Whitney Houston’s daughter attempts suicide

We all knew this was coming, given the fact that her parents are both whackjobs. Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of cracked-out diva Whitney Houston and D-list boy bander Bobby Brown, recently attempted suicide by slashing her wrists- but not until she first tried to stab her own mom.

The NATIONAL ENQUIRER exclusively reports Whitney Houston’s 15 year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina tried to stab her mom during an argument – and then attempted to kill herself by slashing her wrists!

The shocking suicide attempt landed Bobbi Kristina in a psychiatric ward in Atlanta, sources said.

Ann Davis, a family member exclusively told The ENQUIRER, that a few days before Bobbi’s 15th birthday party that Kristina “tried to stab Whitney” before turning the razor on herself.

Davis confided that part of Kristina’s problem is that she doesn’t want to live with Whitney.”

[From The National Enquirer]

Wait – Ann Davis? Is it the one and only, Ann Davis from “The Brady Bunch?” Probably not, but at this point, Alice from the Brady Bunch would be a better caregiver for this messed up kid than either of her parents. I’m sure Whitney is no picnic to live with, but if the alternative for Bobbi Kristina is living with her dad, who recently published a tell-all memoir slamming his ex wife, it’s no wonder she lost the will to live. Reportedly, Whitney had Bobbi rushed to an Atlanta area hospital where she is resting comfortably and undergoing psychiatric treatment. Hopefully the doctors will end up bringing the whole damn family in for some treatment as well. I can’t imagine the things this child has been exposed to over the years.

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  1. Syko says:

    Oh, that is so sad. Poor little girl. I hope someone can help her.

  2. CandyKay says:

    I get so angry when people say that trafficking in recreational drugs is a “victimless crime”. Clearly, here’s a victim, or several.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Sad, very sad news. And she’s only 15.

    I don’t feel a damn bit sorry for Whitney nor Bobby. They must be terrible parents. That poor girl.

  4. sassyspank says:

    whitney looks cracked-out even in this picture. indeed, that poor girl . . .

  5. KPC says:

    Hello, consider the source. It is the Nat’l Enquirer…let’s take this with a grain of salt people.

  6. journey says:

    hopefully she can go live with her grandmama or something. whitney walked the straight and narrow back when she was living with her mama. it was only when she hooked up with bobby b that she went muy loco.

  7. Jessica says:

    Very sad indeed. Hopefully she will get the help she needs. I was surprised they left her with her parents when both were known drug addicts. I guess if you have money you get to keep your kid no matter what. 👿 For Britney Spears to have lost her kids is out of the norm.

  8. xiaoecho says:

    The chickens are coming home to roost. Alice, aka Anne Davis, died last year

  9. chapman says:

    i used to be friends with Crissy last year
    when she lived in Laguna
    i cant believe this
    thats realy sad

  10. xiaoecho says:

    chapman……….what is she like?

  11. OXA says:

    my heart goes out to this poor kid, she didnt stand a chance at a normal life and obviously she wanted out of living with her mother.

  12. Snowblood says:

    This really is sad; I always did kinda wonder what Whitney’s children had to deal with growing up in that twisted, dark marriage with all that dope and drama. I loathe bobbi brown, love Whitney but it isn’t right to raise your kids constantly, blatantly high on one of the worst drugs out there. Also yes I too want to know from the poster here who knew Chrissy what was she like? Did she ever talk about her home life? So curious

  13. Orphinia says:

    I’m not really surprised. Poor kid.

  14. Ashley says:

    Having self absorbed crack addicted parents can’t be easy. My heart goes out to this child. I hope she gets the help she needs…

  15. Lola Lola says:

    I’m hoping this story is total crap. If it isn’t I’m sending positive thoughts for Bobbi K to come out of this a stronger person.

  16. OXA says:

    I wonder if she can get herself emancipated from these parents.

  17. snappyfish says:

    poor thing….hope she gets better…sad too that she looks so much like her dad.

  18. patrisha carter says:

    If true, HOW VERY, VERY SAD! I wished years ago that Sissy would take Bobbi K from her parents, and hopefully she still will. Parents owe their children a good, decent life from the time they are born…….. evidently, Bobby and Whitney didn’t read that chapter.

    Let’s all keep the family in our prayers!


  19. poopie says:

    SHE probably hated HER NAME!

  20. Tank says:

    KPC how are you going to say the source is the National Enquier when Whitney and Bobby acted like half raised ass holes on that reality show (HELLO) thats your source.

  21. Orangejulius says:

    She looks like her dad. Too bad.

