Britney Spears never bathes or washes her hair, doesn’t like changing her clothes

Britney Spears let her hair extensions, underwear, body parts and erratic emotions all hang out on a standard Starbucks run Thursday afternoon in Los Angeles. Showing off her body in tight and tiny shorts and a see-through tank top, Spears revealed her patterned bra and exposed her cute underwear. The singer s monstrous thigh muscles looked very well-defined, though she couldn t hide her cellulite in the LA sunshine. When her bodyguards lead her the wrong way past her car, Spears put on a display of unflattering facial expressions and growled in frustration. Once again mired in public rumors about her child-rearing and her relationship woes, Britney s bizarre behavior and frazzled appearance point to continued inner turmoil for the popstar Fame Pictures, Inc

This report seems totally random, but for some reason, it’s really ringing true for me. According to some British source, Jason Trawick told Britney Spears that he would break up with her if she didn’t start taking care of her hygiene. Now, I’ve been thinking for a while that Britney looks like she rarely bathes – you just need to look at her sketchy caked-on makeup and her busted weave to determine that. This is just a confirmation. Also: Britney never changes her clothes? And she often smells “sour”. Oh, gross:

Britney Spears’ boyfriend has given her an ultimatum: she either washes or he goes. Brit’s man Jason Trawick has worked himself up into a lather and told the singer that she smells a little bit toxic and needs to shower more often – or she’s dumped.

Those close to her – although we’re guessing they’re not too close – say Britney refuses to wash her hair for days and often doesn’t change her clothes.

A smell-conscious friend told Heat: “Britney’s not the type to cover herself in pretty-smelling lotions. She hates washing her hair, so sometimes it can smell downright sour. She’ll sometimes grab an outfit and wear it two or three times a week. Recently she put on a sundress for the third day in a row, but Jason refused to leave the house with her until she put on something else.”

It sounds like Britney’s cleaned up her act since Jason mentioned her whiffy aroma, and has been changing more regularly. Friends have said the singer’s hygiene problem is down to laziness – and the fact that she’s so used to having an army of stylists dressing her that she can’t be bothered to do it herself.

“She was the same when she was with K-Fed,” said one friend.

“Thankfully, she’s trying more now because even she knows you couldn’t think of a more embarrassing reason for a relationship to break down.”

If only all of Britney’s troubles were so easily washed away.

[From Orange UK]

Okay, I have a confession – I work at home, and for the most part, my day consists of sitting in a chair and typing, and maybe cooking something, if I really want to strain myself. As such, I’m not really exerting myself that much, and thus, I usually don’t feel that dirty. I still shower every day, at least once a day. But I often just put the same clothes on after I shower, because they don’t seem “dirty” to me. I’m not above spraying some perfume or some air freshener on a t-shirt that I’ve already worn for two days and putting it on again. Does this make me gross? I’m actually pretty smell-conscious, and I think I can tell when an article of clothing has gone “sour” – which happens more in the summer than in the winter. Just this week, I wore the same pair of sweatpants and the same t-shirt for two and a half days. Does this make me gross? Not Britney Spears gross, but normal gross?

Fluctuating between gorgeous and terrible Britney Spears always looks like something to talk about, and taking her boys Sean Federline and Jayden Federline to Johnny Rocket in Calabasas, CA on August 18, 2010 was no exception. While looking happy to get out of the house, Spears showed off hair extensions in dire need of maintenance that seem likely to become the pop star's new trademark. Fame Pictures, Inc

In these archived images Britney Spears is shown in the same outfit just days apart but this time she covered her messy extensions, which made headlines around the world. The pop princess made a stop at a local Los Angeles, California Starbucks to use the restroom on July 23, 2010 with her beau Jason Trawick during a rumored road trip to Santa Barbara. Britney was in the same outfit as she was today on Tuesday July 20, 2010 when she stopped at a Crate & Barrel in Sherman Oaks to do some shopping. The media made a fuss about her messy hair calling it such names as a rats nest and other nasty names which cause some blogs to start speculating what was happening to her scalp from the extensions, but perhaps this incident cause Britney to be more aware of her appearance, hence the hat today.  Image Take on July 20, 2010 Fame Pictures, Inc

