Tom Cruise finally explains himself

I don’t know how it happened, but it seems that someone’s gotten to Tom Cruise – and I’m going to guess it’s someone in PR. Though it boggles my mind, Tom actually gave a reasonably normal and rational (at least for him) interview with Oprah – and from Us Weekly’s excerpts, it seems that the two got along well, though Oprah admitted to being a little hesitant at first.

Tom explains that he jumped on Oprah’s couch because he was just “so in love” with Katie Holmes, and he didn’t know how else to express it. As delusional as he can be, he seems to at least be able to understand that the results weren’t a great thing for his career.

Cruise tells Winfrey, “I just felt that way, and I feel that way about her. I can’t even articulate it, to be honest,” he adds. “That feeling, that connection. Just who she is and what she means to me.”

Of the negative response to his couch jumping, Cruise says, “It just kind of kept going. Those things I kind of go, ‘You just have to take in stride.’ It just kind of became a confluence of things.”

[From Us Magazine]

Tom even goes on to say that he’s relaxed his views about psychiatric medication a little bit. He had freaked out on Matt Lauer about the issue a few weeks following the Oprah couch jumping. Tom obviously still doesn’t support it, but is at least smart enough to say that it should be a parent’s decision.

Tom also says that he regretted criticizing Brooke Shields, who admitted to taking Paxil for post-partum depression. He doesn’t say he thinks she made a good decision, but says he regrets mentioning her in any way.

“I was feeling pressed in the interview with Matt Lauer,” Cruise says. “For me, my issue was really about child drugging. It’s not like it is today, like people are really kind of openly talking about this.”

(Cruise now says of medicating children, “I think the parent should be able to and should make that decision.”)

[From Us Magazine]

Tom glosses over some issues, like whether he thinks he’s targeted more for being a Scientologist, the reasons he and Katie waited so long to “debut” Suri, and the insinuation that his marriage to Katie Holmes is fake. But he actually does admit that he’s made some mistakes and could have done some things better.

It’s hard to tell if he really means it, but at least he’s got some better PR advice and knows to say it. In the past Tom has been so egocentric that he couldn’t seem to even understand how poorly he was coming across. It’ll be really interesting to see the interview in its entirety, which airs this afternoon.

Header photo of Tom and Katie at the LACMA’s Opening Celebration of the Broad Contemporary Art Museum in Los Angeles on February 2nd. Images thanks to PR Photos.

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  1. Kolby says:

    I think it’s too little, too late. There’s really nothing he can do to erase his connection with Scientology, or those wacko videos that came out with him in them. He’s made his millions – I think he should just retreat into the background where he can live his life out of the limelight.

  2. KateNonymous says:

    Somehow this is not at all convincing to me.

  3. KPC says:

    Katie looks pretty!

  4. Syko says:

    Every time I try to imagine him rational, my brain is taken over by that cruise ship video where he was laughing hysterically, pounding his knees, doubled over – about a picture of himself as Maverick in Top Gun. Not Maverick doing something funny. Just Maverick.

    No matter what, he’s still a creepy little man who belongs to a cult and thinks he owns the world. He gives me the skeevies.

  5. JayBird says:

    Oh yeah Syko, speaking of which, he also says that that video was taken “completely out of context.” I would like to know in what context that video seems rational.

    I’m not saying the guy has changed – but he’s definitely gotten some better PR.

  6. notprfect says:

    Yeah, katie does look really pretty in that pic. Too bad she has that hideous thing hanging off of her, and I don’t mean her scarf. 🙂

  7. Mandy says:

    Can we just say PR/Sweeps stunt. There is no reason for him to be doing this except for self PR and her for the ratings. If he had self esteem and truly believed what he is saying, it would not be necessary to explain himself. Sad actually.

  8. OXA says:


  9. headache says:

    I know it’s a cult and Tom Cruise is batshit. I swear I do. I just fail to understand why Katie’s grown, dumb ass doesn’t get flack for attaching herself to him and his freaky little fundraising brainwashing scheme not so cleverly disguised as a religion just to elevate her profile and get a fatter bank account.

    The woman is a fricking golddigger!!

    Katie was old enough to know better but too blinded by career possibilites to give a damn. Why should she get my sympathy?

  10. Anon says:

    Isn’t think a really old photo?

  11. happyfatty says:

    God help me, I am a publicist’s wet dream. If I squint really hard I can almost forget the freak-show Tom of recent years and almost love him like I did when Jerry Maquire came out. Almost…

  12. okay... says:

    He has become one of the few actors whose work I can no longer watch because of his off screen behavior. I can’t get past it. I’ve tried but everytime I see him, I see CRAZY!!!

