Idris Elba is fine, talks about how black men have “never been sexy”


I think it was Season 5 of Sex and the City when Blair Underwood came on as a love interest for Miranda/Cynthia Nixon. I actually adored their relationship, even though I was happy when she got back with Steve. But I digress – when Miranda and Blair’s character were first seeing each other, he comes over and they end up watching Miranda’s favorite British soap opera on BBC America, in which a handsome black dude and a white lady are getting it on. Blair quips, “I love a brother with an accent.” That is one of my favorite lines, EVER. Because it is different, isn’t it? The love I have for an American dude like Blair is substantial – but when you’re talking about a brother with an accent, like Idris Elba, well… I think my panties just exploded. And I love it.

So, yeah… this fine piece of man-candy is on the cover of Upscale, looking f-cking gorgeous. He has some sh-t to say too, about the evolving image of black men in the world, on whether he’s a sex symbol, and wanting to do a film about the real violence he’s seen on the streets of London:

On being a sex symbol:
“Black men have never been sexy. We’re ‘sportsmen.’ We’re ‘intimidating.’ We’re not ‘good fathers.’ So we need that. I think we should celebrate that. But am I a sex symbol? I don’t know. Not everybody likes one thing.”

On who he’s dating:
“I’m sure people are curious, but do they really care? No. Jesus Christ, does it make a difference in their lives? No, not at all. …I don’t hide my girlfriend in a box or anything like that. I keep a very real existence in my real life. I go shopping for food myself. I have kids. I love my children and I love my kids. But they are not part of that world.”

On His music:
“When you listen to hip-hop right now, a lot of it is so aspirational: I wanna get this, I wanna be that. For me, it’s a matter of celebrating who we are and where we are. Being thankful and trying to be content with what you have, as opposed to what you can get. My music, especially the rap stuff, is a bit more observational.”

On wanting to do a film about what London is really like:
“The streets of London are becoming ridiculously violent and I want to do a story that sort of depicts that. I wanted to tell a story that I can relate to so I can be fully engaged by it. I think I’d be able to capture it in its essence.”

On the fame game:
“When you’re promoting a film, you become a property. That is actually one of the harder pills to swallow, as far as success is concerned. You have to be accessible all the time. As I climb the ladder, I realize that I’m becoming more and more of a recluse. One can water down their worth if they’re over exposed… I like it [the moderate super-stardom] for personal reasons. For my work reasons, it’s important that my name is recognizable, to make my films profitable. That’s sort of my push-pull dilemma. I don’t want it to be at the expense of my personal life to the point where I just can’t go anywhere.”

[From Upscale Magazine via Bossip and Necole Bitchie]

I honestly didn’t know that he rapped too. Ooh… I just found his stuff – he raps under the name “Driss” or “King Driss”. Meh. I think he’s a stronger actor, honestly. And part of the reason he gets so much work is because he can lose his British accent so completely that everyone thinks he’s an American actor. ‘Tis a shame, because in my fantasies, he’s always got an English accent.




Photos from Upscale Magazine, courtesy of Bossip.

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  1. Victoria says:

    Never been sexy?! Not until he came along! I SOOOO have the hots for this dude! I hear he lives in Atlanta I may need to take a little trip. 😉

  2. Katie says:

    He is sex on a stick, especially with the accent. He was amazing on The Wire, but he is sexiest with the accent. Yummy. I just read on Vulture that he is taking over for Morgan Freeman as Det. Cross. He could totally work that I think.

  3. aenflex says:

    He is a fine specimen, though I like him better w/o the chinstache

  4. mln says:

    He is so sexy….. but I have to disagree with him I mean Blair Underwood on LA Law in what 1987???

  5. denise says:

    Idris is one handsome man. He exudes class. But black men have always been sexy. Blair Underwood is old school and is still hella sexy.

  6. Lara says:

    In regards to his accent, he was just in a show in the UK called Luther where he played a detective. I honestly thought that his accent in that was an attempt at a London accent and his ‘true’ voice was that from The Wire. He sounds better American then he does British!

  7. I’ve loved him FOR.EV.ER. It’s cute that he thinks he’s not a sex symbol lol.

  8. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    I am not all that familiar with him except in that horrible movie, Obssessed, and he was , along with everyone else, terrible in it, and I am sure it was due to the terrible writing and not necessarily his acting.

  9. Sarah says:

    I’m not seeing this guys appeal. I don’t get why women are swooning over the old spice ads. I just don’t get it. There are far more sexy black men out there. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a handsome man he’s just not all that to me. Shemar Moore from Criminal Minds has this guy beat. Now he’s one sexy brother.