In her usual wacky mixed massed style, Britney Spears visites the Crate & Barrel store in the Sherman Oaks Galleria, in Sherman Oaks, Ca on July 20, 2010. Brit looks to be having major extension troubles these days. Fame Pictures, Inc

Pop princess Britney Spears made a stop at a local Los Angeles, California Starbucks to use the restroom on July 23, 2010. Britney let out a smirk as she spent time with her beau Jason Trawick and of course her trusty bodyguards escorted the couple to and from the restroom. Last Tuesday on July 20, 2010 Britney made headlines all around the world in the same outfit as the one you see her in today but this time she covered up her messy hair with a floppy hat that covered the troubled area everyone had talked about, and still are. It s rumored that the happy couple will be getting away for the weekend in Santa Barbara.  Fame Pictures, Inc

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  1. bellaluna says:

    As someone who used to have oily (short) hair & participated in sports as a teen, during those years I showered & shampooed at least twice a day.

    Since I’ve had children, my hair and skin have become more dry with each child I’ve had. I now wash my hair twice a week (more often when it’s hot & I sweat), and still bathe/shower pretty much daily.

    Britney, jeez… I just want to give her a hug and take her to a hair professional (as well as a mental health professional) – somewhere other than LA or Orange County – to get that mess on her head taken care of and get her feeling better.

  2. dholmas says:

    Kaiser I do the same and I also work from home. I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week. Been known to wear the same clothes unless going out. My husband lets himself go on the weekends no problem he works hard.

  3. eja102 says:

    I work as a server, so I shower every morning, and in between shifts (when working splits) and then at night because food is gross (the smell of)

    could there be anything worse that a server who is not fresh? I am fresh :)

  4. eja102 says:

    please excuse, but did I miss where britney was actually diagnosed?

    attributing reason to anyone’s behaviour without proof is a sketchy thing.

    even if “my family member has it” or “a close friend” or even me, for example.

  5. GracieXDoes says:

    When I went through a real bad depression, I didn’t want to do anything. It was chore to get up and go to work, much less bathe. I would put on deodorant and clean clothes, then go to work. I was barely surviving and just going through the motions. But lot’s of other people thought I was just peachy keen.

    I am much better now & bathe daily.

  6. Anonandonandon says:

    I’ve been thinking the same thing. We keep hearing stories about these crazy, manic episodes she has but there is never any evidence that these incidents ever occurred. Apparently everyone who has issues is bi-polar these days. She looks bored and bothered by the paparazzi to me. Plus, who here walks around smiling for no reason all day? She could be depressed but do we really need story after story about it. Every week its another picture of Britney walking in public looking casual with a commentary about her “mental issues”. There’s is nothing remarkable about Britney herself let alone anything to report about her. I wish she would just fade away. She shouldn’t have been in the spotlight in the first place.

  7. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Bi-polar is just the fancy new name for Manic Depressive illness. A good chunk of people don’t know that and think its some ‘new’ (bogus) diagnosis. It’s a very serious disability and not something to speculate about in others or toss around lightly. That’s like throwing around schizophrenia, actually.

  8. jacobsmama says:

    I am one of those unfortuneate souls with a oily scalp….:( I have to wash my hair a lot, so i dont look like britany.

  9. GatsbyGal says:

    I’ll wear the same pair of jeans two or three times before I’ll wash them. And if I put on a shirt to go to the store, then came home and put jammies on, I’ll wear that shirt tomorrow.

    It’s difficult right now in Texas, though. It’s 100+ degrees outside, and you end up sweating through everything in mere hours. My boyfriend probably goes through two or three shirts a day, and I’ve been known to as well. It’s absurd how hot it is right now.

  10. tasha says:

    You guys seem to have forgotten that Brittany was diagnosed as bipolar several years ago when she was having so many problems and was put on a 5150 hold at the hospital. That was one of the main reasons for the conservatorship.

    I’ve been wondering if since the end of the tour if she hasn’t been taking her meds daily which she absolutely has to do to keep it under control.

  11. TeeTee says:

    Welp, it looks everyone does “normal” clothes recycling, its diferent when you’re bumming around the house etc.

    BUT when you are sooo funky folks avoid you, and your hair looks like you’ve been laying in a hospital bed for 3 or 4 months, there is a serious problem.

    I couldn’t imagine my man telling me, I need to bathe, change clothes or any of that madness.