  13. velvet elvis says:

    To me this was Tom trying to desperately crawl on his hands and knees back to the hordes of fans who have shunned him…a last gasp effort to resuscitate his career…pathetic.

  14. jan says:

    I love his great big Colorado house!!

    Katie is a fuckin fool, but I’m glad Oprah isn’t. She asked good questions.

  15. ? says:

    My question is what has this guy done that was so incredibly wrong? Not 5 years ago he was the biggest star out there adored by millions (I was not one of the millions) and then suddenly he makes some ridiculous PR moves – some ill informed statements and he is the devil incarnate! A cult following control freak with egomaniacal tendencies that swept poor innocent Katie off to be brain washed on the mother ship. Puuuuhhhhhleeez! I actually feel sorry for them – and I don’t particularly like the guy. There are tons of Scientologists out there – and he was a Scientologist back in the good ole days – why is this suddenly an unpardonable sin?

    I think it’s the tall poppie syndrom and that we take pleasure in the powerful taking a fall. Seriously the obsession with him is a little weird people.

  16. velvet elvis says:

    C’mon Tom…we know it’s you.

  17. Melanie says:

    I am actually baffled too at the obsession some people have for this guy. Yes he said somethings that he should not have said, but so have many of us. He has apologised. Brooke Shields should be angry not some blogger whose cereal has become too soft because they want to take another shot at the same guy.

    I guess he has cleared a couple of things. Good for him.

  18. journey says:

    headache, granted katie may be a gold digger, but her relationship with chris klein sounded pretty abusive, like he was one of those self-esteem destroying blood suckers. and if she was pregnant by him, and he dumped her; then along comes tom masquerading as a knight on a white horse, who’s going to marry her and raise her child as his, she might have thought it was all the answer to her prayers. and when the crazy started coming out in tom, well, women from one emotionally abusive relationship tend to put up with stuff that a woman with healthy self-esteem would never put up with. plus the sci-freaks are extremely manipulative. poor girl might have thought she was entering a fairy tale marriage, only to wind up a scared zombie who sees no way out.

  19. Sasha says:

    Tom Cruise can never stop being Tom Cruise, it’s as much a character as anything he’s played in a movie, this is just a variation on a theme. He’s trying to preserve his career- nothing more. I still won’t see any of his movies. Scientologists, their supporters, and their apologists don’t deserve to get my money, even by proxy from a ticket sale.

  20. gg says:

    “My question is what has this guy done that was so incredibly wrong?”
    “I am actually baffled too at the obsession some people have for this guy.”

    If ya’ll don’t know the answer to that, and don’t feel like reading news for yourself on the internet, I’m afraid I can’t help you.
    Or maybe you have a Scifi-nanny attached to your computer by the Thought Police.

    💡 Creepy is creepy. Avoid. 💡

  21. sassyspank says:

    because he’s an opportunist . . . and because she sold her soul for access to more prada & gucci shoes. he was the one tempting her with the contract with the devil – and she willingly signed it . . . this is our fascination with them. Because it’s so obvious that this was never about love. I remember seeing Katy in Central Park years ago when she was still with that other guy as her bf. They looked happy and like a normal couple – and remember thinking how refreshing to see that. In every pic you see these two together they’re just so hyper-aware that they’re being photographed. It’s all been planned and paid attention to – how does this *not* make them an easy target in the media? She is obviously miserable – and her poor acting abilities demonstrate that she can’t hide this with 100 fake smiles. We have even less respect for her because even though miserable, she staying for the money and the ink. That’s what we loathe in both of them: the narcissm, self-aggrandizement, worshipping of aliens that most are offended by. It was his trying to impose his whack job beliefs on others that rubbed us the wrong way. These 2 deserve each other.

  22. Jenny says:

    why is EVERYONE so against Tom? so he jumped on someone’s couch. I can not believe that you all have not seen someone jumping on their own couch when they are in love! All these negative press on Scientology, if one can take religion to help their lives better, why not? Tom is a decent guy, apprently I am the only one who thinks that.

  23. Anon says:

    Wow, I see that some people are trying to up their stats!

    I’m going to be charitable to Cruise and assume he does not know about the worst abuses within scientology – the forced abortions, ‘accidental’ deaths (Lisa McPherson, Josephus Havenith) suspicious ‘suicides’ (Flo Barnett, a 5’3″ woman, supposedly shot herself in the chest 3 times with a rifle before shooting herself in the head). I’m going to assume he doesn’t know about the rehabilitation project force and the dire circumstances those people live in.