  10. Kaiser says:

    Fluffy – He was also on The Office, he was in RockNRolla, and he did at least one Tyler Perry film – that one with Gaby Union.

  11. Tasman says:


  12. LindyLou says:

    Sarah – OMG yes Shemar Moore is one freakin sexy man!! He makes my panties explode! lol

  13. mln says:

    @Fluffy Kitten Tail his best role was as Stringer Bell on the Wire the hotness.

  14. guesty says:

    @denise…so cosign. never heard him with the accent tho.

    &fluffy kitten tail…obsessed could’ve worked maybe if say halle berry was the lead & there was an affair involved. imo ‘b’ should not act ever. because fatal attraction was fab & obsessed was such spin off.

  15. Linda says:

    Black men have never been sexy? You’re joking, right?

  16. phlyfiremama says:

    I havn’t heard his accent, but he played the MoST delicious bad guy on HBO’s “The Wire”. I think he is utterly hot & sexy, and deserves roles to showcase him more. Bring on the Idris!

  17. weslyn says:

    that is one sexy man..i think it’s a mix of his accent, his chocolate skin, and his him

  18. lilred says:

    co-sign with Sarah on Shemar Moore…major hotness.

  19. canadianchick says:


  20. RHONYC says:

    yo, cynthia nixon (aka mrs. Rojo Caliente) deserved an emmy for that hot scene where dr. robert leeds was plowin deep in her and steve walked in and walked into the wall from shock!

    hot & hilarious!

    p.s. – edris, you forget these hot blasts from the past who were HELLA sexy:

    *paul robeson
    *sidney poitier
    *young bill cosby (from his ‘i spy’ days…chil’ you betta ask somebody!)

    *richard roundtree aka ‘shaft’ bitchez!
    *billy dee williams
    *sammy davis jr. (he had the ugly/sexy swag i.e. franklin from t.b.)
    *melvin van peebles
    *richard pryor
    *issac hayes

    jussayin 🙂

  21. lena says:

    He could get it, all day… every day.

  22. ann carter says:

    but when you’re talking about a brother with an accent, like Idris Elba, well… I think my panties just exploded. And I love it.


    This man is OFF the charts SMOKING,BLAZING,SCORCHING HOT

  23. TaylorB says:

    Black men aren’t sexy? Well that is news to me, and my sexy fantasy man Denzel, I know he is considered ‘old’ by some (under 30) but that man has the most perfect bone structure I have ever seen… and I bet a dime to a dollar he smells wonderful as well, big strong hands, and that voice… my god!@(*&($%$#%# you can NOT get sexier than Denzel. Just watch ‘The Mighty Quinn’, he is sexy on a stick.

  24. truthSF says:

    Idris you sexy beast, just shut up and f*ck me!!

    edit: @Victoria, Atlanta? Where? Give me his address and phone # NOW!

    I’m in my car waiting for directions, lol!!!

  25. Kitten says:

    I was so in love with him as Stringer Bell on The Wire. He is one of the hottest men on the planet. He is just so…manly.

  26. TaylorB says:


    Wasn’t it Mario Van Peebles not Melvin that was the major hottie? Not to disrespect Melvin and I am certain he was cute in his day, but Mario is kind of on a different level of hot dude status. Are they related?

  27. denise says:

    @ Taylor

    I believe Melvin is the dad, Mario is the son.

  28. hoganbcmj says:

    he’s handsome, but why doesn’t he smile. He seems like he takes himself a little too seriously in the photos.

  29. Sigh. says:

    I don’t THINK he means that black men CAN’T be sexy, but they are not purposely mass-marketed as SEX SYMBOLS. They’re aren’t “the good looking one” in ensemble casts, but instead they are mostly “the athlete/weapons expert,” “the funny one,” “the 1 dimensional best friend,” and occasionally (and thankfully), “the smart one,” in recent years.

    They don’t make the COVER of the MOST BEAUTIFUL or SEXIEST MAN ALIVE issues very often, if at all (although I know these are just marketing tools as well).

    Having said that – this. man. is. sex.
    My apologies to his girlfriend/baby momma, because the picture I’ve made up in my head of how he should look in THOR is giving me dirty, dirty thoughts that puts us all to shame.

  30. RHONYC says:

    @ TaylorB

    i’m sayin taylor….we’re talkin back in the day.

    but, black men HAVE been seen as sexy in the good ol’ u.s. of a. in tv/cinema for a very long time.

    so…yes back in the day ol ‘sweetback’ melvin (mario’s dad) most definitely could get it.

    edris made a comment that is entirely inaccurate. ““Black men have never been sexy.” that’s his opinion of course.

