my wardrobe. Before I went to do this interview somebody said, “Blake is a fashion darling.” All of us can’t be fashion darlings, Blake.
LIVELY: Well, people like you make me fashionable, because if there is no wrong there can be no right.
AFFLECK: You’ve gotten so much more bitchy since we wrapped the film.
LIVELY: But I think you have to say that I’m charming at the end of the interview. I think that’s the rule.
AFFLECK: You’re very charming.
LIVELY: Actually, I think they usually like to end these interviews on a funny note.
AFFLECK: I’m not sure that I said anything funny. Maybe you did.
LIVELY: Maybe they’ll just have someone else redo the interview.
AFFLECK: Okay, then. I’m going to let you go. I can hear the Gossip Girl people banging on your trailer door because you’re holding up the whole production doing this interview. This is how you get a bad reputation: You stay on the phone doing interviews.
LIVELY: I’m actually not in a trailer. I’m in a hotel room with no air conditioning. It’s very special.
AFFLECK: That’s the charm of Europe. What can I say?
LIVELY: That’s going to be the quote right there: “Ben Affleck says things don’t work well in Europe.”

[From Interview Magazine]

Um… I totally think they were doing it. And I think it was really hot, too. Is it wrong that I’m kind of in love with Blake now too? True, she doesn’t seem like the most awesome girl in the world, but she’s a bigger, more hardcore bitch than I realized, and I respect that. Oh, and Ben was totally gushing over her. It was kind of uncomfortable. Like, if the interview went on for any longer (and this was already a seriously long piece), Ben was going to ask, “Can I touch your hair?

Heading to lunch together, Blake Lively and Ben Affleck pal around on set right after shooting a sex scene together of their upcoming film, The Town, in Boston, Massachusetts on September 01, 2009. Fame Pictures, Inc

Heading to lunch together, Blake Lively and Ben Affleck pal around on set right after shooting a sex scene together of their upcoming film, The Town, in Boston, Massachusetts on September 01, 2009. Fame Pictures, Inc



Interview photos courtesy of HuffPo, additional pics at Interview online.

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  1. Celebitchy says:

    I do love him, but he’s *such* a guy and it wouldn’t surprise me if he had an affair, felt guilty about it and bought Jen a massive diamond ring. He seems predictable like that.

    -edit- Ok I read through the whole interview and yes I think it’s obvious that they had something going on.

  2. Chris says:

    Sorry Jen, sigh….

  3. denise says:

    Well they’re really comfy with each other.

  4. k says:

    I couldn’t get through it all; so tacky. I hope Jen gets a lot of money in the upcoming divorce.

  5. Juice in LA says:

    He couldn’t be more obvious if he were sniffing her crotch like a bulldog.

    Poor Jen. I always got the feeling the Jen-Ben relationship had tones of Courtney-David. Like Jen worked to ground him and make him a decent, sober grown up, but ultimately he just didn’t/won’t handle.

  6. Heaven-bound says:

    He laughs and looks more “alive” with Blake than the pictures I have seen with his wife. Hmmm… interesting…

  7. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I don’t like Ben ever since he dogged Jen Lopez. I didn’t read the whole thing, let me skim through it some more now…skeeved out now. Why did Ben have to mention she was 3 when Good Will Hunting came out? Ugh!!!!!! OMG. Then he mentions they had a sex scene on the first day of shooting and he liked how she handled herself. *VOMIT* Inappropriate. He had no business mentioning that.

    There is a level of intimacy involved with sex scenes. Plus at the core of a sex scene the point is sex!!!! I can totally see why you think they boned Kaiser because who the fu*k does that.

    I wouldn’t put it past him to cheat. Not at all, especially since I don’t think he isn’t or has ever really been attracted to Jen Garner.

  8. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Oh but as far as the film goes, being the film buff that I am. I saw the trailer for The Town when I saw Inception or was when it I saw Salt anyway it looked really good. Looks like it might be better than Gone Baby Gone. Ok I don’t know if he can top that movie. We will see though. Ben does have a talent for directing.

  9. Kazoo81 says:

    they totally banged.

  10. guesty says:

    haha. love it.

  11. OMJ says:

    Her face looks weirdly old, and I have to mention that people who call acting their ‘craft’ are generally pompous self-important morons. That’s all.

  12. Janeth says:

    Well that was interesting. I kinda like them together. Jen seems like a major bitch anyways!

  13. Dee says:

    Kaiser, I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t been waiting for you to comment on this today. I knew you’d see it too…quite uncomfortable right? Too much flirting going on for it to be totally innocent.