    Even so I wonder what he thinks about the face that blue asbestos (the worst kind) was found all over the Freewinds (Scientology’s cruise ship). There is a sworn affidavit from a witness who brought this to the attention of the high-ups 21 years ago. It was dismissed and ignored.

    How does Tom feel about having exposed himself and his family to this danger? Even if he believes his Scientology training makes him immune to cancer, how could he ignore the countless lower-level staff and crew who worked and lived on the ship over the years?

    I have to presume he doesn’t know about all this stuff. Because if he does, that makes him a despicable person (rather than just a gullible one) for propagating Scientology.

  24. Sasha says:


    Scientology is NOT I repeat NOT a religion, it’s a blend of 60’s psycho-babble, science fiction and old-fashioned cult brain-washing techniques masquerading as a religion, and it bilks people out of millions every single year. Do a google search for “Why are they dead, Scientology?” for more information.

  25. Ack! says:

    Tom Cruise’s best acting work may very well be this latest attempt to undo the damage to his reputation that his unscripted behavior inflicted on it. I believe his interview with Matt Lauer was the real Tom, not this highly publicized and carefully orchestrated “interview” with Oprah, which took place on his turf, naturally. I liked him much better as an actor when I knew next to nothing of his personal life. Kinda like Lindsay Lohan. TMI, Tom, TMI.

    And Katie is but a shell of her former self. She appears about ready to collapse, or disappear, into nothingness – like her career. The girl was pretty and healthy looking at one time, now she’s damn near invisible.

  26. flourpot says:

    Personally, I don’t like either of them, nor do I approve of their “religion” but lets stop to think about Katie for a sec. Young, impressionable girl see’s her forever hero Tom Cruise. Wined, dined and handed the world on a platter. Who wouldn’t go for that? I’m sure the day will come when she’ll look around and say wtf have I been doing? Aughgh! Run Away! but until then, it’s hard to see the situation until you stand outside the box a bit. She hasn’t much room to move. As for Tom? Nutter.

  27. The Old KC says:

    I agree that Katie looks really pretty, but in that particular shot I have the urge to smack that smirk right off her face. To answer some of the questions about why this whole story is so fascinating – it’s human nature to be fascinated by a girl-next-door, Apple-pie type like Katie getting sucked into the world of crazy cult religions, Prada shoes, and vertically challenged movie stars suffering from a Napoleon complex of the worst degree. I don’t want to see them crash and burn – I wish them well, and I actually wish they would realize how crazy the cult they are involved with is – but I can’t look away. You can’t look at the smirk on Katie’s face in that pic and not be drawn in – exactly why does she have this air of self-entitlement and arrogance? Was it the Prada shoe wardrobe? WTF did those Scientology people do to her?

  28. Dariana says:

    Oh, Tom! He acted so weird lately he even started to look weird. Look at those eyes. Something green with big eyes hunting you, Tommy? Personally I kind of feel sorry for Kate.

  29. Gus says:

    O.K. The couch jump…

    My guess is, he recently learned to do this feat (a pretty impressive one at that). On Oprah’s couch, he tried it, misjudged the soft cushions and embarrassed by the FUp, he floundered, guffawed and probably wanted to deck the camera person just for being in the studio on that particular day…

    total embarrassment trying to show off and blew it in front of millions….ouch.

  30. Puhleeze! says:

    This interview was TERRIBLE. It is too little, too late in terms of PR–the damage he has done himself by letting the public see THE REAL HIM is now irrevocable. Everything he answered, and every story he told, was very thought-through. You can tell that everything was crafted in an attempt to “spin” his past gaffes (meanwhile, he kept going on about the media spinning his nonsense…really, no one needed to spin anything–the crazy was right there for all to see and judge). You had to love the bullshit “Santa” story and how Suri supposedly knew it was him, and was talking, blah blah blah. What a joke! Or the part about how he “won’t answer for “Kate” because she is an independent woman who answers for herself. AS IF! Why the name change then, Tommy-Girl? Why the insistence on “Kate” when she was fine with being “Katie” before you came along? That whole thing was Tom trying to answer critics who say she is a controlled, brain-washed Stepford wife. There isn’t anything Tom Cruise does anymore that comes off as believable. At this point in his life, I’d say that even his bowel movements are probably staged.

  31. The Truth says:

    Katie ruined how people view Tom.

    Her whining to the magazines and leaking negative stories about how she is “trapped”.

    Serves him right. He wanted a young starlet and she wanted more fame and more money.

    They both ended up being stuck with someone they don’t love and the public not buying it.

  32. The Truth says:

    I wonder if Katie tricked Tom into thinking Suri was his and he really wanted to believe he can actually father a biological child.