    *queen elizabeth accent*

    “perhaps just not on your side of the pond, kind sir.”

    edris’ got it a lil twisted, but he’s still a fox. 🙂

  31. fizXgirl3114 says:

    My boyfriend has an english accent… it’s so hot!!!!

  32. Ruby Red Lips says:

    There are loads of sexy black men…Tyson Beckford to name just one…yum!!

  33. filthycute says:

    When I saw him on The Office, my panties melted right off.

  34. Praise St. Angie! says:


    That is all.

  35. TaylorB says:

    RHONYC and Denise,

    I did not know that was his dad, and honestly he must take after his mother. Not that Melvin isn’t attractive, but Mario is flat out stunning (IMHO) he is a loin shaker. And who the hell put Bill Cosby on the list of hot men, funny yes, guy you bring home to your parents, Hell yes, but guy you can not keep your hands to yourself, not so much (no offense to Bill.)

  36. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    @Kaiser- Ohhhh, now I remember him from RocknRolla! Okay! Yeah! He is hot though and I had no idea that was him until you mentioned it. Like I said, Obsessed was not a good movie to have seen him in.

    Had no idea he was on The Office.

    Heck, I watched The Wire too, and I do not remember him!

    P.S- I just checked his IMB page (Kaiser, thanks again) and he has been in several things I have seen. He looked so different in Obsessed than he did in the other movies I have seen him in.

    Thnaks everyone for giving me the skinny on him. I had no idea he had been on/in so many things .

  37. denise says:

    @ Taylor

    Yea, I don’t find young Bill or old Bill Cosby sexy.
    I never really found Mario Van peebles sexy either.
    I like Morris Chestnut, he’s fine and Boris Kudjoe, oh and my fantasy husband Michael Ealy, *drool*.

  38. Karen says:

    These comments are killing me! Unfortunately I haven’t been as attracted to Black men but damn when I saw Idris as the new boss (albeit temporarily) on The Office, I nearly died (um, due to the explosion from my panties). Then when I saw the credits and realized he was Idris Elba whose name I have heard before, I was sorry that I have been late to the “Please come to bed with me, Idris” party.

    I had NO idea that he was British. Now imma gonna have to shank both Victoria and truthSF for getting in the way of *my* man. [Sharpening razor blade, placing it back into my mouth]

  39. truthSF says:

    @ denise

    Stay the f*ck away from my man, Michael E., or I’ll shank ya. Just kidding…or not. 🙂

  40. TaylorB says:


    I always liked, as we are going with the older crowd of fellas, Garrett Morris from SNL, that is one sexy dude. There was just something about him perhaps his sense of humor, I love funny guys as long as they aren’t promoting Jello and dressing in horrid sweater vests like my dad. 🙂

  41. denise says:

    I love funny guys as long as they aren’t promoting Jello and dressing in horrid sweater vests like my dad. 🙂

    @ Taylor B
    haaahaa, lol!!!

    @ Truth SF

    If you can manage to peel yourself away from Idris, I will be more than happy to share Michael. That much fineness should’nt be contained to one person alone. But don’t get greedy. (ah one can dream)

  42. truthSF says:

    @ denise


    @ Karen

    I’m not going down without a fight, so bring it on bitch. 🙂 God I hope you’re not in the ATL so I can be the closest person to him. 😉

  43. Victoria says:

    @TruthSF: OK OBVIOUSLY Ive already looked this guy up so yeah Im a fan. ha ha ha! He’s in Atlanta for his music career pluse he is closer to his daughter. (he’s not married anymore) I looked him up after seeing him in RockNRolla. That man can wear the hell out of a polo shirt! I think you and I need a road trip! Im in KY so I just gotta head south.

  44. Kim says:

    Of People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive in 25 years 1 Black guy I think Denzel

  45. Victoria says:

    I dont know ladies maybe we should just meet up in Atlanta (Hotlanta) and may the bed woman win! Typo and it stays!

  46. truthSF says:

    Good one Victoria, but I’m already there, and I’m making my bed (with Idris in it) as we speak.
    ….And then I woke up. 🙁

  47. denise says:

    @ Victoria

    KY ?!
    How appropriate. (not that it will be needed)

  48. SoulLovah says:

    Black men have alwayyyyys been sexy! It’s just that the controllers of the media are finally accepting this!

  49. NayNay says:

    He is one sexy mother f*cker!!!