    I think this is the real Brit coming out, the media made her out to be this princess–that farts flowers in the beginning. I say she’s always walked barefoot in nasty gas station restrooms etc.

    Say what you want about Federline but those babies look happy and clean.

    I can go no longer than 2 days w/o bathing. I start to think about the dead skin cells on my clothes and I need to exholiate..I know weird.

  12. gretchen says:

    I’m not above spraying some perfume or some air freshener on a t-shirt
    @kaiser…my pet peeve is ‘air freshener’…it gives me a headache immediately and i think it’s a cause of asthma in kids…too much ‘cleaning’ isn’t all that healthy…add fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides etc to that list.

  13. GreenGinger says:

    @original Kate, I agree with your entire post. I can’t hate on someone who is mentally ill.

  14. gg says:

    CB and others – I am glad to see an open discussion here on the depression connection with personal habits and working at home, or not working, sometimes not leaving for days. For the record, if I sweat in something, I’m washing it, but then I have sensitive skin so I have to do that. But I feel bad for Britney with her isolation and depression.

    The part about feeling better strikes a similar chord with me. Presenting yourself, even to no one, does feel better than following the usual human tendency to leave it until absolutely necessary.

    I have worked in an office nearly every day all my life, but quit about 16 months ago and the isolation is very weird to me, after being around people for so long. After seeing myself get lazier and lazier about routines, due mostly to the fact that nobody’s around to play or exercise with, I started having depression again.

    I wanted to share what made me feel better. I made a standing appointment with myself to walk for at least 30 minutes a day. Knowing I would totally bag this because of the heat and other excuses, I found a Metro-run gym near me that is nice, free to walkers, and has an air conditioned track. I now walk for an hour (4 miles because I walk fast) three or four times a week. I listen to books or music. Just being around other humans, even annoying ones, and having outside sounds breaking up any negative trains of thought, has a positive effect.

  15. sickofit says:

    poor brit she going to end like michael jackson. once read this some time ago and thought then: na not going to happen. but now? i feel sorry for that girl, just cant help it…

  16. texasmom says:

    I wish she could just accept having shorter hair, something she could take care of. She clearly isn’t well, most people in her condition probably don’t have the financial wherewithal to get extensions so they can wreck them with neglect.

    I feel so sorry for her.

  17. GatsbyGal says:

    @gg – It’s always weird to me to hear of people who become depressed when they’re not around others for too long. Maybe I’m just so crazy that I don’t realize I’m crazy, but I could literally never see another person until Christmas and be just fine. When I lived alone in my apartment, I’d buy groceries for a week and then spend all that time inside, then get groceries for the next week, then stay inside. I don’t feel this compulsion to be around others, I guess. I don’t get lonely like normal folks do. I’ve never really considered it an issue with me, considering I never got sad or depressed about it.

  18. tasha says:

    @gg thanks for posting some great ideas. I am disabled with Secondary Progressive MS and Fibromyalgia and haven’t been able to work since 2001. My depression can get really bad especially if I am not around people very much.

  19. KatC says:

    It’s a shame that her hair is so messed up, without that she would look really cute in those orange top pictures. The fact that she’s wearing a hat in one makes me think that she knows her hair is busted (maybe has an appointment to have if fixed later, or just didn’t have time to deal with a high mantainence weave that day?) and was covering it with a hat like any sensible person would. Other than the hair she’s wearing clean looking clothes and looks fine (in those pictures, how fine she really is is anyones guess).

    I’ve been suffering from depression for the past six years (it became a problem when I turned about 18) and my concern over hygiene is usually the first thing to go. I’ll hide in my house and not go out (even when I’m supposed to) looking like a spoiled shrimp or something. At the times that I HAVE to leave I’ll become obsessed with how I look/smell/etc, I’ll try on tons of outfits and try to make sure things are absolutely perfect, but no matter what I do it’ll always look wrong to me.

    That said, even when I’m doing well I don’t like to shower every single day, unless I goto the gym or walk my dog or something. If my day consists of walking in one air conditioned place to another (house to car to school to car to house) then I probably won’t bathe more than every other day. I rarely wash my jeans (only wear them in the winter) because they fall apart too fast otherwise. Things like fluffy skirts or jackets can usually last until I spill something on them (doesn’t take that long). I think how often is necessary just depends on your body, I don’t sweat a lot unless I’m outside and I just don’t have a lot of body odor.

