Rob Lowe and wife sued again by different nanny, also repped by Gloria Allred

Almost everyone sided with Rob Lowe when the news came out that a nanny would had spent 7 years with his family, returning twice on her own volition, suddenly decided to sue for sexual harassment. 24 year-old Jessica Gibson claimed that Lowe fondled her and made her watch him masturbating among other allegations, but at no point in 7 years did she ever go to the police, her family or her supervisor with these claims. Now she’s suing in a civil suit and is represented by vampire attorney Gloria Allred. Gibson appeared giddy and less than credible in her single public appearance on The Today Show, in which she grinned foolishly and referred most questions to Allred, who went on about how excited she was to get a chance to confront Lowe and his wife in court.

Now Gibson’s lawyer Gloria Allred has filed suit against the Lowes on behalf of another nanny, but all the charges are against Lowe’s wife, Sheryl, and involve inappropriate talk and behavior. She does not accuse her of touching her or making a move on her at all:

Laura Boyce is not accusing Rob of sexual misdeeds, but she’s throwing everything — including the kitchen sink — at his wife, Sheryl.

TMZ is privy to the complaint, which has been filed in L.A. County Superior Court, but not yet released. Among the allegations against Sheryl:

– Walking around naked, completely exposing herself to Boyce.

– Asking Boyce about the size of Boyce’s boyfriend’s penis.

– Asking questions about how she could have sex with Boyce’s boyfriend, given his 7′ height (he’s a former NBA player).

– Using her forearm to gesture the size of Boyce’s boyfriend’s penis.

– Once saying “laughingly that her husband’s (Rob) cockrings were broken,” allegedly showing them to Boyce.

– Telling Boyce about her sex life with Rob.

– Talking about the size of her children’s penises.

– After Boyce allegedly phoned to say she wasn’t coming to work because she was sick, Sheryl allegedly screamed Boyce “got strep throat from sucking ni***r d**k. I mean black d**k.”

There is no claim of unwanted touching or overture. There are also claims for wrongful termination, abuse of process, unpaid salary and labor code violations.

[From TMZ]

If that’s even partially true, it’s really trashy and inexcusable. It also makes for an uncomfortable work environment, and if she really did these things – again we have no way of knowing since these are still allegations by people seeking money who worked for their family for years – then the nanny should have spoken to her supervisor, filed a complaint with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing in California, and clearly told Sheryl Lowe that this was unacceptable. Did the second nanny do any of these things to report her employer? It’s doubtful. In fact the woman who managed Lowe’s staff personally vouched for his behavior, as did a lot of his other employees and coworkers.

Here’s more information about how you can deal with suspected sexual harassment at work and what constitutes harassment. This would probably fall under the category of a “hostile work environment,” but if this is even true the woman should have told Sheryl to back off and should have filed a complaint.

Lowe’s lawyer says this is just another tactic by Gloria Allred to add fuel to a pretty weak case that’s getting negative publicity and that the allegations are false.

What I want to know is if this Laura Boyce who’s filing the second complaint is the 1/2 sister of nanny Jessica Gibson, who also worked for the Lowes for seven years.

Rob Lowe and his wife Sheryl are shown at the White House Correspondents’ dinner on 4/26/08. It seems like everyone pretty much went. Thanks to WENN.

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  1. Pretty Vacant says:

    I think it is all BS!!!

  2. headache says:

    How convenient that this nanny who never complained before has hooked up with Allred too. uh huh

  3. Krazy Kev says:

    BS,BS,BS…..Give me a break! What a performance from Laura Boyce and Gloria Allred. Watching her cry made me sick. You would think by her emotions that she was raped and battered. There are U.S. solders being killed and getting there limbs blown off and she crying about how devastating Sheryl Lowe’s comment were. Get a grip…….