  50. mollination says:

    Black men have never been sexy??? Um, really? That’s one of the top 3 words I’d use to describe them physically, haha.

  51. RHONYC says:

    @ TaylorB & denise

    melvin had a definite swag back in the 70’s although his son is more handsome.

    & check back to the link…cosby was surprising handsome in the early ‘i spy’ eps.

    i was shocked by it too, but ol’ jello puddin’ pops had it goin on in the 60’s.

  52. Victoria says:

    @TruthSF: You’re in Atlanta? IF so you HAVE to go hear him rap! You must!

  53. valerie says:

    how are black men NOT sexxie? chocolate is my fav!!

  54. truthSF says:


    Depends on where and when he’s performing. I will have to get more info so I can hopefully go see my man.

    Do you know where he’s performing, btw?

  55. Welldun says:

    If you guys are going back as far as melvin van peebles and young bill cosby…let us not ever forget…Mr. Sam Cooke

  56. RHONYC says:

    @ Welldun:

    daaang. how could i forget?! he was something else.

    p.s. – my mom says that smokey robinson used to get her moist ‘down there’

    bwahahah! 🙂

  57. Victoria says:

    @TruthSF Well I just Googled it and I dont think he does the rapping as much as the acting. The article talked about him being a DJ but that’s about it. In the interview he was talking about doing a mixtape for Takers or Taken. Sorry Im not sure when you can catch him rapping. What I found to be more interesting was him narrorating a documentary about gangs in London where I think he grew up. Now that’s what I want to see. Oh and the comments people were makign about his rapping were that he “sucks”. NO! 🙁 Not my sexy chocolate man!

  58. mymy says:

    Black men have never been portrayed as sexy? Did I hear that correctly? The problem is that is the major way they have been portrayed. No in depth projections. No different angles. Just straight up sex. That is what I would be insulted over.

  59. Lara says:

    don’t forget Taye Diggs!

  60. Cleo says:

    A British accent is like the Book of Eli (I haven’t seen the movie) – it’s not the having it that makes you cool, it’s what you do with it and a lot of people can’t do ANYTHING with their British and Australian accents. I liked Bawlmore Stringer Bell more than I like Idris Elba with his real accent.

  61. I Choose Me says:

    You ladies are making me laugh with the comments. I totally agree that he is one sexay man. And while we’re on the subject of sexy black men. Anyone feeling Dule Hill? He plays Gus on Psyche and I think he used to be on West Wing. I think I first noticed him when he was in that movie Holes with Patricia Arquette. He seems sweet and he’s pretty funny on Psyche. I also really like Columbus Short. Back in the day it was Kristoff St. John who will always be fine as hell.

  62. Bopa says:

    “Black men have never been sexy”…pardon me sir but Denzel Washington has been sexy for decades. I got chills once just watching him walk in a movie. I’m hoping he means there haven’t been any sexy black British male actors.

  63. Incognita says:

    *in my best Eddie Murphy voice* Sexual chocolate! Now, that is one extra-fine man!!

  64. gillie says:

    everything about this man is sexxxy

  65. nnn says:

    One of the very first black male sex symbol was Billy Dee Williams (still fine as hell at 70+ years of age) and then Richard Roundtree when in Shaft. He was walking sex exuding explosive animalistic magnetism

    Put one of those kind of fine species with the voice of Barry White in the same room as me and i am gonna get down on my knees and kneel around them roaring like a wild cat.

  66. ohdear says:

    Sringer Bell rocks. Oh…as one other mentioned, Taye Diggs! And although Tiki is quite the scoundrel, his twin, Ronde (Tampa Bay Bucs), is easy on the eyes… his scoundrel-ness is unknown.

  67. RHONYC says:

    oh yes…the twins, tiki & ronde.

    purple label spank-bank edition. *slurp*

  68. Katija says:

    He looks great, but the only thing I can remember seeing him in was “Obsessed” – Which royally sucked.

    He’s a cutie, though!

  69. Musicfan says:

    Idris Elba has been hot since forever. Black men never sexy? Please people still faint at Denzel Washington! Blair Underwood dosent age and has been fine for years, and sometimes Jamie Foxx can be sexy.

    Ummm. Hotness!

  70. CB Rawks says:

    I also cosign that Shemar Moore is the hotness. And Colin Salmon and Morris Chestnut and Taye Diggs and Romany Malco… And when I saw Dirty Pretty Things, Chiwetel Eijiofor just melted my heart and my undergarments.

  71. Pretty Little Lyar says:

    OMG! I thought he was American.

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  74. hjsplit says:

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