  14. jane says:

    People should read the actual interview on the website than the way Kaiser has pieced it together here. This was a phone interview, she was in Paris and he was probably in LA. The fact that he didn’t even know what role she plays in The Green Lantern should be a clue that he doesn’t keep tabs on her as you all would like to believe. What saddens me most about this post is that both Kaiser and Celebitchy sound really happy with the thought of a married man cheating on his family with a young hot thing, that speaks volumes of the kind of morals or lack thereof that you both have.

  15. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    The only good thing about that movie will be Jon Hamm.

  16. Kazoo81 says:

    calm down, jane.

  17. danielle says:

    Yeah, that was an odd interview. He totally wants her, but maybe she said no and that’s why he’s still all about her. She’s very funny, I was amused.

  18. Celebitchy says:

    Yeah Jane, we’re so happy and amoral.

  19. Oi says:

    Yes, her wearing what looks like his pull over red sox hoddie seems a little suspicious. I don’t wear another guys clothes unless it is really a last resort. She doesn’t have a coat handy, or the crew didn’t have one for her? He couldn’t wear the pull over, and give her the jacket?

  20. Jeri says:

    Well, they certainly are fasinated by each other. I remember Ben rented a Billboard praising JLo when he first worked with her & she was married to Chris (not sure that was his name). I thought OMG – did he really do that?! Of course, soon she was divorcing & they were together.

  21. trixy says:

    clever repartee. witty banter. very cute. Who would have thought she was so sassy and funny. good piece.

    P.S. Jane, this is all in good fun. deep breath.

  22. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LOL Jeri Ben took out an AD in Variety, which is the one reading material you will find on all actors. Its like a newsletter of all casting news and stuff like that. The guy Jen Lopez was married to was Chris Judd.

  23. Milan says:

    More speculation…where’s the evidence or do we crucify people on rumours nowadays.

  24. simone says:

    AFFLECK: And you’ve never even seen it. That felt good to me.
    LIVELY: You were in Good Will Hunting?


    bitch, he got an Oscar ! she does not even know the industry she works in it!

  25. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LOL Simone I am pretty sure Blake was being sarcastic.

  26. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Well thank you for educating us all on what Daily Variety is LA.

  27. Brittney says:

    What’s with married men who are accused of cheating with a younger co-star on their famous wives named Jennifer, and then turn around and do huge magazine spreads (whether long, gushing interviews or simulated-violent-sex/happy-family photo-shoots) with the alleged other-woman? WHILE STILL MARRIED?!

  28. snowball says:

    Ben seems..I wish I had a word that wasn’t so girly, but he seems really flighty. He wanted the whole family, settle down thing, so he went with Jen Garner, then he got the hometown girl, wife and gorgeous kids and he was hardly around. She’s all over the place with these to-die-for girls and he’s gone.

    When he decides to pop in on them from time to time and when the press does get pics of them, they just look sort of blah together. Sorry, for everyone that wants to jump on my @ss with the argument that you can’t know how they are away from the paps, maybe you can get an idea from the little snips that you see with the paps. Those girls are vibrant with Jen. With Ben, he barely looks at them and they barely look at him. How often have you really seen him with Seraphina? Other than when he carries her home from someplace, when have you seen him actually doing anything with Violet?

    When he’s with Jen, she looks at him, he looks away. She touches him, he has his hands in his pockets. Contrast that with his touchy feely with Blake. Ben wants what he doesn’t have, then when he gets it, he doesn’t want it after a while. He totally boned Blake and in a while, after he’s divorced Jen (it’s coming after the movie’s been out) and probably dated Blake, he’ll move on to someone else.

    Ben’s his own worst enemy.

  29. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Awww well Fluffy your welcome. It was really for Jeri but I am always happy to help others.

  30. Paula says:

    I think Ben is beard for her relationship Ryan reynolds.It’s no coincidence they’re both were seen coming out of the same hotel.

  31. Annie says:

    Jane, your Shrink called and said you’re projecting again. Take another pill and relaxxxxxxxxx Baby.

  32. electric says:

    they boned. or at least he wanted to bone her

  33. Cinderella says:

    Not only have they probably boned, I think they’re still boning. Best way to hide is out in the open!

  34. Kaiser says:

    Snowball – CB & I have had long conversations about this (she’s a Ben fan, what can I say?), and this – what you just said – is always the crux of my argument: Ben is self-defeating, and self-destructive. He always has been.