    It also depends on where you live, a couple of the French people I have met think Americans are crazy to bathe so much, with everything they use being scented and all. In some places I’ve been it’s not typical to use mint scented tooth paste, it’s a bit of culture shock but in general, most people know what dirty is and try to avoid it, the rest is just what you’re used to.

  20. d says:

    I feel sorry for brit too. I wish paps would stop taking her pics and would leave her alone. It speaks volumes that you don’t hear from kfed at all anymore either and that she’s still on conservatorship. honestly, i think this is truly one person the celeb blogs should just leave alone and not write stories about anymore – it’s kicking someone when they’re way down and out. i mean, i think she’s ill and it’s kind of a bad and sad situation that I don’t think is right to keep at her in any way.

  21. CB Rawks says:

    “I’ve noticed that if I make an effort to get ready to go out, even if I don’t go out during the day, I feel better.”

    Yeah, me too. Today for example I had to go vote, so I’m wearing pants instead of jammie bottoms, and I feel quite classy. ;) Yesterday I was wearing jammie bots all day, with my art smock. Hey draw-string waists rock! :D

  22. CB Rawks says:

    gg, thanks for that idea, a standing date to exercise in public. I tend to do it on my treadmill or with a dvd, but it is much better if I go outside and run around the park.

  23. audrey says:

    Other commenters have mentioned this, but this is such a typical indication of bipolar disorder that I almost wonder why there is any confusion. Mental illness sucks, regardless of wealth and influence. No matter what’s happening, I have a soft spot for Britney :)

  24. gen says:

    She’s not mentally well. It is just soooooooo obvious.
    And for your own well being & especially if you’re in a relationship, you want to remain clean & unstinky, it’s just more sanitary & attractive.

  25. Annie says:

    At first glance I thought I was looking at Dee Snider in that first picture. Turns out the twisted-looking sister is Britney. (My apologies to Snider).

  26. bb says:

    It kinda looks like she has male pattern baldness *barf* – the way her hair looks so thin at the crown and temples. Oh, well at least it matches those man-like legs of hers.

  27. bb says:

    Also, about the clothes thing: I don’t see what’s so gross about wearing clothes several times between washes, so long as you shower every day and change your underwear. Unless you’ve left them overnight on the bathroom floor, then that’s a bit gross, although I’ve been know to do that! In fact clothes wear out faster if they are needlessly washed too often. I have some jackets that I only dry clean occasionally, and I’m a person who refuses to leave the house unless I’ve showered and washed my hair, even if I’m running late!

  28. J says:

    Kaiser, confidentially, I think a lot of us are guilty of the same. I have “hanging out” clothes that I change into when I get home, like a tank top and sweats, and I’ll wear the same ones for a few days after I get home from work. I guess there are people who can stink up their clothes from wearing them relaxing at home for one evening, but I also think I am pretty smell conscious and I have also never had any complaints.

  29. Mairead says:

    Sad. The girl is tragic.

    On the clothes/bathing thing. I will shower pretty much every day, hair about once a week (very dry and thick, it takes nearly half an hour to do properly). I will normally wear my clothes (excepting underwear and socks of course) two days on the trot, if they are clean and don’t smell. If it’s hot I will change my top every day. It’s just pragmatic as most natural fibres don’t need to be washed every time and wearing them two days in a row means they can go straight into the wash pile ready for the following week.

  30. joeoofof tththethesthese ttv sshshoshows that rew says:

    I like baths every day. Shower every few days. Wash hair once a week. Why? Because my hair is so fine and if I wash it more it gets frizzy & dries out. Clothes depend on activity. PJs at home RULE!

  31. clowncar says:

    yes you are gross> unless you never eat, sweat or fart in a day, your clothes have microscopic dirt and germs on them. whats so hard about getting fresh clothes out of the dresser/closet? and as for britney I’m not even a tiny bit shocked. I am shocked that she has a ‘boyfriend’. I personally don’t buy it, I think her dad pays the dude to babysit her.

  32. Anon says:

    Not gross at all. Actually, it’s not good for your hair to wash it every day.

    You’re helping the environment by cutting down water use. And your soaps and shampoos last longer.

    Britney on the other hand…her real hair doesn’t stand a chance of recovering because she’s destroying the hair and scalp with extensions that must smell awful!