  22. Lili says:

    If this story is true, poor girl! She should probably stay with family or friends for the time being, but I do hope that she eventually reconciles with her parents. Bobby and Whitney don’t seem entirely stable themselves, and though I’m sure that they love their daughter, they can’t take care of her until they address their own issues.

    By the way, am I the only one who thinks that it is incredibly inappropriate for the media to report stories such as this? Even if it’s not true, it’s the principle of the thing.

  23. Mandy says:

    I agree with Lili’s comment above, about inappropriate reporting. This is a 15-year-old girl we’re talking about, and if she’s diagnosed with depression or mental illness, the whole world would know. She’d probably feel very self-conscious, which would only make matters worse.

  24. noneya says:

    I think it’s sad people are so quick to judge other people when we all have our problems. Whether it’s eating too much to drinking alcohol to gambling to cursing to obsesive cleaning or whatever it is. And news flash people crack is just like any prescription drug, alcohol or mind altering substance that’s legal it just so happens to be illegal. What do you call your son or daughter when they dip in your cabinet and get addicted.You know who is bringing this drug over and distributing it.:) And so far as Whitney’s daughter she needs a good ass wooping, respect your parents no matter what. The Lord got your back. Whitney and Bobby will be alright. Get off there backs. 😛

  25. LAYLA says:




  26. Jeanette says:

    Whitney put Bobby on to the crack. he was only a weed head and drinker, i met whitney before her first album came out back in the 80’s when i worked for Kool and the Gang and she was f___ed up then. She did not even know Bobby at that time.

  27. Darlene says:

    Im sorry, but I am so tired of all these Whitney fans. Bobby did not turn Whitney into a crackhead, she did that by herself. And Im sorry if i seem jaded, but did you watch the show? Who spent time with the kids? The poor girl is probably realizing her mother is a self absorbed bitch and wishes she was with her dad. For all his faults it was obvious he spent time with his kids.

  28. lwill says:

    i think that whitney is a very beautiful person always has been I don’t believe that will ever change and she has a track record for caring about people so i think it is unfair to say that her little girls issue is due to a total lack of character on whitney or bobbi’s part lets not forget that raising a teenager into adulthood is not easy for anyone and adolesence brings on a whole world of problems in its self, peer pressure, also the loss of popularity because her mom and dad were modern day icons who married and we all know that anytime divorce happens in an adolesants life that alone can be a disaster the statistics show that. Even thou they were indulgent yet so are your rock stars and a whole gambit of people in the entertainment world because of its excess things can take a life of there own, what was not good for them has ended now and they both as well as their daughter can look forward to better days ahead even after divorce which somes times is a really good thing, because with two someone has to be the one to put there foot down and if neither can do that together its good to separate so it can be done after all the important thing is to always maintain the best quality of life that you can, we only have 1

  29. lwill says:

    also i might add no one absolutely no one can make you a crack head or anything else it was rumored also that bobby was using drugs that rumor was before he and whitney became a couple stardom has a price sometimes and it’s not a pretty one, whitney clearly stated to diane sawyer that no one makes her do anything so she put that to rest herself for those who blamed bobby brown for her troubles when you are supseptible to drugs it’s because your
    soul is not experincing true joy so depending on how deep ones sorrows go and i’m not talking about common sorrows i’m talking about things that have impacted one from beginning up to what ever point and because of the complexity of human beings we are not all affected the same, this determines if they are going to self medicate or not, which has nothing to do with anyone else it’s an issue that we own individually, we all make our own choices because that’s what life is a chance, a once in a lifetime chance to be, exist, and to discover the endless possibilities of what can be, sometimes we do like “EVE” and get in a world of trouble, and sometimes we keep experincing paradise, remember that CHOICE is the only real thing you alone control it’s your God Given Right even he will not over step this boundry. Now they have a new start to make better choices “Peace”!

  30. b says:

    I only want to say that Whitney Houston is one of our best singers ever. She really made a difference – like very few others. She deserves all good and I wish her all the happiness in the world.

  31. lisa kirby says:

    Bobby killed whitney he sucks we must wait for God to send us our mates that was a set up the devil sent bobbie to her and she was so dumb and not trusting god.i dont feel sorry for that lil ugly fast kid they had when u raise a devil thats just what they become…its in her jeans from bobby side of the family whitney stepped out of gods will wake up people bad company will kill your spirit and send u to hell

  32. Patty says:

    And you heard this from where? National Enquirer? Really? Don’t believe everything you read… geez

  33. Laura says:

    Did she want to kill her mother and marry her brother-like fiancé? Let’s think backwards from Whitney’s last breath!