    Oh, and I think Blake let him have a little, and he wants more. I think that’s the dynamic at play here.

  35. OC lady says:

    After reading one interview, you’ve come to the conclusion that they’re boning? Don’t you want a little more evidence than that? Perhaps, a paparazzi pic of them kissing, or him leaving her place, or SOMETHING MORE? Seriously?

    I think this reads like a calculated attempt to drum up publicity. Ben’s career is in the dumps, and hers is barely getting started. Nothing gets people interested like SEX i ESCANDALO! It’s the same PR move Jen Aniston used w/Gerard Butler, etc.

    Somehow I doubt Ben would be this obvious. He seems like a major dumbass, but not that dumb. But I might be wrong. Anyways, that’s my take.

  36. gen says:

    My gut says they didn’t have a fling. But that doesn’t really mean anything.

  37. Kloops says:

    What a dull interview. They are either both lacking wit or were painfully flirting. Either way, it translates very poorly onto paper.

  38. Tazina says:

    People can only speculate whether they did or didn’t. I like facts, not assumptions based on a couple of friendly photos.

  39. Crash2GO2 says:

    I think you summed it up nicely snowball! Poor Jen and the girls to be saddled with such a fuckwit.

  40. aenflex says:

    If the shoe fits….
    I have never liked Ben, and I’m from Beantown so I feel a lil bad for that. But he just reminds me of a b*tch. I will feel bad for Jennifer if he is cheating, but why she married him the in he 1st place is her business, and I cannot begin to guess at that.

  41. IceBunny says:

    once a cheater, always a cheater. that sucks. and it’s too bad.. because Blake seems above that. quite funny, that one. He is clearly emotionally slobbering all over her. I feel so bad for Jen, and in that last “family outing in the playground” contrived photo-op with the kids a couple weeks ago… he looked way too smiley and happy.. and Jen looked all downtrodden and was giving him the side-eye as he swooped Violet up with this big smile… now that’s an inappropriate moment for a side-eye if there ever was one. The normal reaction would have been for her to have a huge smile too.. it was that kind of cute moment.. but instead, she looked disgusted. I do feel bad for Jen. Blake will skate away unscathed.. off to the next role.. as will Ben, to the next young hot thing. deja-freaking-vu.

  42. IceBunny says:

    oh … and Jen had lost tons of weight this past winter.. when shooting for that movie was probably taking place, and when this hook-up would have been happening.. her new super-thinness wasn’t really covered in the media I don’t think (which surprised me because I found it very noticeable).. and that is classic behavior for a woman who finds out her husband is cheating.

    I usually don’t believe rumors until things are more substantiated, but in this case.. her weight loss.. this interview.. the rumors..combined with the recent body language and expressions on all involved.. yes, I believe it.

  43. Madison says:

    Poor Jen? Nah. Karma is a bitch. Jen did the same thing to her ex-husband when she made Daredevil with Affleck.

    It’s pretty clear Ben has a major crush on Blake, these pictures and now the interview pretty much confirms it.

  44. Taya says:

    Ben is totally shagging Blake and I am sure he has smelled her hair, just in a place that is not public. Affleck is seems more excited to be interviewing Blake, than he ever has been with his wife Jen.

    Jen deserves to be cheated on; especially how she cheated on and humiliated her ex-husband and Vartan.

  45. The Truth Fairy says:

    @Oi — Are you joking? They are on set, filming, and she is wearing what the wardrobe people gave her to wear.

  46. Liana says:

    There is a level of intimacy involved with sex scenes. Plus at the core of a sex scene the point is sex!!!! I can totally see why you think they boned Kaiser because who the fu*k does that.

    Really, there’s very little intimacy in filmed sex scenes for non-porn films. Not unless you consider having a shitload of people around you while you get to getting with someone with someone else blocking out and directing your every move to be an intimate encounter. There is nothing sexy about a sex scene until it hits the screen.

    He’s better not have bonked Lively. I happen to really like his wife!

  47. TG says:

    @snowball – you had me laughing so hard. I love how confident you are of what is coming! The interview was too long and boring for me but I did read 2/3rds of it and didn’t think they were flirting but I better read again since everyone else seems to see it.

    And @Madison – That is exactly why I have never liked Jen it seemed like she was just trading up. But I do have to admit she always looks so happy and in love with her kids and that is how I want to be with my daughter when she is born.

  48. Kimi says:

    She looks like a tranny

  49. Wench says:

    Why do they have to be banging?

