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34 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan steals a $11,00 fur coat from stranger”

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  1. Syko says:

    Ugly girl, ugly coat.

  2. JennGush says:

    What a snatch. Who in the hell would actually wear a fur coat to begin with. Someone should take her and dump her bitch ass in the middle of the ocean.

  3. Jody says:

    haha…she is a snatch.

  4. okay... says:

    I had a long rant about this but the whole situation with Ms. Lohan can be summed up in three little words…..PIECE OF TRASH-

  5. Carrie says:

    What she did was theft: that’s a criminal offence pure and simple. I took a $10 umbrella from a restaurant by mistake last week because it looked exactly like mine, but there’s no way you could “mistake” a one-off garment like that. The coat’s owner should involve the police and if that doesn’t work, sue the bitchskankwhore’s thieving ass off in a civil case.

  6. jh says:

    Yeah, I´m very anti-fur myself too, but my god ! That slut is a fucking thief! It doesn´t matter what the object is, you don´t take other people´s belongings ! I´m sure the day when she gets her ass kicked will come.

  7. Geronimo says:

    Was going to post but you’ve covered all points for me – fur, slut, thief, kicking. Thanks jh!

  8. JoGirl says:

    Seriously, that was a felony! Put the girl behind bars where she belongs.

    P.S. She looks more like her mom every day.

  9. jh says:

    Hahaha ! Well It was about time Geronimo, That always happens to me! I always wanna post something but then I see you have already written down my thoughts 😛

  10. Cindy Kennedy says:

    That fur coat just completes her – makes her look every inch the skanky bitch that she is.

  11. KateNonymous says:

    Who puts a mink coat in a “common bin”? Manhattan is littered with coatrooms–the club didn’t have a hanger for that kind of coat?

    That has nothing to do with Lindsay taking the coat, which is wrong regardless of its value–but if I had an item of clothing worth that much, it wouldn’t just go in a heap of other people’s stuff. Must be nice to be in a position where you can do that.

  12. Blanche says:

    “if I had an item of clothing worth that much, it wouldn’t just go in a heap of other people’s stuff.”
    You might if your daddy, like Masha’s, was a bigwig in the Russian Mafia.

  13. Scott F. says:

    She stole a mink coat from a mob kingpin’s daughter!? Could anyone be more deserving of a pair of cement shoes? I’d pin the medal on that Rusky myself.

  14. Joe says:

    The question is, can they get the spooge stains out of it?

  15. Gaby says:

    She’s so gross, in and out and all around.

  16. BD says:

    She’s hideous. And her antics have forever rendered her a cultural punchline.

  17. Angel says:

    I agree with Blanche–I would never place an article of clothing worth that much sentimental value (not to mention, expensive!) in with other people’s things.

    But theft is theft, no matter what is stolen, you cannot walk around taking other people’s things! No no no! Bad skank! My son had learned this lesson by the time he was 2; hmmm. Maybe we’ll all get lucky and SkankMaster will be found floating in a body of water somewhere very very soon. Hey–we all have our little fantasies, no?

  18. snappyfish says:

    It was a private party and I am guessing the ‘bin’ was the coat check area.

    What lohan did was commit a crime. She should be arrested for it. She doesn’t know this girl, she is photographed wearing the coat. End of story. She can prosecute her criminally and then take civil action against her as well. This has been of a person needs to know that she can no longer live above the law or anyone else for that matter

  19. Bodhi says:

    I’d sue the living hell out of her

  20. playboy says:

    There are no dry cleaners in this world that will be able to clean the stank juice off that hideous fur coat so you might as well burn it and sue her. Actually beat both these dumb whores up for wearing fur. Did lindsay not speak out against fur just awhile ago?

  21. Livstabud says:

    I feel sooooooo bad for her. I think child stars have trouble when they are older because of lost attention. They are so desperate they will do anything. At least Britney got a hold on things.

  22. ADD says:

    RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, Livstabuowhateveryournameis. LiHo is a thieving, whoring waste of press. No pity there. Britney has actual mental issues, this bitch is just spoiled and past her expiration date.

  23. nikki lala says:

    UH MY GUDD! wtf?! i mean, if the coat was that fricken expensive, why would u throwit in a heap of crap? really, come on. this iss just bull now.

  24. CeeJay says:

    For God’s sake, does the girl have no pride? Hasn’t she stolen clothing from people in the past? Pathetic. I make no more excuses for this skank. She’s trash.

  25. Larissa says:

    cmon ppl…it was a CLOSED party from a friend of Niarchos, I guess Masha wasnt the only one with an expensive piece of clothing there! Or to say the least, she wouldn´t expect any of them to steal her coat, for that same reason!

    Lindsay is a skanky whore and we all know that…but if they go to court she can just simply say it was given to her…voila!

  26. Syko says:

    I read about this somewhere else too, and the take on it was that Lindsay accidentally took the other girl’s coat. Yeah, right. Like you don’t recognize your own coat? Especially when yours was black cloth and the one you “mistakenly took” was blonde mink?

    This whore gets by with criminal acts over and over again. She isn’t lovable enough to do that.

  27. journey says:

    with the coat being returned so quickly, makes me wonder if masha’s lawyer dropped the word to lilo’s lawyer about just who daddy was. doubt a threatened lawsuit would make her give back her ill-gotten plunder, since she thinks she’s above the law. but the russian mob– apparently that even gets through to little miss stupid.

  28. jojo says:

    Not too long ago that bitch stole about 10 thousand dollars worth of clothes from lauren hastings ..the model from “cry me a river ” ..anyways i then thought WOW she has no freakin shame and coudlnt believe that with all the money this bitch must have she has to stoop sooo low …and here she goes again !!! Fuckin slut !!! i hate her more and more each day and wish she just over dosed and got it over with !!! Sorry but this girl is sending such a messed up message to all the teens and young impressionable girls out there !! iTS says ok u can steal and get whatever your little heart desires and get away with it !! nOT coOL !!!!

  29. JJ says:

    Someone just needs to stuff her in a bottle and send her out to sea.

  30. Lily says:

    Every time I read something about Lindsay Lohan it shows what an awful person she is…and unstable. She makes Britney Spears look like the all American girl.

  31. Slappy says:

    Just as a little reminder of amazingly HOT Lindsay Lohan really is… check out my gallery of pics / fotos of her at:


  32. Heather says:


  33. MAXINE says:

    I’ve been searching all about for all of this post. Thankfully I just seen this on Bing.

  34. shay says:

    Well, I guess she is finally getting held accountable for stealing!! I hope everyone she stole from comes out of the woodwork like a swarm of termites! Charge her! AND sue her! So many people are only interested in her story because they want a happy ending = her in jail!