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16 Responses to “John Mayer is super mellow and open about Jennifer Aniston romance”

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  1. Susan says:

    Would it kill Jennifer to smile every now and then? She looks so booooooooooooooooring….

  2. Sanj says:

    who the hell cares about these two? Brad and Angie are much more exciting.

  3. someone says:

    I think they got together and had some fun, so what? They are allowed to do that, they are both single! Sanji??? why did you have to drag Brad Sh_tt and Skankalina into the about boring!

  4. Enonymouse says:

    Jesus. John Mayer is EVERYWERE. What does this guy do again? And what a complete SLUT he is, he goes from woman to woman and he is fug on top of that. He is such a famewh*re.

  5. Bron says:

    John is such a fame ho.

  6. shelly says:

    Jennifer does a lot of charity work and donates as well. Jennifer does not seem like she seeks the attention and praise like brad and angelina does for their humanitarian work. I don’t think praise and attention is the only reason why brad and angelina do humanitarian work, but to me it seems like each enjoys the praise and attention a bit too much some times. This may upset some people, but it is my opinion.

    Just because brad and angelina decide to do good things on a grand scale does not make them more exciting or special then individuals who help in smaller ways. It is not how big the good deed is, what matters is that the help is done with good intentions and generosity only, not for attention and praise as well.

    To me there is too much focus on brad and angelina humanitarian work, many people around the world have made the same accomplishments as them, to me they are no different then those people. I have never seen angelina or brad encourage people to volunteer like i have seen other celebrities do in commercials. If i am wrong please correct me. It seems all about what they do and nothing else.

    The reason for this post is because some people label jennifer as boring and compare her to angelina and brad based on humanitarian work. Jennifer is who she is and if she is happy isn’t that what should be most important.

    Jennifer does smile in pictures and how does her not smiling make her boring? that makes no sense at all. So any person who does not smile is boring?

  7. sh*t says:

    stop w/ the bull #6!

    charity isn’t her thing. period.

    does she use any hard drugs like heroin?

  8. shelly says:

    do you use any hard drugs like heroin? It seems like you do.

  9. MONICA says:

    shelly…you sound like the sanest person on this site and i agree with what you’ve got to say.
    i like coming here and reading about drama. it’s fun for me. it makes everyone sound like a loser, especially people who trash other people out of know where (sanj). makes me wonder if their ugliness is spot on with what they think.

  10. Blanche says:

    Monica, The Brangeloonies are a whole other race, really.
    Just ignore them.

  11. PJ says:

    I’m probably very naive, but Celebitchy said a lot of celebrity bikini photos are set up?

    How does that work? The celeb goes to a beach and calls the papparazzi to come take pictures? I’m curious.

  12. Dee says:

    Hey. Leave Brad + Ange out of this.
    They’re no longer affiliated, no matter what past comes up. Okay children?

    And Shelly, don’t accuse anyone of doing drugs. That’s harsher than an insult. Even if Sh*t said something about it.

    I think Jen needs a reliable, trustworthy and loyal man. Not a playboy like Mayer.

  13. sh*t says:

    I don’t mean to offend any fan. I’m simply stating what I’ve been reading the last week on blog commnents and ted c.’s blind items.

    ted c. seems to know insiders and his earlier blind items were always spot on..

  14. Larissa says:

    why the hell people think that if Jen smiles it would make their lives more exciting? wtf ppl, get a life!

    talking about Angelina… to me honestly,it seems like she is trying to make up for all of her sins (which are probably not that few in her own conception) so good for her

    Maybe Jen doesnt do that much charity because she is not much of a sinner. Have ya all thought about that??? LMAO 😆

  15. wha? says:

    14 in your dreams hun.

    we all know that jennifer is living a lie. just look at her latest tricks. geez, it’s getting old.

    bet she’s a lesbian. sheesh! two words: ted casablanca.

  16. headache says:

    Jen A is not a lesbian. And she’s not pathetic. She is a bit self absorbed but really, what is the big deal with that? No dui’s, no crotch shots so she’s pretty okay in my book.

    What happened in her marriage is her own personal business and I really could care less.

    It’s a shame I’ve lowered my standards so much but with people like Paris and Lindsay running around, I really don’t have much of a choice if I want to see a movie now and then, do I?