    I mean, maybe they are…

    But I lived with a girl I flirted painfully with during three years at uni. No sex, nobody trying to have sex. We just had to pass the day.

    These people are working with eachother; maybe they need it too.

  50. Camille says:

    Oooh yeah, totally flirting, at least. If they do/did have an affair, they could become Jen/Brad/Angie 2.0, and finally we could have a new trio to bitch about and leave the other 3 alone. I hope the tabs start making something out of this 😆 .

  51. Crash2GO2 says:

    @IceBunny: I’m with you on the weight loss thing. She got shockingly thin, an enormous ring suddenly appeared on her finger, and now we have the staged photo ops and she looks suspiciously pregnant again.

    And now Boobs Leggsly flirting up a storm with Mr Hands in His Pockets While His Wife Kisses Him.

  52. Truthzbetta says:

    That first picture says it all. If anybody sees their husband looking at another woman with Ben’s shit eating grin in pic #1, and the follow up manhandle two shoulder grope in pic #2 they might want to slap him with his walking papers before having to see what the hell went on in the trailer. If not this girl, it’ll be another. He clearly thinks he’s a free man on the loose.

  53. lambchops says:

    He and his brother have always seemed sleezy, self-destructive types. What a weiner to be flirting with this young girl in an interview. She doesn’t seem to have a sure handle on what’s going on, but he should know better.

  54. Abby says:

    I don’t think I’d be too excited to hear about them “wandering” through Boston together if I were Jen.

  55. Shoe_Lover says:

    Just so you know Jen G isn’t as innocent and wholesome as she pretends. She cheated on her husband with Michael Vartan and then cheated on him with Ben and then just happened to get pregnant a few months into her relationship with Ben when for years with the first hubby and MV she had managed her birth control properly. Way to trap a guy into a relationship!!

  56. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    Men act like idiots around young pretty women. They ALL do. Ben is no exception. Jen may be beautiful but she’s his wife and men don’t get all giggly and flittery around their wives. Doesn’t mean they don’t love us. I hate those “once a cheater, always a cheater” platitudes. People never grow and change? I cheated on my last boyfriend, so I’ll cheat on my husband? I am not capable of staying loyal! Or is that just men? Men are just dogs, is that it?

    Finally, I don’t get the Blake Lively thing. She looks very generic blonde to me. I live in L.A., so I see these girls everywhere I look. I just saw 3 blondes prettier than her at Trader Joe’s today.

  57. slymm27 says:

    no news here. He is a man, he is surely cheating on his wife, and bonning Blake….next story!!!!

  58. Liana says:

    last I checked, in this day and age, people don’t have to get married when the woman gets pregnant.

  59. Iggles says:

    @ Madison:
    Poor Jen? Nah. Karma is a bitch. Jen did the same thing to her ex-husband when she made Daredevil with Affleck.

    It’s pretty clear Ben has a major crush on Blake, these pictures and now the interview pretty much confirms it.

    Co-sign 100%!

    Taya & Shoe_Lover – Agreed.

  60. Chris says:

    He’s totally boning her. She’s a little young for him and he looks like a douche.

  61. di butler says:

    The body language experts’ radar just went into overload after seeing those pics. And I’ve been getting Interview mag for 20 yrs, you can totally tell when ppl have a real chemistry. They do.

  62. Isa says:

    I don’t know, I could argue it both ways. I’ve seen the pictures of Jen and Ben out looking miserable several times and I always make excuses. Mainly about them being annoyed at the paps. But then you compare them to pictures of Jen with the girls or Ben with Blake and they look happy.
    I also think that if the paps were around they would try to pretend they were happy even if they were getting on each others nerves. Surely as celebrities they are well aware of how the magazines/blogs take a few pictures and create a ZOMG story about them.
    It’s odd how he gushes over her, I thought to myself: “Well he never does the same about his wife.” But maybe that’s because he wants to keep his private life private.
    I did find it odd that they wandered Boston together.
    I seem to recall Celebitchy covering Jen’s dramatic weight loss.
    Anyway, I feel like they did have a small affair, but it’s over now.

  63. WolfBait says:

    Good lord,she is so amazingly…average! I really don’t get all the hype over her.

  64. Taya says:


    “cheated on him with Ben and then just happened to get pregnant a few months into her relationship with Ben when for years with the first hubby and MV she had managed her birth control properly”

    What makes you think Jen never became pregnant with either of these men? Just a thought.

  65. Whatever says:

    There is something about Ben that makes me think he’d stick it anywhere he had the chance. He probably is screwing around. Poor little girls.