    Katie cares deeply about her image and needed to solve the pregnancy without wedlock problem.

    I just wonder if she lied to Tom about Suri, or did he agree to take her pregnant with somebody else’s child.

  33. sassyspank says:

    Journey – what are you talking about? who said she was in a bad relationship before this one? that’s news to me.

  34. poopie says:

    in the beginning of the oprah interview while KATIE is still there, the entire thing was SOOOOOO STAGED with tom and KATIE i was actually EMBARRASSED for them all. talking about the drive up to the house and KATIE saying ‘awesom’, ‘wonderful’ and tom chiming in with the same verbage ! it was just AWFUL. i cannot believe they think anyone BELIEVES THIS CRAP they spout. and to answer anyone who questions why the public is obsessed with him and his entire circle it’s because HE won’t give it up. he’s like deniro with YOU LOOKIN’ AT ME? has to answer to EVERY LITTLE thing said about him. can’t just let anything GO. there are tons of celebs out there who just ignore all the ‘stuff’ written about them, not TINYTOM – he’s SPECIAL. i hate him. i hate KATIE and beginning to hate that evil SURI TOO !

  35. poopie says:

    he THINKS they are of the caliber of Bogey and Bacall but in NO WAY are you tiny and KATIE even CLOSE to having that kind of class. OH, and talent too!

  36. Loob says:

    Sass, Chris Klein is a thorough douche, maybe that’s the bad relationship Journey spoke of.

  37. Domesticated Biotch says:

    I only watched the You Toube video that was posted-because there is no way I’m giving him one more tv rating by watching that Oprah episode. But on the video right before Katie left, did anyone hear her saying “I love you!” Like 3 times right before she walked out the door? That seemed so fake to me because with my husband and I, he says I love you and walks out. Sometimes if I’m not in the middle of insanity with the kids I answer back. It was like she was in a script and kept saying the last line until he responded with the next line.
    I hate being so over analytical about people I don’t know, but these two seems to ungenuine. Everytime they make a public appearance they have these huge grins pasted on their faces…even if you’re so crazy in love, you don’t walk around looking like the Joker. :mrgreen:

  38. chunkin says:

    what kiss ass interview. ugh. if i hear the word amazing one more time.
    total pandering.

  39. ? says:

    Wow! The hatred that’s here is ridiculous. There is no doubt that Scientology is questionable and I am sure the wrong doings they have been accused of (and yes right now they are accusations bc there has been no trial) will come out in the wash. Anonymous is doing a great job educating people. But I repeat the same question – HE HAS BEEN A SCEINTOLOGIST FOR DECADES. What changed so drastically? Sure he’s a phony – ahem PLEASE – most of H-weird is phony and a huge percentage of those “relationships” are business based.

    He was and arguably is still one of the biggest box office stars of our generation. So IF he is such a creep aren’t all of us who bought tix to his movies pre-Katie just a little bit responsible for his current status?

  40. poopie says:

    I HATE HIM. KATIE is a scumbag and has sold her soul. suri… well, who KNOWS whose sperm she belongs to… and WHO cares, right ? i hope someone sells them out and ‘outs’ all 3 of them… we are TIRED OF THE CRUISES…who cares…..

  41. scarpelli says:

    Look, Suri was born in the fall of ‘05 and not the spring of ‘06.

    Why? Because the nine months were finished and she was due to be born.

    After Suri was born, KATIE WAS FORCED TO PRETEND SHE WAS STILL PREGNANT (easy to do when you are hidden in a Scientology fortress where there are zero intrusions). And, the few times she had to go out, she would wear a “false tummy” and no one was the wiser.” WHY did Katie need her in-laws on her honeymoon and while she was pregnant? She didn’t; but, if the baby were already born, that would excuse lots of people being in the house.

    Then, NINE months after Tom started dating Katie, it was announced that Suri was born. In time, the press began requesting pictures of Suri, but there were NO baby pictures of Suri at that time, because she was already SIX MONTHS OLD!!!

    When Annie Leibovitz was hired to take the first “baby” pictures of Suri, late in the summer, it was obvious that she was much older. She was sitting up, reaching for specific objects, balancing, and interacting with adults on the set. Katie would intercept her own child and press Suri’s arms down, and hold her against her chest, pretending that Suri was still a swaddling infant.

    From that time until now, all along the way, these false people have had to continue more of the charade. And, to make matters worse, neither Tom nor Katie have ever had children and do not understand that children have a normal age progression and there isn’t a thing that anyone can do about it.

