Christina Aguilera won’t even look at interviewers

Christina Aguilera is such a diva. Not only does she arrive hours late for most every scheduled interview, she also refuses to look interviewers in the eye. She insists that the room is darkly lit and sits facing the other way while she answers questions:

Christina Aguilera has always had a diva attitude – arriving hours late for everything, big demands, feuds with everyone from Mariah to Kelly Osbourne.

Now with the release of her new album she’s learned a new trick. During promo interviews she’s refused to look at any journalist. Instead, the diva insists that the interview, for which she’s usually two to four hours late, takes place in a dimly lit room, where she sits and stares in the other direction completely to the journalists while they ask, and she answers, questions.

(From the popbitch e-mail newsletter)

If this is true it’s ridiculous and Aguilera deserves a serious career slump for being so arrogant. Maybe she’ll learn when she’s older that she’s no better than anyone else and that you have to be kind to people – especially the press – if you want a good reputation.

Maybe kids will soften Aguilera’s outlook – although she predictably doesn’t seem to want any because they would interfere with the amount of time she has available to apply makeup. She’s vague on the issue of children and gives a diplomatic answer to make it seem like not completely uninterested in them:

“Maybe after the next couple of years we’ll start venturing into the mindframe of starting our family.” she told In Touch… “I do have goals and a set game plan for myself.”

(From In Touch print edition.)

Notice that she doesn’t say she’ll start thinking of having a family, she gives an answer that’s even more removed from that – “we’ll start venturing into the mindframe of starting” a family. That means no way does she want kids at this point.

She has also called her new album “Back to Basics” her “child” and that it’s like having twins:

She said: “Everyone’s asking when I’m going to have children. I just tell them my new album, ‘Back To Basics’, is my child. I’m having twins! It’s so exciting.”

It is not the first time Christina has compared her new record to having a baby.

Earlier this year, the pop beauty said making her new album was the same as being pregnant – twice.

WTF would she know about having kids or being pregnant? That’s so snotty. Once Aguilera realizes she wants kids – when she’s over 35 and her clock is ticking – she won’t be able to get pregnant because she couldn’t be bothered when she was fertile.

Here she is leaving her New York City hotel on 6/22 [via] and outside of MTV’s Total Request Live on 6/21.

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  1. ChaCha says:

    So she doesn’t want kids big deal.Maybe deep down she knows right now she won’t be a good parent.That’s good why bring kids’ into this world that you really don’t want.

  2. celebitchy says:

    It’s not a big deal to not want kids, you’re right. It’s just really arrogant to compare your work to children, because it seems dehumanizing to children, and completely out of touch with reality.

  3. Patrillium says:

    She’s pretty snippy for somebody with rickets and hepatitis.

  4. Jess says:

    I’m glad she isn’t rushing into getting knocked up or adopting just because it’s trendy. But she does sound like an arrogant snot. I am so sick of her white hair and red lipstick. Get a new look already.

  5. xiaoecho says:

    This cannot be true, It just sounds made up. I don’t think comparing the creative process to birthing dehumanises children. It is much harder to conciously create a (truly great) work of art than it is to become pregnant and ‘pop one out’ (where the masterpiece creates itself so to speak)

  6. Well.. says:

    Umm..are you retarded here?

    Did you know that Christina doesn’t make much eyecontact? Some people say that’s because she’s used to be stared at.That’s her habit, accept it and move on. Good journalist would even try to be objective.

    And how is it arrogant to compare your work to children? You don’t decide that. Who says that work can’t be as valuable as children, if you don’t have children.(and she’s pregnant now so..) People are so defensive and emotional when talking about kids..

  7. marissa says:

    She does look them in the eye. I haven’t seen an interview with her that was in a dimly lit room, she was always looking directly at the camera, or the person holding it. This is all BULLSHIT.