  66. bea says:

    In the year of Tiger and Jesse, if Ben were screwing around with this young thing, the papz would have totally found out. He probably wanted to bone her, but she wouldn’t give in. Hence the extreme flirting in this interview; there was still the thrill in the pursuit. And I really don’t think Jennifer would approve of him interviewing her if she had found them out.

  67. Kazoo81 says:

    whatever, me too!i know celebitchy hates goopy but i like her and she tends to be very blunt. anyway, i remember her saying that ben’s perfect woman would be a stripper with a beer in each hand or something along those lines. ever since then, i just get skeeze ball from him. and yeah, he totally gets off easy with the j-lo relationship. he totally openly pursued her while she was married.

  68. Merry says:

    Nooooo! Oh, come on, please no! I love Jennifer Garner so much, I can’t stand to think of this idiot cheating on her!
    Besides, I’m really getting the “me want, me take” vibe from him, all the time. Pathetic immature selfish idiot!

  69. Kitten says:

    I doubt it. Blake Lively has been dating Penn Badgley for eons and I get the vibe that their shit is tight.

  70. Feebee says:

    I did a double take with one of the pics, I really thought she was Gwyneth Paltrow… didn’t Affleck go out with her once?

  71. ks says:

    His interactions with Lively reminded me of the episode of Jon Favreau’s Dinner for Five. Affleck was dating Jennifer Lopez at the time. Affleck and Garner starred together in Daredevil and during the dinner they were chatting, then flirting openly amongst the other guests. I remember telling my husband that I didn’t think Bennifer was long in this world.

    Check out the clips… Affleck seems to have a pattern with the ladies at 5:30 in the flirting starts at about 1:30 in you can see Jen just beam with love to him. When he talks about calling his girlfriend when he won the Oscar her face falls. And, he never mentions Lopez by name.

  72. SolitaryAngel says:

    I’m with Snowball on this…perfect summation on Ben, btw! I feel badly for Jenn.

  73. Iggles says:

    ks – Thanks for the links. Yea, there was some flirting going on. I think it’s definitely Ben’s MO to pepper out compliments to women he’s interested in.

    That video made me like Jen less if that’s even possible (I already dislike her). It seems she was going out of her way to focus on Ben and revelled in their inside jokes. Ben did too, but he seemed more aware of keeping conversation with the other guests.

  74. I Choose Me says:

    He was definitely flirting but based on past interviews that seems to be his thing. I really don’t think they boned as you say. For one thing, based on the lengthy and imo fun interview they’re not keeping regular tabs on each other and Blake and Penn seem to be pretty solid. Why would she jeopardize her relationship with her long-term boyfriend esp when as you pointed out, she didn’t have to sleep with Ben to get the job. I get the speculation about these two, I do but I think there’s too much projecting and analyzing going on here.

  75. Darlene says:

    I’m totally missing all the hoopla about flirting between Affleck and Lively and also between Jen and Affleck during the dinner as shown in the youtube video.

    I believe that Jen and Ben are a very well suited for each other and are a very solid couple (as far as Hollyweird types go). I hope they are very happy together as long as they chose to be with each other. None of us know the hows and whys are their relationship and it is frankly none of our business.

    When I first heard the news that they were seeing each other I couldn’t help think of how lucky they both were. I didn’t think it was possible but it has been over 6 yrs and they are not the parents of two gorgeous girls (both seem to adore their girls) and seem to be building a healthy and happy family lifestyle for themselves. If Jen had waited for Vartan to settle down and have children (he is over 40 yrs old and says he is not ready for children) I read that he and Jen were better suited as friends than than anything else. If not for Ben, who btw also wanted to have a family, Jen, who I think was born to be a mom would not likely have her babies. Foley, (who I also truly liked btw) at least became a father last year. He also said that there was no infidelity in his marriage with Jen and I somehow believe him over some gossip rags and the like.

    Jen believes in Ben and I believe in her and thereby am willing to give Ben the benefit of the doubt. I don’t know Lively and cannot speak to her position in this case.

  76. Vivelafrance says:

    Oh non pas lui !!!!!!

    Ce type est trop moche.

  77. mara says:

    i looked at google images of pete postlewaite and there happens to a pictire of ben affleck in there. weird. was this a joke between them?
    this interview was during the filming of green lantern-when she was having an affair with ryan reynolds.

  78. My sister did it when she had her daughter, and our friend used Bella when she had their 2nd daughter a month ago. Both times the pictures turned out beautiful. They are really expensive though.