    In May of 2008 (just a day or two ago, Tom, Katie, and Suri were in NYC. Katie was carrying Suri (who is now 2 ½ years old; and looking like quite a young lady) WRAPPED IN A WHITE BABY BLANKET, with BARE FEET, and a BABY BOTTLE. It looked ridiculous. As any parent knows, a 2 ½ year old child can become heavy, but with bare feet, she could hardly have put Suri down on the New York City sidewalk to get any relief. And, this was not just an unintended consequence. There were other pictures of Tom, Katie, and Suri on the same trip, but at a different time, and a different location, and all dressed in different outfits, but THIS TIME, Katie was carrying Suri WRAPPED IN A BLUE BABY BLANKET, and SHE HAD BARE FEET AGAIN!
    Katie is going to throw her back out of alignment if she doesn’t quit carrying the kid (who should be walking by now, she’s two and a half).

    While most movie stars present their children in high-end strollers and clever outfits, Suri Cruise is a dead weight that has to be physically carried from one place to another; and is such a burden that they don’t even bother putting her shoes on her anymore. [Can you imagine navigating NYC streets with a 2 1/2 year old, barefoot, and with nothing but a big fluffy baby blanket as a “carrier?” The notion is ludicrous.]

    Remember how Suri was covered up at their wedding? Again, THEY WERE TRYING TO HIDE HER NATURAL AGE PROGRESSION! As long as they can keep this false front going, the easier it will be to explain at a later date, because each day that goes by,
    Suri becomes closer to her peers in their development, and each day their lies will be more difficult to detect.

  42. scarpelli says:


    You explained everything about her at 5:14, but you don’t know about Chris Klein? And the pregnancy? How is that possible?

    Back in the “olden days” Loretta Young “adopted” her own daughter.

    She became pregnant, was Roman Catholic, did not believe in abortion, went away for a few months, had the child, made arrangements for her care, went back to Hollywood, and then, after a reasonable period of time, she announced that she had decided to adopt a child, and, her own lawyer “arranged” a private adoption.

    So, she raised her own daughter, but the public story was that her daughter was adopted. So, while Loretta Young DENIED her own daughter, Tom Cruise is CLAIMING a daughter that came from someone else.

    Has anything changed from those days?

    Would it not have been SO MUCH BETTER if Katie would have told the truth and if Tom would have tried to adopt?

  43. Canadian cutie says:

    In defence of Tom, the man I am engaged to was acting like a little overexcited & giddy when we got together-his family kept saying “What have you done to him?” He was trapped in a loveless marriage for 10 years, his wife was cheating on him, and spending all his money!! He was emotionally dead & feeling worthless. When men are ALIVE, when they feel FREE to be loved & accepted for who they are in private, they do unusual spontaneous gestures of love in public. Tom takes care of his family, he’s not a drunk, or a meth addict, and his children seem content. If he is a control freak, so what?! There are lots of poor, unemployed guys who are control freaks, and don’t look after their families, or the mothers of their children! Tom has done very well considering he came from a broken home, his dad was a distant alcoholic who abandoned the family. Tom had no father figure to speak of, so I admire him for being so devoted to his family, and trying to break the pattern of neglect, poverty, and abuse. Tom isn’t perfect, but he is still better than 99% of the men in the world!

  44. ? says:

    Ok I am logging off this thread. This is plain weird. People have too much time on their hands especially scarpelli.

  45. headache says:

    Forced to pretend she was pregnant?? Uhm BULLSHIT!!! I don’t know for certain that kid is theirs even though she looks EXACTLY like both their asses but if she pretended she was pregnant after she already pushed Suri out, she damn well agreed to do it. No forcing at all.

  46. robin says:

    I thought the interview was genuine. I appreciated him trying to make things right. We’re all human, right? It’s funny how judgmental people can be on sites like this. First, what the heck does it matter what a celebrity does? And, who are we to say he’s crazy, wrong, not being a good person in his marriage, etc. We’re all a bunch o’ jealous voyeurs.

  47. Nan says:

    Strange, Tom and Nic adopted 2 kids together. Why? According to all of this they are now able to have children of their own. No one ever addresses this.

  48. Bodhi says:

    I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again…

    Kat(i)e Homes is a D-list actress AT BEST. The only way she was gonna be in the spotlight (other than for wretched turns on screen) was to be linked to a big star. TinyTom needed a female companion to push aside the rumours that have been dogging him for YEARS. TinyTom took it too far, too fast & that was that. Instead of being a “Golden Couple” they became a fucking freakshow.

    I hate that goddamn smirk too. And the way she talks out the side of her mouth. Does it not open all the way?

  49. Jase Pine says:

    Everytime i come back here I’m reminded why I added your site to my favourites:)