    Once upon a time, girls wouldn’t be caught dead with fake hair or wigs. To me, hair extensions are like the Lee Press-Ons of fake-ness.

  33. wunderkindt says:

    That is so European of Britanny.

  34. Luvly Wun says:

    She is in some serious need of guidance. How could someone not have good hygeine? It’s not like she lives on the street with no money or cosmetics.

  35. Camille says:

    I don’t think you are disgusting Kaiser, but I do think Britney is. I don’t have and none of us do, have any real knowledge of what her true mental health state is like these days. I have no pity for her.

    Oh and for those of you who have never met someone who washes their hair every day- nice to meet you! I usually wash mine every day, unless I am sick or something, as my roots get too greasy if I leave it for more than a day and I HATE having greasy hair. Its gross.

  36. gg says:

    @ GatsbyGal – LOL, I was right with you until I’d not been working for about six months. Then the depression kicked in. I quit because the real estate lawyer bitch I worked for was completely insane and targeting me every day for removal. Despite having already run everyone else off and pissing off the entire law firm. Just as soon as I was due to get another job, I found out I had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and would be starting chemo. I got back in touch with old high school friends and found there are a few in a similar situation as I, but worse – a girl with brain cancer, another two who suffered a bad stroke at a young age, another who is the only caregiver for her sister who had a stroke and became paraplegic. We all suffer from the same type of isolation and it gets to you eventually.

    It can be VERY had to fight depression when you don’t understand what is making you depressed. But in my case, I assume it’s because I’ve worked Monday through Friday my entire life since getting out of college, frankly not loving the fact that I felt like my soul was being robbed of its freedom, and then when I get the damn freedom, I’m too depressed to be joyful for my freedom. And I don’t even drink so that’s not an issue.

    So bottom line that I have learned is you have to make yourself do things sometimes you don’t wanna do, to appreciate the “me time”. Can’t appreciate Good in life without experiencing some effort or blood/sweat/tears. There is a balance. I can’t live a totally self-serving life or I would drown in misery because it ain’t actually all that fun. Look at unemployed children of the rich and famous. They got problems and no perspective. I honestly feel bad for them and I have seen many, working as an estate planner. The worst thing you can do to a kid is support them on a lifelong vacation. They will continue to try and find bigger and bigger kicks until they kill themselves. Anyway, I digress.

    Doing things for someone disadvantaged has the best rewards of all.

    @ CB Rawks – I have a treadmill in front of a tv too, but I’ve tired of that. Instead, I listen to podcasts or books on tape and walk on a track at a gym when it’s really hot, or else I walk on paths in the woods/by a lake/pond because it’s cooler. The outdoor stimuli is great! Anyway, my main point to you is, your body needs Vitamin D from the sun and fresh air. I’ve had to totally change my indoor living habits because I really do not want my cancer to come back and I’m tired of flunking bone density tests. When you hit your 50s you have to think about your bones and vitamins and all that stuff you ignore while in your 20s and 30s.

  37. trixy says:

    Adderrall: Hair loss, the up-all-night trips to CVS for yet a new shade of lipstick, stinky feet on airplanes (circa 2006?), nasty stuff, nasty girl. it’s a shame.

  38. Mielle says:

    Why do I know that this is absolutely true. It is good that Britney is saving water. Feel sorry for the guy though… imagine smelling those shorts…

  39. Kat says:

    Um, I have super sensitive skin, and if I shower every day I itch like crazy for 2 hours afterwards. Really miserable. So I do every other day. I do, however, brush my hair, wash my clothes after 2 wears max (unless they are jeans, which I’m sorry, I don’t feel need to be washed after every wear or two, as long as they are aired).

    I don’t sweat a lot, especially not in my sleep, and I shower at night, anyway, so if I do sweat that much in my sleep, I must be perpetually dirty.

    Also, my hair is very thick, can get very fluffy and gets oily at the roots, so I wash it maybe once a week. If I’m gross, I’m gross. Join my club. It’s a happy club.

  40. Katija says:

    I only shampoo my hair once a week because it is so course and curly that conditioner is typically enough. HOWEVER, I have had extensions, and lemme tell ya – If you don’t wash that shizz every day, the bonds (the glue that connects the fake and real hair) get NASTY!!!

    No wonder her weave looks so skanky!!!